Don't ask me why I put these pics up

Susan on the beach


"She was daytime, I was night" 

Susan and I on New Years

New Years Eve

"We were together almost a year" 

Lil Liesa

Liesa broke my heart

We dated on and off for 7 years

My lil coke whore

Wendy, in Penthouse Mag.

"Wendy had issues" 

Here she is all wacked out

Here she is all wacked on blow, LOL

"We had fun until she tried to kill herself." 

Alix in the jungle

Alix was fun and nasty

She now lives at a voyuer house

Rainbow date

Alix is the most intelligent girl I've dated

We were very close (for 8 months)


Jackie rocks

This is where we spend most of time
(watching TV)

J & J

Here we are after 2 days of partying

We've been together now for 7 months


Jackie ala Photoshop

With any luck, this will be my last girlfriend

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