According to John Wilhelm, many of the principles in the SRI remote viewing experiments were Scientologists:
Ingo Swann allegedly told Wilhelm that there were a total of fourteen "clears" working at SRI.
(Wilhelm, John, The Search for Superman, as reviewed in chapter 30 of Gardner, Martin, Science: Good, Bad, and Bogus, Prometheus Books, 1981, pg 320-1; Wilhelm, John, "Psychic Spying?", Washington Post 8/7/77, B1)

The relevance?

Not too much, as I can see. There is some historical relevance, as the Scientology factor supposedly scared off four potential sponsors of the research at SRI. (McRae, pg 108) Also, skeptics point towards Scientology's belief in psychic powers as a possible bias in the research.
I have my doubts that the Church of Scientology was ever used as a CIA front, as some have suggested. Scientologists have a form of therapy called "auditing", which involves relating details of one's life while being hooked to an "E-meter", which is a primitive lie-detector. This would violate some of the CIA's security protocals. Furthermore, the Church has revealed details about both MK-ULTRA and the government's psychic spying programs through the FOIA, which would be very inappropriate for a CIA proprietary. Also, there are direct connections between SRI and the intelligence community, so an indirect connection via Scientology isn't necessary for the purposes here. However, I could be very wrong.
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