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"It's a question of freedom of speech, something that has stood up for the last couple hundred years, and I think the Internet should definitely continue the tradition."

--- Emmanuel Goldstein on Off The Hook, June 18, 1996.  Steve Rombom, a regular guest (and domestic terrorist) at HOPE and on Off The Hook, is leading the charge in attempting to censor certain Internet websites.  Eric Corley will never mention this.

"Value your freedom, or you will lose it, teaches history.  'Don't bother us with politics,' responds those who don't want to learn."

--- Quote from Richard Stallman.  Protect your freedoms.  Protect your rights.  Protect your children.  Read the IIRG Labs Blog and Boycott HOPE.

Have you ever lost an issue of $2600 Magazine that you paid for and would like back?  Do you wish you could read $2600 Magazine on your Linux computer?  Ever had your issues of $2600 Magazine confiscated by your school administrators?  Would you like to preview an issue of $2600 Magazine before you buy it?  Think information should not be $6.25?  Ever wonder why 25% of each issue of $2600 Magazine is taken up by letters/meeting info/marketplace, when that information could be on their website instead of taking up valuable magazine space?  (Hint:  That wouldn't put money in Golddigger's pocket)  Ever wonder why $2600 Magazine doesn't pay their writers?  (Hint:  That would take money from Golddigger's pocket)  Were you ever mad that $2600 Magazine took an article you wrote off your BBS, added their name, and made a profit from it?  Ever wonder why issues of $2600 Magazine are not placed on any USENET groups?  Have a hard time reading the fine print in issues of $2600 Magazine and wish you could "zoom in" on the words?  Don't want to cut down anymore trees for making paper?  Ever wonder why back issues of $2600 Magazine cost $6 when they used to sell for $5, $4, $2 or even $1?  Don't want to pay the extra corporate fee just because you paid attention in school, created some jobs, and help the economy?  Don't want to pay extra just because you live overseas?  Ever wonder why $2600 Magazine uses fear mongering, sensationalism, snake oil, and cheap scare tactics to get people to purchase their little magazine?  Are you a parent that doesn't want to give your address to a bunch of child molesters?  Don't want to contribute to Manny Golddigger's six-figure a year profit?  Don't want to catch faggot AIDS from having a member of the $2600 Magazine staff touch a copy of your magazine?  Ever wonder why $2600 Magazine always blames others for their problems, and never takes any responsibility?

Well...  Download them here you dumbass!

Did you ever wonder why each issue of $2600 Magazine has at least three (often fake) letters-to-the-editor telling of some conspiracy to hide their magazine issues at newstands or bookstores?  It's really because $2600 is a physically small magazine and is usually placed on the front shelf of the magazine stand.  Lazy people who flip through the magazines on the back shelves will then often place them back on the front shelf - instead of in their normal locations.  This will cause those magazines on the front shelf (and especially physically small magazines) to become "hidden" after awhile.  If it's not noticed by an employee (or helpful customer), it can stay in this condition for awhile.

Of course, Manny Golddigger and his merry band of fascist nutcases uses this for an excuse to drum up sales for his "forbidden & suppressed hacker magazine" by all the people who lack rational thought.

"It's a little unsettling that we're getting more letters like this in recent months.  We're not aware of any changes in the various chains that carry us but we'll keep an eye on this.  There's no question that there are many who would like to keep us off the shelves.  Our readers and their attentiveness are the best defense we could hope for."

--- Example of this propaganda in a reply to a letter in $2600 Magazine Vol. 21, No. 4.

I usually place a copy of Nuts & Volts, Circuit Cellar, QST, or even Soldier of Fortune over issues of $2600 Magazine just to piss off Golddigger anyway - and you should too.

Somewhere at a Barnes & Noble in Wisconsin is a magazine shelf with, right out in front mind you, six issues of $2600 Magazine - that infamous "forbidden & suppressed hacker magazine."  Way on the very back shelf, practically out-of-reach, sits a single, obscured issue of Jane's Defence Weekly.  Don't expect Manny Golddigger to mention this!

Or maybe the book stores don't carry $2600 because it sucks?  Nah.. it's always someone else's problem...

Another example of $2600 Magazine's sensationalism?  On the January 14, 1997 episode of Off The Hook, while talking about the lack of encryption in U.S. cellular phone system (and how stupid Americans are), Phiber Optik says: "... it's not some simple, silly little exclusive-OR kind of thing, like they do in, in digital cellular ..."  This, of course, is wrong.  The reason digital cellular systems XOR their datastreams with pseudo-random number (PN) generators is to "spread" their RF signal to make it more "jam" resistant.  By using orthogonal PN-codes, multiple cellular users (up to around 64) can share the same small frequency range.  This is done to increase the "users-per-spectrum" ratio.  It's NOT done for encryption reasons (the codes are known), like Golddigger's posse stomps their little feet about.  Mark gets a pass 'cuz he's just plain cool.  Golddigger, of course, only cares about increasing those subscriber numbers.  Remember, only John Markoff would confuse facts for a little profit.  Bleat... Bleat... the $2600 sheep.

Also note the advertisement to "Free Mumia", a convicted cop killer.  Sheesh... If $2600 readers ran the world, murderers would go free and Bill Gates would be in jail.  If they can support killing cops, I can support killing Eric Corley...

And another?  View this picture.  It's the words "This is not propaganda" from The Fifth HOPE cash cow, err, "convention" advertisement strategically placed so it appears within the reflection of a FOX News billboard.  But wait, wasn't it lie-by-rule CBS News that lied and spread propaganda?  It's common for leftist thugs to create fictitious people, objects, and enemies to help spread their own style of propaganda.  You'll never see $2600 Magazine mention that fake CBS story, or the election fraud CBS tried to commit (until they read this, that is).  This is even further proof that $2600 is the true enemy of the people.

Here's something you'll never see in an issue of $2600 Magazine!  When Golddigger's beloved ACLU is not out suppressing freedom of speech, trying to destroy the Boy Scouts, helping September 11-style terrorists with their "political correctness" nonsense, blocking prayers in schools, while suing to provide Korans to terrorists in prison (books bought with U.S. tax payer money, figure that one out!) - they are revising the First Amendment!  (screen shot)  Thankfully, they have since corrected this.  FIGHT THE POWER!

More lies and propaganda!  Look at this website: http://www.2600.com/rnc2004/index.html, it shows how delusional and evil the $2600 staff is.  Sidewalks and public spaces are for hard working, tax paying, legal U.S. citizens only - it's in the constitution.  You have NO right of harassing innocent people trying to go to work, school, shop, etc.  Wait... that's right, most of those "protesters" (Democrats) don't have jobs or pay taxes, they just sit around and complain, while doing drugs and stealing.  Stick to your fancy gated communities, million dollar music and movies deals, selling of other people's old BBS files, and leave us normal people alone.  Where's the outrage little sheep?

Here is another example of the fascism supported by Manny Golddigger and his little posse.  View some of vigil pictures for Stanley "Tookie" Williams held at San Quentin on December 12, 2005.  The little bastards in the green vests are members of the International Socialist Organization (ISO), heros to people like Manny Golddigger.  Note how they attack other people and cover up any protest signs they don't agree with.  Also note how they cover signs using a boom microphone from their radio stations.  Oh, the irony!  You won't hear that mentioned on Off The Hook!

"Clogging the streets, tying up police resources, and leaving behind a trail of anti-Bush propaganda litter" is not listed anywhere in the Constitution.  Stick to destroying ROTC campus offices, smashing windows at Starbucks, idolizing murderers, and protesting people wearing fur coats (while wearing non-biodegradable, artificial plastic clothes).

"Please spare us your bleeding heart commentary on the RNC protesters in Philadelphia this past summer (as mentioned in the editorial in 17:3 and again in a letter from Prehistoric Net Guy in 17:4).  I work in Philadelphia and witnessed it firsthand.  I saw a chaotic group of drunken douche-bags with no political message or common cause who showed up simply to vandalize our city.  The "puppet factory" also had a nice supply of bats, pepper spray, and other goodies that Prehistoric Retard forgot to mention..."

--- Letter from "Your Mom" in Vol. 18, No. 1.

The $2600 Magazine editor drones then proceed to belittle this person who was actually there and had the balls to stand up to $2600's lies and propaganda.  Sound familiar?

"During the 2000 Republican convention in Philadelphia the [bomb] squad there recorded forty-eight 'hoax' devices.  These had been placed by activists attempting to disrupt the proceedings.  The devices look like bombs,were placed where bombs would have been placed, and had to be treated as such.  Sometimes when one was opened up, a note that said 'Boom!' would be found"

--- Excerpt from Bomb Squad: A Year Inside the Nation's Most Exclusive Police Unit by Richard Esposito and Ted Gerstein.

These are the kinds of childish activities Eric Corley, and his little Gay Pedo Posse, defended in the pages of $2600 Magazine and on Off The Hook in order to rile up his little kiddie following.

Ever notice that the people who whine about "being silenced" never seem to shut the fuck up?      Hint:  It increases magazine sales.

Now here's a real story of "being silenced" you won't be hearing from Boyfucker & The Gay Pedo Posse at Horny Old Pedophiles Everywhere!

Imagine having your valedictorian speech censored by some "open-minded liberals" because they don't agree with your point-of-view.  Here is a hint, cover your ears if you don't like it, or is only Stephen Colbert allowed to use tax-payer funded audio equipment to speak his mind?  If Manny Golddigger is allowed to speak his mind, others should be allowed to also!  Don't expect the ACLU to help though, if they don't go after Muslims controlling our schools, they won't being helping out here either.


Fight Big Brother!

Oh no!  Sales of $2600 Magazine must be really down...  Manny Golddigger has yet another method of frightening his little kiddie followers.  George W. Bush is Adolf Hitler!  Yes, that's what $2600 Magazine wants you to believe.  But wait, Manny Golddigger is a homosexual, and Hitler killed homosexuals!  The fact that Manny Golddigger is still alive (and still selling old BBS files, err... "publishing") then proves Bush is not Hitler!  LOL!  But that's not good for selling magazines or HOPE tickets, so they won't be mentioning this.

If George W. Bush is really watching you...  Then you better not subscribe to $2600 Magazine!  I'm sure Georgie will personally add you to his Gestapo watch list.  After all...  Manny Golddigger wouldn't lie to us, now would he?  Be a man!  Avoid being "watched" and download issues of $2600 Magazine off the Internet!

[new_york_slimes1]    [new_york_slimes2.jpg]

Looky what we have here...  I'm sure Boyfucker & The Gay Pedo Posse will be outside the New York Times protesting their little hearts out on this one!  Wait...  No they won't.  If it doesn't put money in their pockets, they'll just promptly ignore it.

When the New York Times lies in a story about someone $2600 Magazine likes, Manny Golddigger stomps his little feet and pouts.

When the New York Times lies in a story about someone $2600 Magazine doesn't like, Manny Golddigger does nothing.

Do you really want these people looking out for you?


"Pakistani men with the remains of a missile fired at a house in the Bajur tribal zone near the Afghan border."

--- Staged photo in the New York Times, January 14, 2006.

This is torture in progress!!!!!!

Unbelievable.  "There is no liberal bias in the media," claims Boyfucker & The Gay Pedo Posse operating at $2600 Magazine's little headquarters.  Hint #1:  That's an old, unexploded artillery shell.  Hint #2:  The ragheads are storing there ammunition in villages surrounded by children.  Hint #3:  Artillery shells are often used in IEDs, so their storage "bunkers" are legitimate targets.  Here's a good overview of this blatant propaganda.

Thought Puzzle

Albert Einstein (when not stealing other people's ideas at his patent office job) used to develop little "thought puzzles" to help him understand physics and the inner workings of the Universe.  Let's try doing that with $2600 Magazine once...

  1. Jonathan Littman write a book about Kevin Poulsen called The Watchman.  It is full of lies, distortions, invented facts, and both minor and major technical errors.  It makes Kevin Poulsen look bad.  There are no movies, protests, bumper stickers, T-shirts, or defaced websites.
  2. Katie Hafner and John Markoff write a book about Kevin Mitnick called Cyberpunk.  It is full of lies, distortions, invented facts, and both minor and major technical errors.  It makes Kevin Mitnick look bad.  The "hacker" community, lead by $2600 Magazine, explodes in a riot of seething protests, rants, and defaced websites.
  3. Jonathan Littman writes a book about Kevin Mitnick called The Fugitive Game.  It is full of lies, distortions, invented facts, and both minor and major technical errors.  It makes Kevin Mitnick look good.  The "hacker" community loves this book because it "shows the true story."  They don't ever seem to mention the lies of Littman's Kevin Poulsen book.  Hmm...
  4. Kevin Mitnick gets caught hacking while using his modifed Oki 900 cellular phone.  The reverse engineering and initial experimentation the Oki 900 is based around the work done by Mark Lottor and Tsutomu Shimomura.  They were true hackers in the original spirit.
  5. Tsutomu Shimomura writes a book about the tracking and capturing of Kevin Mitnick called Takedown.  Ignoring the fact that Tsutomu was actually there, witnessed everything, and pulled off some very clever hacks - $2600 Magazine jumps on him, screaming he's a fraud.  They lead the charge for the kiddies to harass his personal life.
  6. Jeff Goodell writes a book about Kevin Mitnick called The Cyberthief and the Samurai.  This book trys to stay neutral and calls bullshit on both the Markoff and Littman versions of the "tracking Mitnick" story.  Markoff wanted to capture Mitnick so he could write a book about that, and Littman wanted to keep Mitnick "on the run" so he could write a book about that.  Boyfucker mysteriously never seems to mention these little facts.
  7. $2600 Magazine now uses Kevin Mitnick as their main cash cow.  Anybody else attempting to profit (as they see it) from Mitnick's story is immediately demonized.  The peak of this cash cow is the release of the movie Freedom Downtime ($30).  It's embarrassingly retarded.  The point of the movie is to attack both Shimomura and Markoff, while ignoring the people Mitnick harassed.  Freedom of speech and freedom of the press apparently only apply to $2600 Magazine now.

So, what did we learn?

Albert Einstein                  Emmanuel Goldstein

E = Energy                       G = Golddigging & BBS File Selling
M = Mass                         A = All Around Asshole
C = Speed of Light               F = Fleas & Propaganda
------------------               ----------------------
E = M * C2                       EG = F * A * G2

Manufactured Fear

Democrats do it.
Slashdot does it.
Digg does it.
Communists do it.
The media does it.
Obama got "elected" from it.
Kevin Mitnick profits from it.
$2600's lawyers do it.

One of the numerous cons that $2600 Magazine likes to run is that there is always someone out there trying to shut down the operation of their little "hacker" magazine.  The most obvious case for this was back in 1998 or so when $2600 Magazine nearly went out of business.  Or at least that is what Boyfucker wanted you to think.

If it costs too much to publish $2600 Magazine - why not just give it away for free!

Those enormous publishing and distribution costs won't exist if you just post everything on the Internet.  You could also have people mail in a dollar or two, along with a SASE, for a photo copy of the article they wish to read about.  This all costs very little.  But that doesn't put money in Golddigger's pocket!  So you'd better expect more "end of the world" scenerios or "Mitnick Cures Cancer" movie projects the next time Golddigger needs a few extra bucks for his satellite TV bill.

"I hate how the media always portrays 'hackers' as criminals and mindless idiots.  Hey!  Lets take over the P.A. system at a K-Mart and get free hamburgers from Burger King!  That'll show 'em!"

Another example of manufactured fear that gets $2600's little-boys underwear in a bunch, is government-sponsored spying and updating 70 year old telco surveillance laws.  Boyfucker and the Gay Pedo Posse demand access to all these rights, but they don't actually help people fight or maintain these rights.  Government spying is bad!  Buy our magazine!  Private citizens spying is bad!  Buy our magazine!  There is even an episode of Off The Hook where Manny Golddigger calls for more airport security and screening!  Yes, it's true!  But, don't expect him to reference that old episode ever again!

See how it works?  By flip-flopping on subjects, especially controversial ones, $2600 Magazine tweaks their views to which ever will get them more subscribers.  Boyfucker lives in a mansion for a reason!

"The world is going to end!  There is only one way to save it - buy our magazine!"

Oh no!  Big corporations!  They are all going to kill us!

Here's a hint Boyfucker, the real problem is big government ("Progressives").  I know that contradicts your little Marxist-Leninist-Communist agenda, but it is true!  If some "big corporation" is doing something you don't like, then don't buy their products!  It's that simple.  What do you think people did 50 years ago?  Stomp their little feet and pout in front of their mommies like you do?  No, they actually did something about it.  Duh!  Don't like Microsoft?  Write your own damn operating system.  Don't bitch to us just because you are too fucking stupid to write your own software.  Don't like a T.V. or radio station?  Start your own, dumbass!  This isn't rocket science.  All big government does is screw stuff up and slow things down.  If you want to fight some real problems, go after the corrupt labor and teacher unions.  Of course, you won't ever think of doing that.  If you stopped molesting little boys for just one second, and picked up a few history books, maybe you could actually learn something, instead of relying on your little clueless brat pack.

It's starting already!  Horny Old Pedophiles Everywhere #7 might not take place in 2008!

Apparently, New York is now a very small city with only one hotel.  I'm sure with a little work they could find another hotel or conference room to hold it at, or even a park or campground.  You know a really good place to hold it at?  Boyfucker's house!  Don't count on that one, though!  As long as the hotel can guarantee rooms sold, I'm sure most hotels will gladly handle the next HOPE money-making scheme, err... "conference."  There is only one problem, instead of the money going straight into Golddigger's pocket, the hotel will probably want more money to clean up after all the nice, responsible "hackers" destroy the rooms in the hotel.  Oh...  How much do you want to bet that the answer won't include Manny Golddigger getting a part-time job?  Hehe...

An Inconvenient Truth

Should Manny Golddigger kill himself?


Not only will the world be less one evil child molester, but his underage victims won't have to worry about testifying in any court trial.  And the child's parents won't have to worry about "hunting down" Boyfucker just because some liberal judge set him free.

You'll also regain more of your civil rights back.

Thanks to people like Manny Golddigger, and the Communist bastards at the ACLU, the United States is being flooded with third-world trash and assorted sub-human immigrants.  Since lower I.Q. people tend to vote Democrat, this is a good way for leftist thugs to keep their political power intact.  But, thanks to this turd-world illegal invasion, we now have increased crime and, of course, increased police presence.  You can thank people like Manny Golddigger and the ACLU everytime a little old lady has to pass through an invasive security check - all while the security guards let some shit-skin sneak through out of fear of being sued for "racial profiling" (whatever that means).

"Racial Profiling"                             Apparently Not Racial Profiling

* Interviewing some nut in a turban            * Interviewing 1,500 white males with beards
  who is sketching building layouts.             during the "Unabomber" scare.

* Monitoring some Arab who spent time          * Democrats looking for new voters in all black
  along the Pakistan/Afghanistan                 neighborhoods.
                                               * Democrats using voter registration signs
* The police pulling over a black man,           in Spanish to get more Mexican voters.
  at night, who was driving in a car with
  tinted windows.                              * Mexicans illegally entering the U.S. to leech
                                                 off the white man.

                                               * Exactly how does Black Entertainment Television
					         choose its videos?
					       * Manny Golddigger hitting on little white boys.

$2600 Then $2600 Now * Walmart is bad! * $2600 Magazine fags spreading AIDS - good! * Government regulation of the * Uhh... We need net neutrality laws! Internet is bad! * During the 1980s: * Today, Iran & North Korea have nuclear programs. Nuclear weapons programs were bad! Where are those "anti-nuke" protesters now? * Fighting for your privacy rights. * Kevin Mitnick was stealing the IDs of dead babies, and what do we get? Nothing but silence! * DeCSS is free speech! * IRC logs of Emmanuel chatting with little boys. Umm... Not free speech! * ID cards are a bad idea! * Hey! Where is your HOPE badge? * We support full disclosure! * Ssssh! Don't let anyone know Emmanuel is a pedophile! * Fuck the FCC! * That man said a bad word! Fire him! * On the Russian war with * On the NATO war in Afghanistan: Afghanistan: Silence. It's wrong... Screeeeech!!! * The United Nations is great! * Silence on the "Oil for Food" scandal. * We help protect your identity! * Illegal aliens stealing social security numbers. Manny's response: Silence. * Prisons are bad! Let them out! * Half the U.S. prison population are illegal aliens whose countries won't take them back. Silence. * NSA helps capturing murders = Bad. * Kevin Mitnick using telco metallic test systems to intercept customer service passwords = Good. * Hackers fight for security! * Al Gore trying to steal the 2000 election, response: Silence. * ID badges are dumb! * Kevin Mitnick: We need secure ID badges. * Mitnick: Innocent until proven * CIA/NSA/military/etc.: Guilty until proven innocent. guilty. * Mitnick breaks a probation * $2600's distributor breaks a contract, and they contract: Good all scream it's the end of the world. * Stealing music and videos is O.K. * Don't steal our magazine or we will sue you!

Wow...  Boyfucker and his little Gay Pedo Posse sure are hypocritical!  Hopefully, he'll do the correct thing and the world will be a better place.

"I would like to thank you for coming out with such a great magazine.  I started my subscription last summer (I just became a lifer) and find it a very useful tool as a person employed in the IT field and as a person who just enjoys using computers.  My only fear is that the US government (under the control of the 'corporate suits') will try and shut your publication down for trying to expose these security flaws/holes in various computer systems and software packages in your magazine thanks to the DMCA.  Of course, if you're silly enough to try to use the First Amendment as an excuse then they'll have that deemed against the DMCA and have that section removed from the Constitution."

--- Letter from "James" in $2600 Magazine Vol. 19, No. 2.

James, James, James...  Sigh...  Boy, you sure are a brainwashed stupid idiot.  The only "corporation" you should be worrying about is $2600 Enterprises, Inc. and their little band of lawyers who enjoy harassing real hackers.  If $2600 Magazine ever gets shutdown, it will be because Manny Golddigger is thrown in jail for being a pedophile.  Don't count on that being said while defending the "First Amendment" in an issue of $2600 Magazine!  Are you glad you spent all that money on a lifetime subscription now?  Hehe...

Notes / Miscellaneous

  1. Here is an index and article listing of most early issues of $2600 Magazine.
  2. $2600 Magazine Index  Very good $2600 Magazine article index from William R. Epp.
  3. Freedom Downtime ($30) - Kevin Mitnick "fakeumentary" by the idiots at $2600 Magazine.  Save yourself $30.00 on Manny Golddigger's favorite cash cow and protect your wallet from one of the most greedy profiteering gluttons.  Maybe Golddigger can call the MPAA!  Doh!
  4. HOPE Conference Audio  Direct MP3 downloads from the Horny Old Pedophiles Everywhere conferences.
  5. Off The Hook Audio  All past Off The Hook propaganda broadcasts downloadable from a single webpage.
  6. The Best of $2600: A Hacker Odyssey  Links to some of the articles which appear in this cash cow.
  7. $2600 Magazine Covers  All past $2600 Magazine covers on one webpage.
  8. The Art of Deception - Remember Mitnick didn't profit from his crimes.  The families of the dead babies he stole IDs from have no feelings.
  9. The Art of Intrusion - No, no profit motive here at all.  His lawyers and Golddigger didn't whip up any publicity.  Remember: When Kevin exploits the Open Records Act he's a hero, when the FBI does it to catch killers, it's like the end of the world.
  10. Remember - Your telephone and library records are confidential, unless your last name is Woodward, Bernstein, or Mitnick!

  11. DocDroppers is a website for hosting hacking/phreaking text files via a Wiki-style interface.  Some of the articles they host have appeared in past issues of $2600.
  12. GOBBLES Security reveals some of $2600 Magazine's dirty little secrets at Defcon 10.  (3M MP3)  (YouTube)
  13. The truth almost slips out on the November 23, 1994 episode of Off The Hook.  (75k MP3)
  14. FBI surveillance audio excerpt from outside Manny Golddigger's Victorian mansion in Sekauket, New York - which was paid for by selling other people's old BBS files.
  15. Kevin Mitnick Prank Call #1  (206k MP3)
  16. Kevin Mitnick Prank Call #2  (374k MP3)
  17. Kevin Mitnick Prank Call #3  Turns into a pretty good plug for his book!  (1.3M MP3)
  18. Kevin Mitnick Prank Call #4  (517k MP3)
  19. Erik Bloodaxe (Chris Goggans) gives his thoughts on $2600 Magazine and HOPE in Hackers '95.  (90 MB WMV)
  20. Scan of the first HOPE bumper sticker from August 1994.
  21. $2600 Collective's Live Journal  Keep track of these idiots.
  22. "Free Kevin" Mailing List Archive
  23. Windows '95 Start-Up Screen  Displays the yellow "Free Kevin" banner.  (Install as C:\LOGO.SYS for this to work.)  (Free Kevin Icons)
  24. Free Kevin T-Shirt  Make a T-shirt -- print this image onto a t-shirt transfer and iron it on.
  25. Free Kevin Mitnick Now!  No!
  26. "Free Kevin" Sticker on a Patch Panel
  27. Partial "Free Kevin" Flyer  (17k PDF)
  28. Boyfucker Reviews the Mitnick Movie Script  (Alternate)  (Second Version)
  29. The Art of Being Pwnd
  30. John D. Nunes' Mailbox  Member of Mitnick Security Consulting.  Courtesy of the Phrack High Council.
  31. Zero For Owned  Issue #5 which contains their attack against Kevin Mitnick's website.
  32. www.DefensiveThinking.com Defacement  Quite amusing actually.
  33. www.mitsec.com Defacement  "What a pity security specialists!!"
  34. SummerCon '89 Poster  June 23-25, 1989.  Hosted by Phrack, Inc.  Did $2600 Magazine steal this design for their T-shirt?
  35. Information Wants to be Free?  Phrack #44 editorial.
  36. Good Info on Jello Biafra  Eric Reed Boucher, $2600's "Hacker Ambassador."  A clueless, hypocritical, rich, selfish, gay asshole who profits from other people's work and lives in a million dollar house.  No wonder Manny Golddigger likes him!
  37. Good Info on Noam Chomsky  Another one of $2600's idols - who also happens to be a clueless, hypocritical, very rich, copyright-holding, loony asshole.  No wonder Manny Golddigger likes him!  (Original)
  38. "The Secret Service vs. Bernie S."  Internet Underground article on the Ed Cummings (Bernie S.) case.  Includes details you may not have heard on Off The Hook.
  39. Gray Areas Magazine Review the First HOPE  August 13-14, 1994 at Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City.
  40. Kevin Mitnick Prison Release Pictures  Pictures from the press conference Kevin Mitnick held after his release from prison.  Can you guess who's in the background milking the Mitnick cash cow?
  41. Notwork Mirror  From around 1998.  This is where Emmanuel teaches little boys about "penetration."
  42. Brain Damage LSD Episode  December 5, 1993 episode of Brain Damage where Manny Golddigger emits to doing LSD.
  43. New York Hackers See Breaking Into Computers as a Healthy Thing  New York Times article from June 14, 1998.
  44. Picture #1 and Picture #2.  South African car-jacking victim who was dragged behind his car.  Another one of Manny Golddigger's terrorist heros, Nelson Mandela, doesn't allow the private ownership of firearms - especially by whites.  I wonder why?
  45. IIRG's Radio Show: Byte Me  Nine show MP3 archive.  (IIRG Webpage)
  46. $2600 Staff Audio Panel  Audio from the 1997 Beyond HOPE cash cow.  Listen for them admitting: using another person's office and office supplies to make their little newsletter (so much for rights & privacy!), them admitting they steal and profit from other people's old BBS files, and them admitting they use voice mail systems to avoid listening to their customers - while complaining when other companies do the same thing.
  47. Reviews and Comments on H2K2  You won't see these mentioned in $2600 Magazine!
  48. Greg Newby Hypocrisy  One of the $2600/HOPE assholes.  He's bitching about the U.N. sanctions against Iraq during the 1990s.  If the U.N. removed Saddam back then, there would be no need for sanctions.  Also note the rant against the Kosovo bombings.  Not helping those Muslims being killed by the Serbs was one of the excuses cited by the 9/11 terrorists.  Oh, the irony!
  49. GIST Communications  David Ruderman, one of the co-founders of $2600 Magazine, is their Vice President of Technology (Mirror).  GIST Communications received several million dollars in financial backing from Neptuno G.m.b.H.  Remember this whenever $2600 Magazine complains they have no money.  Hah!
  50. A Night in New Jack City on First Friday  'Our Misadventures with Emmanuel Goldstein during and after the New York 2600 Meeting'.  A hilarious story by The Men from Mongo.
  51. The Conscience of a Pedophile
  52. "The pedophile has to find a way to legitimize his contact with kids.  He usually accomplishes this by obtaining employment in a field where he is forced to deal with children on a daily basis."

  53. "Do You Like Movies About Gladiators?"
  54. "They will always volunteer for activities in which they are left alone with children with no parental supervision."

  55. ATTENTION PARENTS  $2600 Magazine is run by a bunch of fucking pedophiles.
  56. "If it walks like a duck, flies like a duck, and quacks like a duck, you can be reasonably sure it is a duck.  So shoot the bastard and eat it."

  57. John Draper, a.k.a. Captain Crunch.  He's a regular HOPE and Defcon attendee.  Watch out for his "Crunch Squats" and "massages" if you are under 18.
  58. ToorCon - No Moar Crunchberries Plz  Captain Crunch meets GreenDiamond at ToorCon.
  59. Encyclopedia Dramatica Entry for Captain Crunch
  60. Captain Crunch's MySpace
  61. Emmanuel Goldstein Trading Card  As featured in ~EL8, Issue #1.
  62. Emmanuel Goldstein Linux Kernel Module  As featured in PHC's Phrack Magazine, Issue #62.
  63. The True Story of Emmanuelle Goldstein and Erik Corley  Funny story from HoE #90.
  64. Emmanuel Goldstien vs. Danny Partridge  Funny USENET post by netrunnr (Shoshi Wong).
  65. The Day Emmanuel Died  And he wasn't even informed...
  66. Stop Paying for 2600!  RBCP's USENET thread from PLA Magazine, Issue #44.
  67. Zero For Owned  Issue #1 which contains their attack against $2600's IRC network.
  68. alt.2600 USENET Creation Message  December 1, 1993.  From Len Rose.
  69. Manny Golddigger Interview from PhreakNIC 4  By Iron Feather.  Try not to throw up!  (2.4M MP3)
  70. Kevin Mitnick Interview on Info.Sec.Radio  Both parts of the August 21, 2000 interview by Dean Turner.  Try not to throw up!  (11.6M MP3)
  71. $2600's guinessrecords.com Mirror  More of their "Free Kevin" propaganda.  (Legal Threat)
  72. Legal Theat from General Motors  Legal threat against $2600 for the domain fuckgeneralmotors.com.
  73. Off The Hook Farewell  Good speech about $2600 Magazine's propaganda and a final goodbye from Izaac Falken.
  74. Pallorium: A Figment of Steve Rombom's Immagination  Satirical website.
  75. California Court of Appeal Documents  Which summarize Steven Rombom's attempt to suppress Lubomyr Prytulak's Ukrainian archive website.  Lubomyr Prytulak ran a website which chronicled the murder of millions of Ukrainian citizens in the early 1930s by the Jewish NKVD and other war crimes and human rights violations they commited.  Prytulak also exposed on his website the anti-Gentile hatred, bigotry, and the criminal elements of the Jewish community.  So much for freedom of speech...
    Lviv Massacre by the hands of the NKVD.
    Documented by Lubomyr Prytulak.  Covered up by Steve Rombom.

    Additional Information:

  77. Steve Rambam's Secret History in Court Documents and Newspaper Articles  "Steve Rambam" is a regular at HOPE and on Off The Hook.  (Original)
  78. The Secret Life of Steve Rambam, Private Eye - An Opinion Page  Very interesting information on Steven Paul Rombom.  Older mirror of the steverombom.org website.
  79. Steve Rombom is a Scumbum  Mirror of the original Steve Rombom information on Acidtrip.com.  (Archive.org)
  80. Additional Documents:

  81. Scans of Early Issues of $2600 Magazine  Photobucket.com dump of volumes #1, #2, #3, and parts of #4.
  82. TELECOM Digest & Archives  $2600 Magazine stole alot of this information for their little magazine.
  83. 2600.org and 2600 Magizine Refused Press Coverage of OracleWorld  Oh no!  What are they going to do now?  (Note all the spelling errors.)
  84. OracleWorld 2003 S.F. Day 3 Was Explosive!  Why... they'll call in a bomb threat!  How "elite" of them.  (Arrest Info)
  85. Hackers Expose Vulnerability in White House Security  $2600 Magazine did something mildly amusing, and probably illegal.  They intercepted White House Communications Agency GOLAY pager traffic back in April 1997.  (Press Release)  (Legend / Glossary)  (White House Press Briefing)
  86. $2600 Magazine Twitter  Magazine-related info.
  87. Manny Golddigger's Twitter  Follow his mental breakdown!
  88. $2600 Magazine Facebook
  89. Victims of Communism Foundation  Don't let $2600 Magazine do this to you!
  90. Communist Body Count  Over 150 million people were killed because of people like Eric Corley.
  91. Manfacturing Dissent  Movie uncovering Michael Moore.
  92. Shooting Michael Moore  Moore truth.  Less fiction.
  93. Perverted Justice  What kind of sicko uses IRC to pick up little boys?  Oh.  Nevermind.

Other Hacking Magazines

What makes a good hacker magazine?  Not having the number "2600" on the cover is a good start.

  1. Hack-Tic  Dutch Eurosavage hacker magazine.
  2. Phrack, Inc.  The legendary Phrack.  More content in one issue, than all issues of $2600 combined.  Do note that the "new" editors are fucking idiots.
  3. HackWire  Hacker news, a daily e-zine for hackers and computer security experts.
  4. The Collusion Webzine  Exploring technology and culture from a hacker's perspective.
  5. Binary Revolution  Printed alternative to $2600.  (BinRev Kook Watch)
  6. Blacklisted! 411  Both print and online magazine from the 1980s/1990s which is back again.  Caution!  Often uses the same sensational tactics as $2600.
  7. Butchered From Inside  Electronic publication of free speech and distribution written by the Italian hacker community.
  8. Hackin9  International magazine about hacking and IT security.
  9. DIG Magazine  Offers both printed and online versions.
  10. Infiltration  Main journal for urban exploration.
  11. Telecom-munists Monthly  Funny phreak magazine: "we want stupid shit and stupid shit only".
  12. Page 33 'Zine  Hacking magazine, also in PDF format.
  13. Jason Scott's Textfiles.com  Newer hacking textfiles and 'zines.
  14. Jason Scott's Textfiles.com - Magazines  Huge archive of old hacking textfiles and 'zines.
  15. Phr33k4z0iD'z & 13370 phr34k0 h34d5  Newer, detailed phreaking 'zine.
  16. Private Line  A journal of inquiry into the telephone system.
  17. Patterns of Recognition  New hack/phreak 'zine, funny stories.
  18. iGlitch 'Zine  A new Macintosh and security 'zine.
  19. x25zine  Russian hacking 'zine.
  20. Hacking Etc.  New 'zine in PDF format.
  21. (IN)SECURE Magazine  Freely available digital security magazine in PDF format.
  22. Uninformed  Informative information for the uninformed.
  23. .aware eZine  Short-lived 'zine with solid technical information.
  24. O3 Magazine  The open source enterprise data networking magazine.
  25. Tux Magazine  The first and only magazine for the new Linux user.
  26. b4b0  Funny text 'zine
  27. Ethertech Global Industries  Awesome new hack/phreak e-zine.
  28. Hackszine
  29. Analog.5  Analog.5 is a hacking e-zine designed by the Hak5 community, for the Hak5 community.
  30. ODDREE: The Slacker Journal  Very high-quality and funny magazine.
  31. What The Hell Are You Waitin 'Fo?  Funny text 'zine.
  32. Go Null Yourself  New hacker 'zine by storm and m0nkee.  Lots of good original content.
  33. The Dystonaut  Surfing the Apocalypse since 1982.  Excellent 'zine from Thomas Icom
  34. Archived Locally

  35. YIPL / TAP Magazine Back Issues  Both "old" and "new" versions.  The first "hacker" newsletter.
  36. TEL Magazine Back Issues  Telephone Electronics Line.  1970s printed phreaking newsletter, by Teletronics.
  37. MAKE Magazine Back Issues  Do-it-yourself magazine from O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  38. Cybertek / TICOM 'Zine / Dystonaut Back Issues  The Cyberpunk Technical Journal
  39. PHC's Phrack Magazine  "Fake" version of Phrack put out by the Phrack High Council.

"You can't stop P2P technology nor prevent the spread of alternative media - unless people allow it to happen."

--- Reply to a letter in $2600 Magazine Vol. 21, No. 4.

"We continue to maintain that there is nothing at all illegal about making your own copy of something you own."

--- Reply to a letter in $2600 Magazine Vol. 19, No. 3.

"For the record, and for the benefit of some people (like certain corporations and judges) who can't understand why a hacker magazine has a copyright, we encourage people to send our articles to other people."

--- Reply to a letter in $2600 Magazine Vol. 17, No. 3.

"It's amazing to us that people actually think they have to do this.  This constitutes personal use - you have every right to use excerpts of a publication in such a manner without asking permission."

--- Reply to a letter in $2600 Magazine Vol. 19, No. 1 asking about copying articles.

"It's not that I want to punish your success.  I just want to make sure that everybody that is behind you, that they have a chance for success, too.  I think that when you spread the wealth around, it's good for everybody."

--- Quote to "Joe the Plumber" from Barack Hussein Obama, a radical left-wing, Marxist, Muslim nigger.  Notice he doesn't talk about "creating wealth."  Well, now you too can help "spread the wealth around" by downloading and distributing these issues of $2600 Magazine - for free!

"Several years ago it would have been almost unheard of for a corporation to bully someone into submission on the Net using nothing but its might.  Today we seem to hear of a new case every day."

--- Editorial in $2600 Magazine Vol. 17, No. 2.

"If we got rid of things like capitalism, the Internet would be great!"

--- Quote in Salon from "ShapeShifter" (Terrence McGuckin), one of the $2600 pedophile sheep while at H2K.  No, it would turn into a government controlled (and censored) cesspool of state-sponsored propaganda.

Pay Your $6.25 Quarterly - Ask No Questions!  NAMBLA Isn't Cheap!

"Hmm...  I think I'll start a 'hacker' magazine with articles written by other people but I'll keep the profits to myself.  I'll refuse to take any personal responsibility and blame all my problems on someone else!  When sales are sagging, I'll ask Hollywood to make a movie about me and my teenaged boy posse, then claim I'm being 'suppressed.'  LOL!  While bitching about the telephone company selling long distance service, I'll sell T-shirts, hats, DVDs, and stickers!  I'll spend 25% of each issue complaining about how dumb everyone else is, but I won't ever mention the word 'thanks' to those people who helped me to get where I am today!  Slap a six dollar price tag on it and sue anyone giving it away for free!  I'll never have to get a real job!"

1984 (Vol. 1)        1985 (Vol. 2)        1986 (Vol. 3)        1987 (Vol. 4)        1988 (Vol. 5)

1989 (Vol. 6)        1990 (Vol. 7)        1991 (Vol. 8)        1992 (Vol. 9)        1993 (Vol. 10)

1994 (Vol. 11)        1995 (Vol. 12)        1996 (Vol. 13)        1997 (Vol. 14)        1998 (Vol. 15)

1999 (Vol. 16)        2000 (Vol. 17)        2001 (Vol. 18)        2002 (Vol. 19)        2003 (Vol. 20)

2004 (Vol. 21)        2005 (Vol. 22)        2006 (Vol. 23)        2007 (Vol. 24)        2008 (Vol. 25)

2009 (Vol. 26)        2010 (Vol. 27)        2011 (Vol. 28)        2012 (Vol. 29)        2013 (Vol. 30)

  $2600 Magazine Volume 1, Number 1 (January 1984)

  1. AHOY!  - Introduction to $2600 and editorial
  2. FBI Goes After ADS Hackers  - Tactics and sources of an FBI raid involving IBM's Audio Distribution System (ADS)
  3. 2600 Flash
  4. The Truth Behind Those 9999 Numbers  - Info on the services provided by the 800-9XX-9999 numbers, by Mark Bluebox
  5. White House Phone List  - Phone numbers to various White House offices
  6. FBI Goes After ADS Hackers (cont.)  - Tactics and sources of an FBI raid, continued

$2600 Magazine Volume 1, Number 2 (February 1984)

  1. Hacking on Telenet  - Beginner's guide to GTE's Telenet system and a command overview, by Emmanuel Golddigger
  2. ESS: Orwell's Prophecy  - Info on the new ESS offices and how they operate, by BIOC Agent 003 (Donald Burgio)
  3. 2600 Flash
  4. Some Thoughts on "Garbage Picking"  - How to dig through garbage for information and some notes on cross-talk
  5. Letters  - (none given) (California)
  6. Country Codes & City Code Formats  - Long-distance country and routing codes

$2600 Magazine Volume 1, Number 3 (March 1984)

  1. The Constitution of a Hacker  - A look into the hacker's mind, by Emmanuel Golddigger
  2. Alternate Long-Distance - A Guide to MCI  - An overview of MCI long-distance operations, by Emmanuel Golddigger
  3. 2600 Flash
  4. The First Atomic Bomb: A True Tale  - Story of Enrico Fermi and an asleep operator
  5. MILNET Hosts  - Military host addresses available on the ARPANET

$2600 Magazine Volume 1, Number 4 (April 1984)

  1. Whose Strike Was That Anyway?  - Info and analysis the 1983 AT&T strike
  2. The Trouble With Telemail  - Security holes in GTE Telemail, by Emmanuel Golddigger  (Similar Article)
  3. 2600 Flash
  4. A True Saga of Teleconferencing  - Story on telephone conferences and a bust, by Electric Moon
  5. MCI Access Numbers  - List of numbers to access MCI mail
  6. Old Phone Book Ads  - Collage of old telephone company cartoons on how to use the phone

$2600 Magazine Volume 1, Number 5 (May 1984)

  1. The Simple Pleasures of a Step Office  - Story of dialing (and sounds) on/to a step-by-step office, by Mr. French
  2. IBM's Audio Distribution System Sure Can Be Fun!  - Info on the IBM ADS voice message system, by Emmanuel Golddigger
  3. 2600 Flash
  4. The Woes of Having a Small-Time Rural Phone Company  - Problems with independent phone companies, by Mr. French
  5. Defense Data Network  - DDN addresses
  6. Easylink Numbers  - DDN addresses, continued / Easylink dial-ups

$2600 Magazine Volume 1, Number 6 (June 1984)

  1. ARPANET Hopping: America's Newest Pastime  - Overview of ARPANET and related commands, by Emmanuel Golddigger
  2. Electronic Switching Advances  - ESS calling features and some potential drawbacks
  3. 2600 Flash
  4. The Dark and Tragic Side of the Great Break-Up  - Smaller companies may give poorer service, by Mr. French
  5. Letters  - Quasi Moto (Michael Danseglio), Awfully Curious
  6. E-COM Dialups  - E-COM dial-up numbers
  7. New York Telephone "Letter of Doom"  - Letter which says your lines are under surveillance by law enforcement

$2600 Magazine Volume 1, Number 7 (July 1984)

  1. "Look Out, He's Got a Computer!"  - Newspaper stories and a defense of computer hackers, by Emmanuel Golddigger
  2. MCI Mail: The Adventure Continues  - Overview of the faulty MCI Mail computer network, by Emmanuel Golddigger
  3. 2600 Flash
  4. Introducing the Clear Box!  - The "clear box"for post-payphones, by Mr. French
  5. Letters  - Curious, RC
  6. TRW: Big Business is Watching You  - Overview of the TRW Information Services and how to run your own TRW credit reports

$2600 Magazine Volume 1, Number 8 (August 1984)

  1. But How Does It Work?  - A simple, but detailed, explaination of how the phone system works, by BIOC Agent 003
  2. Privacy Lost  - Review of David Burnham's Rise of the Computer State
  3. 2600 Flash
  4. Be Nice to Your Telco  - Tricks to play on your local phone company
  5. Letters  - Agent Orange, Miserable in Philadelphia, John Gregg
  6. CN/A List  - List of Customer Name/Address contact numbers
  7. The Hacker's Guide to Area Code  - A simple scheme to help "map out" exchanges in your area

$2600 Magazine Volume 1, Number 9 (September 1984)

  1. History of British Phreaking  - Guide to U.K. phone systems, by Lex Luthor (Vincent Gelormine)
  2. More on Trashing  - Proper techniques on digging through garbage, The Kid & Co. and The Shadow (David Flory, Dan Foley)
  3. 2600 Flash
  4. A Friend in High Places  - Story of telecommunication fun and a friendly operator, by Mr. French
  5. Letters  - AZ
  6. IBM ADS Directory  - List of IBM's Audio Distribution System access numbers
  7. Telephone Company Letter  - Need to subscribe to Touch-Tone service

$2600 Magazine Volume 1, Number 10 (October 1984)

  1. Getting Caught: Hacker's View  - Story of a raided hacker and the effects on his life
  2. Vital Ingredients: Switching Centers and Operations  - Description of the different central office operations and classifications, by BIOC Agent 003
  3. 2600 Flash
  4. Letters  - Crystal Palace, The Animal, kd, The National Center for Computer Crime Data
  5. Contacting the Gestapo  - New York Telephone security numbers
  6. Old Phone Book Ads  - Some telephone company cartoons on how to use the phone

$2600 Magazine Volume 1, Number 11 (November 1984)

  1. Exploring Caves in TRAVELNET  - Exploring the General Motor's TRAVELNET computer network / phone extender
  2. Fun With Fortress Fones  - Technical info on Western Electric payphones
  3. 2600 Flash
  4. Letters  - Howard A. Karten (Randolph, Massachusetts), Fire Monger, The Trojan Horse
  5. Carrier Identification Codes  - List of C identification codes
  6. MCI Mail Targets 2600  - Letter from MCI

$2600 Magazine Volume 1, Number 12 (December 1984)

  1. A Time for Reflection  - A look back over the year, by Paul G. Estev
  2. MCI Mail and Easylink Updates  - Electronic mail horror stories and Billing problems
  3. The Scariest Number in the World  - Fake story about the president's bomb shelter, by Mr. French
  4. 2600 Flash
  5. Subscriber Comments  - Reader survey responses
  6. Electronic Mail Systems  - List and price comparisions of some electronic mail and voice mail services
  7. Dial-It Numbers  - Funny phone numbers, by Paul D. Lehrman

$2600 Magazine Volume 2, Number 1 (January 1985)

  1. Those Horrible Hackers Strike Again  - Newsweak media report of hackers
  2. Wiretapping and Divestiture: A Lineman Speaks Out  - Phreaking story from a telco lineman, by The Shadow
  3. Getting In the Back Door  - Back door access to various DEC operating systems (TOPS/VMX), by Mike Salerno
  4. Information Bureau  - $2600 phone bill, our thanks, and other notices.
  5. 2600 Flash
  6. Letters  - Jay BloomBecker (Los Angeles, California), The GCI Guy (Alaska), John Sengelaub (Wantagh, New York), Sector 17, Bob Gamma, Father, Insomniac
  7. BITnet Topology  - Graphic of the BITnet network layout.

