James M. Atkinson Lawsuit information
    Atkinson v. Town of Rockford    

Here is the updated version of the civil right lawsuit, which includes charges of racketeering, illegal possession of use of bugging devices, and other important subjects.

I would encourage citizens who witness significant wrongdoing on the part of the government, or government contractor, or of a government official or employee to report it, and the hell with the blow back.

It always pays to do the right thing... eventually, but initially you can get hurt for pointing out official wrong doing, and corrupt government contractors (which is what kicked a lot of this off), but end the end justice will be served, and those corrupt officials will pay dearly, quite dearly.

The corrupt police officers within the Rockport, Massachusetts police department are:

  1. Daniel Mahoney
  2. Michael Marino
  3. Robert Tibert
  4. Mark Schmink
  5. Sean Andrus
  6. John T. McCarthy (Chief of Police)
  7. Michael Anderson
  8. Gregory George
  9. and James Hurst

"All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others."

--- From George Orwell's Animal Farm.

Update:  Commonwealth v. James M. Atkinson...  Victory is Mine  All charges dropped and the Rockport Police Department and REI are now in serious trouble for corruption (caught lying and fabricating arrest warrants) and other illegal arms smuggling activities.  "The problems is that the prosecutors could not produce even a sliver of evidence that I (James M. Atkinson) did anything wrong, and could not produce a single person who was willing to testify under oath that I had done anything wrong."

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The big problem, is one of diplomacy.

It appears that the FBI knew that this was going on for years, and they did ZERO to stop it and in return the agents involved were getting equipment, that they were using to perform illegal interceptions (sans warrant).  They were also permitting the illegal smuggling as one of the companies that was overseas importer and reseller who was buying the smuggled gear was selling the FBI surveillance software and surveillance devices, so in essence the FBI was helping them do the arms smuggling.

The wrinkle is the the FBI does not have the legal authority to do this, only the DOS PM/DDTC can do this, and the arm smuggling ring melted down when the the FBI got pissed at me, and went to Research Electronics International (REI) instructions to screw with my (legitimate) shipments, who then went to the Rockport Police Department and said "look when we can do for you" who then went to the FBI who said "Oh, sure we would be happy to screw him over."

I got all the proper documents form the end user, and provided then to REI who as the exporter was suppose to file the documents I obtained with the PM/DDTC and get a proper license BEFORE they exported the goods...  REI was not doing this, but was reporting back to me that they were.  In fact I did not discover that they were doing until a well respected analysis sat down and studied hordes of records and notices that while there were all kinds of shipping documents, zero of them held legitimate license numbers, and an inquiry with the U.S. State Department resulted in a "can we come have coffee with you, and a chat, and review of your goodies" and dear God, did all hell break loose.  It seems the U.S. State Department was pretty upset, as this is a MAJOR, MAJOR, MAJOR international treaty violation, and it proved the U.S. Government to be one of the biggest arms smuggling in the international arena (who bigger then any of you may realize).

The issue though, is they did this and virtually all of their shipments got seized for at least 3 months, when it was discover and then proved the exactly zero of their exports were legal, and not even their special relationship with the FBI would counteract the customs block that took place form December 2009 to March 2010 (initiated when the U.S. State Department got called to followup on a pending IAR license, and they responded with "what license..." and then "that company is not even legally allowed to export a paperclip" and well all hell cut loose.

Now an international treaty violation can been proven, and this has become a notable diplomatic incident, because essentially the U.S. Government has been (illegally) allowing forbidden exports to take place, and has been using these shipment as a means to compensate a supply of equipment that was being illegally sold back into the United States, which no doubt some federal employees were using to lining the pockets).

If the FBI or other part of the U.S. Government wishes to slow down a shipment of this type of goods, all they have to do is go to PM/DDTC and seek a denial of the license, or a delay on the approval process.  As the process approval period for military electronics can be quiet long and involved (if done legally) then PM/DDTC can take extra time to get the license issues.

Because agents of the U.S. Government were allowing this to happen, and that the company was acting on the behest of the federal government, and the company was coordinating delays with the local law enforcement agencies, and this becoming an agency of the government, this has exploded into a major diplomatic Arm Smuggling matter with violation of three different international arms trafficking treaties.

The scary thing, is in all of this I appear to be the only person with any honor, and certainly the only person who was being honest with customers and not playing games, and in fact was going out of my way to comply with the law in regards to all of this, utterly.

There is a huge international incident brewing over this long term arms smuggling, and some countries are highly upset that the certain factions of the U.S. Government were involved, and that PM/DDTC was not aware that any of it was going on, when they should have been.

The U.S. Government has been flagrantly violating International Treaty on Arms, that is what is boils down to.

-jma  (December 5, 2011)

Research Electronics has admitted that the following is a completely true statement in court documents.

They have now confessed that the whole situation with me being arrested was just a big set up from the very beginning, and that they agreed to delay the shipments even after they had been paid for the shipments, and then worked with the Rockport Police Department to get me arrested, while REI was sitting on the goods.  Of course REI actually did ship the goods (which I was in the hospital), and the customer actually got the goods.

"364.  The Rockport police officers and others confected a conspiracy whereby they would get overseas shipments of the Plaintiff's goods from Research Electronics delayed by causing export documents (later discovered not required by law) to be repeatedly rejected or approval delayed by Research Electronics, and would then arrest and charge the Plaintiff for not delivering the goods to an overseas client, falsely charging Plaintiff with a crime by virtue of these delays in shipment caused by the police and others.  These activities violated the civil rights of the Plaintiff, and was an action that shocks the conscience."

-jma  (December 5, 2011)

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