What Were The Nuremberg Laws All About?

 The real basis of these laws were 'Sexual Harassment', stemming from the 1920 depression






It Is 1920 - And Berlin's New Elite Emerges


Bertolt Brecht, Albert Einstein, Hans Eisler, Kurt Weill, and Billy Wilder







Jewish Theater Hits A New Level Of Arrogance

Die Dreigroschenoper is about slick playboy Jewish banker bilking ordinary Germans










Berlin's Jewish Night Club Scene
German girls were taken advantage of because of the 1920's depression






The Theaters Pushed The Lesbian Life Style






Berlin's Cabarets





Poland's Émigrés Were Berlin's New Elite

A German wife was a status symbol





Mia Farrow With Some Of Her Children

The Versailles Treaty Brought The Weimar Age And Depression

German Jews, reinforced by Polish and Russian Jews, became the dominant force in Weimar Germany. Their Communist's elected officials were gaining seats, and they dominated the professional class, especially in Berlin.

Next came their sexual revolution, and Berlin was the center. It is considered the most decadent era in modern times.

Finally the German people had their fill, and Chancellor Hitler, and the socialist party, passed the Nuremberg laws.


Allen was forbidden visitation rights to three of them







Berlin In 1922

Berlin had a population of 3.2 million, and about 210,000 were Jewish.

The professions were over 50% Jewish controlled. Berlin was referred to as the 'Jew' of Germany.








1919-1933 Berlin

The Weimar Republic, 1919-1933, was the  period referred to that reflects the collapse of the German empire, due to the Versailles treaty. It was during this period the Communists tried to gain control of the Reichland.

Jews, who emerged from the Jewish quarter, and emigrated from Poland, flocked into the theater, banking, professions, government, and education segments of Germany.








Frankfurt School

This was the headquarters for the Communist scheming in Germany. Max Horkheimer, T.W. Adorno, Herbert Marcuse, Leo Lowenthal, and Erich Fromm were all there








Magnus Hirshfeld

Formed the Institute for Social Research. He was considered the Einstein of sex. Hirschfeld co-wrote and acted in the 1919 film "Different From the Others",  he played the first homosexual character ever written for cinema.


Anita Berber

Typified the Jewish mindset. Her stage acts revolved around masturbation, cocaine, and lesbian love.


The Cabarets

These were the epitome of depravity. Young German waitress, dressed in vulgar outfits, circulated through private rooms while anxious middle age Jewish businessmen casually molested them.








Cross breeding

The marriage of desperate Germans girls to rich Poles and Ukrainian Jews was a big issue.

Domestic Complaints

Agencies that specialized in domestics would hire from countryside, and the girls lived at the Jewish household.

Berlin's Police

The police department was under Jewish control, and complaints were never pursued.

Doctor Bernhard Weiss

Berlin's Police chief








What Happened?

A combination of in-breeding, a atmosphere of total decadence, the lack of any religious grounding, and really just soul-less creatures.

If Hitler didn't stop this, God only knows what levels they would have stooped to.








In 1935 The German People Have Had Enough

Hitler passes the Nuremberg laws.

  • No cross-racial marriages
  • No sexual relations between Jews and Germans
  • Jews were not allowed to have German women under 45 as domestic help







Berlin Was A Sewer

Berlin went from the most cultured city in the world, to a pit.

When you need to pass a law forbidding the domestic employment of women under 45 years old in Jewish households, then things are out of hand.




Photos From The Weimar Era

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