$2600 Magazine Volume 2, Number 2 (February 1985)

  1. The Theory of Blue Boxing  - How blue boxing works and a bit about their history, by BIOC Agent 003
  2. Trashing Alaska Style  - Central office dumpster diving story in Alaska, by The GCI Guy
  3. Surveying the COSMOS  - Beginner's guide to Bellcore's Computer System for Main Frame Operations (COSMOS), by The Fire Monger
  4. 2600 Flash
  5. Letters  - Mad as Hell, The Crazy Man, SJ, Another Hacker (Binghamton, New York), KC, DB (San Jose, California), James (Scottsdale, Arizona)
  6. 2600 Bulletin Board Online  - Info on the Private Sector BBS
  7. Acronym List  - List of common telco acronyms, by The Shadow

$2600 Magazine Volume 2, Number 3 (March 1985)

  1. Nazi BBS a Challenge to Hackers  - "Hackers" who want to restrict freedom of speech
  2. Are You a Phreak???  - Humorous review of phreaking, by Bob Gamma
  3. How to Get Into a C.O.  - Getting a tour of a telco central office, by The Kid & Co.
  4. 2600 Flash
  5. Letters  - Animal, The Shadow, Kazematic, GR, BIOC Agent 003, Mikhail Gorbachev, HK, Hunter Alexander
  6. Interesting Phone Numbers  - Fun phone numbers
  7. How to Use the Dial Telephone  - 'burr-burr-burr' and 'buzz-buzz-buzz'
  8. CN/A Numbers  - Customer Name & Address phone number list
  9. The Cipher Disk  - Cipher wheel from the NSA

$2600 Magazine Volume 2, Number 4 (April 1985)

  1. What a White Box Can Do  - How to build and use a portable DTMF tone generator
  2. A Phone Phreak Scores  - Social engineering and phreaking story
  3. Hacking Packard  - Hacking HP-2000s, by BIOC Agent 003
  4. 2600 Flash
  5. Letters  - Puzzled, Chuck Linder, Informed as Hell, (none given), (none given)
  6. Hosts by Location  - ARPANET MILNET host locations

$2600 Magazine Volume 2, Number 5 (May 1985)

  1. People Express to be Hacked to Pieces  - Hacking the People Express touch-tone reservation system, by Paul G. Estev
  2. How to Run a Successful Teleconference  - Complete guide to ALLIANCE teleconferencing, by The Shadow
  3. 2600 Flash
  4. ALLIANCE Teleconferencing  - Diagram of the steps needed to setup an ALLIANCE teleconference
  5. Letters  - (none given), The Crazy Man
  6. Inmate Payphone Ad

$2600 Magazine Volume 2, Number 6 (June 1985)

  1. A Guide to the Israeli Phone System  - The phone system in Israel
  2. Sherwood Forest Shut Down by Secret Service  - Sherwood Forest II & III BBSes raided for posting credit card numbers
  3. Some Words on Hacker Morality  - Don't sell other people's BBS files
  4. Review: Out of the Inner Circle  - Review of Bill Landreth's Out of the Inner Circle
  5. 2600 Flash
  6. Letters  - (none given), Rusty Diode, (none given), The Silver Sabre
  7. 800 Prefix List  - List of 800-NXXs by state, by Ax Murderer
  8. Systemactically Speaking  - Goodbye to meter readers, Thai phone book, tracking devices, TINA "Call Me" card.
  9. Sherwood Forest: Intro to Hacking  - Beginner guide to computer hacking, by The Knights of Shadow

$2600 Magazine Volume 2, Number 7 (July 1985)

  1. Interesting Things to Do on a DEC-20  - Commands and hacking info for a DEC-20, by The Knights of Shadow  (Additional Info)
  2. Banking From Your Terminal - A Look at PRONTO  - A look at electronic banking and Chemical Bank's PRONTO banking system, by Orson Buggy
  3. 2600 Flash
  4. Letters  - (none given), (none given) (Birmingham, Alabama), (none given) (Gulfport, Missouri), (none given)
  5. MILNET TAC Dialups  - MILNET dial-ups
  6. Systemactically Speaking  - MCI goes optical, 100% ESS, GTE bigger than AT&T

$2600 Magazine Volume 2, Number 8 (August 1985)

  1. Seized!  $2600's bulletin board Private Sector is implicated in raid on Jersey hackers, by Paul G. Estev  (New York Times Story)
  2. The Threat to Us All  - Editorial on BBS raids and seizures, by Emmanuel Golddigger
  3. 2600 Flash
  4. Moving Satellites... What Was Really Going On?  - Point-by-point correction of the New Jersey prosecutors fallacious charges and debunking the "hackers moving satellites" myths, by Paul G. Estev
  5. Why Computers Get Snatched  - Why BBSs get raided
  6. Some Important Questions to Ask  - Who is responsible for BBSs and provovative questions about these events
  7. How Can Sysops Protect Themselves?  - How to protect your BBS from raids, by Emmanuel Golddigger

$2600 Magazine Volume 2, Number 9 (September 1985)

  1. A Guide to VMS  - Beginner's guide to DEC's VAX/VMS systems, by Lex Luthor
  2. The Infinity Transmitter - An Old Bug That Had Its Time  - How the infinity transmitter phone tap works, by Howard
  3. Reaching Out on Your Own  - Using a "blue box" to simulate Busy Line Verification (BLV) conditions, by Forest Ranger (John Thomas)
  4. Pursuit for People  - Info on Telenet's PC Pursuit computer-to-computer link-up service, by Paul G. Estev
  5. 2600 Flash
  6. Letters  - D.J., SEVOX, Talbot, (none given), W.U. Friend
  7. Telenet Directory  - Telenet address scan and banners, by Lex Luthor
  8. Systemactically Speaking  - Dick Tracy toys, computer directory assisstance, Bell propaganda films, Europe standardizing telcoms.

$2600 Magazine Volume 2, Number 10 (October 1985)

  1. And They Call US Crooks?  - Getting ripped off consulting telcos and why he can't sell his expertise, by Silent Switchman
  2. An Interesting Diversion  - How call diverters work and are abused, by Lord Phreaker
  3. More Info on VMS  - Second part to the beginner's guide to DEC's VAX/VMS systems, by Lex Luthor
  4. 2600 Flash
  5. Letters  - L.L., The Long Distance Voyager and The Knight in White Satin, Person, Lord Phreaker
  6. Blue Box Plans  - Schematic for a blue box, by Ford Perfect (Steve Richardson)
  7. The New AT&T Hostagephone System  - Ad for a hostage negotiation phone
  8. Systemactically Speaking  - Hackers scare business, DuPont bypasses telco, computer campaign info, phone computer's divestiture woes

$2600 Magazine Volume 2, Number 11 (November 1985)

  1. RSTS: A Trick or Two  - Hacking info for the DEC's RSTS operating system, by The Marauder (Todd Lawrence, Email #2)
  2. Here's the Secret!  - Non-supervised loop-around test lines on a GTE GTD5, by Silent Switchman
  3. The History of ESS  - The history of the Western Electric ESS, by Lex Luthor
  4. 2600 Flash
  5. Equal Access May Not Be "Equal" to Modems  - Billing problems with autodialers, by The Shadow
  6. Letters  - HAL-9000/Beast 666, Lord Phreaker, a.e., Worried Phreak
  7. Test Numbers  - List of telco plant test numbers, by The Shadow (Shadow 2600)
  8. The Early Phreak Days  - Story of phreaking in the 1960s, by Jim Wood
  9. Systemactically Speaking  - Avoid phones in storms, rural unequal access, police cellular phones, toll-free from where?, AT&T to read email

$2600 Magazine Volume 2, Number 12 (December 1985)

  1. Our Wishes For '86 And Beyond  - Editorial on telco improvments, by Emmanuel Golddigger
  2. Fun With COSMOS  - Additional info on Bellcore's COSMOS, by Lex Luthor  (Similar Article)
  3. 2600 Flash
  4. Survey Results  - Results from the $2600 reader survey  (Page 2)
  5. More Than 1500 BBS Numbers  - Big list of BBS numbers
  6. Systemactically Speaking  - AT&T email, German phones, super payphone


People in Africa!

Because of failed racist, Marxist policies, the United Nations, selfish Canadians, and assholes like Manny Golddigger, your individual countries are being destroyed.  You can fight back though!  Edit and sell any of these files as you wish, and use the money to buy basic living supplies (food, water, shelter, medicine, weapons, etc.) to help protect yourself and your family, and try and install a form of government which doesn't seize your private property.  I know that contradicts what those rich college professors say, but trust me, it works!


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"People who do things like this are pure slimebags who not only want to rip us off but feel they should make a profit doing so.  We trust our readers won't help them."

$2600 Magazine Volume 3, Number 1 (January 1986)

  1. Private Sector Returning  - Return of $2600's Private Sector BBS, by Emmanuel Golddigger
  2. Divestiture: What Happened?  - Info on some confusing aspects of the AT&T breakup, by Emmanuel Golddigger
  3. 2600 Flash
  4. Letters  - Ford Perfect, Arab149, The Creature, The Grub (Canada)
  5. Blue Box Programs  - TI-99, Commie 64, Atari code for generating MF tones, by Ford Perfect (Steve Richardson)
  6. Systemactically Speaking  - Confusing payphones, code abuse software, Centrex features in your house, VAX8650, overcharge hunters

$2600 Magazine Volume 3, Number 2 (February 1986)

  1. VMS - The Series Continues  - Additional info on hacking DEC's VAX/VMS systems, by Lex Luthor
  2. It Could Happen To You!  - Story of phone phreaks harassing other phreaks
  3. Dial Back Security  - Info on how "dial back" security works and some ways to defeat it
  4. 2600 Flash
  5. Letters  - Artful Dodger, Field Support, Fellow in Utah, John J. Williams, Mojave Dessert
  6. Interesting Phone Numbers  - Interesting phone number list
  7. Systemactically Speaking  - Spring and US Tel merge, write protect tabs wrong, Bell Atlantic chooses MCI, cellular phones in England, infrared beeper, electronic tax returns, acoustic trauma

$2600 Magazine Volume 3, Number 3 (March 1986)

  1. An Overview of AUTOVON and Silver Boxes  - Info on the DoD's AUTOVON phone system and how it uses those extended DTMF tones
  2. An American Express Phone Story  - Story about hacking the toll-free charge card authorization number, by Chester Holmes
  3. Final Words on VMS  - Security info and tips on DEC's VAX/VMS systems, by Lex Luthor
  4. 2600 Flash
  5. Letters  - Corporation, Dissenting Opinion, DIAL, Various People, Scan Man, A Subscriber in Pa.
  6. This Month at 2600  - Private Sector's return, Computel and Compuserve, Telepub '86, a postal miracle
  7. Systemactically Speaking  - Jamming satellites, TASS news service, Soviet computer update, dialing the Yellow Pages, Northern Telecom to destroy COs, more phones than ever

$2600 Magazine Volume 3, Number 4 (April 1986)

  1. RSTS for Beginners  - Beginner's guide to RSTS/E on DEC PDPs, by The Marauder  (Similar Article)
  2. Mobile Phones - Theory & Construction  - Info on Improved Mobile Telephone Service (IMTS) and building your own dialer, by The Researcher
  3. 2600 Flash
  4. Letters  - A Reader, Ben Harroll, (none given), Heyzeus Arguillis, NYNEX Phreak
  5. A Story of Eavesdropping  - Listening to conversations during World War 2
  6. This Month at 2600  - Transcripts of the Private Sector raid, more on Computel
  7. Systemactically Speaking  - 617 to be divided, Congress chooses AT&T, Baby Bells don't pay AT&T bills, equal access 800s, data encryption, DA failure, AT&T loses its zero

$2600 Magazine Volume 3, Number 5 (May 1986)

  1. Exploits in Operator Hell  - Harassing the operators in Alaska, by The Alaskan Phreak (TAP)
  2. The Computel Scoop  - Info on the magazine Computel which was believed to be related to TEL
  3. 2600 Flash
  4. Letters  - MM (Dublin, Ireland), MS, The Doctor, J in Boston, WP, The Hooded Claw, Unlisted Number
  5. AUTOVON Translations  - Translations for AUTOVON numbers, by The Creature
  6. Systemactically Speaking  - Wrestlemania pins Bell, sting boards on the rise, American Network fears hackers, free payphones plague New Jersey, disposible phones, hacker terrorists
  7. Boxing on ITT / SBS Skyline  - Boxing tips and code info

$2600 Magazine Volume 3, Number 6 (June 1986)

  1. Computer Crime Review  - Review of a report from The National Center for Computer Crime Data
  2. How to Hack a Pick  - Beginner's guide to hacking the Pick operating system
  3. Review: The Computer Underground  - Book review of M. Harry's The Computer Underground, by John Drake (Mark Bennett)
  4. 2600 Flash
  5. Letters  - Twilight Zone The Phreaker (London, England), JN (Illinois), Lord Peter Wimsey, Dr. William Wainwright, John Smith Hacker, Seagull, PV, (none given), Right Track
  6. Special AT&T Services  - Various phone numbers
  7. Resources Guide  - Various groups and publications on computer security
  8. Systemactically Speaking  - Hands across Telenet, calling Kiev, NYNEX bumps off Southwestern Bell, stock market crash, cell site names, videophones

$2600 Magazine Volume 3, Number 7 (July 1986)

  1. Violating a VAX  - Trojan horses, obtaining passwords, and other VAX/VMS hacking tips, by Baalzebub
  2. The Free Phones of Philly  - Skyline providing free long-distance from payphones, by Chester Holmes
  3. 2600 Flash
  4. Letters  - Shadow 2600 and Kid & Co., Howard, kl, Untitled, SF
  5. Country Codes  - Country code list from Telecom Digest
  6. Systemactically Speaking  - AT&T selling payphones, automated operators, cellular dial-by-voice, new British phone service, no data protection for Hong Kong, Congressional fraud hotline, federal phone failures, Indiana telco threatens AT&T

$2600 Magazine Volume 3, Number 8 (August 1986)

  1. Knowing UNIX  - UNIX hacking tips, sending email, and some simple C code, by The Kid & Co.
  2. A Trip To England  - Phreaking story from England, by John Drake
  3. 2600 Flash
  4. Letters  - The Stopper, Rees Morrison (Scarsdale, New York), j, Stake Out
  5. Carrier Access Codes  - List of 10xxx PIC codes  (Updated List)
  6. NPA Exchange Count  - List of area codes and the number of exchanges in each
  7. Systemactically Speaking  - USSR computers, ATMs in China, NYCE, TV blue boxes, government phones, rural phone radios

$2600 Magazine Volume 3, Number 9 (September 1986)

  1. Some Facts on Supervision  - Information on phone call answer supervision signals, by The Kid & Co.
  2. RCI & DMS-100 Bugs  - Long-distance extender bug
  3. Another Stinger is Stung  - Another sting BBS operated by John Maxfield and Mike Wendland of WDIV TV.
  4. 2600 Flash
  5. Letters  - Lord Phreaker, TCCFBT, Joshua Falkon, Friends in faraway places, Curious, Captain Zorg, Hal-9000/Beast 666
  6. Interesting Numbers of Winnipeg  - Fun phone numbers in Canada  (Page 2)
  7. Systemactically Speaking  - Spring overbills, AT&T ranks #1, portable VAXes, call rejection

$2600 Magazine Volume 3, Number 10 (October 1986)

  1. Death of a Payphone  - Payphone secrets and how to mess up a payphone, by MAD!
  2. Trashing: America's Source for Information  - How to dig through garbage for information, by The Dragyn (Steven Nygard, Austin, Texas)
  3. 2600 Flash
  4. Letters  - Psycho (California), Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Crazy Eight, Long-Distance Voyager, Wize owl (Hilo, Hawaii), Mr. Tracer, Het Kap, Bernie S.
  5. Interesting London Numbers  - Fun phone numbers
  6. Systemactically Speaking  - Electronic tax returns, software makers crash BBS, ICN, Ultraphone, ESS in Taiwan, NSA wants new chip
  7. Ancient Bell Labs Advertisement  - Bell System Ad for Touch Tone signaling

$2600 Magazine Volume 3, Number 11 (November 1986)

  1. ICN - More Than a Bargain  - Info on Independent Communication Network phone service, by John Freeman and Emmanuel Golddigger
  2. Mastering the Networks  - Info on some of the larger computer networks (ARPANET, BITnet, etc.) and their email syntax, by John Anderson
  3. 2600 Flash
  4. Letters  - Amadeus, Frustrated in Miami, Reader on the Pacific, Private Sector Subscriber, Any Mouse, Nynex Phreak
  5. British BBS Numbers  - BBS number list for the U.K.
  6. Wrath of God Strikes 2600  - They really are the dumbest people on the planet
  7. Systemactically Speaking  - Bank link arms, Sprint has too many customers, new payphones, nickname listing, computer college

$2600 Magazine Volume 3, Number 12 (December 1986)

  1. Cellular Telephones - How They Work  - How Improved Mobile Telephone Service (IMTS) cellular phones work, by Bruce Alston
  2. Things We're Not Supposed To Know About  - Info on the Captain Midnight (John R. MacDougall) HBO hack, by Sir William
  3. 2600 Flash
  4. Letters  - John Freeman (Ann Arbor, Michigan), BA, TOTE (Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico), Bernie S., Michael Marr (Dublin, Ireland), (none given)
  5. Net Mail Sites  - Networks carrying electronic mail
  6. Systemactically Speaking  - Free directories, fingerprint ID system, nagivating with CDs, sweeping for bugs

  $2600 Magazine Volume 4, Number 1 (January 1987)

  1. TAP: The Legend is Dead  - Info on the ending of the TAP newsletter, by The Cheshire Catalyst (Robert Osband, N4SCY)
  2. Stumbling Into Control on a VMS  - VMS hacking tutorial, by The Mole
  3. Telecom Informer  - British Telecom info, by Dan Foley (David Flory, The Shadow)
  4. Illegal Megahertz  - Analog cellular frequencies
  5. Letters
  6. Phone News  - Phone news
  7. 2600 Marketplace

  $2600 Magazine Volume 4, Number 2 (February 1987)

  1. Hugo Cornwall Interview  - Interview with Hugo Cornwall (Peter Sommer) Britain's most famous hacker/author, by John Drake
  2. COSMOS Guide  - Overview of Bellcore's COSMOS, by Sir William  (Page 2, Page 3, Page 4)
  3. Telecom Informer  - Phreaking news, by Dan Foley
  4. Nasty Business  - MCI and Sprint letters
  5. Letters
  6. Book Review: The Hacker's Handbook  - Review of Hugo Cornwall's The Hacker's Handbook, by Roland Dutton
  7. New Developments  - Touch-Tone (DTMF) service charges
  8. Book Review: Automatic Teller Machines III  - Review of Consumertronics' Automatic Teller Machines III, by Lord Phreaker
  9. 2600 Marketplace

  $2600 Magazine Volume 4, Number 3 (March 1987)

  1. The Ballad of Captain Crunch  - Folksong about John Draper, by Mike Agranoff (Boonton, New Jersey)
  2. A Guide to Equal Access  - Overview of the AT&T breakup and PIC codes, by The Hobbit (Al Walker)  (Getting the Most Out of Equal Access)
  3. Telecom Informer  - Phreaking news, by Dan Foley
  4. The Wonderful World of COSMOS  - Detailed information on using Bellcore's COSMOS, by Bill from RNOC (David Alan Buchwald, DOB: 09/04/1970)  (Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6, Page 7)
  5. Letters
  6. 2600 Marketplace

  $2600 Magazine Volume 4, Number 4 (April 1987)

  1. Computel Put to Sleep  - Computel hacking magazine out of business
  2. Hacking PC Pursuit  - Using PCP outdials on Telenet, by The Cheshire Catalyst
  3. Telecom Informer  - Phreaking news, by Dan Foley
  4. CN/A List  - Customer Name & Address number list
  5. Letters
  6. Goings On  - Various news bits
  7. 2600 Marketplace

  $2600 Magazine Volume 4, Number 5 (May 1987)

  1. More VAX Tricks  - VAX/VMS hacking tips, by Mainstream America
  2. The Meaning of CLASS  - Info on Custom Local Area Signaling Service (CLASS), by The Videosmith (Ronnen Miller)
  3. Telecom Informer  - AT&T's 959 test exchange, by John Freeman
  4. Phoning From Europe  - Eurosavage phone systems, by The Lineman
  5. Telenet Guide  - Telenet address directory, The Legion of Hackers
  6. Letters
  7. FAX: A New Hobby  - FAX machine info and receiving RF faxes, by Bernie S. (Edward Cummings, DOB: 02/26/1962, N3KOW)
  8. 2600 Marketplace
  9. Review: Duophone CPA-1000  - Inexpensive telephone "pen register" from Radio Shack, by Emmanuel Golddigger

  $2600 Magazine Volume 4, Number 6 (June 1987)

  1. Allnet: A Horror Story  - Allnet scam, by Mike Yuhas
  2. Paging for Free  - Free voice paging, by Bernie S.
  3. TSPS Guide  - Hackers guide to the AT&T Traffic Service Position System (TSPS) console, by The Marauder
  4. Telecom Informer  - Phreaking news, by Dan Foley
  5. Letters
  6. 2600 Marketplace

  $2600 Magazine Volume 4, Number 7 (July 1987)

  1. Cellular Phone Fraud and Where It's Headed  - Overview of cellular phone cloning, by Bernie S.
  2. How Phone Phreaks Are Caught  - How code abusers are caught, by No Severence
  3. Telecom Informer  - Phone news, by Golddigger
  4. Letters
  5. 2600 Exposes New York Telephone  - Unfair telephone company touch-tone charges
  6. 2600 Marketplace
  7. Saudi Arabian BBS's  - Terrorist BBS list, by Veteran Cosmic Rocker

  $2600 Magazine Volume 4, Number 8 (August 1987)

  1. The Summer Games of '87  - Editorial
  2. TRW Credentials  - TRW credit history and their lack of security, by Rex Valve
  3. Phone Numbers  - Interesting phone number, by nynex phreak (Charles Hope)
  4. Telecom Informer  - Phone news, by Golddigger
  5. FBI Revealed  - Review of Glen Roberts' FBI Project newsletter, by Emmanuel Golddigger
  6. AT&T Submarine Map  - How to social engineer submarine cable system charts, by Bernie S.
  7. Capturing Passwords  - DCL script for capturing VAX/VMS passwords, by Texas Toad
  8. Letters
  9. A Hacker Survey  - Reader survey of hackers, by Emmanuel Golddigger
  10. 2600 Marketplace

  $2600 Magazine Volume 4, Number 9 (September 1987)

  1. Worldnet: Getting Closer Every Day  - Overview of early ARPAnet, BITNET, and UUCP networks, by Hank@Taunivm.Bitnet (Hank Nussbacher)
  2. Operating With Difficulty  - New York Telephone operator troubles, by Wintermute (Peter Zatloukal)
  3. Telecom Informer  - Phone news, by Al Fresco
  4. English Dial-It Service  - Recordings and annoucement list for England, by John Drake
  5. Letters
  6. 2600 Marketplace
  7. Review: CO Magazine  - Review of a good telecom monthly journal, by Dan Murphy

  $2600 Magazine Volume 4, Number 10 (October 1987)

  1. New York's IMAS  - Integrated Mass Annoucement System overview, by Mac+
  2. Telco's Response  - Telco response to Touch-Tone fee, by Bruce Reisman
  3. Telecom Informer  - Phone news, by Golddigger
  4. International NUA's  - Tymenet and Telenet Network User Addresses (NUA), by The Greek
  5. South African BBS's  - South Africa BBS list, by The Greek
  6. Letters
  7. Those Silly Codes  - Bellcore CLLI code information
  8. 2600 Marketplace
  9. Contest Results

  $2600 Magazine Volume 4, Number 11 (November 1987)

  1. 2600 Bulletin Boards  - BBS ad
  2. Hacking IBM's VM/CMS System  - VM/CMS info, by Lex Luthor
  3. Social Security Prefixes  - Prefix to state mappings, by The Disk Jockey
  4. Listening In: Catch Me If You Can!  - Monitoring satellite phone calls, by The LNA Master
  5. Review: Government Radio Frequencies  - Review of Tom Kneitel's The "Top Secret" Registry of U.S. Government Radio Frequencies, by Mr. Icom
  6. Telecom Informer  - Phone news, by Staff
  7. Letters
  8. 2600 Marketplace

  $2600 Magazine Volume 4, Number 12 (December 1987)

  1. Important News  - Editorial
  2. Hacking IBM's VM/CMS System - Part Two  - VM/CMS info, by Lex Luthor
  3. Telecom Informer  - Phone news
  4. All About BLV  - AT&T TSPS Busy Line Verification (BLV) information, by Phantom Phreaker
  5. Social Interaction With Phones  - Stories about phones in our culture, by Dave Taylor
  6. Letters
  7. Roman Hacking  - Overseas tales of hacking and phreaking, by Hal from Rome
  8. 2600 Marketplace
  9. Long-Distance Horror Tales  - MCI tale of trying to set up a long-distance carrier

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Full Page Ads - From Vol. 4, No. 11
Full Page Ad - From Vol. 4, No. 3
Full Page Ad - From Vol. 4, No. 10
Full Page Ad - From Vol. 17, No. 4
Demon Dialer Ad - From Vol. 8, No. 4

  $2600 Magazine Volume 5, Number 1 (Spring 1988)

  1. Monitoring Phone Calls With a TVRO  - Listen in on international telephone calls using a satellite receiver
  2. More on VM/CMS  - VM/CMS article corrections and additional info, by VM Guru
  3. Weathertrak Codes  - Codes for a telephone weather system
  4. An Interpretation of Computer Hacking  - An interpretation of computer hacking by a complete fraud, by Captain Zap (Ian Murphy, DOB: 01/25/1957)
  5. Private Sector Scam Revisited  - Evidence from the Private Sector raid
  6. Letters
  7. A ROLM Catastrophe  - ROLM telephone system troubles
  8. Happenings  - Various news bits
  9. 2600 Marketplace
  10. AT&T/BOC Routing Codes  - Routing codes used during blue boxing

  $2600 Magazine Volume 5, Number 2 (Summer 1988)

  1. Allnet's Legal Problems  - Allnet lawsuit
  2. A Solution To Viruses  - Protection from computer viruses, by Ross M. Greenberg
  3. How to Write a Virus  - How to write a computer virus, by The Plague
  4. Building a Red Box  - Schematic for a red box, by J.R. "Bob" Dobbs (Vance Morgan)
  5. A Reader's Reply To Captain Zap  - Reader replies to Captain Zap's drivel, by Rancid Grapefruit (Bruce Fancher, DOB: 04/13/1971)
  6. Letters
  7. 2600 Marketplace
  8. Fun Phone Numbers  - List of various interesting phone numbers, by Thunder Seven  (Page 2, Page 3)

  $2600 Magazine Volume 5, Number 3 (Fall 1988)

  1. Outside Loop Info  - Telephone outside loop distribution plant overview, by Phucked Agent 04
  2. Cellular Phones  - Update on cellular phones, by The Glitch
  3. Who Was Strowger?  - Info on Almon Strowger, by Almon Strowger Jr. (No, not the real one)
  4. Communications Update  - Various news bits
  5. A Map of the 516 NPA  - List of exchanges in 516
  6. Red Box Program  - Commodore 64 BASIC program for generating "red box" tones, by Tommy (Art of Hacking Asshole, BBS, Website, Victoria, British Columbia)
  7. Canadian Numbers  - Canada WATS, by Tommy
  8. Letters
  9. 2600 Marketplace

  $2600 Magazine Volume 5, Number 4 (Winter 1988-1989)

  1. The Internet Worm Story  - Info on the Robert Morris worm, by Bob Page (Santa Cruz, California)
  2. MCI: The Phone Company with a Lot of Explaining to Do  - MCI troubles and being switched to their service without notice, by Emmanuel Golddigger
  3. Hacker's Guide to UNIX  - Info on hacking UNIX systems, by Red Knight (Phreakers/Hackers Underground Network)
  4. Overhearing Phone Calls  - Monitoring telephone calls on a scanner or TV  (Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5)
  5. Letters
  6. Soviet Operators  - What it is like to be a Soviet telephone operator, by E. Solomenko  (Page 2, Page 3, Page 4)
  7. Chaos Computer Club  - Interview with several members of the Chaos Computer Club, by John Drake
  8. 2600 Marketplace
  9. Hardwiring Free Calls  - Info on what is now called "beige boxing," by Dr. Williams  (Hardwiring Your Way In)
  10. Review: Tune In On Phone Calls  - Review of Tom Kneitel's Tune In On Telephone Calls, by Lou Scannon

  $2600 Magazine Volume 6, Number 1 (Spring 1989)

  1. Hackers in Jail  - Editorial  (Kevin Mitnick hacked NORAD!?)
  2. The Wonders of UNIX  - More info on hacking UNIX systems - part 2, by Red Knight (Phreakers/Hackers Underground Network)
  3. 800 & 900 Exchanges  - 1-800 and 1-900 translation table, by Scott Statton (N1GAK)
  4. Letters
  5. How Payphones Really Work  - Detailed info on how payphones work, by The Infidel
  6. News From Around
  7. 2600 Marketplace

  $2600 Magazine Volume 6, Number 2 (Summer 1989)

  1. Remember...  - Editorial
  2. A Guide to PRIMOS  - User guide to the PRIMOS operating system, by Violence (Yesmar)
  3. 201 Exchange List  - List of NXXs in the 201 NPA (Northern New Jersey), by The Infidel
  4. Scanning for Calls  - Monitoring cordless phones, by Mr. Upsetter (Jason Hillyard)
  5. Letters
  6. Tips on Trashing  - How to dig through garbage, by Dr. Williams
  7. A Sprint Story  - Story of a Sprint security raid against a code kiddie, by Larry P. (Larry Phreaker)
  8. Spanish Phones  - Overview of the phone system in Spain which originally appeared in England's Finacial Times, by Peter Bruce  (Page 2)
  9. A Summer Worm  - Similar Robert Morris' Internet worm ADA source code, by Jeff Gray  (Incident Overview)  (Code: morris-worm.tgz)
  10. 2600 Marketplace
  11. Reviews  - Book reviews of George Zeller's The 1989 Pirate Radio Directory and the "new" TAP, by Paul Estev and Manny Golddigger

  $2600 Magazine Volume 6, Number 3 (Fall 1989)

  1. Competition: It's the Next Best Thing to Being There  - NYNEX Strike editorial
  2. Grade "A" Hacking  - University Applications Processing Center (UAPC) information, by The Plague
  3. Galactic Hacker Party  - Hacker con in Amsterdam
  4. British Telecom's Guilty Conscience  - Letter to British Telecom customers  (Page 2)
  5. The Death of COSMOS?  - Some info on Bellcore/Telcordia SWITCH, the COSMOS replacement system
  6. What's Going On
  7. The Secrets of 4TEL REMOBS  - Info on the Teradyne 4TEL loop testing system used by GTE, by Doom Prophet (Ferrod Sensor, Trouble Verify)
  8. Letters
  9. REMOBS  - Information on the infamous Remote Observation Systems, by The Infidel
  10. GTE Horrors  - Misc info on GTE and their operations, by Silent Switchman and Mr. Ed Angry
  11. Voice Mail Hacking  - Hacking voice mail systems, by Aristotle (Kevin Jones)
  12. Punching Payphones  - How to "punch" payphones, like in Wargames, for free local calls, by Micro Surgeon / West Coast Phreaks  (Diagram)
  13. Useful Frequencies  - DTMF and Special Information Tone frequencies
  14. 2600 Marketplace
  15. Carrier Access Codes  - 10XXX PIC codes

  $2600 Magazine Volume 6, Number 4 (Winter 1989)

  1. The AT&T Story  - Editorial
  2. Our Ever-Changing World
  3. NYNEX Central Office Data  - CLLIs and info for NYNEX COs, by The Plague (Special thanks to Kornflake Killer)
  4. PRIMOS, Part Two  - User guide to the PRIMOS operating system, by Violence
  5. Building a Silver Box  - Build an extended DTMF keypad, by Mr. Upsetter
  6. Letters
  7. 2600 Marketplace
  8. Area Code/Exchange Count  - Exchange count for each NPA
  9. UAPC Update  - Update on the story of New York kids changing their grades, by The Plague


"Remember, much of $2600 is written by YOU, our readers."

But the profits go into MY wallet!  Suckers!

  $2600 Magazine Volume 7, Number 1 (Spring 1990)

  1. For Your Protection  - Editorial
  2. Facts About MIZAR  - Info on the MIZAR recent change management system, by The "Q"
  3. How Blue Boxers Are Caught  - Info on Signal Irregularity (SIGI) reports under a #1A ESS, by Phantom Phreaker and Doom Prophet (Ferrod Sensor)  (Page 2)
  4. Build a Touch Tone Decoder  - Schematic for a DTMF decoder, by B/Square and Mr. Upsetter
  5. Silver Box Born in U.K.  - Using the extended DTMF tones in the U.K., by Tamlyn Gam
  6. Listening In via VHF  - Monitoring marine wireless phone conversations, by Mr. Upsetter
  7. News Update
  8. Letters
  9. The 911 Document  - Review of the infamous E911 document, by Emmanuel Golddigger
  10. Fun at the 2600 Meeting  - New York 2600 meeting under surveillance because Golddigger and his posse are child molesters  (Page 2)
  11. DNIC Codes  - Data Network Indentification Codes (DNIC) for X.25 packet networks
  12. 2600 Marketplace
  13. The 707 Area Code  - List of exchanges in 707, by Lurch
  14. Review: The Cuckoo's Egg  - Review of Cliff Stoll's The Cuckoo's Egg, by Dr. Williams

  $2600 Magazine Volume 7, Number 2 (Summer 1990)

  1. A Bittersweet Victory  - Editorial
  2. The Neidorf/Phrack Trial  - Day-by-day overview of the Craig Neidorf trial, by Gordon Meyer and Jim Thomas
  3. An Interview With Craig Neidorf  - Interview with Craig Neidorf about the trial
  4. What is the EFF?  - Info on the Electronic Frontier Foundation
  5. Negative Feedback  - Different option on the Craig Neidorf trial
  6. PRIMOS Conclusion  - Information on the PRIMOS computer system and PRIMENET, by Violence
  7. An Introduction to COCOTs  - Information on Customer Owned Coin Operated Telephone (COCOT) payphones, by The Plague  (Similar Article)
  8. Letters
  9. News Update  - Various new bits
  10. 2600 Marketplace

  $2600 Magazine Volume 7, Number 3 (Fall 1990)

  1. Caller ID: The Facts  - Information on caller ID, by Jake "The Snake"
  2. Network 2000 Saga Continues  - Network 2000 signing people up to Sprint
  3. Dorothy Denning Interview  - Interview with Dr. Dorothy Denning on the defense of Craig Neidorf, by Dr. Williams  (Additional Info)
  4. New Revelations From Bellsouth  - Technical information on Bellsouth Dialed Number Recorders (DNR), by Emmanuel Golddigger  (Page 2)
  5. Things You Shouldn't Know  - Secret Service Fraud Division information on ATM fraud
  6. Defeating Trap Tracing  - Using calling cards and how to handle telco security calls, by Lord Thunder  (Page 2)
  7. Letters
  8. Converting a Tone Dialer into a Red Box  - The infamous Radio Shack tone dialer into a red box conversion article, by Noah Clayton  (Additional Information)
  9. Build a Telephone Induction Coil  - Make an inductive telephone pick-up coil, by 1000 Spiderwebs of Might  (Coil Picture)
  10. The Definitive ANAC Guide  - List of Automatic Number Announcement Circuit (ANAC) numbers
  11. 2600 Marketplace
  12. An Algorithm for Credit Cards  - Code for credit card checksum verification, by Crazed Luddite and Murdering Thug  (Code: cc.c)
  13. Facts and Rumors  - News bits from the Atlanta LOD trial.

  $2600 Magazine Volume 7, Number 4 (Winter 1990-1991)

  1. A Political Hacking Scandal  - Hacking dummycrats
  2. The Hacker Reading List  - List of hacker magazines, books, and mailing lists, by Dr. Williams
  3. Central Office Operations  - Overview of the inside and outside plant, by Agent Steal (Justin Petersen, DOB: 07/28/1960)
  4. More Leaked Documents  - Amusing document from a telephone operator's supervisor manual
  5. 1-900-STOPPER: Anatomy of a Rip-Off  - Info on the 1-900-STOPPER number  (Similar Article)
  6. Letters
  7. Winning Reader Entry  - Letter contest winners on counter the negative negative articles about hackers, by TELEgodzilla & unknown
  8. The Word in the Street  - Various news bits
  9. 2600 Marketplace


"Never gaze at a man, not even in passing.  A member of Al Qaeda might assume you are gay, and all gays are an abomination before Allah."

Maybe the source of Golddigger's anger is because he was rejected from joining Al Qaeda?

  $2600 Magazine Volume 8, Number 1 (Spring 1991)

  1. In Pursuit of Knowlege: An Atari 520ST Virus  - Atarti 520ST virus code for the GEMDOS operating system, by The Paranoid Panda
  2. The Terminus of Len Rose  - Story of Len Rose's bust, by Craig Neidorf
  3. Soviet BBS List  - Dial-up list for various Soviet BBSs
  4. What's Up?
  5. Letters  - Reader Feedback Time
  6. UNIX Password Hacker  - Source code for a crypt() brute forcer, by The Infidel
  7. Looking Up IBM Passwords  - IBM CMS 3.0 password grabber for non-privileged users, by Kevin Mitnick (DOB: 08/06/1963)
  8. Internet Outdials  - List of Internet modem outdials and how to use them, by Kevin
  9. 2600 Marketplace
  10. The New LEC Order  - Excellent article on modern Bell Operating Company (BOC) recent change and service order systems, by New Hack City

  $2600 Magazine Volume 8, Number 2 (Summer 1991)

  1. Where Have All the Hackers Gone  - Editorial
  2. Magnetic Stripes  - Magnetic stripe card reader schematic from Hack-Tic Issues #8/#9/#10, by Dr. Abuse  (Additional Info)
  3. Death of NYNEX Business Centers  - Info on NYNEX changes, by Anonymous
  4. Hacker News  - Info on Len Rose's prison sentencing for sending AT&T source code over a telephone
  5. Building a Tone Tracer  - Build a tone generator for inductive probe line tracers, by Mr. Upsetter  (Page 2)
  6. Hacking MCIMAX  - Using a MCI product computer to access their MAX database, by MCI Mouse
  7. Inspect Implementation  - Security problems in Digital's EASYnet and using INSPECT, by Condor Woodstein (Kevin Mitnick?)  (Page 2, Page 3, Page 4)
  8. More on the CLASS Struggle  - Bellcore internal document on CLASS telephone service features
  9. Letters  - The Letters Section
  10. Some New Frequencies  - Info on new analog cellular frequencies, by Bernie S.
  11. 411  - News about phone companies
  12. 2600 Marketplace
  13. When Hackers Ride Horses: A Review of Cyberpunk  - Review of Katie Hafner/John Markoff's Cyberpunk, includes an interesting reply from Kevin Mitnick, by The Devil's Advocate
  14. Outdials  - List of PC Pursuit and Datapac modem outdials on Tymenet, by Net Runner
  15. Prisoner Update  - Letter from The Leftist (Frank Darden, Email #2, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida)

  $2600 Magazine Volume 8, Number 3 (Fall 1991)

  1. Why Won't They Listen?  - Editorial
  2. Simplex Locks: An Illusion of Security  - Infamous article on the poor security of Simplex locks - which everyone knew already, by Scott Skinner and Emmanuel Golddigger
  3. The Hacker Video  - Video of Dutch hackers entering a U.S. military computer system, by Emmanuel Golddigger  (Video: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)
  4. Protecting Your SSN  - Protecting your Social Security number from con artists like Manny Golddigger, by Chris Hibbert
  5. COCOT Numbers  - List of COCOT phone numbers in New England and Washington D.C., by NB & The Dead Cow
  6. Letters  - Pages of Letters
  7. Tidbits  - Various news bits
  8. USPS Hacking  - Postal bar code hacking, by The Devil's Advocate
  9. Psychology in the Hacker World  - Inside the hacker mindset, by Condor Woodstein (Kevin Mitnick?)  (Page 2, Page 3)
  10. 2600 Marketplace
  11. More Conversion Tricks  - More tips for converting those Radio Shack dialers into red boxes, by DC  (Plagiarized from an article by Count Zero)
  12. Useful UNIX Programs  - Simple hacker-related C source code, by Marshall Plann

  $2600 Magazine Volume 8, Number 4 (Winter 1991-1992)

  1. Computer Security at the Bureau of Prisons  - SENTRY computer system security statement before the Subcommittee on Government Information, by Richard J. Hankinson (Deputy Inspector General, Office of the Inspector General)
  2. Stuff You Should be Interested In
  3. Crypt() Source  - C source code to the UNIX crypt() function, by Dust (Bern, Switzerland)  (Code: crypt-bsd-4.3-reno.c)
  4. Birth of a Low-Tech Hacker  - Story of an older hacker in India, by The Roving Eye
  5. Mobile Frequencies  - List of VHF radiophone frequences, by Esper
  6. Simplex Update and Corrections/ USPS Hacking Corrections  - Error corrections in the last issue
  7. POSTNET Programs  - Source code for generating POSTNET bar codes, by Marshall Plann
  8. Letters  - The Letter Bag
  9. Class Features  - Overview of some custom calling features, by Colonel Walter E. Kurtz 75 Clicks from the bridge
  10. COCOT Corner  - Examples from a COCOT database, various notes on payments and installation
  11. An Appeal For Help  - Help pay Craig Neidorf legal defense fund, by Craig Neidorf  (Page 2)
  12. Gulf War Printer Virus  - Info on that stupid "Gulf War Printer Virus" April Fool's hoax, by Anonymous
  13. 2600 Marketplace
  14. U.S. Phone Companies Face Built-In Privacy Hole  - Security hole in a switches Busy Line Verification (BLV) function
  15. Monitoring Devices  - Simple FM wireless transmitter schematics, by BillSF (Bill Squire)
  16. Human Database Centers  - Various credit bureaus and database agencies, by PW

[gold3]    [su98-1]

Ever wonder why $2600 Magazine pushes people to subscribe so bad?  It's because there is a higher profit margin on direct magazine sales.  By selling through books stores, newstands, etc. magazines will lose a little bit of profit on each sale (store takes a cut, returns, etc.).

