And you thought Dissident was gone?

Woohoo. Lil ol' Dissident got featured in a French magazine! Why is it that people in the USA send me email saying I'm "a disgrace to Americans" while I get press coverage half the world away? Oh well.

Lets see... I'm trying to get a system online again so once more IRC can phear the Dissident name. I'll keep you all posted.

I'll be re-organizing some stuff soon.. I've noticed that a lot of people seem to miss my home page! So there. check it out. have fun, etc.

I also plan to add more IRC related stuff... so if you have any hilarious logs of IRC happenings, mail em in! :)

And, as always, this site is NOT under construction. Some pictures are links.. try clickin if you doubt me. This page will look best ( you guessed it!) under Netscape 1.1 or later. I refuse to use ANY Netscape betas nor will I use their extensions until the product is complete. I tried using 2.0, and it (NOT running as root) kernel panicked the Solaris 2.4 Sparc box I was using AND it thrashed the libs too! Oh, and I wouldn't be surprised if some aspects of the site acutally look awful under other browsers. So there. :)

Coming soon - the IRC Warrior Handbook! (I SWEAR!)


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