The Hardware Hacker's Resource Page

The Hardware Hacker's
Resource Page

Developed by Brian Oblivion of L0pht Heavy Industries for the community of unsung electronics and RF engineers who end up spending most of their time working out of their basements with no assets to speak of to put towards expensive memberships and periodicals.

Electronic Manufacturer's Contact List

Electronic Mail-Order Suppliers, Kits, and Clubs

Industry, National, Global Standards

Industry Journals and Periodicals

Electronic Industry Web Pages

CAD/EDA Tools and Notes

Circuit Board Fabrication Utilities and Docs

Digital Electronic Tools & Notes

RF Electronic Tools & Notes

Analog Electronic Tools & Notes

Circuit Cookbook (Will be mirrored at l0pht soon!)

Electrical Engineering Circuits Archive

Giant Internet I.C. Masturbator with an additional Index

Chip Directory

PartNet: The Distributed Component Information System

Chip List - Many microprocessors displays with tech. info.

Telecommunication Systems Information