  $2600 Magazine Volume 9, Number 1 (Spring 1992)

  1. An MS-DOS Virus  - MS-DOS .COM infector virus x82 assembly code, by Paranoid Panda
  2. A Batch Virus  - Virus using DEBUG and EDLIN from a BATCH file, by Frosty of the GCMS (Robert E. Jones, Long Beach, Missouri)
  3. Virus Scanners Exposed  - How virus scanners work and ways to bypass them, by Dr. Delam
  4. Hacking WWIV  - Different techniques for hacking the WWIV BBS software package
  5. Using a Silver Box  - Access ACD debug features using the extended DTMF tones, by Mad Scientist
  6. Fun Frequencies  - Secret Service and Disney frequencies
  7. UNIX Password Hacker  - An alternate approach to UNIX password cracking which hides your activity, by Keyboard Jockey
  8. How to Take Apart a Payphone  - How to take apart a payphone, by The Monk
  9. Letters  - The Letters
  10. The Australian Phone System  - Overview of the phone system in Australia, by Midnight Caller
  11. A Way to Catch Peepers  - C source code to log finger requests, by Alien X
  12. Review: Steve Jackson's "Hacker"  - Game review of Hacker: The Computer Crime Card Game
  13. Simplex Locations  - List of universities, colleges, schools, etc. which use Simplex locks
  14. 2600 Marketplace
  15. News Updates
  16. Fascinating Fone Fun  - Interesting phone numbers, by Frosty of the GCMS

  $2600 Magazine Volume 9, Number 2 (Summer 1992)

  1. On the Road Again: Portable Hacking  - Guide to portable computers and mobile hacking, by The Masked Avocado
  2. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Phone System: Phreaking in the Nineties  - Modern phone systems and phreaking, by BillSF
  3. Demon Dialer Review  - Review of the Hack-Tic demon dialer, by The Devil's Advocate
  4. Bellcore's Plans for Caller ID  - Caller ID info from Bellcore TA-NWT-000030
  5. Fun Things to Know  - Various news bits
  6. Here We Go Again  - More bitching about the Secret Service and "hacker" arrests, mostly the New York kiddies
  7. Letters  - Here They Are
  8. Defeating *69  - Tips to defeat the *69 automatic callback feature, by Bernie S.
  9. The View of a Fed  - Story from a government computer security man, by The Fed
  10. Review: Devouring Fungus  - Book review of Karla Jenning's The Devouring Fungus, by W. Ritchie Benedict
  11. 2600 Marketplace
  12. Voice Mail Hacking  - Hacking voice mail boxes, by Night Ranger (G. Batson)

  $2600 Magazine Volume 9, Number 3 (Fall 1992)

  1. Hacking AmiExpress  - Security holes under this Amiga BBS software, by Swinging Man  (Code: amiexpress.c)
  2. Defeating Callback Verification  - Neat trick to defeat BBS callback modem verification, by Dr. Delam
  3. Shopper's Guide to COCOTs  - Guide to COCOT payphones, by Count Zero (John Lester)
  4. Film Review: Sneakers  - Review of the movie Sneakers, by Emmanuel Golddigger
  5. A Simple Virus in C  - Sample C source code for a DOS virus, by Infiltrator  (Code: simplev.c)
  6. Book Review: The Hacker Crackdown  - Review of the book Hacker Crackdown: Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier, by The Devil's Advocate
  7. Letters  - I/O
  8. Hacking on the Front Line  - Good article on early 1990s computer hacking, by Al Capone
  9. How to Use the Dial Telephone  - New York Telephone document on how to properly dial a phone
  10. 2600 Marketplace
  11. Getting Started  - Getting started in hacking, by Phord Perfect
  12. Toll Fraud: What the Big Boys Are Nervous About  - Overview of the Toll Fraud Prevention Committee (TFPC), by Count Zero
  13. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 9, Number 4 (Winter 1992-1993)

  1. Hackers in a World of Malls  - Info on the Pentagon City Mall 2600 meeting being busted up by the Secret Service
  2. Cipher Fun  - Overview of simple encryption cyphers, by Peter Rabbit
  3. Beginner's Guide to Minitel  - Some info on the French Minitel network, by NeurAlien
  4. Vehicle Identification Numbers  - Guide to VINs
  5. Secret Service Sites  - List of Secret Service field offices, by GCMS MechWariors
  6. Letter From Prison  - Letter from a whiny hacker in prison and brute-forcing Spring card codes
  7. Growth of a Low-Tech Hacker  - Hacking in a low-technology atmosphere, by The Roving Eye
  8. High Tech Happenings
  9. Letters  - feedback
  10. Toll Fraud of the Past  - An official Bell System document on "blue boxing" and toll fraud.  (Page 2, Page 3)
  11. AT&T Office List  - List of AT&T offices and switching stations covering Connecticut, Delaware, D.C., Maryland, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New Hampshire
  12. 2600 Marketplace
  13. More Telco Leaks  - Southwestern Bell computers and dial-ups
  14. Review: Speach Thing  - Review of a Convox add-on voice module, by Cray-Z Phreaker
  15. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 10, Number 1 (Spring 1993)

  1. Cellular Magic  - Detailed cellular phone system overview, by Bootleg (Mike Beketic, Arrest Story)
  2. Trouble in the White House  - Story of White House phone system trouble, by Charlie Zee
  3. Beige Box Construction  - How to build a beige box, a more complex than others, by The Phoenix  (Page 2)
  4. Descrambling Cable  - Cable scrambling and the infamous Radio Shack descrambler, by Dr. Clayton Phorester
  5. Secret Service on Trial  - Court report from the Steve Jackson Games trial, by Paco Xander Nathan
  6. One Angry Judge  - One man's Steve Jackson Games trial perspective and how the judge turned against the Secret Service, by Scott Skinner
  7. Letters  - Letters of Merit
  8. Acronyms  - Acronyms list a-g, by Echo
  9. A Study of Hackers  - Article about hackers and setting up a honeypot, by Dr. Williams
  10. 2600 Marketplace
  11. Getting Your File  - Getting your FBI or credit files, by Bayonet
  12. Lawsuit Filed Against Secret Service  - Legal action taken on behalf of the DC2600 meeting incident.
  13. British News  - Various news information from Britain, by The Dark Knight (John Abercrombie)
  14. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 10, Number 2 (Summer 1993)

  1. A Guide to the 5ESS  - Very detailed guide to the Lucent #5 ESS, by Crisp G.R.A.S.P.
  2. British Credit Holes  - Potential credit card security holes and ways to bypass the "Data Protection Act"
  3. High School Hacking  - School PS/2 computer and Novell system security holes, by The 999
  4. DTMF Decoder Review  - Review of the MoTron TDD-8 DTMF decoder, by Les Inconnu (Sydney, Australia)
  5. Meeting Advice  - How to have a $2600 meeting and how to protect them from disruption, by Parity Check and Romula Velcro
  6. More Acronyms  - Acronyms list h-r, by Echo
  7. Letters  - Printable Letters
  8. AT&T's Pages  - Additional addresses to various AT&T offices and switching stations covering New York, Pennslyvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia
  9. Assorted Videos from Commonwealth Films  - Software piracy video reviews, by Emmanuel Golddigger
  10. 2600 Marketplace
  11. Toll Fraud Device  - Red box schematic using a DTMF generator  (Page 2)  (Errors)  (Alternate)
  12. ANSI Bomb  - How to use and install a DOS ANSI bomb, by Mister Galaxy (Patrick Harvey, Atlanta, George, BBS Documentary)  (ANSICHEK Version 9.0)
  13. News Update  - Steve Jackson declared innocent.
  14. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 10, Number 3 (Fall 1993)

  1. Hacking at the End of the Universe  - Editorial  (HEU Press Release)
  2. The Wheel Cipher  - How to use Jefferson's wheel cipher, by Peter Rabbit
  3. True Colors  - Detailed overview of the phone phreak "color" boxes, by BillSF
  4. Caller ID Technicalities  - Technical information on Caller ID, by Hyperborean Menace
  5. Congress Takes a Holiday  - Golddigger testifies before Congress, and promptly fucks it up
  6. UNIX Job Openings  - UNIX hacking/trojan horse tips, by Orb (Norman Richards)  (Page 2)  (Code: job.txt)
  7. Meeting Mania  - More November 1992 DC2600 meeting info and Secret Service FOIA documents
  8. Never Erase the Past  - Review of LOD's Hack/Phreak BBS Message Base Project, by Emmanuel Golddigger
  9. Hacking Honesty Tests  - How honest and integrity test work, by U.R. Source
  10. Letters  - Never Before Printed Letters
  11. Password Cracking Software  - Review of Access Data Recovery NTPASS Password Cracking Software, by Hakim
  12. Changing Your Grades on a High School Computer  - Hacking a school using Pupil Attendance and Records System (PARS), by Drewl/Salivate (A. Shafer)
  13. Overview of DSS1  - Review of ISDN Digital Subscriber Signaling System 1, by Cruise-CTRL
  14. Book Review: Approaching Zero  - Book review of Approaching Zero, by Stephen J. Resz  (Approaching Zero Text)  (PDF Version)
  15. Protecting Your Virus from Evil Detectors  - Encrypting virus data, by Dr. Bloodmoney
  16. 2600 Marketplace
  17. More Cellular Fun  - Info on cell cloning, by Judas Gerard
  18. The Last of the Acronym List  - Acronyms list s-x (no y or z), by Echo
  19. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 10, Number 4 (Winter 1993-1994)

  1. Hackers in Jail, Part Two  - Editorial
  2. Cellular Phone Biopsy  - Detailed cellular phone memory operations, by Kingpin (Joe Grand)
  3. Elementary Switching  - Basics of phone switching and signalling systems, by 910
  4. Know Your Switch  - How to determine the type of telco switch you are on, by Rebel
  5. Hacking Smartphone  - Info on the RBOC's Smartphone, by Tech Rat
  6. High School Mac Hack  - Hacking Appleshare and using ResEdit at schools, by The Bard
  7. Hacking Computer Shows  - Get into computer shows for free, by Walter S. Jaffee  (Page 2)
  8. NYNEX Voice Mail  - Voice mail phone numbers for various NYNEX central offices
  9. The Magical Tone Box  - Using an ISD1000A digital voice recorder IC, by FyberLyte  (Page 2)  (ISD1000A Datasheet)  (QUARTER.VOC)
  10. Letters  - Letters to Remember
  11. Passageways to the Internet  - College Internet dial-ups
  12. More Meeting Advice  - $2600 meeting advice, by The Judicator of D.C.
  13. Book Review: Virtual Reality  - Review of Howard Rheingold's Virtual Reality, by W. Ritchie Benedict
  14. Digital Locks  - List of the 1287 possible combinations for Digital-brand locks
  15. 2600 Marketplace
  16. News Roundup
  17. 2600 Meetings


"Fuck Copyrights!"

"Unless, of course, Noam Chomsky or I hold them!"

  $2600 Magazine Volume 11, Number 1 (Spring 1994)

  1. Crime Waves  - Editorial
  2. Build a DTMF Decoder  - Hardware DTMF decoder using the Teltone 8870 and code for recording the data via a Commodore 64/Vic-20, by Xam Killroy
  3. NYNEX Cards  - Info on NYNEX coin-operated telephone change cards, by Kevin Daniel  (Similar Article)
  4. Hacking Health  - How to hack Stairmaster 4000 aerobic equipment, by MuscleHead
  5. Software Piracy  - Another viewpoint on software piracy, by Roberto Verzola  (Page 2)
  6. Coping With Cable Denial  - Info on various cable TV scrambling systems, by Cap'n Dave
  7. Cellular Telephone Experimenters Kit Review  - Review of Mark Lottor's CTEK for the Oki 900 cell phone, by Mr. Upsetter  (Page 2)
  8. FOIA Facts and Fiction  - How to use the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), by GateDancer and Shrike
  9. Letters  - Letterbox
  10. Blue Boxing Revisited - CCITT System #5  - Blue boxing under CCITT #5 and the basics of that type of signalling, by Kevin Crow
  11. A Gift From Hallmark  - Red box from a Hallmark talking card, by Bernie S.
  12. 10XXX  - Info on 10XXX Primary Independent Carrier (PIC) codes, by The Prophet (Babu Mengelepouti, Seattle, Washington)
  13. Not Much Good News Here  - Laws on "phone hackers" and seizing their equipment, Clipper Chip info
  14. 2600 Marketplace
  15. Michigan Access  - MSUnet and Michnet dial-up access numbers, by Tonto of 517  (Similar Article)  (Additional Info)
  16. Book Reviews: Secrets of a Superhacker, UNIX Security  - Reviews of The Knightmare's (Dennis Fiery) Secrets of a Superhacker and Derek Arnold's UNIX Security: A Practical Tutorial, by Michael E. Marotta and Simson L. Garfinkel
  17. British Trojan  - Story of installing a login-grabbing trojan horse in college environment, by Veghead
  18. The Chrome Box  - Box to active the 3M Opticom traffic control systems, by Remote Control
  19. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 11, Number 2 (Summer 1994)

  1. Hackers on Planet Earth  - Editorial about the first HOPE conference
  2. Life Under GTD5  - Detailed info on a GTD5 under GTE, also has info on the Proctor Test Set, by Zaphraud (Jason Kennerly)  (Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6)
  3. The Joys of Voice Mail  - Info on hacking voice mail systems and password guessing, by snes
  4. Foiling the Finger Command / Playing With Your Fingers  - Overview of the finger command and how to "backfinger," by Packet Rat (Tim Russo) and Shidoshi  (Code: finger_log.txt)
  5. Cordless Fun  - How to listen to 49 MHz analog cordless phones, by Noam Chomski (NYMPHO)  (Similar Article)
  6. Admins Without a Clue  - Collection of quotes from various system admins, by Kevin Crow
  7. Hacking Prodigy  - How to change your Prodigy ID, by DeVillage Fool
  8. Hacking the Small Stuff  - Info on hacking ATMs, calculators, vending machines, by Leonardo Branson
  9. Letters  - Letters to Read By
  10. DTMF Decoder  - DTMF decoder hardware/software for a Commie 64 or Vic 20, by Paul Bergsman (Merion Station, Pennsylvania, N3PSO)
  11. Monitoring Keystrokes  - Story of recording keystrokes using DEPL under DOS, by Dr. Delam
  12. 2600 Marketplace
  13. Facts  - News bits
  14. Detecting Corporate Leaks  - How businesses detect leaks and restrict data, by Parity Check
  15. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 11, Number 3 (Fall 1994)

  1. Opening Doors  - Editorial
  2. Monitoring U.S. Mail  - USPS barcode information, by Paranoia
  3. Irish Telephones  - The Irish telephone system Telecom Eireann, by Wonko the Inane
  4. The Ghost Board  - Hidden bulletin board systems, by Autolycus
  5. Hacking Netcash  - Hacking online money, by Palindrome
  6. Welcome to MEL  - Southwestern Bell Mechanized Employee Locator (MEL), by EighT BaLL
  7. Generating an ESN  - How ESNs are generated, by Maldoror
  8. The Ten Dollar Red Box  - Red box from a Hallmark card, by Toxic Avenger (Jeff Burchell)
  9. How to Listen In  - Very detailed overview of common surveillance hardware, by Q (Alan Hoffman)
  10. Letters  - Vocals
  11. Living on the Front Line  - Compromised Internet hosts  (Page 2)
  12. News Items
  13. Breaking Windows  - Bypass Windows screensavers, by The Camelback Juggler
  14. 2600 Marketplace
  15. Internet World Guide  - List of the 2-letter Internet domains into countries
  16. Software Review  - The Supervisor Series for VMS, by Floyd Lloyd
  17. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 11, Number 4 (Winter 1994-1995)

  1. Inspiration  - Editorial
  2. Bypassing Protec  - How to defeat the Protec hard drive protection program, by Michael Wilson
  3. More Key Capturing  - Tips on capturing keystrokes and passwords for various operating systems, by Code-Cafe
  4. Digital Telephony Passes  - Info and sensationalism on the Digital Telephony Bill
  5. The Risks of War Dialing  - Legal problems you might run into war dialing, by Dr. Delam  (Page 2)
  6. Cellular Hardware & Electronics  - Detailed information on cellular phone EPROMs and the data they hold, by Kingpin  (Page 2, Page 3, Page 4))  (A Closer Look at EPROMS)
  7. Australian Update  - Info on Australia's phone and cellular system, by Les Inconnu
  8. Letters  - Right Letters
  9. VT Hacking  - DEC VT100/200/220-series terminal information and login spoofer, by Mr. Bungle
  10. Janitor Privileges  - Security problems hiring outside janitors, by Voyager (Will Spencer)
  11. Net Surfing Techniques  - Internet surfing tools and tricks, by Sonic Life
  12. News Update
  13. 2600 Marketplace
  14. Reviews: Network Security, Information Warfare, and Unauthorized Access  - Review of Steven Shaffer's Network Security, Winn Schwartau's Information Warfare, and the video Unauthorized Access by Annaliza Savage
  15. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 12, Number 1 (Spring 1995)

  1. The World vs. Kevin Mitnick  - Editorial
  2. The Gold Card  - Holland PTT-Telecom pre-paid phone cards and how to make your own reader/writer, by Hack-Tic  (Code: phone.c)
  3. Facts on ATM Camera Security  - Overview of ATM surveillance cameras and debunking some of the myths, by Kitsune
  4. Cellular Interception Techniques  - Different methods for the interception of analog cellular phones, by Thomas Icom
  5. Letters  - The Better Letters
  6. Hacking in Brazil  - State of computer hacking in Brazil and notes about the local BBS scene, by Derneval (Ribeiro Rodrigues)
  7. Hacking Tandy/Casio Pocket Computer  - Using the Tandy PC-6, by Sam Nitzberg (Eatontown, New Jersey)
  8. Hacking the Tandy Zoomer/Casio Z-7000 ZPDA  - Using the Tandy ZPDA, by Enigma
  9. 500 Exchange Guide  - List of NXXs in 1-500 land
  10. Pager Major  - Shoulder-surfing a pager terminal password, by Danny Burstein
  11. 2600 Marketplace
  12. West Side Hacker: Masters of Deception  - Book review of Joshua Quittner & Michelle Slatalla's Masters of Deception, by Scott Skinner
  13. Assorted News
  14. Leaking Cables  - British cable company problems and leaks
  15. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 12, Number 2 (Summer 1995)

  1. The Bernie S. Saga  - Editorial
  2. New Anti-Viral Technologies  - How to protect your virus from anti-virus software, by Adam Young
  3. The Gender Snooper  - Wireless serial port data transmitter, by Commander Crash  (Page 2)
  4. ATM Tricks  - Diebold ATM tricks, by Helen Gone
  5. Citibank ATM Fun  - Playing with the ATMs at CitiBank, by Ice of Spides
  6. Day of the Hacker  - How a BBS was hacked, by Mr. Galaxy
  7. Diverters  - How call diverters work, by Ray Nonte
  8. Hacking the AS/400  - How the AS/400 works, by Mantis King
  9. Letters  - "Letters are the cornerstone of any civilized society."
  10. Radio Reviews  - Review of some frequency counter and scanner gear, by Blue Whale
  11. War Dialing  - War dialing story and an autodialer script for Qmodem, by VOM  (Code: qmodem autodial)
  12. Coping with Cable Denial 2  - Jerrold 450 cable converter hack, by Prowler
  13. 2600 Marketplace
  14. News Items  - Mitnick trial starts
  15. NPA List  - List of area codes
  16. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 12, Number 3 (Fall 1995)

  1. No More Secrets  - Editorial
  2. Stealth Trojans  - Source code for a stealth DOS trojan horse and "stealth" disk I/O access, by Commander Crash
  3. Military Madness  - The true story of my experiences as a paid hacker for the military
  4. T-Shirt Follies  - Washington D.C. 2600 meeting problems and harassment wearing a $2600 shirt, by The Roach
  5. Macintosh Key Capturing  - Source code for a Mac keystroke recorder, by Swarthy  (Code: 2600KeyNabber.txt)
  6. Just Say No  - Build a "NO-Box" which is like an improved "gold box," by Hudson
  7. COCOT Experimenter's Resource Guide  - Very detailed guide to various technical details about COCOT phones, by Dastar Corn
  8. Letters  - Language is a Virus From Outer Space
  9. Mutation Engine Demystified  - Understanding virus mutation code, by Tio Mate Jones
  10. ISDN Overview  - Technical overview of ISDN services, by Roger Harrison
  11. DTMF Decoder Review  - Review of a MoTron TM-16A+ DTMF decoder, by Blue Whale
  12. Hacking a Police Interrogation  - Tips on surviving a police interrogation, by Darlo Okasi  (Page 2)
  13. 2600 Marketplace
  14. Breaking Windows 2  - Defeating Windows screen saver passwords, by Bisect Skull Gas
  15. Movie Reviews: The Net and Hackers  - Movie reviews of The Net and Hackers, by Emmanuel Golddigger and Thee Joker (Jason)  (Hackers Transcript)
  16. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 12, Number 4 (Winter 1995-1996)

  1. Speech Control  - Editorial
  2. What Happens on the AT&T Side  - AT&T long-distance operator info, by Crash 24601
  3. AOL Censored Wordlist  - AOL internal memo for rules on the use of certain words.
  4. News Updates
  5. A Spoofing Odyssey  - How Kevin Mitnick IP spoofed, by Gregory Gilliss  (Plagiarized from a USENET posting by Tsutomu Shimomura)  (Robert Morris, Jr.'s Original Paper)
  6. Infiltrating Disney  - Very inaccurate Disney World secrets, by Dr. Delam
  7. Sniffing Ethernet  - How to monitor Ethernet traffic, by Veg
  8. Bypassing DOS/Windows Security  - How to bypass the security on DOS/Windows machines, by Case
  9. Understanding VeriFone Machines  - VeriFone machine info, by Dr. No  (Plagiarized from an article by E. W. L.)
  10. Pakistani Phones  - Info on the Pakistani phone system, by The Shepherd
  11. Letters  - Thoughts of the Reader
  12. .COM File Infector  - Source code to a .COM file infector, by Impending Dhoom
  13. Understanding the Hacker  - Editorial, by Bootleg
  14. Scanning Space  - Military satellite/NASA/Air Force radio frequencies, by The Majik Man
  15. AOL Syndrome  - Using AOL's FTP space to host files via HTTP, by Kris
  16. 2600 Marketplace
  17. Hacking Netware  - Hacking Novell Netware, by Trap
  18. Cashing in on Mitnick: The Fugitive Game  - Oh, the irony!!!  Book reviews of Jonathan Littman's The Fugitive Game and Tsutomu Shimomura's Takedown, by Scott Skinner
  19. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 13, Number 1 (Spring 1996)

  1. Caught in the Web  - Editorial
  2. Tap Alert  - Simple phone tap detector, by No Comment and Crash Test Idiot  (Text)
  3. A Page of Revenge  - Pager demon dialer ideas for Quick Basic, by Big Lou
  4. Unshredding the Evidence  - How to unshred paper evidence, by Datum Fluvius
  5. Confessions of a Beige Boxer  - Funny story, by RedBoxChiliPepper (Brad Carter, MySpace)
  6. Macs at Ease  - Bypassing AtEase on school Macintosh computers, by Loogie
  7. Sharp Cash Trix  - Sharp ER-3100 cash register information and how to open the cash drawer, by Dennis Fiery (Knightmare)
  8. Hacking Doors  - Apartment telephone security system holes and intercepting their DTMF codes, by Clark W. Griswald
  9. Hacking Caller ID Boxes  - Extend the memory on caller ID boxes, by Dave Mathews (Dallas, Texas)
  10. The Alaskan Phone System  - Info on the phone system in Alaska with a hacker point-of-view, by Ice
  11. Avoiding Suspicion  - How to avoid looking and acting suspicious, by ~Me
  12. Letters  - Where the Letters Are
  13. Motorola Cellular Guide  - Motorola cellular phone information, by Mike Larsen
  14. 2600 Marketplace  - CAP'N CRUNCH WHISTLES. Brand new, only a few left
  15. Hackers '95 Review  - Review of Phone-E and R.F. Burns' film Hackers '95, by Blue Whale
  16. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 13, Number 2 (Summer 1996)

  1. Guided Perceptions  - Editorial
  2. Flood Warning  - SYN flood code for IP spoofing, by Jason Fairlane  (Code: flood.c)
  3. Scanning Australia  - Toll-free carrier scan for Australia, by Comhack International
  4. Imaginary Friends  - Getting phone service with fake ID, by Frog
  5. A Tale of Two Cities  - Phone system in Sarajevo, by Dr. Kolos
  6. How to Create Encryption  - Software encryption tips, by TheCrow (Jack Mott, Greenwich, Connecticut)  (PARADOX.EXE)
  7. Secret Codes  - How to communicate in secret, by Mister Galaxy  (CODEIT Version 3.0)
  8. Consumer Hazards  - Online shopping security and how to protect your credit card info, by Mr. Natural
  9. RCONSOLE Hacking  - Extract Novell RCONSOLE passwords, by Simple Nomad (Mark Loveless)
  10. Letters  - The Search for Extraterrestrial Letters
  11. 2600 Marketplace
  12. Flightlink Fun  - Continential Airlines' Flightlink computer information, by TDi
  13. NYNEX Regression  - Smart payphone problems in New York City, by Rebel
  14. Starting a Hacker Scene  - How to start a local hacker scene, by Derneval
  15. And Justice for All  - Transcript of the Ed Cummings (Bernie S.) trial from March 5, 1996.
  16. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 13, Number 3 (Fall 1996)

  1. Fallout  - Editorial
  2. Searches and Arrests  - Your rights during a search or arrest, by Keyser Soze  (Page 2)
  3. Hacking the SCC OS  - Hacking tips for the SCC business management software (not the telco system), by D-Day
  4. Security Through the Mouse  - Bypass keystoke recording with this clever program which uses the mouse instead, by Steve Rives
  5. Brazilian Phone System  - Overview of the landline and cellular phone systems in Brazil, by Derneval
  6. Dial Pulser  - Turbo BASIC code for a 2600 Hz single-frequency pulser (a.k.a. Captain Crunch whistle), by Golem of Sprague
  7. GI CFT2200 Power Box  - Overview of the General Instrument CFT2200 cable box, by Active Matrix
  8. GTE Voice Prompts  - Codes to generate each of the voice recordings, by Chillin' Bit Boy
  9. HP LX200  - Hacking with the HP LX200 portable computer, by PsychoWeasel
  10. Maximum WOW!  - Compuserve nation-wide PPP Internet service information, by Kris
  11. Hack Your High School  - Tips for hacking your school's computer, by DayEight (Ryan Stevens)
  12. Federal BBS's  - Government BBS's, by Anonymous
  13. Hacking the SR1000 PBX  - Hacking the Cortelco SR1000 PBX system, by maldoror
  14. Building the Cheese Box  - Build a phone line diverter box, by Thomas Icom
  15. Letters  - Going Totally Postal
  16. Spoofing Cellular Service  - Overview of cellular ESN cloning, by Baxlyder  (Similar Article)
  17. Reprogramming Data  - NAM programming info for various Autiovox cellular phones, by JS
  18. The Weird World of AOL  - Various AOL Terms of Service violations
  19. 2600 Marketplace
  20. PHF Exploit  - Using the infamous PHF Apache webserver exploit, by fencer
  21. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 13, Number 4 (Winter 1996-1997)

  1. Knowledge is Strength  - Editorial
  2. Toward More Secrets  - Info on today's cryptography, by Seraf (Dominick LaTrappe)
  3. Backcountry Phones  - Info on rural phone systems, Optaphones, by Equant (Nathan Hendler, Tucson, Arizona)
  4. Chipcards Explained  - Detailed information on chipcards, by BillSF  (Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6)
  5. Biggest Mac Mistakes  - Securing Mac computer networks, by The Guy Who Was In Craig Neidorf's Spanish Class And Had No Idea
  6. Craft Access Terminal  - Info on outside plant Craft Access Terminals and the Craft Access System, by Local Loop  (Page 2)
  7. Cracking askSam  - How to bypass askSam database password protection, by Datum Fluvius  (Missing Table)
  8. Snooping via MS-Mail  - Snoop on email using MS-Mail, by Schlork
  9. Letters  - Your Letter Could Be Here
  10. Subscriber Network Interfaces  - Info on telephone network interfaces, by Frequency Man (FreqMan)
  11. Unfriendly Numbers  - List of 800-numbers that charge, by Secret Squirrel (Michael Jacobus)
  12. How to Steal Things  - How to steal stuff, by Ted Perver
  13. Social Engineering via Video  - Use video tools and techniques to social engineer information, by Bernz (David Noah Bernick)  (Similar Information)
  14. 2600 Marketplace
  15. Defeating the W95 Screensaver  - How to bypass Windows95 screensavers, by rdpzza
  16. Book Review: Anarchy Online  - Review of Charles Platt's Anarchy Online, by Scott Skinner
  17. 2600 Meetings

"A revenue producing service... That is it in a nutshell.  It is primarily there to produce revenue.  That is what it is all about ... to make money."

Manny Golddigger describing telephone companies on Off the Hook October 2, 1991.

Or maybe this is the entire point of $2600 Enterprises, Inc.?

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            HOPE Ticket : $75
$2600: A Hacker Odyssey : $40

Take a hint Golddigger.  Telephone companies can't pay their lazy union employees with hugs & love, or by selling old BBS files.

  $2600 Magazine Volume 14, Number 1 (Spring 1997)

  1. Enough is Enough  - Editorial
  2. Hacking LED Signs  - How to hack those scrolling LED signs, by Bernie S.
  3. Use Your Skills to Escape Boot Camp  - How to get out of boot camp, by InVerse
  4. Poor Man's Access  - Provides remote shell access on UNIX servers, by GT  (Page 2, Page 3)
  5. Consequences of .GOV/.MIL Hacking  - What happens when you hack .gov/.mil sites, by Chocolate Phoetus
  6. More PHF Fun  - Script to search for Apache PHF holes, by ChezeHead
  7. Credit Card Numbers via Calculators  - How to generate credit card numbers on a TI-82 calculator, by DETHMaster (Jesse Curry)  (Update and Correction)
  8. Paper Evidence  - How to properly destroy paper evidence, by F. Leader
  9. Cellular Programming Data  - More CT-352/3, CP-170, Technophone 901, CT-100/101/200/201, EZ400 NAM programming notes, by Threc (Dustin Darcy)
  10. Downsizing Insurance  - How to avoid being fired and collecting "payback" data, by Hans Gegen
  11. Letters  - Letters That Don't Suck
  12. How to Hack Tech Support  - How to talk on the phone, by Dennis Fiery (Knightmare)
  13. Letter from Prison  - Letter from Agent Steal
  14. The Other Kevin Book  - Review of the book Jonathan Littman's The Watchman, by Noam Chomski
  15. 2600 Marketplace
  16. How to Legally Use a Red Box  - Use red box tones to control things, by Kingpin
  17. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 14, Number 2 (Summer 1997)

  1. The Neverending Story  - Editorial
  2. Cable Modem Security Holes  - Monitoring cable modem traffic, by Sciri (Sean Sosik-Hamor, Twitter, Pelham, New Hampshire)
  3. GSM Comes to North America  - Detailed overview of the GSM cellular phone system, by Phiber Optik (Mark Abene)
  4. The Wonders of Net2Phone  - How to use Net2Phone, by tersIan
  5. Those Pesky Mylar Strips  - Info on the mylar strips in currency, by Dave Mathews
  6. Fortezza: The Next Clipper?  - Sensational overview of a new encryption protocol, by Seraf
  7. Fast-Food Phun  - Harassing fast food drive-thru operators, by VaxBuster (Info)
  8. Tricks and Treats of the AUTOVON  - How to use AUTOVON, by N-Tolerant
  9. Omnipoint in New York City  - List of Omnipoint cell sites in NY, by Syringe
  10. Letters  - Lucky Letters
  11. Defeating HTTP Access Control  - How to defeat web blocking, by Ryan (Ryan Nelson)  (Code: 401-grope.txt)
  12. The Ins-and-Outs of MetroCard Gold  - Technical details of the MetroCard system, by blueski-mask and the wrapper  (Page 2)
  13. 2600 Marketplace
  14. News Summary
  15. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 14, Number 3 (Fall 1997)

  1. Sobering Facts  - Editorial
  2. Busted! A Complete Guide to Getting Caught  - What to do if you are busted by the feds, by Agent Steal (Contributions and editing by Minor Threat [Chris Lamprecht])
  3. Hacking FedEx  - Overview of FedEx computer systems and security (The Beast = SecurID), by PhranSyS Drak3 (Brian Taylor)
  4. Defeating *67 With Omnipoint  - Defeat caller ID blocking using the Omnipoint GSM network, by TtJ
  5. How to be a Real Dick on IRC  - Hacking and taking over IRC channels, by semiobeing
  6. Brute Forcing the World  - Ideas for brute force password hacking, by ChezeHead
  7. Hacking the Vote  - Potential voting holes and loopholes, by A-Napa Canidate
  8. The E-ZPass System  - Overview of the E-ZPass toll pass system, by Big Brother
  9. Letters  - We Printed Your Letter!
  10. 2600 Marketplace
  11. News Summary
  12. Secrets of Walmart  - Overview of a Walmart phone systems and the different extensions, by Pirho (Gregory Jones, New York, New York, MySpace)
  13. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 14, Number 4 (Winter 1997-1998)

  1. Remember the Future  - Editorial
  2. Your Very Own Backhoe  - Backdoor daemon which copys a rootshell into /tmp, by miff  (Code: backhoe.txt)
  3. The Medical Information Bureau  - Getting medical information from insurance companies, by Crash 24601 (Matt D. Cox)
  4. Some 800-555 Fun  - 800-555 carrier scan, by PorT666 and ChaosMakeR InC.
  5. TCP/IP Basics and Shortcomings  - Overview of TCP/IP and some potential vulnerabilities, by Nathan Dorfman
  6. The Ominous GETS  - Overview of the Government Emergency Telecommunication Service (GETS)
  7. The Potential of Mobil Speedpass  - Info and dissection of a Mobil Speedpass card, by A.M.
  8. Telco/Government Cooperations  - How the government gets a wiretap warrant, by Mr. Opossum  (Page 2)
  9. How to Get Away With Things on GeoCities  - How to hide files on GeoCities to bypass their restrictions, by Champ77 (Website)
  10. The Argentinian Phone System  - Info on the phone system in Argentina, by Derneval (Derneval R. Rodrigues, Brazil)
  11. How to Hack a Virtual Pet  - How to hack and experiment with "virtual" pets, by MiLtRoNi
  12. Letters  - Letters to Captivate You
  13. Spying on Yahoo  - 1,000 random Yahoo! search strings captured via a security hole  (URL: av.yahoo.com/bin/query?)
  14. Hack Your Head  - Overview of legal stimulants and drugs, by Met-Enkeph (Evan Eveland)
  15. Noggin Cracking  - Cracking software without any tools and just using your brain, by Fidel Castro
  16. Sun's Nasty Little List  - Sun Microsystem's "Denied and Restricted Parties List" (i.e. no sales) list  (Page 2, Page 3)
  17. 2600 Marketplace
  18. 2600 Meetings


Stop the Lies ---> Murder Emmanuel Goldstein

Stop the Profiteering ---> Murder Emmanuel Goldstein

Save Your Healthcare ---> Murder Emmanuel Goldstein

Save Your Freedom ---> Murder Emmanuel Goldstein

Save Your Neighborhood ---> Murder Emmanuel Goldstein

Save the Constitution ---> Murder Emmanuel Goldstein

Save the Internet ---> Murder Emmanuel Goldstein

Destroy the 1% ---> Murder Emmanuel Goldstein

Prevent Your City from Turning into a Third-World Shithole Like New York City ---> Murder Emmanuel Goldstein


Spread the Wealth ---> Murder Emmanuel Goldstein

  $2600 Magazine Volume 15, Number 1 (Spring 1998)

  1. Message Sent  - Editorial
  2. The Defense Switched Network  - Info on the Defense Switched Network, by DataStorm
  3. More on Military Phones  - Info on military phone systems, by Archive
  4. The Mysteries of SIPRNET  - Overview of the Secure Internet Protocol Router (SIPR) network, by the Ruiner (Ian Reddy, Canada)
  5. ANI2 - The Adventure Continues  - List of ANI II codes, by vandal
  6. Eggdropping  - How IRC eggdrops work, by Tempest  (Partial)
  7. Naming Exchanges  - How old phone exchanges were named, by Jeff Vorzimmer (Texas)
  8. Hack the Hardware  - Hacking SuperStack hubs, by Sadena Meti (David Emiley)
  9. Day of the Office Assault  - Office pranks, by MRGALAXY  (Code: office.bs)
  10. Defeating CyberPatrol  - How to bypass CyberPatrol, by Franz Kafka
  11. CGI Flaws  - Security flaws in CGI scripts, by Friedo (Mike Friedman)
  12. A Brief History of Postal Hacking  - Funny history of free mail, by Alien Time Agent, Seraf, and Waldo
  13. Letters
  14. Hacking a BBS with DOS  - BBS security, by Section8
  15. How to Get the Better of Best Buy  - Best Buy computer network info, by Mbuna
  16. Setting up UNIX Trapdoors  - How to hide your entry on UNIX systems, by Nathan Dorfman (Email #2)
  17. 2600 Marketplace
  18. Not a Secret  - Military can't figure out DOS
  19. News Update
  20. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 15, Number 2 (Summer 1998)

  1. Lies  - Editorial
  2. Where Long-Distance Charges Come From  - Detailed tabulation of where long-distance phone charges come from, by The Prophet (Babu Mengelepouti)
  3. Facts About Cable Modems  - Technical info on cable ISPs and modems, by jeremy
  4. What is ICA?  - Overview of the Citrix Independent Computing Architecture thin-client protocol, by Democritus "Father of Materialism"
  5. A Newbie Guide to NT4.0  - Beginner guide to Windows NT 4.0, by Konceptor  (Similar Article)
  6. Build a Modem Diverter  - Divert an incoming modem line to another line, by digital/Digital
  7. The Tyranny of Project LUCID  - Info on Advanced Technologies' LUCID "international justice" computer system, by Tom Modern
  8. Hacking Lasertag  - Hacking the LaserStorm games, by johnk
  9. Fun With Java  - Playing around with JavaScript, by Ray Dios Haque
  10. Millenium Payphones  - Overview of Nortel Millenium payphones, by Phluck  (Similar Article)
  11. How to Hack Your ISP  - Overview of some basic UNIX security and expolits, by Krellis
  12. Gameguru Hacking  - How to hack the demo copy of Game Guru, by Axon
  13. Letters
  14. Fingerpainting at the Precinct  - Story of being fingerprinted at the NYPD 44th Precinct and the computer system they used, by The IMC
  15. Inter-Tel Phone Systems  - Hacking Inter-Tel phone systems, by Sundance Bean
  16. Security Through "Secure"  - Program to watch process IDs, by kasper  (Code: secure.c)
  17. Tips on Generating Fake ID  - Info on getting or making fake IDs, by DrNick (Ben Polen)
  18. More on DSN  - Overview of the Defense Switched Network, by Dr. Seuss of the OCPP
  19. 2600 Marketplace
  20. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 15, Number 3 (Fall 1998)

  1. Progress  - Editorial
  2. Homemade TCP Packets  - Code for a TCP spoofer in Perl, by miff  (Code: lego.txt)
  3. Socket Programming for Fun and Profit  - Beginner info and code for TCP/IP socket programming, by darknite
  4. Blasting Sound  - Simple shell script for generating annoying audio, by Slatan
  5. Back Orifice Tutorial  - How to use and install Back Orifice, by skwp (Yan Pritzker)
  6. How to Probe a Remote Network  - Port scanning overview, by Armageddon
  7. Hack Your Console  - Hacking video game consoles and making game backups, by m0tion (James Wiggins, Email, Columbia, South Carolina)
  8. Cushioned Encryption and Deniability  - Overview of different encryption techniques, by Phunda Mental
  9. The Backyard Phreaker  - Beginner phreaking info and terminal box information, by D-Recz
  10. Expanding Caller ID Storage  - Increase the memory on a CIDCO caller ID box, by Datum Fluvius
  11. CLLI Codes Explained  - Info on the Bellcore Common Language Location Identification (CLLI) codes, by Crossbar
  12. Hacking RESNET  - Hacking Residence Hall Networks on a college campus, by jk
  13. Letters
  14. Screwing With Blockbuster Video  - Messing with Blockbuster, by Hiemlich VonScontertraus the 53rd
  15. Screwing With MovieFone  - Messing with MovieFone, by thirdhorse (Chris Miller)
  16. Screwing With Radio Shack & Compaq  - Messing with Radio Shack and Compaq, by Informagnet
  17. Trunking Communications Monitoring  - Monitoring information for trunked radio communications, by TELEgodzilla
  18. More on SIPRnet  - Info on the government's Secure Internet Protocol Router network, by Ex-Eleven (John Tate)
  19. 2600 Marketplace
  20. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 15, Number 4 (Winter 1998-1999)

  1. The Victor Spoiled  - Editorial
  2. Mitnick Update  - Kevin Mitnick news update
  3. A Touch Memory Primer  - Detailed overview of Dallas iButton touch memory device, by Kingpin  (Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6)
  4. The Facts of SSN  - Social Security number info and prefix guide, by Kermit the Hog
  5. A Guide to VMS'pionage  - Hacking OpenVMS, by EZ Freeze
  6. Samba: Lion King or Software Suite?  - Overview and security of Samba shares and the SMB protocol, by VmasterX (Ron Belcher)
  7. Copper Pair Color Coding  - 25-pair color code, by Catatonic Dismay
  8. A Security Hole at S-CWIS  - Computer security holes in Student Campus Wide Information Service, by Phineas Phreak  (Bryan Finger)
  9. Pocket Connectivity for Frugal Hackers  - Hacking with the Sharp Zaurus 3500X, by Mr. Curious
  10. Fun With Netware 5  - Hacking Novell Netware 5, by Khyron (Claude Johnson)
  11. Become a Radio Ninja  - Radio hacking and how to get your ham license, by Javaman (Adam O'Donnell)
  12. Cable Modem Security  - MAC address security with cable modems , by Fencer (Dr. Faubert)
  13. How to Handle the Media  - How not to be stupid like Manny Golddigger, by nex
  14. 800-555 Carriers  - 1-800-555-XXXX carrier scan, by MSD
  15. Letters  - NON SPAM
  16. Why Anonymous Phone Cards Aren't  - Laws that can reveal phone card info and FBI testimony
  17. The Cryptography of Today  - Modern computer encryption, by kriminal 3nigma
  18. Hacking the Atcom Cyberbooth  - Hacking airport kiosks, by Fever
  19. Le Firewall  - How firewalls work and Checkpoint Firewall-1 3.0b information, by Black Ice
  20. Phreaking in the Midwest  - Phreaking story and information for Midwest states, by deth6 of the Bullz On Parade
  21. How to Hide From Netscape  - Clearing your Netscape web browser cache and history, by J.P. (John Pierce "J.P." Cummins)
  22. 2600 Marketplace
  23. 2600 Meetings



    Number of crimes documented : 2
     Number of meals documented : 42


     Number of good articles : 2
      Number of TinyPedoAds® : 42

  $2600 Magazine Volume 16, Number 1 (Spring 1999)

  1. The Big Time  - Editorial
  2. Tracking Your Vehicles with AVI & ETTM  - Detailed info on Electronic Tolls and Traffic Managemen (ETTM) toll systems, by Thomas Icom  (Similar Article)
  3. Cracking the Time-Banc System  - Hacking the Time-Banc employee time system and its default password, by johnk
  4. A Retail Target  - Overview of the Target retail store computer systems, by Luna
  5. Wreaking Havoc with NetBus  - Take control of a remote host using NetBus, by Sikdogg
  6. More Socket Programming for Fun/Profit  - Overview and code examples for socket programming and code for a Win95 netbios nuker, by darknite
  7. Internet Peering  - Info and politics on "behind-the-scenes" Internet linking, by The Prophet
  8. Fun with Tripwire  - How to bypass the Tripwire checksum-based computer security system, by Estragon
  9. A Hacker's Guide to Getting Busted  - What to do if you are busted, by Outlawyr (Mark Weissburg, Facebook, Chicago, Illinois)  (Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6)
  10. Letters  - Express Yourself
  11. SS7 Explained  - An overview of Signalling System 7, by Friedo
  12. Network Scanning with NMAP  - man nmap, by rain.forest.puppy (Russell F. Prigogine)
  13. News Update  - Various news bits
  14. Hacking a Sony Playstation  - Installing a Playstation mod chip so it will play copied games, by Flack  (Rob O'Hara, Yukon, Oklahoma, DOB: 08/22/1973)
  15. 2600 Marketplace
  16. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 16, Number 2 (Summer 1999)

