The Horror

If you got here it is because you pulled your sorry ass away from IRC for a moment to satisfy your curiosity. Perhaps I said some inane comment on IRC and you had to check out who this oblivion l0zer was... Well, for the most part, I'm a washed up deathrocker from the 80's, who is desperately trying to keep tab on this centuries decadent movement.

Asside from that, I've been working on a few projects over at the l0pht, going to school in the evenings, working a full time job in the field of my choice. (So where does he find the time for IRC?)

I'll put more in here when it is a decent hour and I can think straight.

Here is the sod, himself:

A Current picture of me

Oblivion with Short hair and isn't happy about it..

Oblivion works on his erection...

Oblivion and his radiowave reaping apparatus

Strikes a Riveting pose

Steals a kiss, makes the angels cry...

A young Oblivion, sittin' in a tree...

Oblivion embraces chaos at a startling young age

And Friends...

Lisa Hammer smiles for ME!

The Hammers on stage as Mors Syphilitica