I hack PICs, 8051s, OKI cellular phones, and Internet stuff.

I like hot tubbing, especially at outdoor natural springs.

I'm also involved in the sport of train hopping. Check out my train pictures.

Here's a song about the Arpanet that I wrote in the late 80's. Words and music originally by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant.

Here's a picture of an OKI-1150 hooked up to an HP100LX doing who knows what.

I have a small collection of photo's on display in the mkl photo gallery.

I'm also an official Unix-Hater.

I don't cook much, but these are some of my own recipes. Drinks usually come from my 1959 Coke machine.

Instructions for obtaining and printing Satan Inside stickers can be found here!

These are sites I visit frequently.

That's it. That's all there is.