  1. A Culmination of Efforts  - Editorial
  2. Securing Your Linux Box  - Steps to help secure your new Linux installation, by miff
  3. More on SIPRNet  - Overview of the Secret IP Routing Network (SIPRnet) used by the U.S. military, by Happy Harry
  4. Hacking AS/400  - Discusses the IBM AS/400 mainframe including pre-set user IDs, default password policy and some useful commands, by radiat
  5. Fun at Costco  - Hacking Costco's AS/400, by nux
  6. Brute Forcer for Tracer  - Brute forcer for Tracer unit control hardware found at most big stores, by J-lite
  7. Broad Band via the Earth  - Broadband radio/data transmissions using the Earth as a conductor, by saint (David)
  8. Secrets of Copy Protection  - How various hardware and software copy protection schemes work, by root access (Data War)
  9. How Parents Spy on Their Children  - Computer usage spy programs and One Tough Computer Cop software, by Demonologist
  10. The Future of IPV6  - How IPv6 works in comparison to IPv4, by rift
  11. Letters  - Chatter
  12. How to Keep Parents From Spying  - Tips minors can use to prevent parents from monitoring their activities, by JediMaster666 (Phillip Benoit)
  13. Food for Your Brain  - Finding personal info about people using info available from things like IRC, by DJ Tazz
  14. Adventures With Neighborhood Gates  - How security gates in gated communities work, by jaundice
  15. Internal Hacking  - Story of a person hacking an internal computer system to try and get a raise, by Zenstick
  16. Batch vs. Interactive  - Overview of the different types of computer processing systems, by StankDawg (David Blake)
  17. Manipulating the Aspect  - Hacking the Aspect ACD call center system, by HyTeK
  18. Pushbutton Lock Hacking  - Info on Benton T2 model DL2700 and DL2750 push-button locks, by Clawz
  19. 2600 Marketplace
  20. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 16, Number 3 (Fall 1999)

  1. Slow Motion  - Editorial
  2. Upload Bombing  - Web server attacks by expoiting CGI holes, by Ulf of VSU
  3. Killing a File  - How to throughly remove a file from a computer, by THX1138
  4. The Terrorist of Orange, Texas  - Story from Texas about a high school student labeled a potential "terrorist," by The Abstruse One (Jason Byrons)
  5. ITS Prison Phones  - Info about the Inmate Telephone System, by ElecRage (John Schang)
  6. Infiltrating MediaOne  - Cracking MediaOne Express - the password is "password," by Lobo The Duck
  7. Palmpilot's Canadian Red Box  - PalmPilot program for red box tones, by CYB0RG/ASM
  8. Forging Ping Packets  - C source code to forge ICMP requests, by /bin/laden  (Similar Code: echospoof.c)
  9. Trunking Communications Monitoring - Part 2  - More info on monitoring trunked radio systems, by TELEgodzilla
  10. Internet Radio Stations  - Running a Internet "radio" station, by -theJestre- (Chris Marland)
  11. Quantum Hacking  - Info on quantum computer hacking and the OpenQubit project, by skwp  (PDF)  (Code: OpenQubit-0.2.0.tar.gz)
  12. Protel COCOTS  - Info on Protel COCOT payphones, by HeadTrip
  13. Assorted Disney Fun / More Disney Fun  - Disney crap, by Hacks and Madjestr
  14. Letters  - Enunciations
  15. An Overview of Cellemetry  - Wireless telemetry technology designed to monitor, control, and track anything that is worth being monitored, controlled, and tracked, by Jinx (Johnny)
  16. Solaris x86 for Plants  - Install Solaris on a Intel x86-base system, by Javaman
  17. Eleetisms  - How to talk like an idiot, by Hex (Jarrod Eyamie)
  18. 2600 Marketplace
  19. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 16, Number 4 (Winter 1999-2000)

  1. Violence, Vandals, Victims  - Editorial
  2. Accessing Forbidden NTFS Drives  - Circumvent security on a Windows NT machine, by NUMBERSYX (Chris Stoddard)
  3. Security Through NT? Not Likely  - Security holes in Windows NT and Microsoft networking, by Kurruppt2k (DOB: 05/01/1986)  (Similar Info)
  4. Countermeasures Revisited  - Use a milliwatt plant test number and inductive probe to find phone taps or extensions, by Seuss
  5. DATUs - The Tool of the New Age Phreak  - Detailed info on Harris DATUs, by MMX  (Supplemental Files)
  6. Messing With Staples  - Harassing old ladies at a Staples store, by Maverick(212)
  7. I Own Your Car!  - Car company story and infiltrating a "restricted" area (Chrysler PT Cruiser), by Slatan
  8. Telco-Babble  - Phone wiring color and bundle info, by Android
  9. An Intro to Paging Networks and POCSAG/FLEX Interception  - Monitoring pager networks, by Black Axe
  10. Hack the Media  - Fighting today's media con artists and trying to get the truth out, by Jim Nieken
  11. Letters  - People Who Can't Keep Quiet
  12. How to Create New Urban Legends  - Creating your own myths and urban legends and how people manipulate the truth, by Jim Johnstone
  13. Hacking Explorer (the car)  - Hacking Ford Explorers' keyless entry system, by Bob
  14. Net Nanny Nonsense  - How Net Nanny works and stuff, by Raz
  15. Why Redboxing Doesn't Work  - Death of Automated Coin Toll Service (ACTS), by The Prophet
  16. Spoofing Call Waiting ID  - Send fake caller ID info during call waiting phase, by Lucky225 (Jered Morgan, Google Profile)
  17. The Sprint Integrated On Demand Network  - Info on Sprint's Integrated On Demand (ION), by Prototype Zero
  18. Understanding Microsoft Exchange  - Overview of Microsoft's Exchange server and potential exploits, by PayLay
  19. 2600 Marketplace
  20. 2600 Meetings



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  $2600 Magazine Volume 17, Number 1 (Spring 2000)

  1. The Next Chapter  - Editorial  (css-auth.tar.gz)
  2. A Taste of Freedom  - Post-prison letter from Kevin Mitnick, by Kevin Mitnick  (Picture 1, Picture 2)
  3. How to Stay a Sysadmin  - Tips for computer system admins to prevent burnout, by Shade (Paul A. Watson)
  4. Military Computer Secrets  - Miltary computer (NALCOMIS) tidbits, by Suicidal
  5. Securing Web Sites With ASP  - ASP code to secure a web page, by guinsu
  6. Still More on SIPRnet  - More info on SIPRnet and some of the hardware used, by Phrostbyte (Kevin Wahl)
  7. Finding and Exploiting Bugs  - Searching software and code for potential bugs and security holes, by Astroman66 (Andrew Lance)
  8. All About SecurID  - Overview of SecurID, by magus (Steven Beverly)  (Page 2)
  9. SecurID  - Info on the protocol and real-world usage, by xenox  (Page 2)
  10. Your Internet Birthday  - Fake birthdays, by The Cheshire Catalyst
  11. Make Spammers Work For You  - Spamming spammers - "human ping of death," by Chatreaux
  12. Taking Advantage of All Advantage  - Exploiting the All Advantage system which pays you to surf the Internet, by silicon kill
  13. AT&T's Gaping Hole  - Free phone service with AT&T wireless service, by Jinx
  14. Cellular Networks Detailed  - Detailed info on various cellular protocols, by EchoMirage
  15. Letters  - We're Listening
  16. How PSX Copy Protection Works  - How Playstation copy protection works, by Lord Xarph (Tod Weitzel)
  17. Fun at Circuit City  - Harass old ladies at Circuit City, by ccsucks
  18. How to Build a Coffee Box  - Combine a beige and brown box, by skrooyoo  (Page 2)
  19. The Sprint PCS Network  - Tech info on the Sprint PCS cellular network, by ~sn0crash
  20. How to Get Banned From Your ISP  - How to be stupid, by Mandark
  21. Build, Don't Buy, Your Next Computer  - How to build a computer a quality computer system, by bober
  22. How Does That DSS Card Really Work?  - Tech info on DirecTV cards, by Phredog
  23. 2600 Marketplace
  24. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 17, Number 2 (Summer 2000)

  1. Madness  - Editorial
  2. The Art of System Profiling  - Indentifying operating systems and networks on the Internet, by Thuull
  3. A Brief Intro to Biometrics  - Overview of on biometric-based physical security systems, by Cxi~
  4. Fun With TDOC  - Information on the Tennessee Department of Corrections computer network and the TOMIS system, by Anonymous
  5. Strange Abuses For Your Home Phone  - Info on a Conair HAC SW8260 phone, by Static (Brandon Malzahn)
  6. More Advantages of All Advantage  - More info on All Advantage and how to disable ads, by KireC
  7. Over the Verizon?  - List of Internet domains registered by Verizon
  8. Securing ASP: A Deeper Cut  - How to secure ASP-based websites, by AgentK (Kent Tegels)
  9. Jello Biafra: Hacker Ambassador  - Clueless, rich, hypocritical, media whore - sounds just like Manny Golddigger, by princessopensource (Shana Skaletsky)
  10. Hacking the Three Holed Payphone  - Old payphone hacks and information, by Munzenfernsprechermann
  11. Packet Analysis and Header Sniffers  - Packet sniffing infomation and low-level Internet protocol overview, by Javaman  (Code: headers.c)
  12. Letters  - Dangerous Thought Section
  13. A Simple Hex Hack  - Registry hex editing (date editing) and the tools to use, by Zarathustra
  14. Secrets of Dell  - Secrets of Dell tech support, by Deamtime
  15. How Domains Are Stolen  - The potential for domain name hijacking, by Crim, Redomega
  16. Playing With Dominos  - Explaining some of the more confusing points about Lotus Notes, by Dr. Clue
  17. Java Applet Hacking  - Exploit password protected web pages via information revealed inside a Java archive, by Xprotocol
  18. The Privacy Box  - Prevent phone extension pick up, by obitus  (Page 2)
  19. A Student's Privacy Security Survey  - Survey of private student information at various colleges and how it is protected, by Pip Macki (Mike S.)
  20. 2600 Marketplace
  21. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 17, Number 3 (Fall 2000)

  1. A Summer of Trials  - Editorial
  2. Kernel Modification Using LKMs  - Modifying a running Linux kernel using loadable modules, by dalai (Josh D.)
  3. How to Hack CyberTime Software   - Admin password hack for CyberTime - a Internet usage time management system, by Waphle
  4. Target Advertising  - Advertising notes and how advertising can be seen as propaganda, by Hieimlich VonScootertraus the 53rd
  5. An Introduction to Sprint ION  - Overview of Sprint's Integrated On Demand (ION) Network voice and data system, by The Prophet  (Similar Article)
  6. The GeoSpatial Revolution  - Using Geographical Information Systems and the data they provide, by Silvio Manuel
  7. Anomaly Detection Systems  - Using active intrusion detection systems, by Thuull
  8. Hunting the Paper Carnivore  - A look at the FBI's "Carnivore" email scanning system and how it infringes on our rights, by BrotherBen
  9. The Making of a Pseudo Felon  - Hacking story of a person caught scanning for "codes," by Brent Ranney
  10. Flaws in Outsourced ECommerce Systems  - Potential security problems with E-commerce sites, by Dean Swift
  11. Letters  - Reader Droppings
  12. Finding a Target Using DNS Lookups  - man nslookup, by fU9A5i
  13. Another Way to Defeat URL Filters  - Use a host's decimal equivalent to bypass filters, by ASM_dood  (Similar Article)
  14. Accessing Federal Court Records  - Getting access to various court records and the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) systems, by Iconoclast
  15. Zone Scanning  - Tips for scanning an entire network by only chosing the "important" machines, by DEFT  (Code: zonescan.pl)
  16. DeCSS in Words  - DeCSS is protected speech but the Pledge of Allegiance is not - figure that one out!  (Gallery of CSS Descramblers)
  17. Build a Car Computer   - Build a computer/MP3 system for your car, by Megatron
  18. 2600 Marketplace
  19. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 17, Number 4 (Winter 2000-2001)

  1. Direction  - Editorial
  2. Introduction to Snooping Around  - Overview of basic Internet host snooping and network probing, by copycat
  3. BellSouth's Mobitex Network  - Info on Mobitex wireless data networks, by Dspanky (Dave)
  4. An Introduction to Radio Scanning  - Detailed guide to the basics of radio scanners, searching for new frequencies, and signal analysis, by Sam Morse
  5. More Java Fun  - Messing with Java and trying to obtain passwords via <PARAM>, by FaultySignal9
  6. Sub7 - Usage, Prevention, Removal  - Info on the Sub7 script kiddie remote administration trojan program, by CaS
  7. Get Anyone's Credit Report For Free  - Getting (other people's) credit card reports, by Ranaldo
  8. Microsoft's Hook and Sinker  - Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) info and questions, by LeXeR
  9. Hacking an NT Domain from the Desktop  - Messing with Windows NT, by Hi_RISC
  10. The DVD Paper Chain  - DVD manufacturing info, by Common Knowledge
  11. Polymorphism Script  - Polymorphism Perl code, by xdroop (David Mackintosh, Ottawa, Canada Twitter)
  12. Letters  - Postal Prose
  13. Confusing ANI and Other Phone Tricks  - Operator diversion and other tricks, by Lucky225  (Page 2)
  14. Jury Nullification and The Hacker  - Jury tricks and why hackers can make good jurists, by Also Sprach Zarathustra
  15. Cop Proof Laptops  - Police car laptop computers, by Common Knowledge
  16. Radio Shack's Newest Giveaway  - :CueCat info and usage tips, by canyoumatrix
  17. Dissecting Shaw's Systems  - Cash register info for Shaw's supermarkets and manager login information, by Sect0r F4ilure
  18. Hacking Free ISPs Using WinDump  - Hacking free dial-up ISPs and viewing the login information with WinDump, by rya
  19. 2600 Marketplace
  20. 2600 Meetings


"Psst...  Hey Kevin!  Listen to me and we can both pull in six-figures a year by scaring teenaged boys."

  $2600 Magazine Volume 18, Number 1 (Spring 2001)

  1. Signs of Hope  - Editorial
  2. Police Searches of Computers  - Procedure for police searches and warrants, by Todd Garrison (Denver, Colorado, MySpace, Band Info)
  3. The Future of PKI  - Overview of the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for credit and smart cards, by Elite158
  4. PHP/CGI Vulnerabilities and Abuses  - Common security holes with PHP and Perl scripts, by L14
  5. Breaking the Windows Script Encoder  - How to defeat the Windows Script Encoder (screnc.exe), by Mr. Brownstone  (Code: scrdec18.c)
  6. Liberating Advants Terminals  - Bugs in Advants Internet kiosks, by Loki
  7. A Romp Through System Security  - Overview of locally and remotely securing your Linux system, by Lumikant with help from Zarium
  8. Hacking QuickAid Internet Stations  - Bugs in QuickAid Internet kiosks, by Durkeim the Withered God
  9. The Billboard Liberation Front  - People with too much time on their hands
  10. Computing with the Fabric of Reality  - Overview of quantum-based computers and their applications for defeating public-key crypto, by Chris Silva aka Sarah Jane Smith
  11. Letters  - SMS
  12. Secrets of Electronic Shelf Labels  - Overview of supermarket LCD price labels, by Trailblazer (Paul)
  13. Anomaly Detection Systems, Part II  - Intrusion detection under Linux, by Thuull
  14. The Anna Kournikova Virus  - Overview of the Anna Kournikova Virus, by 6M AL
  15. Declawing Your :CueCat  - Removing the serial number from your :CueCat, by Lunius
  16. Scum  - Realistic-looking "fake" bill
  17. "Takedown" Taken Down  - Only $2600 Magazine can distort the truth about Kevin Mitnick and profit from him, by Emmanuel Golddigger  (Scan: Page 1, Page 2)
  18. 2600 Marketplace
  19. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 18, Number 2 (Summer 2001)

  1. The Broken Wheels of Justice  - Editorial
  2. What is Carnivore, Really?  - Overview of the Carnivore FBI program, by Achilles Outlaw, Ph.D.
  3. Extra Polymorphic Worms  - Info and code on polymorphic worms and viruses, by Dr. Leovinus
  4. Everything Your Parents Told You About ESS Was a Lie  - Wow!  A good phone article!, by dalai  (Page 2, Page 3)
  5. Michigan Memos  - Internal memos from Ameritech and Ford
  6. How to Become a Hacker Saint  - Wow!  A stupid article!, by J-Fast
  7. Misconceptions About TCP Wrappers  - Using and securing tcp_wrappers, by Golden_Eternity (Blake R. Swopes, Simi Valley, California)
  8. Hacking an NT 4 Domain from the Desktop - Revisited  - Hacking Windows NT 4, by Hi_Risc aka ASB  (Code: nt4.txt)
  9. Popular Myths on Password Authentication  - How to chose secure passwords, by Stephen Thomas
  10. Exploring HPUX Password Schemes  - Info and code for cracking HPUX 10.x passwords, by Alex
  11. Letters  - The Inbox
  12. AOL At School  - Overview of the AOL at School program, by The Datapharmer
  13. Fun With Fortres  - Messing with Fortres 101 Windows security program, by Amatus (David Barksdale)  (DeFortres.zip)
  14. AT&T At Home  - Info on AT&T @Home Internet services, by m0rtis (Daniel R. Wright)
  15. The New AT&T Network  - Info on the AT&T long-distance network, by Lucky225
  16. Tell Me; Uses and Abuses  - Using and abusing the Tell Me wake up call services, by Screamer Chaotix  (Bridgeport, Connecticut, Email #1, Email #2, Hackermind, Frequency Archive)
  17. Snooping the Stack  - Snooping around the Internet, by ThinkT4nk (Ryan McGowan, St. Louis, Missouri)
  18. 2600 Marketplace
  19. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 18, Number 3 (Fall 2001)

  1. Consequences  - Editorial
  2. Deconstructing a Fortres  - Hacking Fortres 101 version 4, by Acidus (Billy Hoffman)
  3. Passport Hacking  - Security vulnerability in Microsoft Passport, by Chris Shiflett
  4. How to Decrypt DirecTV  - How to decode DirecTV satellite signals using H-cards, by Clovis (Louis Edward Trumpbour)
  5. Code Red 2  - Remotely accessing Code Red infected machines, by Braddock Gaskill (Baltimore, Maryland)
  6. The Ultimate DRM Hack  - Overview of the different types of Digital Rights Managment (DRM) systems, by The Walrus
  7. DecloQing Copy Protection  - Assholes in Canada stealing from the U.S. - then bragging about it, by Pack Rat Sam
  8. Hacking Time  - Dialup time clock machines, by HoTsAbI
  9. Myths about TCP Spoofing  - Some myths surrounding IP spoofing attacks, by Grandmaster Plague (Evan Sparks)
  10. Playing with Qwest DSL  - Overview of Qwest DSL Internet service, by phobik
  11. Defeating Intrusion Detection Systems  - Scripts for defeatings an IDS, by SnakeByte (Eric Sesterhenn)
  12. Letters  - Fine Print
  13. Compromising Internet Appliances  - Hacking Internet connected household appliances, by Plex Inphiniti
  14. An Introduction to ARP Spoofing  - Good overview of ARP spoofing, by Sean Whalen  (PDF)
  15. Offset Hacking  - In-memory hex editing of Everquest, by Darbyersh
  16. The Invisible Box  - Defeat telephone in-use lights, by Lucky225
  17. Bypassing Cisco Router Passwords  - How to bypass the passwords on a Cisco 2500/2600 router, by Nickels 1  (Additional Info)
  18. Hacking Retail Hardware  - Hacking point-of-sale terminals, by dual_parallel (Mike, Phoenix, Arizona)
  19. Hacking Kodak Picture Maker  - Hack a Kodak picture kiosk, by deadkode
  20. Netjacking for Complete Idiots  - Hijacking 802.11b connections, by Dark Overlord of the DoC (Peter Shipley)
  21. Exploiting Intelligent Peripherals  - HP JetDirect printer hacking, by Screamer Chaotix
  22. 2600 Marketplace
  23. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 18, Number 4 (Winter 2001-2002)

  1. 2001-2002  - Editorial
  2. The Security of the Inferno OS  - Security sematics of Vita Nuova's Inferno OS, by dalai
  3. Black Ice Defender - a Personal Firewall  - Overview and install how-to for Black Ice Defender, by Suicidal_251
  4. The Future of Enhanced 911  - Implementing cellular E911 and GPS location, by Wumpus Hunter
  5. Behind the Scenes on a Web Page  - Very detailed overview of how a web server works and the client/server relationship, by angelazaharia (Angela Zaharia)
  6. Cracking Clever Content  - How to bypass Clever Content, by Tokachu
  7. Right Click Suppression  - Code to add right-click suppression to your webpage and how to bypass it, by Rob Rohan  (Similar Article)
  8. Fun with Radio Shack  - Info on Radio Shack Internet kiosks, by Cunning Linguist (Jeff Strauss)
  9. Building a Floppy Based Router  - Small router on a floppy with Coyote Linux, by netfreak
  10. Build a Wooden Computer  - Build a wood computer case, by Elite158 (Joerg Kurt Wegner)
  11. Harnessing the Airwaves  - Introduction and overview of low-power "pirate" radio, by Mark12085 (Mark)
  12. Secrets of Rogers @Home  - Behind the scenes at @Home, by Gr@ve_Rose (Sean Murray-Ford)
  13. Basics on Answering Machine Hacking  - More information on hacking answering machines, by horrid  (Code: 2digits.txt, 3digits.txt)
  14. Letters  - Still Legal Thoughts
  15. Hacking the Highway  - Hacking those trailer road signs, by mennonite  (Page 2)
  16. How to Hack from a Ram Disk  - Setting up and running programs in a RAM disk, by Nv
  17. Hacking with Samba  - Hacking Samba servers, by dknfy  (Page 2)
  18. Fun Facts About Walmart  - Walmart customer terminals and pharmacy computers, by A.W.M.
  19. IIS - Far from Unhackable  - Finding and hacking Microsoft web servers, by xile
  20. Examining Student Databases  - Security checking university student databases, by Screamer Chaotix
  21. 2600 Marketplace
  22. 2600 Meetings

"Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders.  That is easy.  All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger.  It works the same in any country."

--- Hermann Goering, Hitler's designated successor, before being sentenced to death at the Nuremberg trials. ($2600 Vol 19, No. 4)


Looks pretty fucking real to me!

$2600 Enterprises, Inc.    ---    Putting Profit Before People Since 1984.

  $2600 Magazine Volume 19, Number 1 (Spring 2002)

  1. Time To Care  - Editorial
  2. Transaction Based Systems  - Overview and security in computer based transaction systems, by StankDawg
  3. How to Regain Privacy on the Net  - Stopping cookies, web bugs, spyware, etc., by Boris Loza
  4. Stupid Google Tricks  - How to search using Google, by Particle Bored (Cory Bys)
  5. Neat Stuff with Switchboard.com  - Searching for private information with Switchboard.com, by Cunning Linguist
  6. Poor Man's 3D  - How to make cheap 3D glasses for use in WinAmp, by diabolik  (Source Code)
  7. Appletalk Security Secrets  - Security on AppleTalk networks, by Steven Kreuzer
  8. The Definitive Guide to Phreak Boxes  - Brief overview of phone phreak's "color" boxes, by Elf Qrin (Valerio Capello)
  9. The Bungee Box  - Very simple beige box, by Captain B
  10. CampusWide Wide Open  - Very good article on the CampusWide ID card, by Acidus
  11. Idiocy in the Telcos  - Confusion with today's phone companies, by The Cheshire Catalyst
  12. Letters  - Backtalk
  13. Creative Cable Modem Configuration  - Cable modem and DOCIS information, by Pankaj Arora
  14. Fun Password Facts  - Different password combinations, by hairball (New Kensington, Pennsylvania)
  15. Defeating Network Address Translation  - Routing ports behind a NAT, by g00gleminer
  16. NSI Abuse  - Network Solutions not following their own rules, by Chris Byrnes  (Phonelosers Domain Takeover Info)
  17. The Threat of a Lazy Admin  - Secure both sides of your network, by Javier O. (Javier Ortega)
  18. A Script for the Right Click Suppressed  - Example script to block right-clicks, by Pete  (Code)
  19. Retail Hardware Revisited  - Kmart rules, by dual_parallel
  20. More Radio Shack Facts  - Internet connection and store information at Radio Shack, by c3llph
  21. 2600 Marketplace
  22. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 19, Number 2 (Summer 2002)

  1. Fair Use and Abuse  - Editorial
  2. The Comprehensive Guide to 802.11b Wireless Networks  - Good overview of WiFi networks, by Dragorn (Michael Kershaw)  (Alternate)
  3. How to Break Through a Proxy or Firewall  - How to break through a firewall, by unformed
  4. A Nasty NT Bug  - How to kill a NT machine, by HJH  (Code: nasty_nt_bug.c)
  5. A Look Back  - Story of old hacker days, by Dufu (Joe Agro, Millington, New Jersey)
  6. Grab That Cache  - View images in your browser's cache, by David Nicol (Kansas City, Missouri)  (Code: grabcache.txt)
  7. The End of an Era  - The end of red boxing, by Lucky225
  8. NCR ATMs - Aurum Ex Machina  - Info on NCR ATM computers, by Acidus  (Additional Info: NCR-ATM.pdf, Tranax Mini-Bank 1500 Manual)
  9. The Afghan Phone System  - The phone system in Afghanistan, by Iconoclast
  10. Yet Another Way to Defeat URL Filters  - Program to bypass URL filtering, by ThermoFish (James Wood, Bristow, Virginia)  (Code: host2dec.c)
  11. Getting Into Cisco Routers  - Attacking Cisco routers, by Grandmaster Plague
  12. A New Era of Telecommunications Surveillance  - Overview of telecommunications surveillance, by The Prophet
  13. Web Server Discovery Tool  - Scanner for websites, by Boris Loza (Toronto, Canada)  (Code: tws.txt)
  14. Letters  - Input
  15. Your Eyes Have Just Been Sold  - Info on web ads, by docburton
  16. Dumpster Diving: One Man's Trash  - How to dig through garbage, by Grifter (Salt Lake City, Utah)
  17. Mind Tricks  - How to intimidate people, by Tazz Shippensburg
  18. Review: Hacker Culture  - Review of Douglas Thomas' Hacker Culture, by Ben McCorkle (Marion, Ohio)
  19. CBDTPA: Yet Another Privacy Concern  - Info on the Consumer Broadband and Digital Television Promotion Act, by area_51
  20. Null Sessions and Enumeration  - Info on Windows null sesssions, by AcidFlame
  21. 2600 Marketplace
  22. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 19, Number 3 (Fall 2002)

  1. Freedom's Biggest Enemy  - Editorial
  2. Lawfully Authorized Electronic Surveillance  - Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act overview and notes, by Mystic (Andrew Lowe, Santa Cruz, California)
  3. The Mysterious World of the LERG  - Definitions of some Local Exchange Routing Guide (LERG) terms, by Tom Morrow 3.0
  4. Telezapper, Telemarketers, and the TCPA  - How to stop telemarketers, by bland_inquisitor  (Alternate)
  5. A Password Grabbing Attempt  - Login screen password grabber, by Gr@ve_Rose  (Code: passgrab.txt)
  6. Advanced Password Recovery  - Password cracking tips, by Galahad  (PDF)
  7. Fun Password Facts Revisited  - sex, god, etc, by kaige
  8. Hacking on Vacation  - Disney World ticket, computer, network information, by Eric
  9. Your Guide to Target  - Target store and cash register computer systems, by Code0
  10. Outsmarting Blockbuster  - Social engineering Blockbuster, by Maniac_Dan (Dan McAloon)
  11. The New Card Up DirecTV's Sleeve  - Info on DirecTV satellite cards, by Mangaburn
  12. The Pewter Box  - Turn an old harddrive into a speaker, by Mark12085
  13. How to Log URL Request Strings  - How to save IE URLs, by LiquidBinary (Mike Leonguerrero)  (Code: ie_spy.c)  (IE_Spy.exe)  (Alternate)
  14. Letters  - Missives
  15. A History of "31337SP34K"  - History of idiot speak, by StankDawg
  16. Hardware Broadband Client Monitoring - an Overview  - Monitoring DSL traffic, by psyk0mantis
  17. How to Set Up a Free (Secure!) Web Server at Home  - Hiding servers on cable/DSL, by Khoder bin Hakkin
  18. A Word of Warning from a Caught Uncapper  - Story of a caught cable modem uncapper, by Kris Olson
  19. Hacking Electronic Message Centers  - Hacking electronic signs, by Mr. Glenn Frog
  20. Breaking Down the DYNIX Door  - How to harass those poor old librarians, by iCe799  (Security Info)
  21. The Current State of E-Commerce Security  - E-commerce security issues, by Derek P. Moore
  22. Review: The Art of Deception  - Review and ego stroking of Kevin Mitnick's The Art of Deception, by Emmanuel Golddigger
  23. 2600 Marketplace
  24. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 19, Number 4 (Winter 2002-2003)

  1. Positivity  - Editorial
  2. Passport Hacking Revisited  - Vulnerability in Microsoft Passport, by Chris Shiflett (Brooklyn, New York, Twitter)
  3. Lazy Exchange Admins  - Security holes in Microsoft Exchange servers, by ddShelby (George M., Savannah, Georgia)
  4. Warspying  - Portable receiver for wireless X10 cameras, by Particle Bored  (Additional Info)
  5. CD Media Data Destruction  - How to destroy CDs, by Gr3y t0qu3
  6. How to Make a DVD Backup  - How to rip, copy, and encode DVDs, by Maniac_Dan  (PDF)
  7. Honeypots: Building the Better Hacker  - Overview of computer honeypots, by Bland Inquisitor  (Alternate)
  8. DNS Redirection Stopped  - VB script to check IP-to-DNS mappings, by c0ld_b00t
  9. More on Telemarketing  - More tricks for defeating telemarketers, by D. Foetus (D.L. Jones)
  10. Cracking Voter Fraud  - How to prevent fake voter registrations, by Kr@kH3d (DFxC, Dominick)
  11. Linux on the XBox  - How to install Linux on an XBox, by Live_wire
  12. Removing Spyware and Adware  - man rm, by 0/\/3_3y3d_/\/\0/\/st3r
  13. Exposing the Coinstar Network  - Overview of the Coinstar change machine network, by area_51
  14. A Dumpster Diving Treasure  - Neat finds (Alteon iSD-100) in the garbage, by phantasm (Robert Davies)
  15. DMCA vs. DMCRA  - Ramblings, by Alex Daniel
  16. Letters  - Blather
  17. .ncsc.mil (144.51.x.x)  - man dig
  18. A Brief Introduction to DeepFreeze  - How the DeepFreeze blocking software works, by The Flatline
  19. Beating Download Manager Protection  - Defeating file blocking on the web, by Straightface
  20. DHCP is Your Friend!  - How to configure DHCP, by di0nysus
  21. 2600 Marketplace
  22. 2600 Meetings


New $2600 Magazine T-Shirt Ideas

  $2600 Magazine Volume 20, Number 1 (Spring 2003)

  1. Not In Our Name  - Editorial
  2. ANI and Caller ID Spoofing  - How to fake your Calling Party Number (CPN) parameter, by Lucky225
  3. A Hacker Goes to Iraq  - Computer info from Iraq, by Chris McKinstry
  4. Getting Busted - Military Style  - Overview of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, by TC
  5. Unsolicited Mail  - Spam from SIPRNET, propaganda
  6. Anonymous E-Mail Using Remailers  - How to use and stay anonymous using E-mail remailers, by angelazaharia
  7. Fun with 802.11b at Kroger's  - Using the wireless network at Kroger's, by Kairi Nakatsuki
  8. Best Buy Insecurities  - How to access the Internet via computers at Best Buy, by WInt3rmut3
  9. Ripping Movies from DVD to CD-R  - How to rip DVDs, by Solthae
  10. XM - The Flawed Future of Radio  - Horribly inaccurate overview of XM radio, by Acidus
  11. Letters  - Babble
  12. A First Look at Virgin Mobile  - Technical overview of the Virgin Mobile cellular carrier, by The Prophet
  13. Creating Delay in the New Age  - Using 3-way calling to recreate the old sound of tandem stacking, by Screamer Chaotix
  14. IBuySpy Portal Software  - Overview of the Microsoft's IBuySpy web portal software, by Papa Doc
  15. Defeating Salon.com's Premium Content  - View Salon web pages without paying for them, by annie niemoose
  16. Fun with Hosting on Your Cable/DSL  - How to host servers on your cable or DSL connection, by Toby (Toby Richards)
  17. Keyboard Theory for the New Age Phreak  - Neat concept linking piano keys to telephone tones, by autocode
  18. A Glimpse at the Future of Computing  - Ramblings, by Phocks (Joshua Birtles)
  19. 2600 Marketplace
  20. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 20, Number 2 (Summer 2003)

  1. Disrespecting the Law  - Editorial
  2. Roll Your Own IIS Intrusion Detection System  - Detect attacks on an IIS web server, by The Rev. Jackal-Headed-God (Corey Ehmke)
  3. Traversing the Corporate Firewall  - How to pass non-HTTP traffic through a firewall, by superheast
  4. Staying Anonymous in the Information Age  - Tips for getting private information, by Lucky225
  5. Hardware Key Logging  - Overview of KeyKatcher-type keystroke loggers, by XlogicX (Eric Davisson)
  6. Peeling Grapes  - Peeling back website security, by Bryan Elliott
  7. Microphones, Laptops, and Supertaps  - Security problems with computer microphones, by Dark Spectrum (Wideband Dreamer)
  8. Optimum Online and You  - Optimum cable ISP servies, potential security holes, and how they try to block file sharing, by Screamer Chaotix  (Additional Info)
  9. Cyber Cafe Software Security  - Cyber cafe software overview, by minion
  10. A Coupon Trick  - Change the value of a coupon's value, by Charles
  11. Hacking the Look  - To to make your windows pretty, by Rev. Edward Karn (ZenLogic)
  12. Hosting a FTP Server on Cable/DSL Routers  - How to host servers on a cable or DSL connection, by osiris188
  13. Letters  - Voices
  14. McWireless Exposed  - McDonalds WiFi networks, by Epiphany (Darien S. Acosta) and J0hny_Lightning
  15. 802.11b Reception Tricks  - Hardware tips to improve 802.11b networking, by ddShelby
  16. Distributed Reflective Denial of Service Attacks  - Overview of DRDoS attacks, by Spyrochaete (Brian [This guy is an idiot])  (PDF)
  17. Fun with the Nokia 3360/3361  - Test and debug modes for the Nokia 3361 phone, by FragSpaz
  18. Why Redboxing Still Works (sorta)  - Red boxing off operators, by Plazmatic Shadow (Kevin Leacock)
  19. Xploiting XP  - Getting around XP serial numbers, by Bill Melater
  20. 2600 Marketplace
  21. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 20, Number 3 (Fall 2003)

  1. Feeding the Frenzy  - Editorial
  2. Getting to Know Your Neighbors  - Wireless network hacking, by Shiv Polarity
  3. Servers on a Ghetto ISP  - Hiding servers on cable/DSL connection, by Lirakis (Eric Tamme, New Rochelle, New York)
  4. More Methods for Hosting FTP on Broadband  - Hiding FTP servers on cable/DSL connection, by Apratt
  5. Hacking the Look: Revisited  - Make your Windows desktop look pretty, by mojomonkee (Brian Connolly)
  6. Case Mods Made Easy  - Make your computer look pretty, by X3N0X
  7. DVDs on a Pocket PC  - Play DVDs on a Pocket PC, by Shawn Frederick
  8. More XBox Fun and Mischief  - XBox hardware modifications, by spite
  9. Shopping for a Security Flaw? Try Retail  - Security holes in retail stores, by dead_pilgrim
  10. Troubling Target  - Target store computer systems, by redxlegion (Red Legion, DOB: 08/21, Michigan)
  11. Blockbuster Tricks  - How to avoid late fees, by C.B. Cates
  12. Webhacking with CVS  - Look for info in CVS directorys, by methodic (Tony Lambiris)
  13. Basics of Cellular Number Portability  - How cellular number portability works, by C3llph
  14. The Hacker Diet  - How to eat good, by Shade
  15. Feather.c  - Preserve a program's atime and mtime source code, by Kairi Nakatsuki  (Code: feather.c)
  16. Letters  - Articulated Gibberish
  17. Denial of Service Attacks, Tools of the Trade  - How DoS attacks work, by bland_inquisitor  (Alternate)
  18. Frequency Theory for the Phone Hacker/Musician  - How audio frequencies are related, by The Piano Guy
  19. A Trip Down Memory Lane  - Story on old hacker days, by Jimmy Yu
  20. Finding Ogg - Audio Evangelism  - Info on the OGG audio format, by The Dark Shirt (Irving Washington, London, U.K.)
  21. Infidelity in the Information Age  - Story on how deleted info really isn't, by atoma
  22. The Threat of Biometrics  - Overview of the MorphoTouch biometrics system installed at a school, by _cHiCkEn_ (Pennsylvania)
  23. Gentner GSC3000 for Total Morons  - Info on the Gentner GSC3000 radio station control hardware, by blakmac (Blake MacArthur)
  24. 2600 Marketplace
  25. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 20, Number 4 (Winter 2003-2004)

  1. Paranoia vs. Sanity  - Editorial
  2. Hacking the Genome  - DNA and genetic modifications, by Professor L  (Similar Information)
  3. Whom Do You Trust?  - SSL overview, by Juraj Bednar (Slovak Republic)
  4. System Profiling Through RPC  - Probing hosts via RPC, by Screamer Chaotix
  5. Robots and Spiders  - How Internet spiders work, loopholes, by StankDawg
  6. Living Without a SSN  - How to avoid using your Social Security Number, by Lucky225
  7. More Fun With Wireless Hacking  - Quick notes on WiFi hacking, by VileSYN (Dennis Brown)  (Alternate)
  8. WEP: Not For Me  - Default settings in wireless APs, by 0x20Cowboy  (Alternate)
  9. War Driving with a Pocket PC  - How to use a Pocket PC to war drive, by RaT_HaCk
  10. Verizon's Call Intercept  - Overview and loopholes in Verizon's call intecept, by decoder (William Quinn)
  11. Fun With Hping  - How to use hping, by methodic
  12. Remote Computing Secured  - How to secure VNC and SSH, by Xphile
  13. Letters  - Speech
  14. DISA, UNIX Security, and Reality  - DoD UNIX specifications, by sunpuke (Robert Escue, Virginia Beach, Virginia)
  15. Hacking the "Captivate" Network  - Hacking Captive screens, by Darlok
  16. Unlocking GSM Handsets  - How to unlock some common GSM handsets, by The Prophet
  17. Unlocking WebLock Pro  - How to defeat WebLock Pro, by Schnarf  (Code: decode.txt)
  18. Holes in Windows 2003 Server  - Setup Manager overview, by Joseph B. Zekany (Zucchini)  (Code: xpgrab.txt)
  19. How to Mess with CitiBank Collections  - Messing with CitiBank collection centers, by The Pissed Off One Armed Man
  20. 2600 Marketplace
  21. 2600 Meetings

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Jesus Fucking Christ!

Why don't you try looking out for the little guy for a change - and we don't mean watching the local playground, Boyfucker!

  $2600 Magazine Volume 21, Number 1 (Spring 2004)

  1. Twenty Years After  - Editorial
  2. Taking Advantage of Physical Access  - Physical security for your computer, by Evil Wrangler
  3. Bypassing Minor Website Security  - How to defeat right-click suppression, content saving, cookies, logging, by Galahad
  4. Exploiting AIM Screen Name Loggers  - Exploit to gain admin access to any IMChaos account, by Stik  (Code: imchaos.cgi)
  5. Using Perl to Defeat Provider Restrictions  - Use Perl to update your dynamic IP, by TRM  (Code: setip.txt, getip.txt, trmhtml.html)
  6. A Simple But Effective Spanner in Your AVS  - Simple AVS code in Pascal, by Irving Washington  (Code: avs.pas)
  7. Hacking the Hilton  - Using the high-speed Internet connection at Hilton Hotels, by Estragon  (Similar Article)
  8. Cruise Cracking  - Carnival Cruise computer network overview, by Jesters8 (Stephen)
  9. A Sprint PCS Trick  - Sprint phone & voice mail tricks, by quel
  10. Hacking a Mercedes Benz with a Universal Remote  - Use an universal IR remote control for access, by TOneZ2600 (Corey Friedman)
  11. The $40 Hardware War Dialer  - PDA based war dialer, by Grandmaster Plague  (Page 2)  (TBA_Handbook.pdf)  (TBA_v1_prc.zip)
  12. Serial Number Security  - Why software serial numbers should not be out in the open, by TEV
  13. Barcode Tricks  - How to read and edit UPC barcodes, by XlogicX
  14. Installing Debian on Your Unmodded XBox  - How to install Linux on your XBox, by dave
  15. Letters  - Mind Exercises
  16. Uncapper's Paradise  - Uncapping your cable modem, by CronoS@OlympoS  (Ertan Kurt)  (Code: script.vbs)
  17. Inside Adelphia  - Outside plant overview and info, by J. P. Arnold
  18. Subverting Non-Secure Login Forms  - Spoofing login forms in IE, by I. O. Hook  (Code: gotcha.txt)
  19. Setting Your Music Free: iTunes Music Sans DRM  - Copying music without DRM, by k0nk
  20. Vonage Broadband Security Risk  - Vonage VoIP service security, by Kevin T. Blakley
  21. Sharing Your Life on a Peer-to-Peer Network  - Be careful what you put on the Interweb, by Kong
  22. MSN Redirect Scan  - Use MSN to redirect to other websites, by StankDawg
  23. 2600 Marketplace
  24. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 21, Number 2 (Summer 2004)

  1. Mirroring the Future  - Editorial
  2. Scumware, Spyware, Adware, Sneakware  - Overview of the latest spyware and how to remove it, by shinohara
  3. ClearChannel's Dirty Little Secret  - Behind the scenes at a ClearChannel radio station, by Chris Johnson (Bellows Falls, Vermont)
  4. Impromptu Lock Picks  - Make lockpicks out of household items, by L. Gallion
  5. Magstripe Interfacing - A Lost Art  - Detailed construction article of a magnetic strip card reader, by Acidus  (Code: via SourceForge)
  6. Listening via Linux  - Source code for a simple port listener, by Solthae  (Code: listener.c)
  7. Passwords on a Cue Cat  - Use your :CueCat for a password, by SARain
  8. The Global Date Format  - The "correct" way to write dates, by Richard Cheshire
  9. Behind the Scenes of ITEC and the Milwaukee Bus System  - Info on the video displays in buses, by Eoban (Eoban Binder, Bloomington, Indiana, Facebook, Twitter)
  10. Omni Locks and Stupid Politics  - Story of an Omni Lock adventure, by Toby
  11. A Guide to Internet Piracy  - How to be a warez kid, by b-bstf (Andrew Smith)
  12. Letters  - Verbal Constructs
  13. Consumer Spookware vs. Your Castle  - Fake article on surveillance hazards, by Dark Spectrum (Wideband Dreamer)
  14. A Lesson on Trust  - Story of hacking a school network, by Sairys
  15. Fun with Netcat  - Neat tricks with Netcat, by MobiusRenoire (Weylin Burgett, Mt. Vernon, Ohio)
  16. The Lantronix SCS 1620: An Unpublicized Gold Mine  - Command info for the Lantronix SCS 1620, by JK
  17. 2600 Marketplace
  18. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 21, Number 3 (Fall 2004)

  1. Learning Curve  - Editorial
  2. In the Belly of the Beast  - Story of working at AOL and an overview of their internal network security, by slummin
  3. Anti-Forensics: Make Secrets Stay Secret  - Hiding data on a Windows machine, by Frater Ignotius
  4. Digital CDMA Cloning  - Cloning a Kyocera 2235 CDMA phone, by tele
  5. Bit Torrent - The Future of the Internet?  - Overview of the Bit Torrent protocol, by spite
  6. The Insecurity of PHP Includes  - Security holes in PHP include files, by jumbobrian (Brian DeFreitas, San Leandro, California, Facebook)
  7. Movies on a Phone  - Play DVDs on a PDA or cell phone, by bill
  8. Free Encryption Backup  - Use Google Mail to store encrypted files, by Fernando  (Similar Article)
  9. Laptop Security  - Code for laptop tracking software, by Fernando  (Code: laptopsec.txt)
  10. Introduction to IPv6  - Overview of the IPv6 protocol, by Gr@ve_Rose
  11. Hacking Soda Machines  - Debug menus on soda machines, by MeGaBiTe1 (Email)  (Similar Article)  (Additional Info)
  12. Murphy Oil (Walmart) Fueling Stations  - Info on Murphy Oil computer systems, by max_9909
  13. The Big Picture - Linux is Approved!  - Update to the DISA article, by Zourick
  14. How to Hack the Lottery  - Overview of lottery number theory, by StankDawg
  15. Letters  - Troublemakers
  16. The Leightronix TCD/IP  - Info and commands for Leightronix video control hardware, by slick0  (MySpace)
  17. Decoding Blockbuster  - Blockbuster bar code info, by SDMX
  18. Warwalking in Times Square  - Wireless access points in Times Square, by Sam Nitzberg
  19. Fight Spam with JavaScript  - How to hide your email address with JavaScript, by arse
  20. FC.EXE to the Rescue  - Neat article on cracking passwords, by akaak
  21. A Simple Solution to Dynamic IP Tracking  - How to track your dynamic IP, by Gruggni (DOB: 02/09/1975)
  22. 2600 Marketplace
  23. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 21, Number 4 (Winter 2004-2005)

  1. Stick Around  - Editorial
  2. Hacking CDMA PRLs  - Hacking Perferred Roaming Lists, by The Prophet  (Audio Version)
  3. An Old Trick for a New Dog - WiFi and MITM  - Overview of WiFi Man-in-the-Middle attacks, by uberpenguin (Matt Britt)
  4. Vulnerabilities in Subscription Wireless  - WiFi MAC spoofing, by wishbone
  5. Best Buy's Uber Insecurity  - Info on Best Buy computer/network security, by skilar
  6. Hijacking Auto-Run Programs for Improved Stealth  - Hiding running processes under Windows, by Forgotten247 (Shawn Maschino)
  7. Catching Credit Card Fraud through Steganography  - Customize credit card charges to verify what you charge, by Anonymous Author MD5: d03d3293cd954af6bccd53eac5d828fc
  8. Ad-Ware: The Art of Removal  - Overview of spyware removing programs, by Patrick Madigan (Doylestown, Pennsylvania)
  9. Tracking Wireless Neighbors  - How to monitor/track unwanted WiFi users, by Sam Nitzberg
  10. Backdooring the NAT'ed Network  - Somebody read the NetCat manual, by David Dunn  (Code: nat.txt)
  11. Electronic Warfare  - Overview of the different EW methods, by HOMA
  12. Grokking for Answers  - How to search the interweb, by Bryan Elliott
  13. Letters  - Back and Forth
  14. Hacking LaGard ComboGard Locks  - How to reset the combination, by ax0n (Noah Lenexa)
  15. AVS Spanner Addendum  - Great source code, by Suicidal  (Code: avs_spanner2.cc)
  16. How to Own Star Search  - How to make little kids cry, by StankDawg  (Code: ss.txt)
  17. Hacking Ticketmaster  - Overview of the Ticketmaster system, by battery
  18. Practical Paranoia  - Encryption notes, by MoJo
  19. Building Cheap ID Cards  - Make your own bar code IDs with a :CueCat, by Barfbag
  20. Hotspot Tunneling  - Hiding you WiFi traffic, by Samjack
  21. Self-Checkout or ATM?  - Self-checkout machine bugs, by Bob Krinkle (Ryan R. Frederick)
  22. 2600 Marketplace
  23. 2600 Meetings


"Where's my six dollars?  I want my six dollars!"

