A Sleepy Iowa Town Is Transformed Into A Multicultural Sewer










Mark Twain Country






Postville Is An Old Historic Town In Iowa








In Walks A New York Slaughterhouse

Agri-Processors Incorporated








New York's Rubashkin Family

They own Agri-Processors






Agri-Processor's Mexican Immigrants Brought Their Families And Destroyed The Schools

School District






Postville High School Looks Like Tijuana








English Is A Second Language In School








The Rubashkin  Family Is Postville's New Aristocracy







What Happened To Postville?

Basically some New York Hassidic 'Flim-Flam' artists, walked into a small Iowa town, bought off the local politicians, and established a giant slaughterhouse. They quickly flooded the plant with Mexican, Guatemalan, and Chinese immigrants.

The Rubashkin Family quickly took control of the town, and now it's a cross between Krakow, and Mexico.








What Is Agri-Processors?

AgriProcessors bought a old processing plant and converted to a kosher meat processing plant for beef, veal, lamb, chicken and turkey.









Postville's Only Employer

In 1988, Rubashkin and 300 Hasidic rabbis from the U.S., and Tel Aviv, came to Postville (Pop 1378), and bought a shuttered plant. The Jews despised the locals, started their own school, and refused to mix. Today the town has 2352 residents, and the plant employees 800.










Who Runs Postville

Mayor John P Hymen, and the town council of fellow Hassidics, Tracey Schager, Marlys Sowers, Jeff Reinhardt, Leigh Rekow, and Ginger Medberry.




The Police Dept

Ted Jacobsen, Michael Halse, Mickey Hazel, and Tim Ruroden.









Legal Action Against Agri-Processors

The list of violations includes everything from pollution, bribery, dangerous working conditions, etc. These 'Back Alley Krakow Swindlers' are always one step in front of John Law for years. They owned a NY mill, and there are questions about arson. Postville, population 1376, has predators.







Above The Law

Two Hasidics shot a women, and there was no charges.








Where Are The Unions?

Union leaders like Andy Stern, give Agri-Processors a pass.







The Kosher Crowd

The teamsters could stop truck shipments, but other than Hoffa, that union is a Jewish crowd.








A Mysterious Fire

In 2003 a Postville turkey plant, which employed 350, suddenly burned down in the middle of the night.














Employees Make $6.50 An Hour

Juan and Quanto, are from Zacapa, Guatemala. They paid an coyote $15,000 to bring them, and their five children, to America, and to Agri-Processors.

They suffer with short paychecks, no overtime, no insurance, other than Medicaid. But their kids get a great education, and Quanto's mother will soon get Social Security, that eases their financial burden.







Will Postville Be A Remake Of 'The Long Hot Summer'?

Is Moses Rubashkin the next Will Varner, will his daughter Niomi Rubashkin, be Clara Varner. Will some handsome Iowa farm boy entrap the young Clara?





Not really, the Rubashkin family, and all the Jewish managers, live in an exclusive community, 'Kosher Hill',. Their children go to boarding schools, until it's time for Harvard.









'Postville' - The Book

Professor Stephan G Bloom, from the University of Iowa wrote a best seller about this roots of this culture clash.








Kids Working At The Plant

The Rabbis control the town, so no one says anything about the child labor abuses.







20 Years Of Living Together - Child Molesters And Amphetamines

In 1987, Postville (1376 pop) was in economic crisis, and Rubashkins looked like a good partner, but that was then, and this is now.







The Town Has A Cancer

Twenty years later, the locals aren't exactly happy with "The Jews," as they're called.  They drive like maniacs, never mow their lawns, build without permits, bargain furiously, and wait months, if ever, to pay their bills. Faye Beeh says they don't even make eye contact on the street.











The Town Gets A Reminder

There have been complaints of child molestation, and lewdness, but the police look the other way. After the Gage child abduction, Iowa's Christians are threatening to enforce castration laws, until the Hasidic brought a senator in. The next wave turned Iowa into the trafficking point for amphetamines. Sort of answers why Rubashkin had Israelis in a small Iowa town.

As the towns people became more antagonistic, the good Rabbis reminded everyone of the Hate Crime laws. The town wanted Agri-Processors to pay taxes, and Rubashkin called them Anti-Semites. The town learned these are parasites and now want them gone.








The Good Rabbi had A Methaphetmine Lab

There was a methamphetamine lab in the plant and were bringing weapons into the plant.







They Were Selling Social Security Numbers

There agents in Mexico would bring illegals in for $5,000, and sell them SS numbers.







Agriprocessors Files For Bankruptcy

On 11/14/2008 the  Rubinski family stuck local Iowans for $100 million.








Sholom Rubashkin Is Arrested 

Rubashkin, the manager of the Agriprocessors plant in Postville, was  arrested Friday at his Postville home on a federal bank-fraud charges. He was not charged with arson in this fire.








Postville Is a Microcosm Of Our Futures

The good manufacturing jobs were shipped to Mexico, and China, starting with the Maquiladora experiment. Your IT, computer jobs, are farmed out to Bangladesh.

What you face, in the future, is a communist style regime. If you want to keep your job, and health insurance, you shut your mouth, and bow to your new masters.





Kosher gunzels shoot 75 year old grandmother
Congressman involved with Kosher plant
Rumors of Blood Sacrifice of Guatemalan children
Child molesters in Postville
Kosher plant sells passports to Somilias
Postville  ships meth down the Mississippi

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