Evolution of Cellular Phone Jammers

Old pictures from past projects.  The original jammers used old VCR tuner modules.

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The new jammer - complete with a 30 Watt RF power amplifier.


Outside view of the VCR tuner / driver case.  It's built into an old Uniden cellular phone case.  It's requires a 24 Volt / 350 mA wall wart style power supply.

Outside view of the Motorola Mostar radio.  Only the radio's power amplifier is used in this project.  You'll need to solder all the microphone wires together in order for the radio to be in continous transmit mode.  The radio needs 12 Volts / 10 Amps.  The power amplifier's low-pass filter was also removed to allow the harmonics to cause some damage to the 2.4 GHz band.


VCR tuner / power supply regulators and filtering / sweep generator and the RF driver for the Celluar Jammer, Version 2


PF0030 module, this is our RF driver for the new power amplifier.  It's tuned down to put out 1/2 Watt.


Closeup of the VCR tuner power supply regulators and filtering.  Ignore the crap on the right side of the picture.


Old UHF only VCR tuner.  You can see the oscillator tap (coax coming out in the middle) and the PF0030 module's 7812 voltage regulator (on top).


Tap point inside the Mostar radio.  Remove the 10-Ohm surface mount resistor in series with the RF input into the power amplifier, and insert your RF drive there.  Don't exceed 1/2 Watt of drive power.