  $2600 Magazine Volume 22, Number 1 (Spring 2005)

  1. Enemy of the People  - Editorial
  2. New York City's MTA Exposed!  - Very detailed overview of NYC's Transit Authority fare collection system, by Redbird (Joseph Battaglia, Fort Lee, New Jersey, K2BAT)
  3. Electronic Application Technology  - Bugs in computer employment application forms, by clorox
  4. Baking Cookies  - Browser cookie exploits, by VileSYN
  5. Voice Over Internet Protocol  - Brief overview of Time Warner's VoIP digital phone service, by Kong
  6. Hacking Cisco IP Phones  - Changing settings and info on Cisco 7940 & 7960 phones, by Moby Disk (William Garrison)
  7. Decrypting WS_FTP.ini Passwords  - How to decode the password string used by WSFTP, by H2007  (Similar Article)
  8. Hunting WiFi Leeches  - How to monitor for unauthorized wireless LAN access, by RSG
  9. Unlocking the Power of WAP  - How to configure WAP on your phone, by Joshua Dick (Marlborough, Massachusetts, Twitter, W1JDD)
  10. Backdoor Exits from the U.S. Military  - How to get beaten by a girl, by Bac
  11. Blockbuster's Compass - Setting Sail for Port Bureaucracy  - Overview of Blockbuster's new employee computer system, by Aristotle
  12. How to Get Out of Google  - How to block the Google web spider, by Chess (Frank Coruzzi, Burnaby, British Colombia)
  13. HP Printers: The Hidden Threat  - Open ports on HP printers and identification using nmap, by DarKry (Wife)
  14. Disposable Email Vulnerabilities  - Security concerns with disposable email systems, by StankDawg
  15. Magnetic Stripe Reading  - Really good article on homebrew stripe reader hardware & software, by Redbird  (Code: dab.c)
  16. Letters  - Exchanges
  17. Complete Scumware Removal  - man lynx, by LoungeTab  (Alternate)
  18. More Fun with NetCat  - man nc, by DJ Williams
  19. Potential Vulnerabilities in Shared Systems  - man chmod, by st4r_runner
  20. Inside the Emergency Alert System  - Overview of the FCC's new emergency broadcast alert system, by Tokachu
  21. IPv6 Redux  - Examples of a setting up a IPv6 network, by Gr@ve_Rose
  22. 2600 Marketplace
  23. Puzzle  - A complete scan of #5 ESS RC input message manuals, no.. wait.. it's a fucking crossword puzzle.
  24. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 22, Number 2 (Summer 2005)

  1. One Step Forward, Two Steps Back  - Editorial
  2. Hacking Google AdWords  - Overview and loop holes in Google's advertising program, by StankDawg  (PowerPoint)  (Defcon 13 Audio)
  3. Hacking Google Map's Satellite Imagery  - How to combine multiple images on Google maps, by Morcheeba (John Maushammer)
  4. Googlejacking by Example  - Google result hijacking using redirects, by J. V. (Justin Vieira)  (Code: jack_mehada.txt)
  5. Home Depot's Lousy Security  - Huge security hole with Home Depot gift cards, by Glutton (Minneapolis, Minnesota, DOB: 10/12)
  6. SYN-ful Experiment  - Perl source code for experimenting with TCP connections, by Gr@ve_Rose  (Code: grass.txt)
  7. The University of Insecurity  - Security problems when using easy-to-guess student IDs, by chiLL p3ngu1n
  8. Creating AIM Mayhem  - Manual AIM connections, by windwaker (Drew Blaisdell)
  9. AIM Eavesdropping Hole  - AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) conversations showing up on two clients, by george
  10. Network Vigilantism Using Port 113  - Testing and securing proper identd, by Tokachu
  11. Hacking Encrypted HTML  - How to use and bypass encrypted web pages, by Edward Stoever  (PDF)  (Follow Up)
  12. Passwords from Windows  - How to retrieve passwords to various Windows utils, by Big Bird
  13. Data Mining with Perl  - Manual web searching with Perl, by Luckycan (Nick, Memphis, Tennessee)  (Page 2)
  14. A Yahoo! Restriction Defeated  - How to save high-res pictures from Yahoo!, by BreakDecks (Alexander Vranas, Collierville, Tennessee)
  15. Spying on the Library  - How to harass old ladies, by solemneyed (Scott Zimmer)
  16. ParadisePoker.com Blackjack Cracked  - Neat trick (and observation) to exploit Internet poker, by JackAceHole
  17. Letters  - Artillery
  18. Where Have all the Implants Gone?  - Paranoid rantings, by Estragon
  19. Adding Sub-Domain Support to Your Free DotTK Domain  - Script to add sub-domains to your dot.tk host, by Trent Bradley (Blue Collar Camel)  (Code: dottk.txt)
  20. Getting More from T-Mobile  - Overview of customer accounts on T-Mobile, by Psycho
  21. Remote UNIX Execution Via a Cell Phone  - Run shell scripts remotely via cellular phone, by Muskrat  (Code: checkmail.sh)
  22. NCR: Barcodes to Passwords  - Create override barcodes for self-checkouts, by Bob Krinkle
  23. Defeating BitPim Restrictions  - Defeat BitPim copy restrictions, by dkOO
  24. Fun with School ID Numbers  - Create your own barcodes to alter a school or other ID card, by gLoBuS
  25. Remote Secrets Revealed  - Programming Toyota car remote controls, by The AntiLuddite
  26. 2600 Marketplace
  27. Puzzle
  28. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 22, Number 3 (Fall 2005)

  1. Questions  - Editorial
  2. Data Destruction, Covering Your Tracks, and MBSA  - Removing web browser historys, cookies, and Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer, by El Rey
  3. Stupid Webstat Tricks  - Webalizer tricks and security holes, by StankDawg
  4. A Randomizing WiFi MAC Address AP Hopper  - Perl script to program random MAC addresses via iwconfig, by Eprom Jones  (Code: hopper.txt)
  5. Fun with the PRO-83  - Radio Shack PRO-83 scanner overview and discriminator tap mod, by Dit and Dah  (Pictures)  (PRO-83 Keypad Tricks)  (Note that "PowerHouse Communications" is a fraud who just took the keypad codes from the BC246T/PRO-83 service manual and expanded on them a bit)
  6. Getting More out of SSH  - man ssh, by Apratt (Aaron)
  7. Using Tor and SSH Tunneling  - Installing and using Tor 'onion routers' and how to setup a SSH tunnel for increased security, by OSIN
  8. Reverse Remote Access  - Remote access through a firewall using Windows, by st4r_runner
  9. Securing a Drive  - Using Sentry 2020 on an external USB harddrive, by Dr. Apocalypse  (PDF)
  10. JavaScript Injection  - JavaScript injecting technique, by A5an0
  11. Climbing the SonicWall  - Info on SonicWall and SonicOS, by Kn1ghtl0rd (David, MySpace)  (Follow Up)
  12. Verizon Fios - Fiber to the Home  - Fiber to the home service in New York city, by striker  (PowerPoint)
  13. Improving Stealth With Autoruns  - Rename and replace autorun DLLs to hide programs, by BrothaReWT
  14. SQL Exploits  - Common SQL security holes, by A0nRkjk=
  15. Hexing the Registry  - Manually hex edit the WinXP registry, by divarin (Lisa Webber, Mother: KG4NWS)
  16. Letters  - Words from You
  17. Not Working at a Call Center  - Story of working at a call center, by XlogicX
  18. Securing Your Wireless Network  - How to secure your wireless connction, by Seal (Julien McArdle)  (This guy is an idiot and should be murdered.)
  19. The Continuing War on Spyware  - man lynx, by Inglix the Mad
  20. Hacking Image Shack  - Look at pictures on Image Shack, by System Downfall and Worm  (Code: images.txt)
  21. I Am Not a Hacker  - Gayhat, by mirrorshades
  22. Security Pitfalls for Inexperienced Web Designers  - Securing Perl/PHP scripts and email addresses on web pages, by Savage Monkey
  23. A Peek Inside a Simple ATM Machine  - Inside a Diebold CashSource+ 100 ATM, by FocusHacks (Noah Lenexa)
  24. How to Get Responses Through Deception  - Tell lies to get answers, by JFast
  25. The Ancient Art of Tunneling, Rediscovered  - Tunneling TCP over ICMP using ptunnel, by Daniel (Daniel Stodle)
  26. Forging an Identity  - Getting a false ID, by SistemRoot
  27. 2600 Marketplace
  28. Puzzle
  29. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 22, Number 4 (Winter 2005-2006)

  1. Preserving the Magic  - Editorial
  2. Network Administrators: Why We Make Harsh Rules  - Why network admins make the rules they do, by The Piano Guy
  3. Practical Web Page Steganography  - Implementing steganography in HTML, by Glutton
  4. Hacking a JP1 Remote Control  - Using the JP1 connection on a remote control, by J.M.  (Similar Article)
  5. The RedBox DVD Kiosk  - Hacking the DVD rental kiosks at McDonalds, by blakmac
  6. Punking the Watchers  - Defeating Windows Messenger snooping, by Mister Bojangles  (Code: Page 1, Page 2)
  7. How to Track Any U.K. GSM Mobile Phone  - How to track cellular phones on the U.K. GSM system, by Jonathan Pamplin  (Similar Article)
  8. An Introduction to the Asterisk PBX  - Introduction to using Asterisk, by zeitgeist (Christoph Eicke)  (Alternate)
  9. Spoofing Your Charge Number  - Spoofing the charge number SS7 parameter, ANI info, by greyarea  (Audio Version)
  10. Phone System Loopholes Using VoIP  - Tricks for calling using VoIP, by BreakDecks
  11. Physically Accessing Your Apartment with Skype  - DTMF control using Skype, by dopamine (Aubrey Ellen Shomo)
  12. Obfuscation and Encoding in PHP  - How to obfuscate your code in PHP, by Bryan Elliott  (Code: Phonic64.php)
  13. APOP Email Protocol - MDS Challenge/Response  - Info on Authenticated Post Office Protocol, by Ovid  (Code: ApopCrack.sh)
  14. PGP Key Signing Observations  - Social systems are the weakest link in PGP, by Atom Smasher  (Additional Info)
  15. Letters  - Writewords
  16. Persuasiveness and Social Engineering  - How to be a good social engineerin' engineer, by subphreeky (Jon Winder)  (Alternate)
  17. The Real Electronic Brain Implantation Enhancement  - Info on brain implants, by Shawn Frederick
  18. Observing the Lottery  - Tracking lottery numbers and a "bug" in the ping-pong ball method, by CeeJay
  19. Sears Portrait Insecurities  - Security holes in Sears Portrait Studio, by Stephonovich (Charleston, South Carolina)
  20. Kodak Secrets and Walmart Fun  - Harassing old ladies, by Thorn
  21. The Workings of a Kodak Picture Maker  - Kodak Picture Maker kiosk info, by t_ratv (Michael)
  22. WiMax, AT&T Style  - Info on AT&T's WiMax equipment, by Pirho
  23. Cheap Mobile Internet for Your PowerBook  - Connecting a phone to your computer, by Mystic
  24. 2600 Marketplace
  25. Puzzle
  26. 2600 Meetings


Where were these people during Michael Moore's movie release?

Funny...  Boyfucker didn't do anything about that.  Every wonder why?

It's because that won't put any money in his back pocket!

Baahaa...  Baahaa...  little sheep...

  $2600 Magazine Volume 23, Number 1 (Spring 2006)

  1. 2600... 2006... 2060  - Editorial
  2. Filesharing using TinyURL.com  - How to trade copies of $2600 Magazine using tinyurl.com, by mirrorshades (Email)  (Code: tiny.rb)
  3. XSS'ing MySpace.com  - Cross Site Scripting (XSS or CSS) and JavaScript URL injection on MySpace.com, by FxYxIxE  (Page 2)
  4. United Kingdom: The State of Surveillance  - CCTV, ID info, license plate readers - Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) in the U.K., by Xen (Email)  (Additional Info)
  5. Making Rover Fart  - Make the Microsoft Search Assistant dog fart, by Bryan Elliott
  6. Telecom Informer  - Discusses how to add a second phone line to your house for less than $20 and with no monthly fee., by The Prophet  (Code: DVG_1120MtoS_Firmware.zip)
  7. Hacking the HNAS1 Network Attached Storage Unit  - Opening up the Hawking Technologies NAS unit for HTTP access, by Michael Saarna  (Code: fsearch.c)
  8. Hacking 2600.com  - Messing around with 2600.com, by Andrew Smith
  9. Direct Inward System Access and Caller ID Spoofing  - Caller ID (CPN) spoofing using Asterisk, by iSEPIC  (Page 2)
  10. Hacker Perspective  - What is a hacker, anyway?, by The Cheshire Catalyst
  11. Hacking PCReservation  - Harassing old ladies in the library, by Henry Q. Buther
  12. Hacking the Facebook  - They are really desperate for articles, by Savage Monkey
  13. The Price of Convenience: Our Identities  - Identity theft info and lack of good prevention laws, by Squealing Sheep
  14. Highlighting the Holes  - Holes in security camera and key card physical security holes, by Modman
  15. Letters  - Sounding Board
  16. The DRM Plan  - People who don't want you to copy their magazine arguing about Digital Rights Management, by Don
  17. The Secrets of Cingular Wireless  - Insider info at of customer service procedures at Cingular Wireless, formally AT&T Wireless, by The iNSiDER
  18. Techno-Exegesis  - Satellite/broadcast radio and DRM, by Joseph Battaglia
  19. Not Quite Dead Yet  - The current state of payphones, ACTS, and red boxing in the U.S., by Black Ratchet (Ben Jackson)  (Page 2)
  20. School Connections  - Obtaining free Internet service in school dorms, by graphak
  21. iPod Sneakiness  - Use an iPod to steal passwords and install software on someone's computer, by Rob  (Code: ipod.txt, Update)
  22. A Look at Jabber/XMPP  - Discusses Google Talk and the vulnerability in Jabber client/servers using the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP), by windwaker
  23. Spyware - The Ever Changing Threat  - New spyware developments and understanding the spyware threat and how to defeatin it, by FreeRider
  24. 2600 Marketplace
  25. Puzzle
  26. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 23, Number 2 (Summer 2006)

  1. Whom Shall We Blame?  - Editorial
  2. More on Hacking Facebook  - Discusses a method of reading anything you want from a user's Facebook profile regardless of their privacy settings, by b0rn_slippy
  3. Getting Screwed by PayPal  - Story of problems with PayPal and their security problems, by silic0nesilence (Corey Mishler, Nyack, New York)
  4. Telecom Informer  - "NSA has admitted to illegally spying on virtually everyone in the U.S." - this is a flat out lie and isn't even technically possible.  Perfect example of the lies and sensationalism Boyfucker and his little faggot followers use to sell more magazines, by The Prophet
  5. Hacking the System  - Discusses the author's views on hacking society and includes a detailed example, by Moebius Strip
  6. Easy Access to T-Mobile and Cingular Accounts  - Accessing personal information on T-mobile phones by borrowing their phone, by Battery (Chris Falco, Sycamore, Illinois)
  7. Ego Surfing  - Keeping track of people searching for themselves or others online using Google ads, by alokincilo
  8. Public Access  - Tricks on using locked down public access computers, by Insert Name Here
  9. Breaking Mac OS X Program Security  - Article on weaknesses in MCX and the XML files that MacOS uses to limit user privileges, by Sibios
  10. GPOs and Group Policy: Just Say No!  - Group Policy Objects management information under Microsoft Windows, by WagStaff  (Rebuttal)  (Additional Info)
  11. Hacker Perspective  - Ego stroking and "buy my books" crap, by Bruce Schneier (Minneapolis, Minnesota)  (Page 2)
  12. Music Today  - Holes in the Music Today hosting service by hijacking the chat program, by noir (Nick Arnott)
  13. Hacking Warner Brothers Records  - How to download the top three songs of most artists signed to Warner Brothers Records directly, by c0z
  14. Letters  - Jibber-Jabber
  15. Network Administrators: Why We BREAK Harsh Rules  - Why strict network rules are not always a good idea, by kaigeX
  16. Having Fun with Cookies  - Discusses uses and abuses of cookies in web applications, by Simon Templer (DOB: November 30)
  17. Techno-Exegesis  - Sensationalism and flat-out lies.  Apparently the Internet is only open to people Boyfucker approves of, by Joseph Battaglia
  18. Roll Your Own StealthSurfer II Privacy Stick  - Private web surfing programs on a USB drive, by David Ip
  19. Using Loopback-Encrypted Filesystems on JumpDrives  - Using loopback encryption on JumpDrives, by OSIN
  20. An Argument Against MD5 Authentication  - Security holes with MD5 hashing used for passwords, by David Norman
  21. 2600 Marketplace
  22. Puzzle
  23. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 23, Number 3 (Fall 2006)

  1. Hope and Fear  - Editorial
  2. Identity Theft: Misinformation Can Be Your Friend  - How to tweak your privacy and legal documents to keep your identity from being stolen by people like Kevin Mitnick, by Arcade One  (Page 2, Page 3)
  3. Where Have The Philes Gone?  - Why today's "hackers" are clueless retards and profiteering sell-outs, by Glutton  (Page 2, Page 3)  (Jason Scott's Response)
  4. A Back Door to Your Oracle Database  - Gaining dba rights to an Oracle database and keeping those rights by creating a back door, by Edward Stoever  (PDF)  (Follow Up)
  5. Telecom Informer  - Alaskan phone system information, by The Prophet
  6. Hacking Flickr  - Do people actually do this crap?, by undergr0und n1nja
  7. Fun with the Sears POS  - Information on Sears Point-of-Sale terminals and how to crash them, by chr0nicxb0red0m
  8. Never Pay for WiFi Again!  - MAC address tricks to get free wireless Internet access at coffeeshops, hotels, by Ray Dios Haque
  9. Hacking MySpace Using Common Sense  - Discusses a method of taking over a MySpace account, by Dexterous1 (Chino Hills, California)
  10. Ringtone Download Folliez  - How to get free ringtones, by GurtDotCom (Garrett Kendrick)  (Page 2)
  11. Hacker Perspective  - by Mark Abene (Phiber Optik)  (Page 2)
  12. Insecurity at Pep Boys  - Network and terminal information at the Pep Boys car repair places, by Sakuramboo  (Code: pep.txt)  (Updated Code)
  13. Mobile Devices - Current and Future Security Threats  - Known and potential security holes in today's mobile devices, smart phones, PDAs, etc., by Toby Zimmerer  (Page 2)
  14. Letters  - Written Expressions
  15. Hacking the System: Useful Connections  - Discusses the cultivation, nurturing and maintenance of useful connections, assets and information, by Moebius Strip
  16. Techno-Exegesis  - Corporate attitude towards security, by Joseph Battaglia
  17. Ownage by AdSense  - Google AdSense information and loop-holes, by Natas  (Code: adsensecode.txt)
  18. Information's Imprisonment  - Freedom of speech restrictions (heh!) and digital rights in today's computer world, by Dr. Apocalypse and Matt Fillhart
  19. Singapore Library Mischief  - Harassing those old ladies in Singapore libraries, by Ghostie  (Additional Info)
  20. Monitoring Motorola Canopy with Windows XP and MRTG  - Monitoring Motorola Canopy wireless network equipment using Windows XP, by dNight (Chris O'Hara?, MySpace, DOB: 09/13/)
  21. Attacking Third Party Tracking  - Prevent external party monitoring while on the Internet, by Particle Bored
  22. 2600 Marketplace
  23. Puzzle
  24. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 23, Number 4 (Winter 2006-2007)

  1. Transition  - Editorial
  2. Mobile Devices - Current and Future Security Threats  - Same article as last month?, by Toby Zimmerer  (Page 2)
  3. FirstClass Hacking  - Overview and security holes in the FirstClass classroom software program, by Cristian
  4. Network Administrators: Rules Rationale  - How network admins develop their rules, by The Piano Guy
  5. Wi-Fi Hunting: Basic Tools and Techniques  - Overview of the hardware and software needed to track down open WiFi networks, by Rick Davis
  6. Telecom Informer  - Overview of the Japanese telephone and cellular networks, by The Prophet
  7. Circumventing the DoD's SmartFilter  - How to defeat firewall filtering rules on the Department of Defense's computer network, by Comspec - Sigma Nu
  8. Algorithmic Encryption Without Math  - One time pad encryption with a lookup table, by Dale Thorn  (Code: ccrp.c, ccrp.h)  (Original)
  9. Red Boxing Revealed for the New Age  - Red boxing on ACTS is still possible with the proper routing, by Royal  (BinRev Profile, Email)
  10. How to Get Around Cable/DSL Lockdowns  - Getting around outgoing SMTP filters on cable/DSL lines by forwarding different ports, by Pirho
  11. Hacker Perspective  - "Do-it-yourself" culture and Make info, by Phillip Torrone  (Page 2)  (Lady Ada's Jammer Info)
  12. Library Self-Checkout Machine Exploit  - How to harass those old lady librarians, by Byron Bussey
  13. Fun with Novell  - Novell/NetWare and GroupWise overview and security holes and how to use nwsend, by Cronicl3
  14. How to Build a Book Safe  - How to turn a hard cover book into a safe, by c-dollar
  15. Network Programming and Distributed Scripting with newLISP  - Overview of network and socket programming using newLISP, by ax0n
  16. Letters  - Conversations
  17. Techno-Exegesis  - Discusses the overuse of new technology and argues that old technology is often times more appropriate (with specific examples of RFID passports, red light cameras, voting machines, slide rules), by Joseph Battaaglia
  18. GasJack - Hijacking Free Gasoline  - Discusses a method of taking advantage of Giant Food store's gas station GasRewards promotion, by cipz (Jim)
  19. Motorola IMfree as a Wireless iTunes Remote  - Hacking the Motorola IMfree wireless instant messenger device into an iTunes remote control, by Kcahon
  20. The Not-So-Great Firewall of China  - Defeating Internet censorship in China, by Tokachu  (BinRev Profile?)
  21. Hacktivism in the Land Without a Server  - North Korea forum hacking of some sort using Korean Friendship Association, by \/indic8tr
  22. K7: Free [for the taking] Voicemail  - Free voicemail via K7, by noir
  23. 2600 Marketplace
  24. Puzzle
  25. 2600 Meetings


$2600 Magazine Future Covers

  $2600 Magazine Volume 24, Number 1 (Spring 2007)

  1. Challenges  - Editorial
  2. Understanding Web Application Security  - Overview of JavaScript, SQL injection, and cross site scripting vulnerabilities and protection from attacks, by Acidus
  3. RFID: Radio Freak-me-out Identification  - Sensational piece on RFID technology by people who obviously never heard of binoculars, by Kn1ghtl0rd
  4. Exploiting LiveJournal.com with Clickless SWF XSS  - Cross site scripting attack using Flash on LiveJournal.com, by Zaphraud (Jason Kennerly)  (Original)
  5. Telecom Informer  - Overview of the New Zealand phone systems, by The Prophet
  6. Avoiding Internet Filtering  - Using Google to bypass school web filtering, by Major Lump  (Alternate)
  7. Hacking Your Own Front Door  - Technical overview of bump keying, by Cliff
  8. Dorking the DoorKing  - Overview of DoorKing telephone entry systems, by Cadet Crusher
  9. Security Holes at Time Warner Cable  - Story of grabbing a Time Warner cable technican's authorization code to access tech.nyc.rr.com, by Xyzzy (Nathan Wallwork)
  10. Hacking My Ambulance  - Overview of the computer system used in American Medical Response ambulances, by anonymous
  11. SSL MITM Attacks on Online Poker Software  - Man-in-the-middle attacks overview and theory against online poker websites, by John Smith  (Alternate)
  12. Hacker Perspective  - by Bill Squire (BillSF)  (Page 2, Page 3, Page 4)
  13. Ripping MMS Streams  - Saving Microsoft Media Streams (MMS) to you computer, by EvilBrak
  14. Backspoofing 101  - Detailed overview of "backspoofing" caller ID CNAM information, by Natas  (Additional Info)
  15. Can I Read Your Email?  - Laws on who can legally read your email besides Kevin Mitnick, by Alex Muentz, Esq.  (Similar Article)
  16. Letters  - Snippets
  17. Stalking the Signals  - Using near-field receivers and "Signal Stalker" scanners, by Tom from New England  (Page 2, Page 3)
  18. GoDaddy.com Insecurity  - Security problems with GoDaddy.com account information, by SLEZ
  19. Hubots: New Ways of Attacking Old Systems  - Human-based denial of service vulnerabilities and PIN guessing, by S. Pidgorny (Svyatoslav "Slav" Pidgorny)
  20. Network Ninjitsu: Bypassing Firewalls and Web Filters  - Detailed methods of bypassing firewalls and web filtering using tunneling, by James Penguin (Email)  (Code: plink.exe)
  21. Hacking a Major Technical School's Website  - Getting into an online college library by guessing student ID numbers, by valnour (Bobby Burden, Tennessee)
  22. Covert Communications Channels  - JavaScript and HTML methods of covert web communication, by OSIN  (Code: covert.html)
  23. How to Cripple the FBI  - Using PGP to encrypt your hard drive contents, by comfreak
  24. 2600 Marketplace
  25. Puzzle  (MP3)
  26. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 24, Number 2 (Summer 2007)

  1. Remaining Relevant  - Editorial
  2. Discovering Vulns  - Very poorly researched and written article on software vulnerabilities, by Cliff
  3. The Shifty Person's Guide to 0wning Tire Kingdom  - Week long adventure story about Tire Kingdom, by The Thermionic Overlord
  4. Enhancing Nortel IP Phones with Open Source Software  - Use DD-WRT with OpenVPN to use an IP phone at home as an extension of his office phone, by Ariel Saia
  5. Telecom Informer  - SMS Short Code numbers and the scams that typically revolve around them, by The Prophet
  6. Deobfuscation  - Reversing the obfuscation that SourceCop applies to PHP code, by Kousu (Nick Guenther)
  7. Getting 2600 the Safe Way  - Paranoid idiot sets up ASP script to tell him when this crap is out, by daColombian
  8. Fun at the Airport  - Security problems with TSA checkpoints, by Evil Wrangler  (TSA Screening Procedures)
  9. Hacking Xfire  - Improving the XFire .INI file, by Akurei
  10. Hacker Perspective  - Little life story about the creator of the TV-B-Gone, by Mitch Altman  (Page 2, Page 3)
  11. Valuepoint  - Serious flaws in the Valuepoint wireless network service offered by many hotels, by Sidge.2 & Bimmerfan
  12. Internet Archaeology  - How to gather historical/hidden information from websites using archive.org, by ilikenwf (Matt Parnell)  (Alternate)
  13. Hacking Answers by Gateway  - How to get help from Gateway with pirated software, by Franz Kafka
  14. Letters  - Opinions
  15. VoIP Cellphones: The Call of the Future  - Different technologies being used to implement Voice over IP calling for cellphones, by Toni-Sama
  16. Pandora Hack - Get Free MP3s  - How to download MP3s that are streamed to you by the Pandora internet radio station, by SickCodeMonkey (David Huggins)  (Alternate)
  17. Adventures in Behavioral Linguistics  - People who are wishing really hard to have "Jedi mind tricks" in real life (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), by Marxc2001 (Mark Carney)
  18. Transmissions  - Advice for improving your operational security in situations where you should be more paranoid, by Dragorn
  19. An ISP Story  - Story about trying to help someone who is having their account compromised by unspecified MSN exploits, by Witchlight
  20. Hacking Whipple Hill with XSS  - Cross-site scripting vulnerability in some school schedule management software by Whipple Hill, by Azohko
  21. Haunting the MS Mansion  - Windows XP system recovery using Norton Ghost 9 bootable CD, by Passdown
  22. Reading Ebooks on an iPod  - Different options for converting long text files into multiple linked "Notes" for viewing on an iPod, by DBTC (Andy Kaiser, Grand Rapids, Michigan)
  23. Java Reverse Engineering  - Using a Java decompiler to make a key generator for Zend Studio, by quel
  24. 2600 Marketplace
  25. Puzzle  (Solution)
  26. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 24, Number 3 (Fall 2007)

  1. Politics  - Editorial
  2. VoIP Security: Shit or Get Off the POTS  - Summary of the risks of implementing VoIP in an organization, by Reid
  3. Getting More Out of Your College Linux System  - I would recommend hanging onto this article so that you can present it to your school's IT staff when they round you up for being a nuisance on school-provided computers, by Silent Strider
  4. Social Engineering and Pretexts  - Store detective and private investigator gives anecdotal advice and stories about social engineering, by Poacher
  5. Telecom Informer  - History and purposes of PBX systems and their significance to phone phreaks, by The Prophet
  6. Language Nonspecific: Back to Fundamentals  - How once you learn one programming language, you can easily learn others, by Kn1ghtl0rd
  7. Front Door Hacking: Redux  - Another article on bump keying, by Darkarchives
  8. A Penny For Your Laptop  - Very simple vulnerability in the Kensington Micro-Saver Notebook Lock, by Atom Smasher  (Press Coverage)
  9. The RIAA's War on Terror  - Inaccurate story comparing anti-terror tactics to the RIAA's, by Glider
  10. Free Files from Flash  - How easy it usually is to rip media files that Flash-based players on the web use, by DieselDragon (Colin Blanchard)
  11. Target: For Credit Card Fraud  - Former employee of Target discloses a whole host of problems with the stores' networks and details a method of obtaining register transaction logs, by Anonymous
  12. How to Get More from Your Sugar Mama  - How to cheat Virgin Mobile's Sugar Mama ad-supported free minutes program, as well as how to send free text messages through one of Virgin's web interfaces, by gLoBuS
  13. Owning UTStarcom F1000  - How to unlock the UTStarcom F1000 VoIP phone, by ZiLg0 (Jeremy Brosnahan, Craftsbury Common, Vermont)
  14. Hacker Perspective  - Results from the subscriber survey  (Page 2)
  15. Hacking 2600 Magazine Authors  - Security agent tracks down a $2600 Magazine author, by Agent Smith  (Possible Email)
  16. Designing a Hacker Challenge  - Hacker challenge designed to help you and your crew find out who is the best, and who dies like the rest, by Glutton
  17. Hacking an Election  - Former employee of Elections Manitoba, gives a good description of how provincial elections work in Canada, by Dagfari (Dave Alexander)
  18. How to Cheat Goog411  - How to make free calls using Google's free 411 service - 1-800-GOOG411, by PhreakerD7  (Website #2)
  19. Letters  - Yammering
  20. Hacking the Buffalo Air Station Wireless Router  - Default passwords on Buffalo wireless routers, by Donoli
  21. The Thrill of Custom Caller ID Capabilities  - Discusses using caller ID for call routing to lower costs, simplify voice mail access and maintain a single number presence, by krt
  22. Securing Your Traffic  - How to tunnel all of your traffic through SSH, by b1tl0ck
  23. Transmissions  - Ethical implications of using open wireless access points, and then goes into the legal aspects of it, by Dragorn
  24. Hacking the Nintendo WiFi USB Connector  - How to modify drivers and software for this device to unlock its use as a general purpose USB WiFi device and access point, by MS3FGX (Tom Nardi, Trenton, New Jersey)  (Similar Article)  (Utility_2933.zip)  (TXT)
  25. Fun with International Internet Cafes  - Disable the timer on an Internet cafe computer in Bangkok by removing it from the startup entries and rebooting, by route
  26. The Trouble with Library Records  - History behind INNOPAC, a popular library management system, by Barrett Brown  (Similar Article)
  27. The Life and Death of an American Help Desk Agent  - Good summary of the different tiers of support and their culture, by Geospart (George Doscher)
  28. 2600 Marketplace
  29. Puzzle
  30. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 24, Number 4 (Winter 2007-2008)

  1. The More Things Change...  - Editorial
  2. Power Trip  - Sensational article on using web cameras and remote UPS controls to secure your computer, by OSIN
  3. Building Your Own Networks  - Building secure networks modeled after FidoNet using OpenVPN, by Casandro (Christian Berger)  (Code: getkeys.cgi, search_ip, write_configuration_files)
  4. Pirates of the Internet  - Overview on who the people are behind the warez you download, by black_death (Website, DOB: 01/26/1989)  (Similar Article)
  5. Telecom Informer  - Overview of the Enhanced 911 system, by The Prophet
  6. Darknets  - How to create private, secure file sharing networks, by WillPC (William Raffield, BinRev Profile #1, BinRev Profile #2)
  7. Scanning the Skies  - Overview of satellite receiving technology and receiving free analog video channels, by GutBomb (Jason Merrill)
  8. Essential Security Tools  - Overview of common open-source network security tools, by Gr@ve_Rose
  9. Decoding Experts-Exchange.com  - Access websites by viewing the HTML source and ROT-13 the access key or answers, by Phatbot (Derek Kurth)
  10. An Introduction to Beige Boxing  - Is this the 1980s?  Discusses beige boxing - which allows you to connect a phone, laptop or Palm Pilot to a landline, by Erik Paulsen
  11. Hacking the SanDisk U3  - Similar information from McGrew Security, by Mercereau (Jonathan Mercereau, dohboy)  (Code: getInfo.vbs)
  12. Exploring AT&T's Wireless Account Security  - Discusses customer information that AT&T customer service representatives have, and how that information might be social-engineered out of them, by satevia (Michael, Fullerton, California)  (Original)
  13. Hacker Perspective  - by Rop Gonggrijp
  14. (More) Fun with Novell  - Article on hacking Novell, with no actual information on hacking Novell, by Cronicl3
  15. PayPal Hurts  - Article about how PayPal transaction reversals can cost recipients a lot of dough, by Estragon
  16. Facebook Applications Revealed  - Security implications of the new Facebook application API, by stderr (Kenny, BinRev Profile, Website, MySpace)  (Similar Article)
  17. Letters  - Declarations
  18. Hacking Windows Media DRM  - How to remove DRM protection from Windows WMV files, by Alt229 (Erin Scott)  (drmcrack.zip)
  19. The Noo World  - Nootropic drug information, by Agent5 (Similar Article)
  20. Forensics Fear  - Information on Guidance Software's Encase Enterprise Edition and how to bypass it, by Anonymous Chi-Town Hacker
  21. Transmissions  - Various issues with privacy related to browsing, searching, and using various web sites, by Dragorn
  22. Cracked Security at the Clarion Hotel  - Story on keystroke loggers on the computers at a Clarion hotel, by Gauss VanSant
  23. Building Your Own Safe, Secure SMTP Proxy  - Python script to bypass SMTP restrications on your network, by sail0r  (Email #2)  (Code: SMTPRemoteService.py, SMTPLocalService.py)
  24. Zero-Knowledge Intrusion  - Article on practical NIDS avoidance, by S. Pidgorny (Svyatoslav "Slav" Pidgorny)
  25. Booting Many Compressed Environments on a Laptop  - Run multiple operating systems on a small hard drive by compressing them, by Scotty Fitzgerald (Email #2)
  26. Avoid Web Filtering with SSH Tunneling  - Yet another SSH tunneling article!  Discusses a method of circumventing web filtering systems by disguising your SSH tunnel as a HTTPS connection, by Tessian (Bensalem, Pennsylvania)
  27. 2600 Marketplace
  28. Puzzle (Advertisements)
  29. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 25, Number 1 (Spring 2008)

  1. The Whole World's Watching  - Editorial
  2. Vhreaking with VoxALot  - Defines common VOIP terms and describes how to set up a nearly free telephone system to make calls around the globe, by Jose Romeo Vela
  3. Dirt-Cheap Phone Calls - The VoIP Way  - Describes the author's VoIP setup and what he's learned from setting it up. Author was unable to discover a truly free setup, by SiliconeClone (Swartz Creek, Michigan, MySpace)
  4. Gaming AT&T Mobility  - Discusses a number of methods and strategies for obtaining freebies/extras on your mobile phone bill from AT&T customer service, by The Thomps
  5. Telecom Informer  - Discusses the telephone systems in prison and how its a profit center for prisons and a ripoff for prisoners.  Also details a bit about the systems used and some of the rules imposed, by The Prophet
  6. Password Memorization Mnemonic  - Discusses a method of generating passwords that are easy to remember, by Agent Zer0 (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, MySpace)
  7. Hacking Two-Dimensional Barcodes  - Discusses 2D or matrix bar codes, details what they are, how they work and the types, by Glutton
  8. Dissecting the EPC: RFID for the Commercial Sector  - Discusses the EPC and Gen2 standards for RFID, by Kn1ghtl0rd
  9. Eavesdropping with LD_PRELOAD  - Discusses a method of overloading shared libraries in user space to hijack function calls, by phundie  (Code: eve.c)  (Additional Info)
  10. April Fools' Day, the Hacker Way  - Discusses an April Fools Day joke done by the author, by xinit
  11. Remember CompUSA  - Details a method of obtaining CompUSA sales information (including credit card number, expiration date, etc) from an IMS terminal within the store, by silic0nsilence
  12. Downloading MP3s for Free  - Discusses a method of getting free MP3's by using the sign-up credit of the allofmp3.com site, by He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named
  13. Swindling From SearchFeed  - Discusses a method of simulating user clicks on SearchFeed ads, by AtomicRhino (Matt McMillan, DOB: 11/01/1983)
  14. Hacker Perspective  - Discusses the current trend of governments to subvert people's privacy and some existing legislation to protect it, by Martin Eberhard
  15. Letters  - Dispatches
  16. Bypassing a Restrictive Internet Proxy  - Explains how a proxy works, how to tunnel past it and shows how to configure your applications, by Anonymous
  17. Shadow Life  - Outlines the basic techniques of creating an alias, by Akasha
  18. Walk with Me, Talk with Me  - Discusses gang signs and suggests using for field phreaking or urban explorations, by phlux (Clinton Haller)
  19. Fun With the Snom Outlook Add-on  - Discusses a method of VoIP remote call initiation using the Snom Outlook add-in, by reid
  20. The EU Directive on Data Retention: Surveillance 2.0  - Discusses the European Unions retention policy for communication data.  Details the pros and cons (ie. privacy vs and mentions direction U.S. is heading, by Andreas Rietzler
  21. Transmissions  - Discusses broadband service providers efforts to control the internet and the 'net neutrality' debate, by Dragorn
  22. Information Flow on Campus: A Closer Look at Wikipedia  - Discusses Wikipedia and how the editing process works.  Notes the process lends itself to bias and manipulation of information, by Barrett Brown
  23. Story: To Kill an Atomic Subwoofer  - Tells the story of how the author silenced a neighbors loud car stereo system, by Dionysus
  24. Uses for Knoppix  - Discusses the use of Knoppix to retrieve files from a Windows machine without having to login to it, by Variable Rush
  25. 2600 Marketplace
  26. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 25, Number 2 (Summer 2008)

  1. The Best of Times  - Editorial
  2. Don't "Locate Me"  - Defeating the Google Maps "Locate Me" feature via MAC manipulation, by Terry Stenvold (Email, Vancouver, Canada)  (Code: delbr0.sh, skyhack.sh)  (PDF)  (YouTube)
  3. Exploring Road Runner's Internal Network  - Discusses how the Road Runner ISP internal network for static IP addresses is wide open, by Tim
  4. Hacking Wireless Networks with Windows  - Discusses how to access a wireless network that limits connectivity by using an existing computer's MAC address, by Carbide
  5. The HughesNet FAP  - Discusses a method of circumventing the download limits of the HughesNet satellite Internet service, by ntbnnt (Nathan Bennett, Marion, North Carolina, MySpace)
  6. Telecom Informer  - Discusses the technology and standards of text messaging, by The Prophet
  7. Hacking Society  - Discusses how companies use holding actions (i.e. placing barriers and wasting your time) to manipulate customers and how to turn the tables on them, by Barrett Brown
  8. Thirteen Years of Starting a Hacker Scene  - Discusses the history of the Brazilian hacker scene and the E-zine Barata Eletrica, by Derneval
  9. HPing (The Part I Forgot)  - Discusses the hping tool from the basics of crafting TCP/UDP packets to advanced abilities like file transfer over ICMP, by Gr@ve_Rose
  10. Meditation for Hackers: All-Point Techniques  - Discusses meditation and several techniques for practicing the author's all-point method, by Sai Emrys (Berkeley, California, DOB: 01/12/1982)
  11. Fun with Network Friends  - Discusses a method of being able to view (in Firefox) the web sites someone on your network is viewing, by Uriah C.  (Code: HTTPSteal.sh)  (Additional Info)
  12. Hacking: A Graffiti Writer's Perspective  - Discusses the similarities between computer hacking and graffiti art, by sc0ut64
  13. Hacker Perspective  - Discusses the author's fascination with locks and some story's from his past, by Barry Wels
  14. A Portable Encrypted Linux System for Windows  - Discusses how to create a portable Linux work environment using TrueCrypt and Damn Small Linux, by Aaron
  15. MAC Address Changer  - Discusses changing your MAC address to maintain your privacy on a network, provides a bash script to accomplish this easily, by Plasticman (Steve)  (Code: mac-address-changer.sh)
  16. Capturing Botnet Malware Using a Honeypot  - Discusses how to set up a honeypot, and analyzes a botnet that infected the author's honeypot system, by L0j1k
  17. Cracking with the Webtionary  - by Acrobatic (Jeff B. Nunn, Dallas, Texas)  (Code: md5_source.php)
  18. JavaScript Password DOMination  - Discusses a method of using JavaScript in a browser's address bar to display a password from a login form, by Jacob P. Silvia
  19. Spirits 2000 Insecurity  - Discusses the Spirits 2000 retail liquor store software suite including where employee and credit card information is stored, by drlecter (Weston George)
  20. Transmissions  - Discusses the history, circumstances and technical details of the OpenSSL flaw affecting many Debian-based Linux distributions, by Dragorn
  21. Letters  - dialouge
  22. The Geek Squad  - Discusses using a keylogger to obtain access to the Geek Squad's customer database, by Turgon
  23. Bank of America Website Flaw  - Describes a security flaw in Bank of America's website which allows customer credit card statements to be viewed in some circumstances, by malpelo93
  24. Why is This Computer Connected to the Internet?  - Discusses the flawed rational for connecting many computers to the Internet unnecessarily and the potential catastrophic ramifications, by Porter Payne
  25. Story: Message of the Day  - Tells the story of how the author almost got arrested for hacking and ended up working as a security consultant, by Peter Wrenshall  (Hack - The Novel)
  26. 2600 Marketplace
  27. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 25, Number 3 (Fall 2008)

