Eldon Byrd

Education: BS in Electrical Engineering, MS in Medical Engineering
Was/is a Morman.
Published a paper on the telemetry of brain waves in the "Proceedings" of the International Telemetering Conference, 1972
Physical Scientist at the Naval Surface Weapons Center, White Oaks Laboratory, Silver Springs, Maryland (1968- unknown, at least 1981)
In October, 1973, Byrd did experiments with Uri Geller. Geller allegedly permanently bent a piece of nitinol metal, a feat impossible without applying great heat. (Byrd, Eldon, "Uri Geller's Influence on the Metal Alloy Nitinol", in The Geller Papers, Panati, Charles, ed., Houghton Mifflin Co., 1976, pg 67-73)
(see chptr 15, Gardner, Martin, Science: Good, Bad, and Bogus, Prometheus Books, 1981 for a critical review of this experiment.)
"..I do not believe I am hypnotizable. I also used to be an amateur magician and have studied techniques of magic and sleight of hand". (Byrd, pg 73)
Byrd describes his work with Naval Surface Weapons as "predicting what war will be like in the future." (McRae, Ronald, Mind Wars, St. Martin's Press, 1984, p 80)
"Eldon Byrd who worked for Naval Surface Weapons, Office of Non-Lethal Weapons, was commissioned in 1981 to develop electromagnetic devices for purposes including 'riot control', clandestine operations and hostage removal."

"Byrd also wrote of experiments where behavior of animals was controlled by exposure to weak electromagnetic fields. 'At a certain frequency and power intensity, they could make the animal purr, lay down and roll over.'" (Keeler, Anna, "Remote Mind Control Technology")

Former operations analyst with the Advanced Planning and Analysis Stoff of the Naval Ordinance Laboratory in Silver Springs. Member of Mensa and the American Society for Cybernetics. While with the Navy, he supposedly confirmed the Backster effect, which deals with the alleged psychic ability of plants.
(Tompkins, Peter and Bird, Christopher, The Secret Life of Plants, Harper and Row, 1973, pg 40-2)
Byrd sued skeptic debunker James Randi for $30 million for defamation. Randi had called Byrd a convicted child molestor [in the June 1988 issue of Rod Serling's Twilight Zone Mystery Magazine], when in fact he had been arrested for possession with intention to distribute obscene materials involving children, and plead guilty to a lower charge of possession with intention to distribute obscene materials. Byrd "won", but received no money. During the trial, he supposedly admitted to having sexual relations with a minor to whom he was a legal guardian. (Skeptic, vol 3, #3, pg 34; Also, click here for press releases and a commentary by Marcello Truzzi)
"Byrd told me [Dick Farley] about it [lawsuit w/ Randi] over dinner at C. B. "Scott" Jones home one evening of several we spent together back in '92 and '93 there"

"Byrd said that Uri Geller put up $10,000 for his legal costs. Byrd and Geller are good friends, from back in the '70s..."

"Byrd says he had been "set-up" by postal inspectors, part of some initiative to discredit him because he was too public with his personal interests in "psi," etc. He'd allegedly had some Navy security clearance issues dog him, which contributed to his early retirement as one of their senior most civilian scientists." "When he was still with the Navy, Dr. Byrd was the contract manager for some of the research Michael Persinger did, on 'neuro-impacts' of various EMFs and ELFs. Something about wave-propagation and influences on submariners if somebody "beeped" them with mind-influencing EMF signals, etc., that kind of thing." (Farley, Dick, "False Memory Spindrome")

"I told an audience at the annual meeting of the American Physical Society about the hilarious claims that Eldon Byrd made in court concerning important projects he'd been working on as a parapsychologist. One was a wrist watch that would protect the lucky wearer against the deadly effects of hair dryers and electric razors that bombard the brain with those 60-Hertz electrical waves. The watch would sense the phase of the offending waves and generate an opposing field to protect the subject.... But by far the best laugh of the trial was generated by Byrd when he proudly announced that, as a result of reading and believing the book, The Secret Life of Plants, he had a project going to train seaweed so that it could warn naval divers of danger." (Randi Hotline, 3/27/95
Byrd is currently working with dolphins, presumably continuing the work he left with Naval Surface Weapons (does anyone have any details of his departure - date, reason, etc.)

He is the chief scientist of the "Hello, Dolphin" Project at World Dolphin Research. This project deals with the emissions and reception of ELF and other electromagnetic radiation between humans and dolphins, which has relevance with the overlap between psychic phenomena and mind-control.

He presented the paper "Dolphin Project Report and More" at the 1996 Annual Conference of the US Psychotronic Association.

Author of: Review and Update of the Psycho-activity of Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic and Scalar Field
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