The Lab

The lab, well equiped and stocked with electronic test equipment and components is where hours are spent laboring over the design and implementation of various wireless technologies. Reverse-Engineering is also undertaken here to better understand a device or to examine it for weakness or improvement.

Right now my (Brian Oblivion) main focus is on the construction of a 900MHz Brick amplifier for amateur radio operations. I'm reverse engineering a WaveLAN card to find a pin to pull a TX_READY line to bias a pin diode in my amplifier.

Here is a picutre of the WaveLAN reverse engineering station. We've got a 150MHz Ocilliscope, an HP1540 Logic Analyzer, Huntron Tracker 1000, Audio Generator, RF Generator, Multimeters, Microwave Freq. Generators, and an HP 8385 Specturm Analyzer 5khz - 2.5GHz wlan1 preview
Here is another shot of the Wavelan reverse engineering station. A 386SX/40 Motherboard is being used to run the wavelan. The RF shielding had to be removed from the card in order to ohm out the RF signal paths for both RX and TX. wlan2 preview
This is the packet radio rack. It contains the three 1200 baud packet nodes, plus the 300 baud HF packet node. There is also a CB there for 6 meter voice. Two DC power supplies supply the 13.8 V needed for the radios and the packet modems. They are located on the lower end of the rack. One is a 10 Amp supply, the other a 40Amp. The PC on the top of the rack is and it is attached to the 4 TNC's. The 40 Amp supply was the BEST deal I have ever stumbled across.. I walked away with it from the MIT flea for $15! Rack A1 Preview

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