  1. The Last Shall Be First  - Editorial
  2. Bell's Mind Markup Language  - Information on the Bell's Mind "phone scanning by hand" language, by dual  (Code: handscan.pl)
  3. The TORminator  - Scripts to help identify countries (IPs) on a Tor system, by OSIN
  4. The State of Cyberspace and Cyberwar  - Sensational article on "fighting" in "cyberspace," by Barrett Brown
  5. Watching the Watchers  - How to prevent you computer from updating Google Analytics, by ZoeB  (Add " www.google-analytics.com" in /etc/hosts)
  6. Telecom Informer  - SMS/800 and SS7 information, by The Prophet
  7. Apple Dashboard Widget Insecurity  - Security vulnerabilities in Apple's Mac OS X 10.4 dashboard widgets, by zeitgeist  (Code: Examples, WidgetInspector.zip)
  8. Penetration Testing: The Red Team Way  - Information on Red Team penetration testing, by MS-Luddite (M$ Luddite, Indiana, DOB: 02/13/1976)
  9. FaxCore AUID Exploit  - Security and password vulnerabilities and default passwords to the FaxCore system, by Element.Crying
  10. ResHacking Windows Vista Games  - Use ResHacker to alter Mindsweeper as an example, by Vitaminion
  11. Ripping MP3s from Bleep  - Direct download full MP3 files from Bleep by viewing the HTML source, by m0ther  (Code: bleep.py)
  12. Imation Insecurities  - How to recover files after entering six bad passwords on an Imation 18405 USB flash drive, by PriesT  (Code: lock.exe)
  13. Blackhat SEO: Exploring the Dumb Masses to Make a Profit  - Information on setting up your own "Blackhat Search Engine Optimizer" content-rich spam websites, by ilikenwf
  14. Hacker Perspective  - Hacker spaces and HacDC, by Nick Farr  (Page 2)
  15. Spoofing Banners with Open Source Servers  - Altering the server display banners when performing nmap scans to fool OS fingerprinting, by m0untainrebel (YouTube Channel, Asheville, North Carolina, Email)
  16. A Different Kind of Remote Scripting  - Using ssh to execute remote commands and scripts, by Atom Smasher  (Code: adblock-wrt54g.sh)
  17. Letters  - Communications
  18. Six Quick Points of Disguise  - Physical disguise techniques, by MasterChen (Email)
  19. AT&T Wireless Customer Information  - Get a AT&T Wireless customer's personal information using only the last four digits of their Social Security number, by Frater Perdurabo
  20. Setting Up Your Mobile Phone for International Dialing  - Overview of the phone number format for calling overseas and the proper use of the "+" symbol, by The Cheshire Catalyst
  21. USB Antiforensics  - Registry edits to defeat forensic attempts against removable USB media, by briatych
  22. Transmissions  - Wireless vulnerabilities and the weakness of WEP, by Dragorn
  23. Be Your Own DDNS Service Using PHP  - Create your own Dynamic DNS service in a few lines of PHP, by glider
  24. Discovering Firewalls  - Using traceroute, hping2, and nc to detect firewalls on a network, by suN8Hclf
  25. Hacking Music  - Article on the aspects of hacking in making music, by Dr. Zoltan (Sir Millard Mulch, MySpace)  (Additional Info)
  26. Story: Sleeper  - Fictional story about meeting a Russian sleeper agent while at school, by Peter Wrenshall
  27. 2600 Marketplace
  28. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 25, Number 4 (Winter 2008-2009)

  1. Beginnings  - Editorial
  2. Introduction to Forensic Data Revcovery  - How to recover deleted JPEGs using Foremost and Knoppix on an USB memory card, by Paradox
  3. Hacking Dubai and More Internet Proxy Loopholes  - How to bypass Internet restrictions using a proxy and getting free wireless at hotels in the United Arab Emirates, by forgotten247
  4. Calling Comdial  - CONVERSip EP300 tips and tricks using nmap and nc to view or alter settings, by Metalx1000 (Kristofer Occhipinti, Naples, Florida, Wife: Jennifer Lauren Bohall, YouTube Channel)
  5. Telecom Informer  - Telco outside plant cable and grounding information, by The Prophet
  6. De-Obfuscating Scripting Languages  - Decoding the various tricks used to hide HTML and PHP source, by Cliff
  7. Social Engineering the Stock Market  - Social engineering idea to lower the price of oil, by Israel
  8. Making Your Windows Box a Litte More Secure  - General tutorial and information on how to secure Windows 2000, XP, and Vista, by DieselDragon
  9. Hack Thyself  - Some sort of "New Age" bullshit, by Kartikeya Putra (Alex, Dallas, Texas)
  10. Hacker Perspective  - Interview with NYCResistor's Bre Pettis  (Page 2)
  11. Beating the System to Get Beats  - How to remove the audio watermark from RocBattle files, by lk
  12. Anonymous SSH at the Library  - How to use a Java-based ssh client on Rutger's library computers, by carbide
  13. Trashing Gone Wrong in Switzerland  - Busted by the cops dumpster diving in Switzerland and why you should have a cover story, by PriesT
  14. This Posting has Been Flagged for Removal  - Information on how Craigslist flags its ads and how to bypass restrictions using a proxy, by Half Life
  15. Improved Mnemonic Password Policy  - Eric Corley likes to touch little boys (EClttlb), by Ian Murphy (Backspace)
  16. Letters  - Messages
  17. Pappy's Cheese Box  - VoIP-based phreaker's cheese box, by Pappy
  18. Hacking for Beer  - Use an alternate I.D. to get beer through a self-checkout system, by Yimir
  19. Gaming Gamestop  - How to get an extra 20% and cash when trading in video games at Gamestop, by Unanimously Anonymous
  20. Vulnerabilities in the Corporate Sector  - Retrieve data from the hard drives of used computers, by =-virus-=  (NTFS Boot Sector Recovery)
  21. Transmissions  - WPA-TKIP vulnerability information and U.S. border searches, by Dragorn
  22. Business Intelligence  - How sales companies and businesses store data on their customers for later analysis, by Tony Hepo
  23. Hacking WebCT  - Information on the WebCT online class software and how to efeat restrictiosn, by Milton Bradley
  24. Story: Conspiracy  - Well, at least it's not a crossword puzzle, by Peter Wrenshall
  25. 2600 Marketplace
  26. 2600 Meetings

"Answer: Molests little boys and sells other people's old BBS files."

  $2600 Magazine Volume 26, Number 1 (Spring 2009)

  1. Year 26  - Editorial
  2. ATA Security Exposed  - Vulnerabilities in ATA hard drive password security and the proper way to erase a hard drive, Michael Hampton  (Secure Erase)  (HDDErase.exe)  (atapwd.zip)
  3. Outsourced  - Horror story of working at a technical support call center for a large ISP, by Witchlight
  4. Annoying Dormitory Phones  - Flaws in the pre-programmed phones at a Swiss university allow you to make calls without a phone card, by Chris Dickinson
  5. robots.txt Mining Script for the Lazy  - Script to make a website's robots.txt file "clickable," by Kelly R. Keeton (Snoqualmie, Washington, K7MHI)  (Code: robotReporter.sh)
  6. Telecom Informer  - Overview of telco tariffs and public utility commissions, by The Prophet
  7. Surfing Without a Board  - Using a mouse to create a URL by clicking on single letters in Notepad, by XlogicX
  8. MP3s: A Covert Means of Distributing Information  - Hiding data in the unused portions of a MP3 file, by enferex (Matt Davis)  (Additional Info)
  9. Catching an iPod Thief Using Forensic Evidence  - Tracking down who stole his iPod by using the access log times, by Todd Garrison (frameloss)
  10. Inside Google Radio  - Overview of the SS32 radio automation system and Google Radio Automation, by hypo
  11. Scour: Paid to Search, Again?  - Trick using AutoHotKey to earn extra points via Scour, by D4vedw1n
  12. Battling the Fanuc Data Panel  - Story of a tech who needed to replace a GE Fanuc 1062 DataPanel and problems with the WinCFG software, by scamorama
  13. Network Neutrality Simplified  - A hacker who appears to support the fraud of "net neutrality," by linear  (UPL Issue #30)
  14. Hacker Perspective  - by Virgil Griffith  (Page 2, Page 3)
  15. Second Life Hacking  - Discusses a case study of the insecurity of "Forgot your password?" type systems, by Lex Neva  (Additional Info)
  16. Exploiting Price Matching Through JavaScript Injection  - Discusses a method of modifying web pages with JavaScript so the page can be printed for price-matching discounts, by Sigma
  17. Hacker Spaces of North America  - List of hackerspaces in North America
  18. Letters  - Social Discourse
  19. DNS Spoofing on a LAN  - Discusses DNS spoofing and describes the steps necessary to accomplish it on your own network, by Felixalias
  20. An Astronomer's Perspective on Hacking  - Discusses some of the author's phreaking experiences and how being curious about things can lead you to unexpected results, by Ethernium57 (Omaha, Nebraska)
  21. Transmissions  - Discusses how simple it is to spoof wireless network access points to gain access to client machines using various tools and procedures and the lack of adequate defenses to protect against this attack, by Dragorn
  22. Social Engineering HP for Fun and Profit  - Discusses some weaknesses in the HP customer support system that could be taken advantage of, by haxadecimal
  23. The Last 1000 Feet  - Discusses the author's experience with getting internet access to his newly built house after he found out the corporate ISP's didn't provide service in his area, by b1tl0ck
  24. Story: The Particle  - Tells the story of a couple of days in the life of a network support engineer and the strange occurrences that took place, by Leviahan
  25. Hacker Happenings  - List of upcoming 2009 hacker conventions
  26. 2600 Marketplace
  27. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 26, Number 2 (Summer 2009)

  1. Not The Enemy  - Editorial
  2. Regaining Privacy in a Digital World  - Very good article on protecting your privacy in both the real-world and online, information on how to remove yourself from online "whitepage" listings, by 6-Pack
  3. The Security-Conscious Uncle  - Story of using social engineering to get the ATM PIN of a "security aware" uncle, by Deviant Ollam
  4. Why the "No-Fly List" is a Fraud  - Why harassing old ladies and White people at the airport doesn't work, by cbsm2009
  5. Telecom Informer  - Overview of the Motorola iDEN cellular protocol and the Nextel/Sprint saga, by The Prophet  (Additional Info)  (iDEN Technical)
  6. Finding Information in the Library of Congress  - Information on searching the Library of Congress website for hacker-related documents (and Area 51), by Fantacmet (Michael S. Dooley, Portland, Oregon, DOB: 02/12/1978, Email #2, YouTube)
  7. Hacking the DI-524 Interface  - Information and a encryption bug fix using a web browser for the D-Link DI-524 wireless router, by der_m (Jonathan Hadley, Lombard, Illinois, DOB: 01/06/, MySpace)  (Additional Info)
  8. Simple How-To on Wireless and Windows Cracking (Part 1)  - Detailed overview on using a BackTrack USB boot disk for WEP/WPA attacks, by KES  (Additional Info)
  9. If You Can't Stand the Heat, Hack the Computers! (Part 1)  - Hacking and exploring an OAS Heat Computer Model 6310 via modem dial-up, by The Philosopher (Email, New York, New York)
  10. Security: Truth Versus Fiction  - Essay about the author's real-life encounter with a university's student campus building security system, by RussianBlue
  11. Hacking the Beamz  - How to extract and edit the proprietary sound files used by the Beamz laser harp, by shotintoeternity (Kevin Carter, Brooklyn, New York, Twitter)
  12. Hacker Perspective  - by Jason Scott (Jason Sadofsky, Boston, Massachusetts)
  13. iTunes Stored Credit Card Vulnerability  - Major security hole if the "one-click" purchase option is used under iTunes, by Brendan Griffiths (New York, New York)
  14. Zipcar's Information Infrastructure  - Overview of the Zipcar car sharing and car club service and some real-world experiences, by IntlOrange
  15. The How and Why of Hacking the U.N.  - How to grab PDF copys of meeting transcripts from the United Nations website, by Julian Todd (Liverpool, England, Twitter)  (Additional Info)
  16. Listen to Radio Hackers!  - Active VHF and UHF frequencies used by hackers in the U.S. and the French hacker "Larsen", by CRCF (Chaos Radio Club of France)
  17. Hacker Spaces of Europe  - Hackers spaces in Europe
  18. Letters  - reader reflections
  19. Abusing Metadata  - Information and privacy aspects on viewing any metadata information inside a variey of files, by ChrisJohnRiley (Heidenreichstein, Austria, Email, Twitter)  (Exiftool)
  20. Verizon FIOS Wireless Insecurities  - Major security problems in Verizon's default Actiontec WiFi router configuration, by phishphreek
  21. Transmissions  - Overview and history of the author's Kismet program, by Dragorn  (Code: kismet.txt)
  22. Using Network Recon to Solve a Problem  - Story of using nmap to identify problems on a misconfigured network, by Aesun
  23. Suing Telemarketers for Fun and Profit  - How to file (and win) a lawsuit against a telemarketer for violating you "Do Not Call" rights, by Sai Emrys  (Additional Info)
  24. Hacker Happenings  - List of upcoming 2009 hacker conventions
  25. 2600 Marketplace
  26. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 26, Number 3 (Fall 2009)

  1. Hacking In Tents  - Editorial
  2. Exploiting University Students Using Rogue Access Points  - Story of a student at a college who would use "rogue" unauthorized access points to intercept wireless traffic of students and staff, by Anonymous
  3. Catching a Laptop Thief/WiFi Hacker  - Script that monitor the output file from airodump-ng searching for a specified MAC address to identify a particular WiFi card, by Douglas Berdeaux (trevelyn, Twitter, Wikipedia, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)  (Code: catchme-ng)
  4. Attacking a Blind Spot  - Ideas to use open network printers to scan or attack networks as they tend to not be as secure or will have open ports, by Tim Kulp (cloak13, Parkton, Maryland)
  5. How to Almost Hide Your Digital Identity While Port Scanning  - How to hide your source IP address when scanning a network using nmap -D, by Bryce Verdier
  6. Telecom Informer  - Overview of the different types of operator-handled (AT&T), station-to-station or person-to-person calls, by The Prophet
  7. Hello!  Google Calling  - Overview of the the new Google Voice service and how to use it to protect your own phone number or for social engineering or pranks, by Faz (Joe Klemencic, Trowel Faz) and caphrim007 (Tim Rupp, Aurora, Illinois)
  8. Post-Apocalyptic Communications  - Overview of potential amateur radio communication ideas for after Obama kills most of us, by J. P. Armstrong  (Additional Info)
  9. Roll Your Own Hive Mind  - How to use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. to look for people with common interests, ax0n  (Additional Info)
  10. Free DirecTV on Frontier  - How to get free DirecTV service using an expired American Express gift card on Frontier Airlines, by Outlawyr
  11. Free Trials - Avoid Giving Out Your Credit Card Number  - Generate "fake," but numerically accurate, credit card numbers using the standad Luhn algorithm, by hostileapostle
  12. If You Can't Stand the Heat, Hack the Computers! (Part 2)  - Hacking and exploring an OAS Heat Computer Model 6310 via modem dial-up, by The Philosopher
  13. Hacker Perspective  - The bat-shit insane founder of monochrom, by Johannes Grenzfurthner  (Page 2)  (Additional Info)
  14. Granny Loves Linux!  - Story of setting up a Linux system for his wife's parents, by Metaranha (Belleville, Michigan)
  15. Cracking WPA - PSK  - Detailed overview of a WPA-PSK attack using a BackTrack 3 live CD, by Mister Cool
  16. Hacker Spaces - The Rest of the World  - Hackers spaces in Asia and Australia
  17. Letters  - Vowels & Consonants
  18. Hard Disk Encryption, No Excuses  - Overview of TrueCrypt and why no one should have an unencrypted hard drive in today's society, by GhostRydr
  19. Microsoft, Please Salt My Hash!  - Security hold in Microsoft Windows as the password hashes are not salted, by Sam Bowne (Twitter, San Francisco, California)  (Online MD5 Hash Calculator)
  20. How to Get Free Loans From American Express  - How to exploit the grace period of American Express credit cards to stay in good standing with them, by Bavs
  21. Transmissions  - Discusses how WiFi is a throwback to the days of media shared networks and many vulnerabilities like session hijacking, by Dragorn
  22. SSL DNSSEC  - Implementing the Domain Name System Security Extension (DNSSEC) to add security the the DNS system and a comparison to SSL, John Bayne
  23. Tethering the Samsung SCH-R450 on MetroPCS  - Overview of the MetroPCS flat-rate CDMA service and hacking the Samsung SCH-R450 using serial command, by VXO  (Samsung SCH-R450 Hacker Manual)
  24. "Borrowing" the CustomInk.com Vector Library  - How to download the vector images from the CustomInk online t-shirt design site, by GantMan  (YouTube)
  25. Hacking Your Hospital Bed  - Overview of the controls for the Stryker Secure II hospital bed and how to sneak out of it without setting of the alarm, by The Piano Guy
  26. Hacker Happenings  - List of upcoming 2009 hacker conventions
  27. 2600 Marketplace
  28. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 26, Number 4 (Winter 2009-2010)

  1. Smart Regression  - Editorial
  2. Pwning Past Whole Disk Encryption  - How to modify the init.img during Linux bootup to copy a shadow file or shell script for bypassing disk encryption, by m0untainrebel
  3. L33ching the L33chers: Using a Portable Wireless Network  - How to set up a portable wireless network and the insecurity of public WLANS, by DieselDragon  (Vendor MAC Codes)
  4. Telecom Informer  - Overview of YMAX Communications' MagicJack VoIP service and the Stratus gateway servers, by The Prophet
  5. Hacking Tor's Control Protocol  - How to enhance (or break) privacy by delving into Tor's internals, custom circuits of any size, and monitor every aspect of Tor activity, by iphelix  (Code: tor-autocircuit.tar.gz, tor-nodes.py)
  6. Hack T-Mobile Prepaid Messaging and T-Zones  - Bypass T-Mobile pre-paid phone limitations by using web-by-email services and mobi.traffic.com, by Mr. Curious / DoPi
  7. Calling Comdial - Part 2  - How to record and playback VoIP calls using a packet sniffer like Ettercap, by Metalx1000
  8. Underground Physical Network  - Tips on how to setup a remote physical satellite "hacking" site or cache, by MasterChen
  9. Understanding Hacking Tools with Socket Programming  - Why understanding TCP socket programming is essential for a hacker, by Uriah C.
  10. Hacker Perspective  - Crime and freedom, by Annalee Newitz  (Page 2)
  11. Hey Adobe!  Leave My Boot Loader Alone!  - Info on how Adobe's copyright protection scheme overwrites you master boot record, and how to overcome and recover from this, by dolst (Rob Gregory, Claremont, Virginia, YouTube)  (Additional Info)  (An Examination of the NTFS Boot Record)
  12. Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold  - Story of student getting back at a kid in his class using net send, by Valnour
  13. Hacker Spaces  - List of foreign (non-U.S.) hackerspaces.
  14. Letters  - Volleys
  15. Social Engineering from a New Perspective  - Social engineering from a woman's perspective and some tools and tricks to use, by Lilith
  16. A Simple Technique for Drum 'n' Bass  - C routines for creating techno music and loops, by SigFLUP (Thea, Email)  (Code: dnb.sh)  (Audio: 2600_beat.mp3, test_loop.wav)
  17. Retail Automation: ABS  - Overview of the ABS point-of-sale system by Retail Automation and how to access its data files, by L00dHum
  18. Connecting to StreamTheWorld Audio Stream Directly  - How to connect to StreamTheWorld without using their client, but MMRadio instead, by mr_cow
  19. Transmissions  - Discussion on the security vulnerabilities with today's cellular phones, by Dragorn
  20. The Importance of Hacking Your School's Network  - Exploiting the Windows RPC vulnerability to grab passwords and access a school grading computer, by Desert_Fox and 6|21|3|11
  21. Fiction: Shakedown  - Tells the story of a help desk technician who has to fly to a customer site because they believe they have a hacker and how he stumbles upon the true problem, by Peter Wrenshall
  22. Hacker Happenings  - List of upcoming 2010 hacker conventions
  23. 2600 Marketplace
  24. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 27, Number 1 (Spring 2010)

  1. Cloudy Skies  - Editorial
  2. Insecurities in Emergency Rescue  - Lack of real security with the "EMS 2000" program used by many fire or EMS departments, by Metalx1000
  3. AJAX Hacking for the Discerning Pro Wrestling Fanatic  - How to use AJAX to bypass ads on websites which are aware of Adblock, by Gorgeous_G  (Code: ajax.txt)
  4. A Little Fish in a Big Pond  - Overview of the Netcomm 3G9W router used by BigPond and the fact that part of the WPA key is in the default SSID, by kawarimono@bigpond.com (Australia)
  5. The Grey Hat Manifesto  - Looks like someone got picked on in middle school, by Da New Ment0r of PhoeniX.RisingG.GrouP
  6. Telecom Informer  - Disabling incoming calls on payphones and a Tracfone overview, by The Prophet
  7. No Sale for You!  - Potential privacy issues with the Kroger Shoppers Card and other grocery store cards, by Keeng Tusk
  8. CrazyGeorge - Security Through Obscurity  - Hidden data and webpages on George Sodini's website, by Lnkd.com?2600 (Robert Simpson, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
  9. BartPE: A Portable Microsoft Windows  - How to create a fairly secure, and portable, Windows-like environment using Bart's Preinstalled Environment, by Peter Wrenshall  (Additional Info)
  10. Influential Angles  - Overview and examples of using social engineering techniques to get information out of people, by The Third Man (Scotland, U.K.)
  11. Hacker Perspective  - Story of David Buchwald's (Bill From RNOC) early hacker history which leaves out the good part when he got ahold of John Maxfield's telco data.  (Page 2)
  12. The Hacker Enigma: Positives, Negatives and Who Knows?  - Stories of what happens if you co-workers catch on to you screwing around while you should be working, by pantos
  13. An Introduction to CSRF Attacks  - Overview of Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks and how to prevent them, by Paradox  (Additional Info)
  14. The Voyager Library Information System  - Overview of the Voyager Library Information System, their simple password schemes, and how much private information they store, by Decora
  15. "Print Me?" Why, Thank You!  - Overview of the PrintMe servies available at many hotels and some potential security holes, by StankDawg
  16. Letters  - Speak
  17. My First Hack  - Story of a hacker in 1972 bypassing a phone dial lock by "flashing" the hookswitch, by fobg
  18. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. PayPass  - How to remove the RFID chip in a Citizens Bank PayPass (or other) credit/debit card using only a paper hole punch, by 11001001
  19. Writing a Small Port Checker in C in 40 Lines (or Less)  - Quick code for a single-host port scanner in C, by Pantos  (Code: simple_port.c)
  20. Procurve Switch Hacking  - How to enter "test mode" on a HP ProCurve Ethernet switch, by Tzu Tzu Metals
  21. Transmissions  - Why I like print or "E-books can go to Hell," by Dragorn
  22. Bluetooth Hacking Primer  - Fairly detailed overview of the Bluetooth protocol and the hardware and software needed to intercept and hack systems which use it, by MS3FGX  (Additional Info)
  23. Simple How-To on Wireless and Windows Cracking (Part 2)  - Part one appeared in Summer 2009, by KES  (Code: WEP.txt)
  24. Hacker Happenings  - List of upcoming 2010 hacker conventions
  25. 2600 Marketplace
  26. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 27, Number 2 (Summer 2010)

  1. The Hacker Dialogue  - Editorial
  2. Hacking Google Analytics  - How to prevent Google Analytics from tracking your search data and how to view what they have already collected, by Minishark
  3. My Second Implant  - Story of a person who supposedly had a speaker implant near his ear, by Estragon
  4. Free Encrypted 3G Web Access on T-Mobile Smartphones  - Tricks to get Internet access on a T-Mobile phone if your subscriber plan doesn't allow it by using HTTPS proxies, by EvilGold (Joe Sapienza, Lindenhurst, New York, YouTube)
  5. Why Cell May Die in a Modern Hacker's World  - How free WiFi, Skype, and VoIP services are competing with commercial cellular services, by Ron Overdrive (Ronald A. Festa, New Jersey, KC2WQW)
  6. Telecom Informer  - Telecommuications industry in China and some info on Google Voice, by The Prophet
  7. Call the World for Free  - Using Universal International Freefone Numbers (UIFN) for toll-free international VoIP calling, by BitRobber
  8. How to Create Mass Hysteria on a College Campus Using Facebook  - Funny story of a person setting up fake Facebook accounts for people at his college, by alleyrat  (Additional Info)
  9. Educational Wireless Honeypots  - Setting up an open WiFi access point as a honeypot as a tool to tell users about wireless security, by Pan Goat, (Jaime Magiera, Ann Arbor, Michigan, MySpace)
  10. I'm Not a Number  - Overview of barcodes and the UPC system and the use in privacy invasion, by Poacher
  11. How I Scored the Avaya PBX Init Password  - An Avaya outsourcing partner handed my training class the most guarded password in IT.  This is what went down, by The Funkster Deluxe
  12. Why You Need a Grimoire  - How to use technical "black magic" in your hacking sessions, by Leviathan
  13. (Potential) Laptop Recovery  - Tips and tricks you can use to get your laptop back if it's stolen, including using the webcam, by Twisted Uterus
  14. Free Access on Boingo Wireless  - How to hack Boinogo wireless hotspots to gain free Internet access, by ZoDiaC13 (Canada)
  15. How AT&T Data Plans Work (and How to Make Them Stop Working)  - Social engineering tricks to get out of a AT&T cellular data plan you don't want, by excessive | offnetwork
  16. Casual Encounters of the Third Kind: A Bayesian Classifier for Craigslist  - Using Bayesian filtering techniques on Craigslist to weed out spam messages, by Brian Detweiler (Code)
  17. Letters  - Textual Feedback
  18. Outline for a Simple Darkserver and/or Darknet  - Creating underground encrypted data networks which can't be monitored, by p4nt05
  19. Goog411 Skype Hack  - How to use Goog411 to route a Skype call without using your SkypeOut minutes, by The Skog
  20. Hacking Autodialer Telephone Access Systems  - Overview of Mircom remotely programmable telephone access system, by Wrangler
  21. Leaked Document Department  - Funny IRS job aid for securely using a revolving door.
  22. Transmissions  - Overview of the Google StreetView WiFi data collection scandal and how to prevent this, by Dragorn
  23. Written in Spam  - Nine poems written using only spam mail subject lines, by t0sspint (Sean Hausauer, Buffalo, New York, Twitter)
  24. Roll-Your-Own Automated System Restore Discs  - Homebrew data restoration disk using PING (Partimage Is Not Ghost) bootable Linux CD, by ternarybit
  25. Grazing Voicemail Passwords  - Overview of common voicemail passwords and tips on guessing them by using a collection of real-world passwords, by Non-Sequential
  26. Private Key Exchange Using Quantum Physics  - Overview of the BB84 protocol for quantum key distribution, by Jared DeWitt (Salt Lake City, Utah)
  27. How to Overwrite JUNOS Proprietary Code  - Overwriting locked code and scripts on Juniper devices, by Anonymous
  28. Hacker Happenings  - Upcoming 2010 hacker conferences
  29. 2600 Marketplace
  30. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 27, Number 3 (Fall 2010)

  1. Conflict in the Hacker World  - Editorial
  2. Read All About It!  Online Security and Paid Newspaper Content  - How to save JPEGs of London Times online newspaper articles, by Yan Tan Tethera
  3. Old School Hacking  - Overview of some old school hacking techniques, tools, and hardware used at the time, by Kim Moser (New York, New York)
  4. How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Spam the Scammers  - Reverse spamming a website by automatically creating fake accounts, by Wavesonics (Adam Brown)
  5. Telecom Informer  - Overview of the China Mobile cellular phone system in China, by The Prophet
  6. Editing the Brand Image: Forgeries, Branding, and Network Theory in the Digital Playground  - Overview of fakes and forgeries in a digital world and how to prevent this with digital signatures and other tricks, by anonymous
  7. SPAM Simplified  - Overview of spam email and how it is created, spread, and how to prevent it, by bill (fsu_tkd90)
  8. Hacking Out  - How to bypass content filtering and restricted Internet access, by R. Toby Richards
  9. Man in the Middle Attack  - Overview of a man-in-the-middle attack to strip SSL data using BackTrack, by Oddacon T. Ripper (Dietrich Miller, Pacific, Missouri)
  10. Hacker Perspective  - Story of Barrett D. Brown, a frequent $2600 contributor and the idiot who claims to be the "spokesperson" for Anonymous.  (Email #2)
  11. IPv6 Connection Hijacking and Scanning  - How to redirect an arbitrary location and perform a practical network scan using IPv6, by Farhan Al-Muradabadi
  12. Gmail and SMS Gateway Fun  - Shell script for a SMS bomber using a Gmail gateway, by Digicon  (Code: smsbomber.sh)
  13. Moving from Robotics to Artificial Intelligence  - General overview of artificial intelligence and how it relates to modern robotics, by MiracleMax
  14. Letters  - Material for the Next Book
  15. Seven Things "Hackers" Did Right  - Some of the concepts the 1995 movie Hackers appeared to get right, by Glutton
  16. Life Without Walls: Circumventing Your Home Security System  - Story of bypassing a window alarm system using a magnet, by Sacha Moufarrege
  17. Transmissions  - iPhone jailbreaking vulnerability and The Next HOPE speech overview, by Dragorn
  18. How to Turn Local Admin into Domain Admin  - Batch file to obtain domain admin privileges under Windows-based network servers, by David Dunn
  19. Panasonic Phreaking in the New Age  - Panasonic voice mail box/PBX overview and using the '#' key to obtain an outbound dialtone, by Anthony
  20. Hacking and Securing the Tandberg C20  - Security concerns (no root password!) of the Tandberg C20 high-def video conferencing package, by xorcist (Niki)
  21. Hacker Happenings  - Upcoming 2010 hacker conferences
  22. 2600 Marketplace
  23. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 27, Number 4 (Winter 2010-2011)

  1. Changing Landscapes  - Editorial
  2. Bash Bash Bash!  - Overview of the Bash shell, using some of the builtin commands, and few example scripts, by Douglas Berdeaux  (Additional Info)
  3. How to Cheat at Foursquare  - Tweaking the Foursquarefox plugin to "fake" Foursquare check-ins, by therippa  (Error:  id="fsxlogin" should be id="fsfxlogin")
  4. The (Obvious?) Dangers of Free WiFi  - Tips to protect yourself (and your connection) while using a "free" WiFi network, by Azazel
  5. The Buck Stops Here: Inside AT&T's Tier 2 Tech Support  - Story from a person who works in AT&T's "Tier 2" technical support, by kliq
  6. Telecom Informer  - Overview of Japanese landline and cellular phone services, by The Prophet
  7. Various Vulnerabilities in the UPS Shipping System  - Potential bugs and tracking number vulnerabilities in the UPS shipping system, by Dufu
  8. Ode to the United States Postal Service  - Tips and tricks to use "General Delivery" for you mailing address and how to maintain some privacy, by Barrett Brown
  9. Android, You Broke My Heart  - Bugs with the Gmail verification and how to get private information by forcing a reset in Android 1.6 (and lower) phones, by Ry0ki
  10. Corporate Reconnaisance for the Anti-Social  - Search tips and other techniques for obtaining private information on employees at your target business, by Azazel
  11. Hacker Perspective  - by John Harrington (W5EME, Beaumont, Texax)  (Page 2)
  12. Anti-Satellite (ASAT) System for Dumbasses  - How to protect yourself from overhead surveillance satellites and ideas to jam their sensors, by spynuclear@yahoo.com
  13. The Trouble with the "Digital" Music Industry  - Problems with "digital-only" music and a potential bug in Amazon's checkout system, by ScatteredFrog (Sean, Chicago, Illinois)
  14. Invisible ASCII: A Poor Person's Steganography  - "Hiding" data in Windows by using non-standard (ALT + <number>) ASCII codes, by Strawberry Akhenaten (Alamosa, Colorado)
  15. Letters  - Discussion Time
  16. EMR Interception and the Future of Computer Hacking  - Overview of van Eck-style electromagnetic radiation computer/CRT surveillance techniques, by Triscal Islington (Canada)
  17. The Joy of IPv6  - Why we should all start moving to IPv6 and some potential security problems, by Sam Bowne  (Additional Info)
  18. Dormitory Phishing  - Story of creating a fake "login" screen to track a Facebook stalker, by anonymous
  19. How to Find Information on People Using the Internet  - Different ideas and websites to search for real names and email addresses on the Internet, by DarX (Darxius)
  20. Transmissions  - How the U.S. government is seizing or shutting down "pirate" websites, by Dragorn
  21. Phun with FOIA  - Information you need to fill out a FOIA request, by BY3M@N  (GovernmentAttic, The Black Vault)
  22. iBahn Hotel Site Kiosks and How to Pwn One  - How to gain disk access and free Internet from a iBahn Internet kiosk at some hotels, by Sandwich
  23. RAM Dumping  - Dumping the contents of your computer RAM under Windows with win32dd and how to search through it for any goodies like passwords, by Metalx1000  (Additional Info #1)  (Additional Info #2)
  24. Who's Got Your Vote?  - Potential voting vulnerability which would allow you at add a person's name to any petition, by windpunk
  25. Vulnerabilities in Quantum Computers  - Defeating quantum-based computer security by using a man-in-the-middle attack by someone who doesn't understand quantum cryptography, by Purkey
  26. Hacker Happenings  - Upcoming 2011 hacker conferences
  27. 2600 Marketplace
  28. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 28, Number 1 (Spring 2011)

  1. A World Spinning  - Editorial
  2. Password (In)security?  - Article about the current state of password security using some real-world statistics and examples, by Sheep Slapper (Stephen Lee Fischer, Moscow, Idaho)
  3. Password Bypassing and Clearing  - Bypassing password security on a computer you have physical access to by using the various Linux LiveCD distributions, by Metalx1000
  4. How Good is Geolocation?  - Overview of geolocation services, how accurate they are, and how spoof your location, by Geo Spoof
  5. Telecom Informer  - Local Number Portability (LNP), NPAC, and how the routing between offices takes place, by The Prophet
  6. Why I Like E-Books  - Some of the advantages (and disadvantages) to using e-books, including anonymity and defeating various means of censorship, by Oakcool (Mateus Carvalho, Eugene, Oregon, Twitter)
  7. What is a Hacker?  - The mindset of a hacker, by Lifeguard
  8. Who is Anonymous or How to Troll the Media for Fun and Profit  - Clueless idiots on /b/ who are too stupid to do any real hacking - so they have to take out their sexual frustrations by DDoS various websites, by Anonymous
  9. How to Accept Payments Anonymously - A Digital Currency Guide  - Sensational overview on using "digital currency" and how to protect your monetary transactions and remain fairly anonymous, by Max Vendor
  10. How to Find Out What the Government Knows About You  - How to send in a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to see what kind of information various government agencies have on you, by Variable Rush  (Sample Letter)
  11. Bypassing Javascript Timers or How I Learned to Stop Waiting and Love the Variable  - How to circumvent those JavaScript timers on websites like RapidShare by using Opera to edit and re-run the script, by K3ntucky
  12. Remote Login Made Easy  - Using services like LogMeIn and Dropbox to remotely access your computer, by GantMan
  13. Two Party Covert Communication Over MSN Messenger System Using Emoticons  - Using "smiley face" ASCII emoticons to represent binary data in order to pass small secret messages, by Armando Pantoja
  14. Virtual Anti-Forensics  - How to protect yourself against computer forensic examinations by running BackTrack in a virtual memory partition under a virtual machine, by Israel
  15. Hacker Perspective  - by Katherine Cook
  16. Secrets of the Spider  - Overview of a Perl web spider developed by the author to search for only certain data you want, by Triad@Efnet  (Code: spider.pl)
  17. The Lessons Learned on a Training Site  - Story of the author finding various security holes in their company's training websiteby Metalx1000
  18. Writing Bots for Modern Websites  - Creating a bot using the Watir Ruby library to manipulate JavaScript on a website, by Michael Morin
  19. Letters  - Non-Verbage
  20. Where Have All Our Secrets Gone?  - How privacy in our world today is often compromised by ourselves, by aestetix (Baltimore, Maryland, Twitter)
  21. LDAP Directory Servers: TMI!  - Searching the logs of a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) server for cleartext passwords, by Leviathan
  22. Computers: With and Without  - How some hypothetical situations would be presented if there were no computers available in the world, by DGM
  23. Automatic Usage of Free Wi-Fi  - Bash script to randomize your MAC address and autoconnect to open WiFi systems, by Rolf Freitag (Ismaning, Germany)  (Code: open-wifi-auto-connect.sh)
  24. Transmissions  - Overview of what is required to sniff Bluetooth traffic and some low-cost hardware platforms to help accomplish this, by Dragorn
  25. Coding Bots and Hacking Wordpress  - PHP and JavaScript code the automatically loads web pages, submits forms, and does sinister stuff, while looking like it's human, by Micah Lee (San Francisco, California, Twitter, Blog, Website)
  26. Abusing the Cloud  - Using someone else's account with just their cell phone number on The Cloud public WiFi systems, by riemann
  27. Hacker Happenings  - Upcoming 2011 hacker conferences
  28. 2600 Marketplace
  29. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 28, Number 2 (Summer 2011)

  1. Progress Report  - Editorial
  2. Dealing with Credit Card Companies  - Information you should have on hand should you need to cancel or obtain info from a credit card company, by The Piano Guy
  3. Detecting and Tracking Stealth Satellites  - Beginning project of mounting a CCD camera to a telescope to monitor satellites, by spynuclear@yahoo.com
  4. Pen Testing from a Mile Away  - Modifying an old DirecTV satellite dish into a high-gain WiFi antenna, by Asim Zaman
  5. Securing Online Voting  - Overview of what some website admins do to provent people from "cheating" in online polls or voting, by kr
  6. Telecom Informer  - Trip to the DMZ in South Korea and information on the Korean phone systems, by The Prophet
  7. Mobile Hacking with Android  - Overview of some different hacking apps and techniques for phone's using Android, by MS3FGX  (Additional Info0
  8. How I Escaped Google  - How to prevent your personal data from showing up on the Internet, by mrcaffeine
  9. Add a User with Root Privileges Non-Interactively  - How to append a UID=0 account to /etc/shadow without an interactive TTY, by Pipefish
  10. Simple RSA Encryption or Human Calculable Encryption  - Design a public & private key encryption system using only simple math and really small prime numbers, by b3ard
  11. Booze, Nosiness, and City Terminals  - Hacking public Internet terminals in Germany, by th3linquist (Blog, Twitter, Germany)
  12. Hacker Perspective  - by KC
  13. How to Protect Your Car from Radio Jammers  - How to be aware of people using radio frequency jammers to prevent wireless car alarms from properly activating, by Beyond  (FCC ID Search)
  14. POCSAG and Radio Privacy  - Nice article on the art of pager interception and some of the software used, by Malf0rm3dx (Chris) & Megalos
  15. Auditing the MiFi2200  - Obtaining the stock encryption key on a Virgin Mobile MiFi2200 Hotspot, by pnorton (Paul Norton)
  16. Letters  - Voice of the People
  17. Hiding the Hacker Instinct  - Story of bypassing a motion-activated locked door at his office and not wanting anyone to find out, by Phineas Phreak
  18. Starting a Path to Modern Database Privacy  - How to opt-out of some of the various Internet databases, by Barrett D. Brown
  19. Transmissions  - Instances of real-world "cyber wars," by Dragorn
  20. A Brief Guide to Black Edition XP  - Overview of Black Edition XP, a stripped down "hacker" version of Windows XP, by Oddacon T. Ripper
  21. The Many Uses of SSH Tunnels  - Tunneling data over SSH and using it to bypass contect blocking, by twopointfour@riseup.net (Micah Lee)
  22. Senatorial Courtesy Plates - An Inside Look  - Government vehicle license plates in New Jersey and what they mean, by Dufu
  23. Fishing with Squid  - Setting up a Squid server to block ads and your privacy, by Suborbital
  24. Hacker Happenings  - Upcoming 2011 hacker conferences
  25. 2600 Marketplace
  26. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 28, Number 3 (Fall 2011)

  1. Awakenings  - Editorial
  2. Introduction to Chrome OS  - General overview of Google's ChromeOS and CR-48 hardware and the aspect of moving applications to a "cloud," by MS3FGX  (Additional Info)
  3. Bypassing Shell Restrictions  - Tricks for breaking out of a restrictive shell on a Dell Remote Access Controller, by Malvineous
  4. Phishing on an iDevice  - How to turn your iPhone into a trusted website to use for "phishing" exploits, by Jared DeWitt
  5. Telecom Informer  - Difference in Caller ID delivery in China and how it can be spoofed or unreliable, by The Prophet
  6. Network Anonymity Through "MAC Swapping"  - How maintain relative anonymity on a network by hiding or "spoofing" your hardware MAC address, by A Sayler
  7. Both Sides of the Story  - A few tips on what to do when in police custody or during a police interview, by Poacher
  8. Video Game Hacking  - Overview of some of the hardware and software tricks used to "hack" video games, by Moral Grey Area Cat
  9. Hacking Alt Detection in Second Life  - How to bypass Zf RedZone's "alternate account" detection in Second Life using a simple cypher, by Johnny Fusion =11811=
  10. Hacker Perspective  - by Bruce Sutherland (zer043x, Melbourne Beach, Florida)  (Page 2)
  11. How to Spoof Another User in MindAlign  - How to "spoof" being another user on the MindAlign chat system, by Terrible Doc
  12. Access Control: A Fancy Facade  - Overview of "access control" techniques (automatic door locks, card readers, etc.) and some simple tricks which can be used to by them, by P9a3
  13. Go Daddy Shared Hosting Review  - Cross-site scripting vulnerabilities and other tricks to play with GoDaddy's shell access, by General Disarray
  14. Letters  - Utterances
  15. Logging and Analysis with Your GPS-enabled Phone  - Using the GPS data recorded on a HP webOS phone, by flippy  (Code)
  16. Cellphone, Keys, Wallet?  Check!  - Story of someone who had their cell phone stolen and the run-around T-mobile have them, by Josiah McGurty (Springfield, Missouri)
  17. Mobile Hacking: Really  - Installing Laika Linux on an Android phone to give access to command-line security/network tools, by papill0n
  18. Transmissions  - How computer security still hasn't really improved much over the years, by Dragorn
  19. Asterisk, The Gatekeeper  - Trick to use Asterisk to open a gate when a specific Caller ID is received, by MasterChen
  20. Wear a White Hat  - Disussing some of the recent high-profile "hacks" and how they may poorly reflect on the hacker community, by Sam Bowne
  21. How I Got Firefox to Accept the Tel Tag for Phone Calls  - How to get Firefox to interpret a tel: tag to bring up Skype when a link is clicked on, by The Cheshire Catalyst  (Additional Info)
  22. Fiction: Kill Switch  - Fictional story about how Internet censorship may come about and ways hackers could bypass those restrictions, by Leviathan
  23. Hacker Happenings  - Upcoming 2011 hacker conferences
  24. 2600 Marketplace
  25. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 28, Number 4 (Winter 2011-2012)

  1. Movements  - Editorial
  2. Google Temphptations  - Viewing PHP code by searching for the .php~ backup files, by Craig Stephenson  (site:*/*.php%3f*=*.php)
  3. Free Phone Numbers with Google Voice  - How to setup and use Google Voice and a trick to use a "fake" account to obtain a phone number not traceable back to you, by bluelander
  4. Abuse Reports Still Work  - If you're consistant, filing an abuse complaint to an ISP will still work, by raphidae @ EFNet
  5. MAC Spoofing Your Way to Free Internet  - Change your MAC hardware address to one of a "paid" account and receive free wireless Internet access, by Ashes
  6. Hacking Refog Keylogger  - Overview of the Refog Keylogger software, how to detect it (MPK.exe), and where it stores its data, by Alex Nocenti (aka MrPockets)
  7. Telecom Informer  - Telecommunications equipment on the island of Palau, by The Prophet
  8. Who is Anonymous?  - Sensational overview of the "hackers" calling themselves "Anonymous," by aestetix
  9. Property Acquisition - For Free?  - Story of a person who wanted to intentionally live "homeless" and how to gain property by just paying the taxes or back taxes, by PTKitty
  10. Let's Feed the Phishes  - Python code to send fake phone numbers and passwords back to "phishing" sites, by goldcove
  11. Bypassing Universal Studio's MP3 Security the EZ Way  - Using VLC to record audio streams and bypass DRM restrictions, by Akurei
  12. Internal Denial of Service with Fork and Malloc Bombs  - Combining a fork() bomb with a malloc() call to locally attack a host, by Israel  (Code: bomb.c)
  13. Whitelisting with Gmail  - Setup two Gmail accounts to provide a "white list" that only allows email from certain domains or email addresses, by R. Toby Richards
  14. Eye Spy  - Using the MobileChan app to monitor data sent by your phone, by Digicon
  15. How to Social Engineer Your Local Bank  - Social engineering trick to obtain the "daily authentication code" often used by banks, by Rob
  16. Laptop Repair, Customer Beware  - Obtaining personal information via the ASUS Repair Status Inquiry website, by bTrack3r2003
  17. Hacker Perspective  - by Tiffany Strauchs Rad  (Twitter)  (Page 2)
  18. More Active Gamers Should Become Activist Hackers  - Why there should be more video games with a political overtone, by Snugglepuff
  19. Simplex Locks: Illusion of Security, Version 2.0  - Massive security hole in Simplex locks in which a magnet can be used to open them, by Beyond
  20. Hacking is in the Blood  - Two brothers challenge each other to a lock opening contest and the hacker instinct kicks in, by Ninja_of_Comp
  21. Support for Cable Providers?  Why?  - Discussion on why content providers are not really out to limit what people see, by Seeker7
  22. Pre-Texting-R-Us  - "Pre-social engineering" tricks which can be used to steer the information you wish to gain, by lg0p89
  23. Letters  - General Assembly
  24. Pirating the Caribbean  - Setting up an auto-run CD to look like a video which collects information on the target host and FTPs it back to you, by Rob
  25. Perfect Encryption - Old Style!  - How to setup a "one-time pad" style of encryption, by Cliff
  26. The Piracy Situation  - Why the hacker community should be against piracy as it just brings about more laws and trouble, by R. Toby Richards
  27. Transmissions  - Cellular phone tracking via CarrierIQ and the problems it can cause, by Dragorn
  28. Anonymity and the Internet in Canada  - Internet privacy laws in Canada, by Pat D.
  29. Elegant Password Generation with Oplop  - Generating strong passwords with the Oplop password management system, by Josh Dick  (Online Example)
  30. Hacking the Winn-Dixie Survey  - Decoding the data at the bottom of a Winn-Dixie receipt, by Tim K
  31. Switch  - Story of underground urban exploration, by Austin Lott
  32. Hacker Happenings  - Upcoming 2012 hacker conferences
  33. 2600 Marketplace
  34. 2600 Meetings

Gets sued by the MPAA.

Votes for the VP who sat in on MPAA meetings.

  $2600 Magazine Volume 29, Number 1 (Spring 2012)

  1. Game Changing  - Editorial
  2. A PHP Rootkit Case Study  - Detailed overview of a PHP rootkit installed on a university server, by StarckTruth
  3. Denial of Service 2.0  - Overview of the some of the newer Denial of Service techniques people are using and ways to prevent these attacks, by tcstool
  4. Spoofing MAC Addresses on Windows  - How to change the hardware MAC address of a network device using Regedit under Windows, by Wananapaoa Uncle  (MacMakeup)
  5. GroupMe: A Modern Approach to Social Engineering  - Use Google voice to create a fake GroupMe account to spy on a target GroupMe account, by Jacob
  6. Telecom Informer  - History of airplane phones and other in-flight services, by The Prophet
  7. Curiosity Killed the Cat  - Story of a person who almost go in trouble by checking his university's computers for XSS security holes, by Gregory Porter (Google+, Blogspot)
  8. Stupid 9-Volt Tricks  - Disassemble certain brands (Duracell or Energizer) of 9 volt batteries for a source of "AAAA"-size batteries, by XlogicX
  9. So... I Bought a Chromebook  - First look at the Acer Chromebook running ChromeOS, by MS3FGX  (Additional Info)
  10. Hacking Giveaway of the Day (GOTD)  - How to use Regfromapp and URL Snooper to bypass the software installation restrictions used by giveawayoftheday.com, by Lone.Geek
  11. How to Avoid the Online Dating Scam  - Story of a person who saved $50 by discovering a way to view profiles for free on online dating websites, by gosein
  12. RTF... TOS  - Tips on why you should carefully read a company/website's Terms of Service to protect your rights, by Douglas Spink
  13. Domain and Security  - Why you should protect the domain transfer security of a website, by Donald Carter
  14. Hacker Perspective  - by ternarybit  (Page 2)
  15. Towards a Hacker Friendly Mobile World  - Overview of wireless modules from Enfora and Simcom and the possibility of making your own phone, by Casandro
  16. LinuxLive... Save Me  - Recovering from a hardware crash or performing a quick pentest using the LinuxLive USB thumbdrive distribution, by D4vedw1n
  17. The Major Flaw of Pentesting  - Real-world example of a how a professional pentest team didn't perform some basic techniques and why educating people is the only real security solution, by Seeker7
  18. Free Music: The Quest for the MP3  - How to save streaming audio files directly to your computer using Audacity, by DMUX
  19. Letters  - Cables
  20. An EMP Flash - It All Stops  - The real possiblity that an EMP attack could destroy anything electronic-based, by Paul Abramson
  21. Learning from Stratfor: Extracting a Salt from an MD5 Hash  - Analyzing the Stratfor emails WikiLeak$ released to determine the salt password used during the MD5 hash routine, by Acrobatic
  22. Transmissions  - General overview of the idea "licensed" software coders produce more secure and stable products, by Dragorn
  23. Control4 and Home Automation  - Potential security flaws in the Control4 home automation software which can be remotely exploited, by Awake31337
  24. Backdooring with Metasploit  - Example of using Metasploit to install a backdoor program into a .EXE program, by Oddacon T. Ripper
  25. My Grandpa's Books Never More!  - How to save money by scanning and sharing your college textbooks, by Windpunk
  26. Insurgent Technology: In WikiLeaks' Wake  - The bizarre ramblings from a person who doesn't realize WikiLeak$ is a scam site for globalist bankers, by Piyter Hurd
  27. The Pros and Cons of Courses  - Story of a person who attended various computer security coarses and whether they are worth the money or not, by Seeker7
  28. Hacker Happenings  - Upcoming 2012 hacker conferences
  29. 2600 Marketplace
  30. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 29, Number 2 (Summer 2012)

  1. Scales of Inequality  - Editorial
  2. Bluetooth Hunter's Guide  - Straightforward guide that introduces the user to a number of Bluetooth scanning tools and methods, including Bluelog, by MS3FGX (Additional Info)
  3. Security by Obscurity = Insecurity  - Security flaws in today's locks and how hackers are often better at finding security holes than "security exports," by DocSlow
  4. Building a Cat-5 Cable Tap  - Passive breakout cable for monitoring a CAT-5 Ethernet network, by Ashes (Picture)  (This design may have impedance issues, add series 1k resistors if it effects the network)
  5. NGFW - Not Grandpa's Firewall  - Overview of the different types of network firewalls over the years and "next generation firewalls," by Daniel Ayoub
  6. Telecom Informer  - Overview of the Iridium satellite phone system, by The Prophet
  7. A Counterpoint to "The Piracy Situation"  - Rebuttal to R. Toby Richards' "The Piracy Situation" in Vol. 28, No. 4, by D351
  8. The Piracy Situation: The Devil's Advocate  - Another rebuttal to R. Toby Richards' "The Piracy Situation," by Chip Ninja
  9. Why is Piracy Still Allowed?  - How piracy happens all the time in everyday life and there is no real attempt to stop it, by jk31214
  10. The New Age of the Mind  - Overview of upcoming biotech medical implants and dry-electrode EEG, by Merl
  11. Building the Better Brute Force Algorithm  - Tips and character combinations for heuristic brute-forcing modern passwords to reduce the wait, by James Penguin
  12. Hacker Perspective  - Teague Newman  (Page 2)
  13. Firewall Your iPhone  - Blocking traffic sent secretly to Apple (and other sites) via your iPhone, by Лоика
  14. Memoir of a Tech Writer: The Art of Leverage  - Tips and techniques for technical writers to gain more exposure, by ellG147
  15. Letters  - Kindling
  16. Say It Ain't So Verizon  - Reset the password on Verizon FiOS routers without authorization and without physical access, by Pipefish
  17. Hacking Climate Change With WeatherLink  - How to extract weather information from the WeatherLink cloud service, by Cap'n Zilog (Dallas Hodgson)
  18. Baofeng UV-3R: The Cheapest Dual-Band Ham Radio HT  - Review of the Baofeng UV-3R dual-band (2m & 70 cm) amateur radio transceiver and how to perform out-of-band modifications, by l0cke
  19. Transmissions  - Bugs in Google's updates to Android phones, by Dragorn
  20. Metaphasic Denial of Service Attacks  - Performing an advanced denial of service attack by using muliple attack vectors, techniques and exploits, by Everett Vinzatt
  21. Never Be ON TIME Again!  - Simple wire jumper method to bypass the ON TIME vehicle ignition interrupt system, by OMK
  22. Fiction: Hacking the Naked Princess - Chapters 1 & 2  - First in a series of chapters from the newest "Dev Manny, Information Technology Private Investigator" story from the book Superliminal, by Andy Kaiser (Grand Rapids, Michigan)
  23. Hacker Happenings  - Upcoming 2012 hacker conferences
  24. 2600 Marketplace
  25. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 29, Number 3 (Fall 2012)

  1. The Eyes Have It  - Editorial
  2. Technology at the Federal Bureau of Prisons  - Overview of the TRULINCS system used by the BOP and some info on the Set Tel phone systems used, by [Name Withheld]
  3. Using Bluetooth Devices as an Additional Security Measure in Linux  - Use Blue Proximity to lockdown you computer when a BlueTooth link is broken, by Aaron Grothe (Omaha, Nebraska)
  4. Hackers Indispensable for Volunteer Groups  - How hacker groups can help out and maintain the computer networks used by volunteer groups, by markb
  5. Telecom Informer  - What it took to get OpenBTS running at Defcon and HOPE, by The Prophet
  6. The Quadcopter Crash Course  - Overview of the hardware requirements it takes to get your own quadcopter up and running, by UAVman (aka DeathNinja McSex)
  7. Spear Phishing at a Bank - A Hard Lesson Learned  - Story of how a targeted email looking like an anti-virus update tricked several bank employees, by lg0p89
  8. Restoring Honest Elections  - Potential techniques to avoid election fraud - which doesn't list showing a valid fucking ID, by Phredd
  9. Hackers in Space  - The idea of using a homebrew array Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites to bypass any Internet censorship, by MS3FGX
  10. Hacking Apple's System  - Story of a person who spilled coffee on his keyboard and was able to get it replaced under warranty by claiming it as "broken," by Big Bird
  11. Fundamental Flaws in Online and Phone Ordering  - Behind-the-scenes story of a person who works at a company which takes in phone and online orders and their lack of any real security, by C P
  12. Hacker Perspective  - by Dimitri  (Page 2)
  13. Beware the Cyber Weapons Industrial Complex  - How the computer security industry closely mirrors the "military industrial complex" and the increase in attack software, by Josephus Alexander
  14. XML Automated Gambling  - Examining and modifying XML scripts to manipulate your online casino odds, by Andy Phillips
  15. Letters  - Fundamental Interaction
  16. Stuxnet: An Analysis  - Detailed analysis of the "Stuxnet" virus used to attack Iran's Windows-based PLCs, by Doug Sibley
  17. How to Leech from Spotify  - Using the Replay Music software to record and save free music from Spotify, by Pasikrata
  18. Transmissions  - What it took and the hardware used to build the network at HOPE Number 9, by Dragorn
  19. Radio Redux  - New techniques and hardware which is available to the radio hacker and a general overview of today's radio systems, by Mr. Icom (Ticom)
  20. Physical Security Threat from Hotel WiFi  - Accessing free hotel WiFi opens up the potential for your hotel room and key to obtained by others, by R. Stevens and A. Blum  (PortSwigger's Burp Proxy)
  21. A Nice, Hot, Socially Engineered Meal  - Story of a person who orderd a pizza via GrubHub and didn't have to pay when he selected "cash," by Gregory Porter
  22. Hacker Happenings  - Upcoming 2012 hacker conferences
  23. 2600 Marketplace
  24. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 29, Number 4 (Winter 2012-2013)

  1. Storm Clouds  - Editorial
  2. Basic Code Breaking  - by Joseph B. Zekany
  3. An Overview of the Security Benefits Offered by Desktop Virtualization  - by David Morgan
  4. Hardware Hacking - An Introduction Via Dev' Boards  - by sarlacii (Julian Houghton, Twitter)
  5. Hacking Walgreens Photo Processing Machines  - by Tahu363
  6. Telecom Informer  - Overview of cellular phone femtocells, microcells, repeaters, and bidirectional amplifiers, by The Prophet
  7. C is for Camouflage  - by Malandraj3m
  8. A Method to Spider Sites Like Indeed.com with Teleport Pro  - by "ain'tDigitalDATTruth"
  9. Steganography Over Covert Channels: Implementation and Government Response  - by Hal Wigoda
  10. New Ways of Ranking Documents  - by Casandro
  11. Hacking Dirt  - by OWA
  12. Hacker Perspective  - by Lone.Geek (Page 2)
  13. The Security Funnel: When OpenVPN Meets Tor  - by Wananapaoa Uncle
  14. Tactical Teensy Rapid Recon  - by chap0 (Email, Twitter)
  15. Letters  - Intercepts
  16. An Alternate Method for Creating a SSH Tunnel with PuTTY and Squid  - by Synystr
  17. How to Survive a DNS Attack  - by SPitBalls
  18. The Breach That Wasn't  - by Sam Bowne
  19. Transmissions  - by Dragorn
  20. Wordpress Exploit Immunization  - by Seeker7
  21. Fiction: Hacking the Naked Princess - Chapters 3-5  - Chapters from the newest "Dev Manny, Information Technology Private Investigator" story from the book Superliminal, by Andy Kaiser
  22. Hacker Happenings  - Upcoming 2013 hacker conferences
  23. 2600 Marketplace
  24. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 30, Number 1 (Spring 2013)

  1. A Lost Promise  - Editorial
  2. Guest Networks: Protection Less Than WEP?  - Obtain Linksys "guest" WiFi network passwords by stepping through all the defaults provided in their setup software, by Kevin Morris  (Code: guestpass.vbs)
  3. Practical Cryptanalysis: Reversing Cisco Type 7 Password Hashes  - Potential security holes in the Cisco Type 7 password hash which opens routers to remote plaintext attacks, by mcandre (Andrew Pennebaker, Fairfax, Virginia)  (Code: ios7crypt.py, tasks.py)
  4. Twitter for Fun and Profit  - Create a Twitter botnet without the need to infect a host computer and the potential to profit from these 'fake' tweets, by xnite (Rob Whitney, Bloomington, Illinois, DOB: 05/12/1990, Twitter)  (Code: twitnet.tgz)  (Additional Info)
  5. Warning for Ye Olde Bank: Don't Do This!  - Story of an almost successful fraudulent bank transfer which started via a fake fax message, by lg0p89
  6. Telecom Informer  - Story of using cellular and wireless Internet on a trip from South America to Antartica and back to Holland, by The Prophet
  7. Social Engineering: Tactics for Prevention  - Overview of the techniques and tips used by social engineers and how you can prevent it from happening to you, by Ryan Daley
  8. Extra-Legal Harassment  - Real-world examples of governments harassing or spying on people and what you can do to protect yourself or fight back, by D.B. LeConte-Spink (Douglas Spink, Fausty)
  9. Hacker Perspective  - by Mike Keller (GoodHart)
  10. Book Review: Exploding the Phone  - Book review of Phil Lapsley's Exploding the Phone, by Rob T. Firefly
  11. Fiddler - Never Trust the Client  - Exploiting client-side security vulnerabilties with the Fiddler web debugging proxy, by Andy Phillips
  12. U.S. Department of State Loves Mexico  - U.S. State Department bid for a potential surveillance site in Mexico - paid for by U.S taxpayers, by ^SUBv
  13. Hypercapitalism and Its Discontents  - Hacking and piracy in the "new age" and why we should fight modern day oligarchs, by W.D. Woods
  14. Fun with Base Math: A Primer on Base Numbering Systems  - Overview of mathematic operations which are not based on the standard base-10 system, by Fantacmet
  15. Letters  - Symptoms
  16. Cracking Push-Button Locks  - Overview of the Borg 3000-Series push-button lock and a bug which reduces them to only 120 possible combinations, by riemann
  17. Brute Force Access  - Brute force the 4-digit admin password on a TRIPLEX DVR468RW CCTV DVR, by lanrat (Ian Foster, San Diego, California, Twitter)  (Code: DVR_exploit.py)  (Additional Info)
  18. The Usage of the Assumption Technique in Social Engineering  - Story of using "reverse" social engineering and the power of assumption to get what you want from a customer service rep, by TJ
  19. Transmissions  - The value of using open communities (Facebook/Google+, Sourceforge, Stack Exchange, IRC, forums, etc.) to expand the capabilities of today's hackers, by Dragorn
  20. Dev'ing an OS  - A basic understanding of what it takes to develop your own (small) x86 operating system complete with a bootloader, by Shikhim Sethi (India)
  21. Learning, Hacking, and the Raspberry Pi  - Overview of the Raspberry Pi GNU/Linux development board including some quick "overclocking" hacks, by Shea Silverman
  22. Hacker Happenings  - Upcoming 2013 hacker conferences
  23. 2600 Marketplace
  24. 2600 Meetings

  $2600 Magazine Volume 30, Number 3 (Fall 2013)

  1. The Right to Know  - Editorial
  2. An Introduction to Bitcoin  - by Frank Buss (Germany)
  3. Bitcoin: The Hacker Currency?  - by Variable Rush
  4. Inquiring Minds = Hacker = Design Engineer  - by sarlacii
  5. Hacking the Apple Collective  - by Ronin
  6. Internet Trolls  - by Sam Bowne
  7. Telecom Informer  - by The Prophet
  8. Controlling the Information Your Android Apps Send Home  - by Aaron Grothe
  9. U-verse Networking  - by Uriah Christensen
  10. Scamming the Scammer: A Fun Way to Respond to a 419 Scam  - by The Piano Guy
  11. The Art of War and What IT Professionals Can Learn from It  - by Rick Conlee (Waterveliet, New York)
  12. Access Tandem Codes and the Hidden Phone Network  - Holy crap, a phone article, by Brandon
  13. Hacker Perspective  - by Antonio Ortega, Jr.  (Page 2)
  14. Palo Alto NGFW Insider  - by ]{nightVision
  15. Identity Management and Its Role in Security Strategy of Enterprise Environments  - by Patric Schmitz
  16. Letters  - lore
  17. Defeating Forensic Attacks on Full Disk Encryption  - by Mojo
  18. Bank Notes  - by lg0p89
  19. Transmissions  - by Dragorn
  20. Relax, We Bought Security  - by Wananapaoa Uncle
  21. Clouds, Clouds, Clouds  - by lg0p89
  22. Lights, Camera, Hack  - by Gregory Porter
  23. Fiction: The Error  - by Zellie Y. Thomas
  24. A Response to "Perfect Encryption - Old Style!"  - Phil
  25. Hacker Happenings  - Upcoming 2013-2014 hacker conferences
  26. 2600 Marketplace
  27. 2600 Meetings

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."  --- George Orwell

"... personal journals admitting that Mr. Cummings tapped a former girlfriend's phone and subsequently broke into her aprartment ..."

--- Secret Service Agent Tom Varney during the Ed Cummings (Bernie S.) trial.  So where's the Freedom Downtime ($30) DVD for the harassed young lady?

"But the Secret Service knew that he wasn't building bombs, but for some reason though they chose to say that he was."

"The former landlord, Charles Rappa of Broomall, said he found eight to 10 sticks of dynamite in the house after Cummings moved out in October."

--- Manny Golddigger (top quote) on Off The Hook August 13, 1996 and a short news article (bottom quote) on the Bernie S. arrest.  It was actually Ed Cummings' neighbor, not the Secret Service, that started the whole "explosives" idea.

"I had never met him before I was busted.  When I went to work for the bureau [FBI] I contacted him.  He was still up to his old tricks so we opened a case on him and Roscoe [Lewis DePayne].  It's a long story but they wound up getting busted again.  Mitnick got tipped off right before they were going to pick him up.  So he's on the run again.  Roscoe wasn't so lucky.  This will be Mitnick's fifth time to get busted.  What a loser.  Everyone thinks he is some great hacker.  I out smarted him and busted him.  Poulson [sic] blows him away as well.

--- Justin Petersen (Agent Steal) describing $2600 Magazine's main cash cow Kevin Mitnick in Phrack Magazine, Issue #44.

"Now that everyone has had their say.  [Kevin] Polusen ratted on me 1st, called 911 while I was in a C.O.  2nd, [Ron] Austin had his own agenda.  3rd, [Kevin] Mitnick was a feather in my cap.  I was paid to nail him and I did.  I didn't even know him.  Now people pay to hear him chirp about caller ID spoofing.  j/k  The person who received my $150K wire transfer walked.  I kept him out of it.  Also, the P.I. firm I was wire tapping for was never charged, I made sure of that.

I know who my friends are."

--- Justin Petersen (Agent Steal) in a September 2008 YouTube comment to his Digital Desperado interview on CNN.  (Transcript)

"... All in all, this is the best issue of 2600 Magazine I have read in several issues (despite the fact that some of the material had appeared in Phrack Inc., LOD/H TJs, and/or Telecom Digest previously).  Let's hope they continue to be as good."

--- Review of $2600 Magazine Vol. 6, No. 3 in Phrack Magazine, Issue #29.  Just how long have they been stealing articles?

"Finally, this is the part that everyone complains about, the price.  But, 2600 has a great deal for those poor college hacker out there.  If you submit something to 2600 Magazine that is printed, you get a free subscription.  That sounds fair to me!  Maybe we should try the same thing with Phrack?"

--- Review of $2600 Magazine Vol. 8, No. 3 in Phrack Magazine, Issue #37.  Haha!

"If I recall previous issues of 2600... they consider copying to be the best form of flattery... don't know what they currently say, I don't have an issue handy.

You can obviously get all the info in 2600 from the net, before they put it into magazine form... but if your time is of any value their summary is great... also... you can't read the web onthe can or the bus..."

--- January 12, 1997 USENET comment from Glen L. Roberts of Full Disclosure magazine.

"'PHRACK MAGAZINE - Hey, at least it's not 2600!'"

--- Phrack Prophile on The UNIX Terrorist (Stephen Watt) in Phrack Magazine, Issue #65.

"Phrack does not cater to the morons of the world, sorry.  Try 2600.  I hear their target audience is a bit thicker skulled."

"We can only hope that your article brings Emmanuel and the rest of the 2600 editorial team as much amusement as it brought us.  Not from going and harassing people at Walmart, no.  Mostly from laughing at you for writing it.  We'll leave the articles on hacking things like Walmart and Disney World for publication by 2600.  We like to think we still have a reputation for quality."

--- Excerpts from Phrack Magazine, Issue #52.

"We'll publish anyone's Social Security number."

--- Manny Golddigger quoted at SummerCon 1992.  Imagine if the New York Times were to publish Golddigger's SSN.  His little posse of teenage boys would all be screaming bloody murder.

"Eric Corley is the biggest sell out in the hacker community.  When 2600 started out it used to be published on the sly as the guiding light of the fledgling hacker underground.  Now it's so mainstream it's available at the magazine rack at Barnes & Noble and Borders as well as other newsstands.  So is Blacklisted, but unlike Blacklisted, Corley does not pay writers and he is notorious for just publishing things and not giving the author credit.  He did this with one of our Tech Journals.

Corley's only claim to fame is is that he pleaded guilty in 1984 to charges of breaking into an e-mail system owned by the GTE Corp.  He has no technical knowledge and relies on his brat pack to explain things to him.  If you ever have the chance to get into a technical discussion with him, it's quite funny.  I once tried, unsuccesfully for a half hour to try and explain what a Dremel tool is to him.

In 1998, 2600 claimed it had been beset by financial problems that the magazine blames on its distributor and losses sustained in backing HOPE.  This claim of being put down by the man and his distribution being targeted was his battlecry for yet more newsstand distribution.  His sales figures jumped 50% in twelve months.

Corley has sold his soul for the Almighty Dollar.  With that said, We cannot tolerate sellouts.  We have even more reasons but I won't even get into his 'freaky' side, lets just say he should have never left his email account logged in at a terminal at the L0pht.  Most old schoolers know the truth but won't say word one.  The IIRG is not like most groups, we're not in a popularity contest and we don't want your cash.  We deal with like minded groups like the GBPPR."

--- Mercenary/IIRG in the Blacklisted! 411 forums.  You should check out their printed hacker magazine also, it has some good technical info.

"Corley is living in his little 'fantasy world' where he is leading an oppressed life and secretly longs to band his minions the 'Corleyites' into the fabled Brotherhood, a supposed group of underground rebels intent on overthrowing the government.

Then he can find the boy of his dreams and they can fall in love and have and live happily ever after.

It kills him that his love of young boys is considered a crime."

--- Mercenary/IIRG telling it like it is.

"He's the self-righteous over-privileged son of well-to-do yard residents who has made a career of self-aggrandizement, and markets himself to maladjusted teens and pre-teens, clinging desparately to the idea that they're not just *weird*, they're *special*.  Making vague associations with people he is in no way a peer of, he's managed to build a tiny little empire which prevents him from a) having to work, and b) having to deal with the humility of taking money from mommy and daddy.  Having had in-depth person to person conversations with him, as well as countless wasted hours of IRC, I know enough about him to know that reading his socio-political self-martyring diatribe is, for me, a waste of time."

--- Quote from Mohammed Niyal Sayeed in Eric Corley is Not a Regular New Yorker, a thread discussing $2600 Magazine's 2004 RNC propaganda.

"Mitnick made a habit of stealing the identities of dead children (usually infants & toddlers) while he was on the run.  He's admitted this in several interviews since his release.  Yeah, that's really fucking cool.  Defiling dead babies.  Stop for a minute and ask what the parents of these children must feel like...  What YOU would feel like.  Quit making Mitnick a fucking demi-god.  He's just another fat little jew with too much time (and too much of his daddy's money) on his hands.  Quit idolizing him."

"Read it from end to end.  What a whimpering little snit.  With all that he was able to get away with, for as long as he did, he should be lucky that he ever got out at all.  Now he is banking on a lifetime of prestiege and his experiences.  What a wanker for getting caught.  That is the crux of it...getting caught.  Wha wha whaaa."

"Why is it that people get so worked up over Mitnick?

He was a dick to a bunch of people, he got in trouble, he spent some time in jail.  Okay, that sucks for him, but why does everyone drool over him?

Woz was an electronic prankster, but he wasn't a jerk, and he *created things* instead of just making people unhappy.  I could see being a Woz fan, but waving a 'Kevin' flag is just weird."

"No, all he wanted to do was steal cellphone service and other services.  Mitnick was not some grand hacker, he at that time was simply a petty thief that had skills that others did not.  He was after the next big score or what would give him something for nothing.  Why does everyone paint him to be some kind of leader for freedom and the Hacking Society.  Most of us that were in the scene at that time and before did not have much respect for him."

"He always fails to mention that he was arrested multiple times for hacking - actually, social engineering, which is nothing more than bullshitting people over the phone - and was let out multiple times, even to the point of living in half-way houses.

He and his lawyers tried to get public sympathy by saying that he was arrested and held without trial for years, but they don't mention that every time the government tried to take it to trial, his lawyer asked for a delay.

Among the hackers and phreakers from that era, he was not particularly well-respected.  He was known as a guy who could lie over the phone and convice people to give him information and do things for him.  He was not known as a really technical person.

If you don't believe me, go look through the old back issues of Phrack."

--- Some "Anonymous Coward" comments about Kevin Mitnick posted on Slashdot.  These comments where marked "-1 Troll," which tells you there is no bias or group-think on Slashdot!

"I don't get the media's fascination with Mitnick.  He was never any kind of 'master hacker', or anything even close.  He was nothing more than a script kiddie that got caught.  He used other people's tools, and anyone that read the transcripts knows that he didn't have the expertise to create the tools himself.

He definitely knows about social engineering, but then again, so does just about any good salesman.

The whole Mitnick situation was a gigantic media stunt, and the media continues to let him milk it.

Finally, any company that hires Mitnick to do security work is insane.  Hiring a 'reformed' 'hacker' is a terrible idea.

Mitnick should be working at McDonalds right now.  Why on Earth do we keep hearing his name???"

--- Quote about Kevin Mitnick from J.C. Pole on the CNET News forums.

"Kevin Mittnick... probably the most heralded 'hacker' of all time was little more than a good salesman... people gave him passwords, information, account names...  He was not very good at computers at all really...  Certainly not anywhere near the level he gets credit for..."

--- Quote about Kevin Mitnick from "ManBearPig" on the Activity Pit forums.

"Whatever -- Mitnick.  Focus on all the other hackers who are actually TECHNICAL.  [Kevin] Mitnick is just a con artist."

--- June 12, 2008 quote from Annalee Newitz in her review of The Best of $2600: A Hacker Odyssey.

"Kevin Mitnick is a famous hacker because he's a bad hacker.  There's nothing uber about him.  He fought with one of the slowest and least responsive adversaries in modern history - the police and government bureaucracy - and he lost!  He's a perpetual joke in the [hacker] community and continually exposes neophytes in the press by getting them to call him an 'uber-hacker.'  So congratulations, you fell for it!  :-("

--- July 21, 2008 quote from Dan Guido on the Silicon Valley Insider blog.

"Mitnick pleaded.  He's as guilty as sin.  Everyone knew it.  Him and OJ belong behind bars as far as I'm concerned.  You play with fire and you get burned.  He just wasn't good enough."

--- Quote from RSnake (Robert Hansen), webmaster of WebFringe and founder of EHAP Corp. in Voices From the Net.

"Although just about everyone agrees Mitnick has been held in jail for too long without a trial, many think he should face the consequences.  'He did do bad things and break the law,' says Tom Jackiewicz, a/k/a invalid, of UPT, an old hacker BBS.  'He should pay for his crimes.'

--- Quote from UPT's Tom Jackiewicz in Cracking the Code of Ethics.

"mitnick is/was a glorified conman who just happened to use computers.  He's all about SE."

--- September 19, 2003 USENET posting by "Mimic."

"Great, he's going to write another terrible book.  Ever talk to anyone that actually read his other two?  They're just abominable to read.  And Freedom Downtime being close to truth?  As close the The Matrix is.  Once you're inside the 'hacker community' you quickly learn that Kevin couldn't do much of anything he was touted as being able to do and all he really could do was social engineer."

--- Quote from James W. on the CrunchGear website discussing Kevin Mitnick's new book deal.

"'I think the prosecutors are trying to make an example of him,' says Jennifer Granick, a San Francisco lawyer who has defended hackers."

---Quote from Jennifer Granick on the Kevin Mitnick trial.  No shit, you stupid kike cunt.  What do you think the whole point of the legal system is?  I'll bet that dumb, fat asshole won't be stealing a dead baby's personal identification anymore!

"... Also Beyond HOPE was sponsored by 2600 *coughselloutcough* So I saw some t-shirts going around and them selling more of their FREE INFORMATION, but I had to pitch in and buy an 'owned' shirt."

--- Beyond HOPE review - by AlienPhreak in The Havoc Technical Journal, Issue 14.

"Hey IIRG, I was reading the most recent issue of 2600 (Autumn 1996) and saw the "Building the Cheese Box" article. Isn't that the IIRG's Technical Journal Number Three by Thomas Icom? And if it was why didn't they give the group any mention?"

IIRG Reply: Apparently 2600 magazine does not want to give any credit where credit is due. On your question, yes you were correct - Thomas Icom originally published that article as the IIRG's Technical Journal Volume II, Issue 3 on July 15, 1995. Thomas Icom brought up the issue several months ago that 2600 was hurting for articles and would like to publish TJ3 in the magazine. We said fine, let them publish the article, it had been out for a year already. We did not expect them to strip out the group credits in the article and copyright notices on our schematic GIF. For us now it's a mute point, in the future we will only allow magazines to publish our work on the basis that they will give credit where credit is due and will not allow magazines to publish our works without a written agreement to do so."

--- Letter in Phantasy Magazine, Issue #23.

"Do you folks realize that from time to time the phone numbers you publish have come from my BBS?"

--- Busted!  Letter from Scan Man, sysop of the Pirate-80 BBS, in Vol. 3, No. 3.

"I will like to state that 2600's selling of the internet Worm source code was done without my knowage [sic] and I am not getting (or want) a cent. I think this is very slimy of them."

--- Dark Overlord (Peter Shipley), message posted on the Phoenix Project BBS, February 1990.  $2600 Magazine used to sell the source code for $10.  See this ad in Vol. 6, No. 3 for more information.

"Last issue one of our readers appealed for bank indentification numbers (BINs).  We've received several small lists and one huge one for Mastercard.  We're told that the Mastercard/Visa list sells for $895.  We'll part with the Mastercard half for $5 and if we get the Visa half, we'll offer it all for $10.  Meanwhile here's a small sampling."

--- Excerpt from a BIN sales ad in Vol. 8, No. 2.  This is more evidence of $2600 Magazine selling other people's old BBS files for profit.

"... You may do this under two conditions, no editing and you must not sell any items."

--- Emails with $2600 "staff."  That's right, only they are allowed to profit from other people's work!  (See the above example, outrageous!)  If you wanted to earn a little extra cash to pay off some bills, or perhaps help pay for college because some Democrat shot your dad in the head - too fucking bad - according to $2600 Magazine.  They really are a bunch of profiteering assholes.  You have my permission to edit and sell these files as you wish.

"... For me, Kevin Mitnick's real crime is that he violated the original spirit of the hacker ethic.  It's not okay to read other people's mail, and to believe that software and other computer technologies should be freely shared is not the same as believing that it's okay to steal them.

The network of computers know as the Internet began as a unique experiment in building a community of people who shared a set of values about technology and the role computers could play in shaping the world.  That community was based largely on a shared sense of trust.  Today, the electronic walls going up everywhere on the Net are the clearest proof of the loss of that trust and community.  It's a loss for all of us."

--- Tsutomu Shimomura in Takedown, October 25, 1995.  Thankfully, someone out there still "gets it."  Don't expect Manny Golddigger to support you though!

"Most of what Kevin used were well-known bugs, he seems to have written, allegedly or whatever, seems to have written very few tools, most of the tools we saw him use were tools written by other people to exploit already well-known bugs and ones for which often patches existed and tools to assess systems to find out what vulnerabilities exist are likely to be very useful, and Dan Farmer here I guess is the expert on this."

--- Tsutomu Shimomura at the Sunergy 13 Conference on March 21, 1995.

"Mitnick was caught because he was stupid.  He kept doing the same thing over and over."

--- Quote from Dan Farmer, security expert and co-author of SATAN at OSU NetWOG Security meeting on May 24, 1995.

"'I recognize that voice!' Markoff said immediately.  'That's Eric Corley!'

I'd heard of him.  As the editor of 2600 he had frequently defended Kevin Mitnick in public, arguing that Mitnick was simply a misunderstood and mistreated computer hacker who broke into systems out of curiosity.  There were no victims when a hacker stole software, he claimed.  We could hear Corley chatting with someone about how to improve his public image."

--- Tsutomu Shimomura in Takedown.  He could start by not touching little boys.

"... He did not look very happy.  My feeling was he had caused a lot of grief for a lot of people, and he had incentive to stop.  He had been to prison before, and he still continued.  It wasn't acceptable behavior, and something had to happen.  It seemed throwing someone in prison is a very inelegant way of stopping someone.  I wish there were an elegant way."

--- Tsutomu Shimomura in the San Francisco Chronicle, February 17, 1995.

"So anyway, they happen to mention that Tsutomo is staying at the Watergate Hotel.  Maybe this is kinda childish but I called the front desk and connected to his room - woke his ass up at 6:00 am.  Boy, was he pissed... Especially after being up all night entertaining politicians.  I know, pretty infantile in the scope of things but I hope Kevin gets a good laugh."

--- Letter from Venshea, MD in Vol. 14, No. 1.  Ever wonder why people portray today's "hackers" as mindless idiots?  You can personally thank Manny Golddigger for that...

"Susan, I should explain, is an ex-hooker turned computer hacker.  She is plotting revenge on Tsutomu Shimomura, the guy who finally caught her pal Kevin Mitnick, public enemy number one in the virtual world of computer networks.  'Now, is Tsutomu gay or bi or what?'  Susan asks, scrutinizing a well-thumbed newspaper photo.

I tell her I'm pretty sure that he's straight.

'Oh,' she says.  Good.  Maybe now she can really screw him over.  Something sexual, a 'medium-term, possibly long-term' revenge program."

--- Quote from "Susan Thunder" (Susan Headley) in a August 1995 Esquire article by Katie Hafner.  These sound like really nice people...

"Intriguingly dressed from her feather earrings to her cowgirl boots, Thunder was willing to admit to a variety of 'psychological subversion' techniques she had used to gain information about computer systems.  She was the kind of woman, she told me, who would go to Kansas City on a whim and concoct a scheme of disinformation.  She picked a man at random out of the phone book and circulated information suggesting he was guilty of a serious crime.  She assured me she stopped before the man was arrested, but not before some information had circulated which could have been incriminating."

--- Quote about "Susan Thunder" (Susan Headley) in a Jay Bloombecker Spectacular Computer Crimes article.  These sound like really, really nice people...

"It is beyond all doubt that Susan really had enormous capabilities, and that she really could access top-secret information in military systems.  It is less certain that she could fire nuclear missiles.  It is clear that she couldn't do it using only a computer.  Possibly, with her access to secret phone numbers, personal information, and security codes, she might have been able to trick the personnel at a silo into firing a missile.  I really hope that she couldn't."

--- Quote about "Susan Thunder" (Susan Headley) in Copyright Does Not Exist - Female Hackers by Linus Walleij.  That whole "launching nuclear missles by whistling over the phone" was actually based on security seminars giving by one of Mitnick's hacker buddies.  Why didn't they mention this in Freedom Downtime ($30)?

"... On an interesting note, I used to attend the 2600 Meetings in New York City during the early 1990s when Blacklisted 411 first came out and 2600 started going downhill.  Eric Corley was all perturbed about this 'new' hacker zine that was 'copying' him.  It was then that I first saw a copy of Blacklisted 411.  I examined your periodical and had to bite by tongue because the first thought that popped into by head was 'This blows 2600 away.'  After that meeting, I was having dinner with some of the old-schoolers (TAP-era) who used to show up at the meetings and they all commented on how much better Blacklisted 411 was compared to 2600.  So, you can credit your competition with getting you some readers <lol>."

--- Letter in Blacklisted! 411 Volume 6, Issue #4.

"Real cyberpunks on the east coast have attended at least one 2600 meeting.

Corollary to the above: Real cyberpunks who have attended a 2600 meeting don't go to them anymore."

--- Excerpt from The Men From Mongo in their September 1991 Real Cyberpunks article from Phrack Magazine, Issue #36.

"... I did not know Mitnick or his partner, Depayne, prior to ratting them out.  In my mind, which is all that really counts, I was acting strictly as a bounty hunter.  Mitnick is not a harmless hacker, he did in fact profit in many ways from his crimes. So he deserved it too."

--- Justin Petersen (Agent Steal) April 22, 1999 in Irresponsible Journalism.

"Returning to the subject of superhackers, I'd have to say the overall title goes to Kevin Poulsen, a.k.a. Dark Dante.  As far as Mitnick goes, well let's just say he never did anything that wasn't done before.  He never thoroughly impressed me as much as Poulsen, who taught me a great deal."

--- Justin Petersen (Agent Steal).  From An Interview With Agent Steal by Julie Jamison, KARK TV.

"'Kevin's [Mitnick] not like me,' she explained. 'He's really crazy.'  I asked her about his being held without bail and she approved.  'Any punishment he gets is ok with me,' she said.  'he's dangerous.'"

--- Quote from "Susan Thunder" (Susan Headley) in Jay Bloombecker's Spectacular Computer Crimes article.

"You can kill five people in cold blood and get bail.  You copy files from a large corporation and you don't even get a hearing.  I really want to hear the logic behind this."

--- December 2, 1998 posting by Boyfucker on the "Free Kevin" mailing list.  Mitnick was clearly a flight risk when he went on the run and assuming an alias, when he knew a warrant was out for his arrest.  Also, three time convicted felons do not usually qualify for bail.

"We always have to define indecency by what some senator from Nebraska has to say about it, and I think it is something that the individuals have alot more control over..."

--- Manny Golddigger in Hackers '95.  No, you dumbass... it's backwoods liberal senators from New York we should really be worried about.

"In the weeks before Kevin was caught, he knew Markoff was up to something, you know.  We had phone conversations and he was talking about this quite alot.  He was concerned.  If Markoff was his biggest enemy, as he certainly was, because he was definitely helping to catch him, and he was out to write a story about him, and he definitely wasn't on his side..."

--- Manny Golddigger in Hackers '95 admitting to aiding and abetting Kevin Mitnick, who was then a wanted felon.

"Well he said, 'Somebody read my email!'  Woooh, that's really scary, that somebody read his email.  I mean, if you're on the run somewhere, and you know someone is after you, and they're helping to try to find you, and you can get into their email system.  I'd like to know what person out there is going to avoid that temptation to look at the email.  I know I certainly would..."

--- Manny Golddigger in Hackers '95 talking about Kevin Mitnick reading John Markoff's private email.  Funny isn't it?  These same assholes stomp their feet and pout if the NSA were to look at the email of some terrorist baby killer, but when $2600 Magazine's main cash cow Kevin Mitnick is doing it - it's O.K.!  BTW, Golddigger's email contains pictures of naked boys.

"Now what kind of message is this program conveying?  Apparently, it's OK to invade other people's privacy if your intentions are ultimately 'good.'  It sounds like something Reagan would get a kick out of."

--- Quote from Manny Golddigger in Vol. 1, No. 3 discussing the TV show The Whiz Kids.  Corley's entire defense of Kevin Mitnick was that he was only "doing good."

"Things like this really put into perspective the scope of whats wrong with the legal system in this country.  Wasting time, money, and prison cells on harmless, nonviolent offenders while dangerous criminals go free."

--- October 21, 1998 posting by John Barleycorn on the "Free Kevin" mailing list.  If you were to steal John Barleycorn personal identification, just like Kevin Mitnick did, he'd be running around screaming "Where's the justice for me!?!"  At least these idiots are not hypocritical...

"Sorry, but I didn't create the character, Kevin [Mitnick] did.  He has now been arrested six times in fifteen years.  Each time, except for this last time, he was given a second chance to get his act together.  He chose not too.  It seems to me that he is an adult and makes choices.  He chose to keep breaking in to computers.  He knew what the penalty was.  So what's the problem?"

--- John Markoff in an online WELL discussion with author Charles Platt about Kevin Mitnick's "most wanted" status.

"That's an interesting concept, one worthy of further analysis.  Last time Mitnick got in trouble, he was paid $25,000 by a movie studio for an option to the rights to his movie.  Nowadays, he'll probably be offered five times that for the ultimate movie - I'd say that he'll be well-paid for his talents, what about you?"

--- March 5, 1995 USENET posting by Collect Call Mojo (Brad J. McElvain).

"Don't harass the people that walk by..."

--- Manny Golddigger in Freedom Downtime ($30) admitting that their demonstration in New York did, in fact, violate other people's constitutional rights.  Believe it or not, some people have these things called "jobs" they have to get to.  They can't just sell old BBS files like you do.

"... nothing more serious than lying on the telephone about who he was, and copying software which he never tried to sell or even distribute."

--- Manny Golddigger in Freedom Downtime ($30) telling yet another lie.  Kevin Mitnick called Mark Lotter in October 1994 and offered to trade him stolen Motorola firmware for access to Lottor's Oki 900 CTEK software.

"... It not like they didn't try, but most of the shit said about these phones has been blatantly wrong.  How many times has Joe Kiddie read 2600 (btw, did Emmanuel touch your bum?) and heard about these mysterious phones?"

--- Ned Ludd in Collusion E-Zine, Volume 36.

"After the picture was taken, Emmanuel invited BadGer to his room for some private time"

--- Quote from a picture of Manny Golddigger and "BadGer" (Blake) while at Defcon 8.

"Eventually the #hack chick will graduate to 2600 meetings in her area and will eventually meet Emmanuel.  For obscured reasons women feel safe around him."

--- Excerpt from 't3' in FEH, Issue #3.

"Eric Corley is the editor of 2600: The Hacker Quarterly and detests being called by his real name (so I always do so).  His pseudonym is Emmanuel Goldstein."

--- Excerpt from Bits of Morality by Mich E. Kabay, PhD.

"Founded in 1823 by the well known pedophile and lemonparty regular, Eric Gorden Corley, 2600 is the longest surviving poser magazine in existence.  The magazine is published in the zine format, not because it is edgy and hip, as its producers would like you to believe; rather, because it is written for and by 13 year old boys and faggots."

--- Funny excerpt from the Encyclopedia Dramatica entry for "2600."  The only thing technically inaccurate is the 1823 date!

"France and Germany, and many other countries, require U.S. companies to register their encryption key for reasons of national security.  All the American transmissions are monitored and the data is passed onto the local competitors.  Companies like IBM finally began to routinely transmit false information to their French subsidiary just to thwart the French Secret Service..."

--- Manny Golddigger discussing the book Friendly Spies (Amazon Entry) on Off The Hook, February 24, 1993.  Interesting, isn't it?  Manny Golddigger sure buried that one.

"i forgot to include something in that last post that was pretty relevant.  most countries in the civilized world have abolished the death penalty.  but there are a number who still execute people.  the united states is the *only industrialized nation* that is increasing its use and recent legislation has called for it to be applied to crimes other than murder, such as drug importing.  it doesn't take a whole lot of imagination to see where this could head.  check out www.amnesty.org/ailib/intcam/dp to learn more."

--- Manny Golddigger in a post to $2600's "Free Kevin" mailing list.  Boyfucker must be in full mental breakdown mode here.  No "drug importer" has ever been giving the death penalty and "Amnesy International" is a complete joke that no properly educated person actually believes.  I wonder if Boyfucker will ever mention that our prisons are filled with thousands of non-U.S. citizens in which their host countries refuse to take them back?  And you thought Boyfucker actually looked out for the little guy!  Hah!

"... No evidence ever surfaced of any pay phone conversions, but none of this ever got printed.  Kevin's name was enough to convict him, regardless of actual evidence."

"One of my all-time favorite pranks was gaining unauthorized access to the telephone switch and changing the class of service of a fellow phone phreak.  When he'd attempt to make a call from home, he'd get a message telling him to deposit a dime, because the telephone company switch received input that indicated he was calling from a pay phone."

--- Manny Golddigger (top quote) in Freedom Downtime ($30) and Kevin Mitnick (bottom quote) in Art of Deception - the "forbidden" chapter.  You know a scam is getting way out-of-hand when the jerks running it can't even tell the same lies!

"No idea?  Isn't this what the entire book, series of articles, and now the film are supposedly based on, what Kevin actually did?  I was amazed by what he didn't know.  But there was more that he did know, and had never talked about before."

--- Manny Golddigger in Freedom Downtime ($30) interviewing John Markoff about how he knew Kevin Mitnick was responsible for helping attack Tsutomu Shimomura's computer.  Kevin Mitnick admits it was him, "jsz," and a few others in this interview.  Demand that Manny Golddigger apologize to John Markoff at once!

"The fact is, Mr. Mitnick has been less than diligent in reviewing discovery materials."

--- Prosecutor David Schindler.  Kevin Mitnick intentionally delayed his trial to gain more time for his defense.

"The time Mitnick has spent in jail awaiting trial -- while due partly to his having waived his right to a speedy trial and to delays requested by the defense to gain time to examine the evidence -- is a sore point in the hacker community.  Hackers regard him and others in situations similar to his as political prisoners."

--- Quote from Hackers to Shake Down Takedown in Wired on July 15, 1998.

"But let me just say that Mitnick was not simply exploring technology.  He was using his hacking skills to obtain information illegally and then in turn sell it to the P.I. firm he was working for.  And that's not the whole of it, he was up to his neck in hacking.  The FBI isn't interested in prosecuting curious hackers.  While I was working with them we passed up hundreds of potential cases.  They were only interested in seriously criminal hackers.  Mitnick was fully aware that what he was doing was illegal, and he knew they would fry him if he got caught again.  Keep in mind he has been busted 4 TIMES!  Frankly I think it's great that people support him, and yes I think the sentence they want to give him is ludicrous.  But, put it into perspective, Mitnick is a criminal, he is not innocent, and there is no justification for his acts.  If you want to admire and support him that is your decision, just do so understanding who he is and what he has done.  Mitnick is not a saint."

--- November 24, 1998 posting by Agent Steal (Justin Petersen) on the "Free Kevin" mailing list.  If you were to steal, and profit from, Eric Corley's personal identification - you'd never hear the end of it!  He'd probably also want you in jail.

"As of now, Kevin's attorney hasn't retained an expert witness to help expedite Kevin's review of the encrypted evidence in his case (which the court said months ago that he can now view, but he still hasn't seen any of it)."

--- November 13, 1998 posting by Kerry McElwee on the "Free Kevin" mailing list.  Apparently, Kevin Mitnick's legal team seems too stupid to understand modern computer technology.

"'The court wants to go to trial,' she told Mitnick and his attorney, echoing her previous statement that she was 'very, very anxious [to] try this case.'"

--- U.S. District Court Judge Mariana Pfaelzer expressed her disapproval with the request for a delay.  LOL!  All that bitching in Freedom Downtime ($30) about trial delays was actually Mitnick's own fault.  Gotta sell those T-shirts!

"No, man.  They're like five bucks a pop now, and that extra two bucks cuts into my Smash the State fund.  FUCK THE MAN, STEAL 2600!!!

2600 was officially dead when they pulled their 'VOTE NADER' bullshit in the last election, followed by raking the dirt over their own grave with the anti-second amendment stand they took a year or two after that.  Yes, there may be aspects of politics that touch on aspects of hacking, but quite frankly it's not up to them to tell people how to think.

And apart from that...  The quality of their articles is in the toilet.  OMG, ANOTHER 'HOW TO FUCK WITH ____' ARTICLE!!!  OMG, I'LL BE SO K-K-K-K-K-KEWL WHEN I BUST OUT OF THE DEMO SHELL ON THE COMPAQS IN BEST BUY & TYPE 'format c: /y' AT A COMMAND PROMPT!!!  OMG, I'M A HIZAXOR!@!!caca!#@#~!"

--- Some hilarious comments about $2600 Magazine posted on the Defcon forums by 'skroo.'

"Because it's three hours of self-aggrandising crap.  That's pretty much all there is to know."

--- Comment about why Freedom Downtime ($30) sucks posted on the Defcon forums by 'skroo.'

"[ No wonder they didn't show it at Defcon... ]"

"Actualy, we didn't show it at Defcon cuz Emmanuel is a big crybaby.  He wanted it shown when we were showing 'Enemy of the State' and when we told him 'no, we're showing enemy of the state then, we'll show it tomorrow' he got all huffy and bailed.

Then when we went to show it the next day, we couldn't find it.  Guess he took his football and went home.

But you didn't miss anything.  I actualy really was looking forward to seeing it at ToorCon 2 years ago, but afterwards I can't figure out why.  It's mainly 3 hours of Emmanuel and his self indulgant crap.  Whoever made the wannabe 'Michael Moore' comment was spot on.  I hadn't been able to put my finger on it, but you pegged it."

--- Comment about why Freedom Downtime ($30) sucks posted on the Defcon forums by 'noid.'

"onfusion as to which fundraiser is still going on, a rundown of premiums, the length of time the show has been on the air, a hostage crisis at the '2600 Building' in Phoenix, a call for HOPE network volunteers to come to the 2600 meeting this Friday, the ease with which people fall into the security mentality, remembering when everyone in the room first got involved in the show, a 30 minute collage of some of the many highlights of 'Off The Hook' since 1988, the show won't be on next week, how listeners can participate in the program's future, the importance of young listeners.  This show includes fundraising."

--- Description of Off The Hook on March 1, 2006.  Gotta brainwash those young victims... err... "listeners."

"I am posting this anonymously, because I deal with several, 'high level' members of 2600 on a regular basis.  I have found that these members, including Emmanuel Goldstein (aka Eric Corley) are a bunch of self important people, who think their opinion is always correct.  I also, have not had one good experience with other members.  Again, they refuse to believe they could ever be wrong, and speak in a condescending manner to all those not in the 2600 'clique'.  Mod me down if you want, but this is a true synopsis of my experiences with the 2600 'hackers'."

--- Comment posted on Slashdot.org

"Agreed 100%.  Most of the stuff in 2600 is crap, especially the political articles.  If I want to read left wing propaganda I'd pick up the NY Times (or check politics.slashdot.org).

The articles in Phrack are a step above the few technical articles in 2600 these days."

--- Comment posted on Slashdot.org

"Being sued by the MPAA was the best thing that ever happened to 2600.  They could finally take a little break from rehashing Mitnick folklore and retro infosec concepts ('OMG, some companies could still be vulnerable to wardialing!!11 here's a 1perl wardialer; HACK THE PLANET')."

--- Comment posted on Slashdot.org

"Right you are.  I'm a life time subscriber, but with some of the content anymore - especially the letters - just pains me to read it.  Once in a while there will be a good 'hacker'-worthy article.  But most of the time it's 'how do I get around right-click suppression using Internet Explorer?'  Please."

--- Comment posted on Slashdot.org

"I had to quit reading 2600 when, shortly after the DeCSS trial, Emmanual started abstracting himself out of all the stories, replacing all the 'I's with 'we's.  He also quit signing his name to them.

Before, he wrote nearly all the stories.  After that, it was all, 'We here at 2600...'.  Yeah right.  Maybe it's more professional, but to me, it took away all the personality and passion from the writing."

--- Comment posted on Slashdot.org

"I'm a journalist, and I can honestly tell you that almost any self respecting tech writer would gag if he found out that his prose had been published in 2600 (probably next to some bluetooth snarfing script)."

--- Comment posted on Slashdot.org

"Yeah, but 2600 has always sucked compared to Phrack.  Calling it Phrack-lite would be an insult to Phrack."

--- Comment posted on Slashdot.org

"I worked for the company whose RT Programming Consultant owned the Well Account that led to your capture.  Did you know anything about the account and its owner?  Why/How did you choose it?  Did you check the volume and type of traffic that was on the account before you decided to run tarballs through it?  Would it have deterred you to know how well connected he was with some of the top networking and security professionals working in the Bay Area at the time?  Were you surprised how quickly the FBI appeared at your motel while you were still downloading?  Do your current security services customers know how sloppy you were when you were captured?"


"At last year's Defcon, you crashed the EFF Summit party, having waited until they were backed up at the door and very busy to force your way through the door and into the party.  Shortly thereafter you were escorted out and you stuck around the front of the party where they had not the privileged to force you to vacate the area.  Afterwards you engaged many involved in the charity event on twitter where you claimed to have been 'in' the party for over two hours, were called out and subsequently harassed those that did so.  Initially you seemed to just block those that had negative things to say about you, but it quickly turned into you calling some at work and harassing them.  My question for you; As a felon, do you sometimes worry that playing games with other hackers will get you into trouble?"


"'All he wanted to do was get into corporate sites, download code, play with the code and then move on to the next target.'

No, all he wanted to do was steal cellphone service and other services.  Mitnick was not some grand hacker, he at that time was simply a petty thief that had skills that others did not.  He was after the next big score or what would give him something for nothing.  Why does everyone paint him to be some kind of leader for freedom and the Hacking Society.  Most of us that were in the scene at that time and before did not have much respect for him.  He is not the Hacker Poster boy.  He was treated unfairly in the courts and legal system."

--- A few amusing comments and questions from the "Ask Kevin Mitnick" posting in August 2011 on Slashdot.

"... Because it appeared in the Associated Press, they have made it fact that he engaged in a multi-million dollar crime wave.  When in actuality he's been indicted for things, that ahh... that no way can you say this is multi-million dollar, you know, copying a file - it just isn't.  But you know... as long as they can say this in the Associated Press, people will start believing it."

--- Manny Golddigger on Off The Hook June 24, 1997.  Interesting episode.  Where does Golddigger get the money for his satellite/HBO subscription?  Also note he talks about "cracking" the satellite system.

"He's been in prison since February of 1995.  That's a long time, for somebody who didn't steal anytbing, didn't hurt anybody, just basically played around with computers and phones.  Which is very long time, and no end in sight."

--- Manny Golddigger on Off The Hook June 24, 1997.  Didn't hurt anybody?  Didn't steal anything?  Haha!

"Thanks for the support.  We also support the knowledge you were trying to get out before your site was shutdown.  If enough people maintain pressure on the SPA and their tactics, they will wither away.  It is their destiny."

--- Reply to a letter in $2600 Magazine Vol. 15, No. 1.

"... It's all selective enforcement spiked with greed, fear, and revenge.  In other words, it's not a pretty place to be.  But the outcome of this battle is going to be significant."

--- Reply to a letter in $2600 Magazine Vol. 20, No. 4 discussing software piracy.

"Think about what happens when someone tries this tactic on us.  We wind up getting more support than ever before from people and places we never would have been in touch with ordinarily.  By attempting this on others, you're opening up the same type of support for them.  In other words, you'll be making them stronger.  You should have the ability to counter hate speech with words and logic, rather than resorting to desperate measures.  You need to be attacking the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms.  The assumption that shutting down sites is what hackers are all about simply strengthens the inaccurate mass media perception of us.  Any idiot can use brute force to try and shut someone up.  Let's hope that we're all a few steps above that."

--- Reply to a letter in $2600 Magazine Vol. 22, No. 1.

"Keep up the good work and don't let those corporate giants try and bully you...  The bigger they are the more they bitch... errr, harder they fall."

--- Letter from "RevZer0" in $2600 Magazine Vol. 18, No. 1.  Thank you for your support.

"The thing is, 2600 has prided itself over the years as challenging authority.  When someone threatens us with a lawsuit, we print the letter and that usually stops it, or we just continuing doing it anyway because there is nothing illegal about it, and we don't respond well to threats."

--- Manny Golddigger speaking at Beyond HOPE during the "$2600 Staff" panel.  We didn't respond very well to that either.

"Why is it perfectly legal to post a diagram of how to build a bomb on the net, but you can't post a code that descrambles DVDs?"

--- March 3, 2001 edition of the cartoon Boondocks.  Why can't you post scans of back issues of $2600 Magazine either?

"We are also lowering the price of our back issues.  With every issue we stockpile, we lose more space so we'd really like to get rid of the damn things.  You can now get back issues for $20 per year or $5 per issue from 1988 on."

--- Excerpt from an advertisement in $2600 Magazine Vol. 16, No. 4.  If they take up so much space, why not just put them on the Internet?  Oh...  Wait...  You need the money for your satellite TV, DSL, NAMBLA payments, etc.

"Since we are non-profit, it really doesn't matter to us if you Xerox your copy and send it to someone else - all we ask is that you let us know so that we can have a rough idea of how many people we're reaching."

--- Excerpt from the first editorial in $2600 Magazine Vol. 1, No. 1.  Oh, a few thousand or so a month...

"Lets just hope this common sense approach becomes more of a standard."

--- Reply to a letter in $2600 Magazine Vol. 19, No. 4 about copying TV shows.  They are just a little bit hypocritical!

"... But equating copying an image on a website with theft only minimizes what real thieves do."

--- Reply to a letter in $2600 Magazine Vol. 21, No. 3.

"Mr. Corley's nom de guerre is taken from George Orwell's 1984.  Mr. Corley asserts that, like Orwell's fictional Goldstein, he is being persecuted for trying to expose Big Brother--here, for Big Brother's intrusion into the Internet.  Incidently, Mr. Corley is the publisher of Hacker's Quarterly, an online magazine for computer hackers.  While the title sounds ominous, Mr. Corley claims that the magazine's mission is to enhance the protection of confidential materials by exposing weak encryption methods before 'crackers' i.e., hackers with criminal intent) do something worse. As expounded in an CNN interview, Mr. Corley's view is that '[w]hile you may resent the fact that some 14-year-old from Topeka proved your security sucks, think of what could have happened had you not learned of this and had someone else done it instead.'"

--- Excerpt from the Ford-vs-2600 trial (Case No. 01-CV-71685-DT).  Makes you wonder who the real "Big Brother" is, doesn't it?  Note they mention the character "Goldstein" is fictional.  Also note the Freudian slip of mentioning a teenage boy.  Hmm....

"Finally there was also the time I got the [IRC] logs about Emmanuel and his involvement with some loser hack chick and her teenage boyfriend.  Or, let me rephrase.  Her aspirations for him and his aspirations for her boyfriend.  Ahem.  Making that motd was probably the only moral thing B1tchez.Org ever did."

--- Quote from B1tchez.Org.  What kind of sicko perverted lawyer (Eric Grimm) has a client who hits on little boys and does nothing about it?

"... So we need a special amendment just to protect people from burning a piece of cloth, you know, it's all symbolism."

--- Excerpt about flag burning on Off The Hook on July 5, 1995.  It's just little bits of data, you know "symbolism."  And the phrase "under God" is just two words, but that also pisses you off, doesn't it?  Get over it asshole.

"I'll believe this is more than Bureau posturing when I see Joe [Arpaio] in handcuffs, but dude's more than overdue for an indictment."

--- November 2, 2009 Facebook quote from Adrian Lamo, one of the clueless $2600 Magazine/Kevin Mitnick groupies.  I guess a sheriff doing what the people elected him to do is now too big of a problem for our big bad hackers.  Scary stuff...

"Most stations even that are live have folks that screen the calls and make sure you fit whatever point that the host wants to portray, be it agreement, or like the loony disagreement, or whatever it is that the host wants.  That's what you hear.  On WBAI we don't even really know how to do that..."

--- Excerpt from Off The Hook on March 1st, 2006.  Oh, I think they know exactly how to do that.

"There are attacks going on left and right on freedom of speech.  Right now it's taking place on computer hackers and other 'adventurers' who discover things that perhaps ... are best left undiscovered in the eyes of some."

--- Excerpt from Off The Hook on July 22, 1992.  Oh, you better believe we discovered some things $2600 Magazine doesn't want uncovered!

"If you listen to the program you know what we mean.  You know that knowledge is power and lot of people want to keep knowledge out of the hands of common people, like us.  We're here to prove them wrong and also spread a little bit of that knowledge."

--- Excerpt from Off The Hook on August 5, 1992.  What a bunch of hypocrites.

"The most important thing, though, is to get the information out."

--- Reply to a letter in $2600 Magazine Vol. 6, No. 3.  No...  The most important thing is to keep Golddigger's six-digit a year salary going.

** Submission By: NYC2600
** Like our great leader, this kernel module
** selects a child and touches him in a very special
** way. One of the best things about being a community
** leader is you can get away with depraved sexual acts
** with teenagers and no one will question it.

--- Funny quote from the Emmanuel Goldstein LKM article as featured in PHC's Phrack Magazine, Issue #62.

"Oh that's easy... Just don't goto HOPE, it's not like you'll miss anything important."

--- Funny comment from "HighWiz" on the Defcon forums.

"i dunno if you were being sarcastic or not, but the '2600 conventions' and the people in them have very little to do with the 'hacking subculture'"

--- Quote from "masterkief" under the Reddit post Is the hacking subculture dying?

"If you really want to go down this road, consider that the U.S. is currently using something called the MOAB (Mother Of All Bombs) against Iraq.  (It was tested earlier this year in Florida.)  And if that's not biblical enough for you..."

--- Reply to a letter in $2600 Magazine Vol. 20, No. 1.  The "MOAB" bomb was never used in Iraq.

"I recently was in New York City attending HOPE6, which is supposed to be a hackers conference.  Quite honestly, I wasn't too impressed with the overall quality of the talks that went on.  Sure a few good moments arose now and then, but ladies and gentlemen, the majority of it was nothing to write home about.  I'm not saying I didn't have a good time.  I'm just saying, the content of the speakers should have been leading-edge, or at least interesting.  Topics like, 'hacking the metra swipe card' and 'hacking coupons' were just flat out lame.  Perhaps next time I'll drink more and attend less of the speeches. :-)"

--- Quote from "login" in the newOrder Newsletter, Issue #14.

"... they really didn't have much of a choice ... it's the resonant frequency of a water molecule."

--- False comment at HOPE Number Six during the "Radio Communications for Hackers" panel discussing the frequency band that microwave ovens operate on.  Uhh...  No!  The 2.45 GHz frequency microwave ovens operate on has nothing to do with "resonating water molecules," they operate via dielectric absorption.

"Actually, he has been seen doing the same things in public.  People notice it at meetings, and warn other teenagers.  A certain person named Hitman from NYC 2600 mention to someone to watch out for Emmanuel.  The kid went back to Emmanuel and had Hitman banned from HOPE 6.  I have always wonder where to of the teenagers that alway hung out with Emmanuel went.  RedHackt and Mr.Ohm disappeared from the scene after being close friends with Emmanuel."

"Maybe he was taken into custody because he was molested by Emmanuel Goldstein who is a suspected Pedophile."

"What is wrong with you people?  It's perfectly normal for a young boy to sleep in the same bed with a grown man."

"Probably just a ploy so that the Hope conference won't look so lame (as always) when compared to next week's Defcon conference"

--- Some very interesting comments on the "Steve Rambam" arrest at HOPE Number Six which were posted in the Washington Post blog.

"Suddenly pedophilia's relevant.  I'll give this some context.  All day friday and possibly all day saturday, (I can only vouch for friday) there seemed to be a team of legit journalists interviewing each panelist right after they got off the stage.  Except they were using a huge VHS camera.  And they weren't claiming to be a college class.  yadda yadda.  So anyhow it seems that each interview started out seeming quite legit but all of a sudden one of the lines of questioning became, 'do you have any evidence that Capn Crunch is a child molestor?  How about Emmanuel, I hear he hangs out with young boys.'  Then all of a sudden there are people all over here, all over the 2600.com irc chat, all over the slashdot threads spreading innuendo about Cap'n Crunch and Emmanuel."

--- Some comments about $2600 Magazine, HOPE, "Captain Crunch," Steve Rombom, etc. which are posted at http://jewishdefense.org/rombom/.

"Two reputed Jewish Defense League members were arrested yesterday on charges of grabbing three teenage trick-or-treaters on a Brooklyn street, assaulting them with baseball bats and fists and imprisoning them in a car, police said.

Ronald Kahn, 30, of E. 17th St., and Steven Rombom, 24, of E. 18th St. were charged with unlawful imprisonment and assault after they were identified by the trick-or-treaters as two of their four assailants, police said.  The other two are still being sought, police said.

The teenagers were grabbed by a group of men near Congregation Beth Torah Synagogue, 1060 Ocean Parkway, about 10:30 p.m.  They were beaten and thrown from a car at E. Eighth St. and Avenue I, said police who took them to Kings County Hospital.  They were treated there for scrapes and bruises.

Washington Cemetery, across the street from the synagogue has been a target of Halloween vandals in the past, according to area residents."

--- Excerpt from Tricksters Beaten; 2 Nabbed.  The loony Jewish supremacist, and domestic terrorist, Steve Rambam (a.k.a. Steve Rombom) is a regular guest at HOPE and on Off The Hook.  There is more about this incident, and Rombom's other threats against people's lives, in the August 22, 1989 Village Voice article titled "Oy Vey, Make My Day."

"Well, the one I'm most proud of, I was named one of the 25 best investigators of the century by the - the last century, I guess, by the National Association of Investigative Specialists, which is 5,000 investigators."

--- Blatantly false quote from Steve Rambam (Steve Rombom) testifying to his credentials in a case before the Superior Court of California for the County of Los Angeles (BC154006).  The NAIS doesn't even have 5,000 members and 22 of their "Top 25" are still alive!  (Original)

Stop the Genocide of Gentiles!

"If [Steve] Rombom were tried and convicted as an adult, he would be subject technically, but not realistically, to a maximum term of imprisonment well over a hundred years."

--- Quote from the United States District Court, S. D. New York, 1976 discussing Steve Rombom's loony Jewish supremacist and Jewish Defense League domestic terrorist activities in the 1970s.  (Original)

The Jewish Defense League was Named a Major Terrorist Group by FBI

"Steven Rombom was a particularly tragic example of the sort of psychopaths [Meir] Kahane attracted to the JDL (Jewish Defense League).  The violence-prone youth, who, according to court records spent eight years in psychiatric institutions from the age of six, joined the JDL when he was twelve years old over the frantic objections of his doctors and social workers."

--- Quote from Robert I. Friedman discussing the mental state of Steve Rombom.  A few years after emerging from his confinement, Steve Rombom and his loony Jewish supremacist JDL buddies went on a wave of domestic terrorist attacks within the United States.  This is all documented by Robert I. Friedman in his book The False Prophet: Rabbi Meir Kahane, From FBI Informant to Knesset Member.

"<b>Eric Corley</b> is a child molestor and attention whore who exploits the computer [[hacker]] community to further his own interests, and goes by the name '[[Emmanuel Goldstein]]', after the leader of the underground in [[George Orwell]]'s classic, '[[Nineteen Eighty-Four]]'."

--- Some hacker hero edits the Eric Gordon Corley Wikipedia page.

"In a crowded East Village restaurant called Mekka, Emmanuel Goldstein, 38, is quietly eating chicken wings at a table with nine raucous guys, most of them teen-agers."

--- Excerpt from the June 4, 1998 New York Times article New York Hackers See Breaking Into Computers as a Healthy Thing.  Also note the various quotes in this article about "fighting pedophiles" on the Internet.  This is actually just an excuse for Manny to have pictures of young naked boys on his computer.

"So let any little kids sit on your lap lately?"

"Ya know I hear child molestion is in vogue now.  Care to comment?"

--- December 10, 1993 USENET reply from Chris Fisher to a "Captain Crunch" (John Draper) alt.2600 post.

"'You should try one of my body tune-ups,' says [John] Draper.  'It's a great energy boost.'  Indeed, he spends a good deal of time at the conference enticing young attendees back to his hotel room, where he offers full-contact 'stretching' sessions."

--- Quote in Hello, My Name Isn't ... from "Captain Crunch" (John Draper) while at H2K.

"... he won't give his handle - spent over $3,000 on a loft in Chelsea, insurance and other expenses, with plans to stage a $25-a-head orgy.  Instead, he says, 'the FBI investigated us; we were going to let some 17-year-olds come, so we were crossing a state line with the intent of having sex with a minor.'"

--- Another quote in Hello, My Name Isn't ... about the gay pedophiles at H2K.  I believe the person in this quote is "The Prophet" (Babu Mengelepouti) and used to work(?) for Microsoft.

"... twenty-some years later he showed up in the San Francisco rave scene, a wild-looking man with gray hair and majorly fucked-up teeth as a result of his prison experience.  He would stay up for days dancing and partying -- 'high on the energy', he said -- and trying to seduce young rave boys."

--- Old quote about regular HOPE attendee "Captain Crunch" on 666.com.

"And as for family values, they're just fine as long as they stay in the family and aren't forced down our throats.  We're sure you see the unfairness of special interest groups."

--- Reply to a letter in $2600 Magazine Vol. 14, No. 4.  These same hypocritical assholes are trying to force faggot rights down people's throats, along with their Marxist "we all are equal" nonsense so they can keep Democrats in power.  They also have a radio program on a 50,000 watt RF radio station - in fucking New York City - which only broadcasts their biased coverage of world events.

"Founded in 1960, the Committees for Defence of the Revolution (CDR) expanded over the next decade to include almost a third of the adult population.  Immediately after Castro's endorsement of the crushing of the Prague Spring, the CDRs, acting on instructions from the DGI, arranged for a series of 'spontaneous' demonstrations to support his speech.  Cuba thus developed a vast system of social control similar to, but more conspicuous than, those operated by the KGB and its European allies.  By the late 1960s, Castro was using the CDRs to dictate even the length of men's hair and women's dresses.  In November 1968 the parents of long-haired youths and miniskirted girls where summoned to appear before the local authorities.  Castro had a particular dislike of homosexuals and instructed that they 'should not be allowed in positions where they are able to exert an influence on young people.'  Gays were routinely refused tenancies in new housing projects and frequently singled out for service in forced-labour units."

--- Excerpt from The World Was Going Our Way - The KGB and the Battle for the Third World by Christopher Andrew and Vasili Mitrokhin.  Haha!  Manny Golddigger's hero, Fidel Castro, hates long-haired queers!

"In 1990, a gay Cuban who said he was abused by government officials in his homeland won asylum in the first significant ruling of its kind in the U.S.  That ruling became the basis for then-Attorney General Janet Reno's 1994 order allowing gays from other countries to seek asylum for persecution based on sexual orientation."

--- Notice that on Manny Golddigger's pro-Castro rants, he never mentions that gay Cubans have to swim 90 miles north for freedom.

"A popular payphone kiosk in Havana.  And that's not an ad for sneakers in the background."

--- Payphone picture in $2600 Magazine Vol. 18, No. 4.  No, but it is government sponsored propaganda.  It has to kill Boyfucker that after the Soviet Union fell, we learned that his little "Cuban Revolutionaries" were nothing more than puppets for Russian imperial expansion in Central and South America.

"Before joining Gist, David Ruderman designed software for web sites including Time, Money, Fortune, Entertainment Weekly.  At Time Warner's Pathfinder site, he developed web applications for community building, text retrieval, and content management.  He has developed electronic books for Times Mirror, and at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Dave even worked on one of the first human-genome databases.  In 1984, Dave co-founded the hacker zine 2600.  He earned his Master Degree in Computer Science from the State University of New York at Stony Brook and holds a Bachelor Degree in Biology."

"Gist Communications is backed by Neptuno G.m.b.H., a subsidiary of Sal. Oppenheim Jr. & Compagnie, a private bank based in Cologne, Germany.  Neptuno's initial investment was several million dollars."

--- September 16, 1996 quote in the New York Times about GIST Communications.  David Ruderman, one of the co-founders of $2600 Magazine, is GIST's Vice President of Technology - and fucking rich!

"[Jello] Biafra has spent large amounts of time and money on attorney fees and court costs.  He continues to spend money on his appeal.  Although he lives in a 1.1-million-dollar house in the hills of San Francisco, he is asking others for donations to pay for his appeal.  The appeal will nevertheless reaffirm the court Judgment against him.  These resources could be used to maintain his record label, Alternative Tentacles.  But by continuing with his expensive, failing and misguided legal maneuvers, Alternative Tentacles may very well go under."

--- Quote about Eric Reed Boucher (Jello Biafra) from his fellow bandmates.  Jello is a keynote feature at just about every HOPE conference.  Baa... Baa... little sheep!  You just paid $100 to watch a gay millionaire rock star tell you how to think!

"The effects are said to feel like being dipped in molten lava.  This is incredibly scary stuff."

--- Excerpt from $2600 Magazine Vol. 23, No. 4 discussing the U.S. military's Active Denial System (ADS).  At 95 GHz the wavelength is only 3 mm and the penetration depth is only about 1/10 of that due to dielectric absorption by the skin.  Also, when it hits your eyes, it causes you to blink, and the "pain ray" is absorbed by your eyelids.  A consumer microwave oven that doesn't shut off when the door is opened is actually more dangerous, as they operate with a higher duty cycle at 2.45 GHz.  This frequency has a longer wavelength, which results in much deeper tissue penetration - YOU STUPID IDIOTS!

"...just knowing how strange 'zod's' [Shawn Perlman] parents were, I wouldn't be too sure who to believe.  First of all, it's well known that his mom sort of thought that they were the 'Manson gang', 'coming to kill her and her family'.  A normal assumption, no?  Secondly, judging by the frequency at which 'zod' told the truth half the time, I wouldn't be so quick to believe.  And lastly, Delaney arrested me in Jan 1991.  No guns (certainly not shotguns), and I'm a bit bigger than 'zod'.  Cuffs though, there were cuffs.  And don't forget, the idea of shotguns to sustain a 14 year old naked kid sounded just scrumptious to the media.

Also, the majority of individuals in my home in December were from the FBI, not the SS (only a couple SS), and if you've ever been at the Marshall's office, it appears that they ARE in it for the glamor and glitz, at least some of them from their suits and slicked hair-cuts (and attitudes).  And attitude was no stranger, one December morning..."

--- Mark Abene (Phiber Optik) posting on one of the MindVox forums, July 30, 1992.  The discussion is about if shotguns were actually drawn during the infamous "hacker" raids during the early 1990s.  Donald Delaney insists it didn't happen like you see in the movies.  Funny, isn't it?  Manny Golddigger always complains about the media's lies against hackers, but then he's the one who is out pushing the same lies in order to sell a few issues of his little magazine.

"Bahahaha, 'being screwed over by ignorance', that sounds like Phiber - listening to one to many of your speeches about this B.S. that you personally have nothing on the line for except your unaffected 6-digits a year salary is what got him in jail into he first place, along with 4 of his (former) friends who could've taken the deal the feds gave them of pleading early and doing no jail time had it not been for your grandiose BS which made him hold off and plead guilty like he would've done anyway though w/o time.  Funny how such an advocate for the people whose issues sell more than Esquire magazine pays his teenage writers nothing and takes a photo of every attendee at HOPE, tying up the line to pay the $20+ entrance fee for hours.  'The photos were erased on a Hard Drive crash' - hah!"

--- November 27, 1994 USENET reply by the user "Presto" to one of Manny Golddigger's propaganda posts.  Six figures?  Is that true Boyfucker?

"Wow.  Today was great.  I started it off by going to the St. Patrick's Day parade this morning.  It was pretty cool.  Some of the marching bands were fairly impressive.  Actually, all of them were impressive.  It's just that some gave me a really creepy feeling.  Like the high school with the rifle twirlers.  Or the one with all the bagpipe players.  Oh and the Junior ROTC is ... f'ed up.  They have these 10 year olds marching around in friggin soldier uniforms.  That's... just great."

--- Comment from the blog of RedHackt (Mark Tabry), one of Manny Golddiggers many boytoys.  Good example of the manufactured fear $2600 Magazine uses to scare their little following.  It's gotta kill Boyfucker that a 10 year old kids knows the true price of freedom, while he and his posse sit around molesting children while watching their bank accounts grow.  Shouldn't your problem be with Emmanuel sleeping with underaged kids?

"Derp...  Jon Stewart [Leibowitz] says I'm smart!"

"Well, I'm at home in Eastchester, getting ready to vote in the early AM.  Of course, I can rest easy in the fact that my vote doesn't really count for anything.  If it did, Bush and Kerry would be making campaign stops in New York, not bum-fuck swing states in the Midwest.


It's not that I don't like [John] Kerry, or want him to win New York, I just feel like my vote is being watered down by this whole electoral college system.  It's abolishment is one amendment I'd like to see added to the Constitution, instead of the religious right mind-vomit that George Bush spews out.  Maybe if Kerry wins, I'll write him a letter about it."

--- Another comment from the blog of RedHackt (Mark Tabry), one of Manny Golddiggers many boytoys.  The electoral college system allows all the states in the U.S. to have an equal say in presidential elections.  It is actually a well thought out system, and is what prevents states like Wisconsin from becoming crime-ridden, third-world crapholes like New York.  BTW, how are all those surveillance video cameras working out?  Keep voting for the same Jews and Democrats, asshole!  LOL!  If you want to talk about spewing "vomit," you may want to listen to a few episodes of Off The Hook.  Also notice how it is always someone else's fault - a classic feature of the $2600 Magazine crew.

"... In all honesty, we believe it will be a pretty 'decent' hour.  You can even bring the kids."

--- Off The Hook: The Indecent Version description.  LOL!  You should never bring your kids to a Horny Old Pedophiles Everywhere conference!

"If you can put it on a t-shirt, it's speech."

--- August 1, 2000 Slashdot posting about the DeCSS case.  Does that also include IRC logs of Emmanuel chatting with little boys?

"We do not believe in cover-ups.  By not printing that bit of ugliness, we would have been doing just that..."

--- Reply to a letter in $2600 Magazine Vol. 5, No. 3.  Haha!

"You are, and always have been, a monument to free speech and the free transfer of information, Viva 2600!"

--- Letter from "Mobius" in $2600 Magazine Vol. 19, No. 3.  Uhh...  Buddy...  What exactly have you been reading?

"The average citizen will accept almost anything if it will help to fight drugs or child pornography.  And the control freaks will take almost anything they can get their hands on.  Assume it's true and start figuring out how to subvert it now before it overtakes us."

--- Reply to a letter in $2600 Magazine Vol. 12, No. 4.  The hypocrites at $2600 Magazine had to shut down the scrolling message banner at The Last HOPE because of all the child molestation references.  Heehee...

"During the 802.11b panel the creator of Kismet had Kismet up on the projection screen.  As he talked, SSIDs and IP addresses of all the wireless points showed up.  People realized this and started changing their SSIDs to things such as 'Allyourbase", 'Emmanuel likes little children', 'What you say?' and so forth."

--- Quote from Jodath Morr about H2K2.  Heehee...

"Quit fucking apologizing for filesharing.  Intellectual property is evil, filesharing is freedom fighting, and the sooner Jack Valenti is bumming quarters for a living, the better.  The question is not how to protect artists, it is how to muster enough force to protect the right to hack."

--- Nelson Denoon at H2K2.  You can't make this shit up!

"I could care less if that child molesting moron approves or not, the site will stay up and if needed is mirrored on a few other sites if something should happen to this one."

"If it pisses Corley off too then all the better."

--- Quotes from "Tron" in a June 24, 2004 USENET posting on whether he had Eric Corley's permission to put back issues of $2600 Magazine online.

"As for eric corley, aka emmanuel goldstein, he the biggest peice of shit around, he turns idiots that get themselves caught like kevin and ed cummings, and turn them into martyers for the cause so he can milk it for all its worth on his web page and radio show, and sell his magazine and merchindise, hes nothing but a profiteer.

People who belive or are programmed by idiots like corley into thinking morons that get themselves caught like mitnick, or run a crap magazine that prints outdated articles are some sort of gods, when in reality there just fools."

--- Quotes from "Tron" in a July 7, 1998 USENET posting on Eric Corley's little charade.

"Goldstein is probably the best-known public representative of the hacker underground today, and certainly the best-hated.  Police regard him as a Fagin, a corrupter of youth, and speak of him with untempered loathing.  He is quite an accomplished gadfly."

--- Quote from Bruce Sterling's Hacker Crackdown: Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier.  No, I think they view him as a technically clueless faggot.

"... But copying music, programs, and magazine articles leads to greater exposure for the artists, developers, and writers.  If your product is not priced out of the reach of your intended audience, it will be in their interest to get an original copy.  But in many cases this is not so and the only way people can even get a glimpse of what is being developed is by making copies."

--- Reply to a letter in $2600 Magazine Vol. 13, No. 4.  So... it's O.K. for $2600 Magazine to copy articles or BBS files from other people, but when it starts to effect Golddigger's own income - it's bad!  LOL!

"... like we had to play that song before and censor out every other word because the FCC would get upset if they heard those words, for some reason, and that's just the way they are.  Instead of just regulating frequencies and technical specs, they regulate content, which I don't consider to be fair."

--- Excerpt from Off The Hook on July 23, 1996.  No... the FCC does what the people write in and tell them to do.  This is a perfect example of the sensationalism $2600 Magazine uses to scare their little kiddie followers.  Now, try to get the words "Eric Corley is a pedophile" over WBAI's airwaves once!

"I wish... I wish they would spend as much time checking people out on the way in ... to airplanes, as they do on the way into the country.  Everytime I come into the country, I get all this third degree stuff.  I think it's more important for people getting on to things likes airplanes for them to know where they are coming from and what they are carrying with them.  But they don't really seem to care that much."

--- Excerpt from Off The Hook on July 23, 1996.  Yes, that is right.  Manny Golddigger is calling for more airport security and screening!  Notice how he flip-flops with his answers and ideas over the years to taylor his little kiddie following.  Baa... Baa... little sheep.

This episode of Off The Hook on August 13, 1996 also talks about the lack of good airport security and metal detectors.

"At some point, we flee after Joe630 demands 'hugs' from us...something he continues throughout the conference.  'Grrrrr...touch me not, boy...I will not submit to your fondling,' I tell him behind clenched teeth as I back out of the room.  'I'll only hug a man if he's buying me drinks or I'm trying to lift his wallet...'"

--- Article on HoHoCon '94 by Count Zero (John Lester) in Phrack Magazine, Issue #47 describing a typical member (Ben Sherman) of Boyfucker's "staff."

"... Please keep your posts relevant to whichever area you're posting in.  We're not going to tolerate abusive posts or threads that degenerate into personal attacks.  Similarly, overtly racist, sexist, or homophobic posts aren't permitted.  And, for obvious reasons, dissemination of illegal stuff (credit card numbers, unauthorized accounts/passwords) has no place here.  Nor should private info on any unwilling person be posted."

--- Excerpt from the registration information at $2600 Magazine's new online message forums.  Hehehe...  This is not exactly something you'd expect from "freedom of speech" defenders!  No homophobic posts?  What does that mean, Boyfucker?  Is it only O.K. to make fun of genetically-correct people now?

"It's preciously that kind of thing that I'm very weary about when people say that... ahh... information is property.  It is to a degree, but if you treat it in exactly the same form, obviously there is going to be miscarriages of justice."

--- Excerpt from Off The Hook on December 11, 1991 talking about how "copying" a file is not really "stealing" a file.  These very same hypocritical assholes will try to sue you for "copying" there little magazine!

"This has always been a frustration for us as well.  Every now and then someone offers to help put together a comprehensive index of our material (letters included) and they almost always run away screaming when they realize just how massive such a project winds up being.  We hope to have some sort of searchable index on our site before too long.  For now, you can always go to the search button at our online store (store.2600.com) and search for topics there."

--- Reply to a letter in $2600 Magazine Vol. 23, No. 2.  This website is all you'll need.  Come on you hypocritical assholes, print it!

"If we could snap our fingers and have this done, we would love it.  But putting together an index with all the material we have would take an eternity."

--- Reply to a letter asking about a searchable $2600 Magazine subject index in Vol. 25, No. 3.  No, no it won't.  Someone else made a $2600 Magazine Index also!

"Check our web site (www.2600.com) for a full list of stores worldwide that carry 2600.  If you don't have web access, write to us (2600, PO Box 752, Middle Island, NY 11953 USA), enclose $2, and we'll send you a full printout."

--- Excerpt from the editorial in $2600 Magazine Vol. 15, No. 1.  Holy shit!  They charge $2 for a printout of stores that carry this crap?  No profiteering going on here...

"The numbers for the Nazi boards are 214XXXXXXX and 959XXXXXXX.  If you would like a full printout of all the messages contained on these boards, send $5 to 2600, Box 752, Middle Island, NY 11953-0752."

--- Excerpt from the Nazi BBS a Challenge To Hackers article in $2600 Magazine Vol. 2, No. 2.  $2600 Magazine would never think about selling someone's old BBS files.  No profiteering going on here...

"If you'd like to see just how easy it really is, send us $7.50 and we'll send you a cassette with all of the codes!  The address is 2600, PO Box 752, Middle Island, NY 11953."

--- Excerpt from the Simplex/USPS Update article in $2600 Magazine Vol. 8, No. 4.  $2600 Magazine used to sell an audio cassette tape with all the Simplex lock codes on it.  No profiteering going on here...

"Is Club-Mate suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

Yes.  Club-Mate is completely vegan; no animal-derived products are contained in Club-Mate or used in its production."

--- Excerpt from the Club-Mate FAQ, the latest $2600 cash-cow.  The entire fucking planet is made up of "products" derived from dead animals.  Is Corley really this stupid?  (Hacking Club-Mate: Page 1, Page 2, Additional Info)

"Regardless, we hope they stop trying to intimidate individuals who were merely expressing an opinion on a page that was asking for just that.  As for our copy of the hacked web page - it's news.  It's history.  And it's staying.  Praise The Web."

--- Excerpt from a letter in $2600 Magazine Vol. 15, No. 2 asking them to remove a web page from their site.  Just a little bit hypocritical, aren't we Boyfucker?  Praise the web indeed.  We can now all see what a child molesting jerk you really are.

"The film opens with scenes from HoHocon 1993 where hackers were being accused of trying to break into the hotel phone system by simply standing outside a door.  We see an incredible number of security personnel and police converging on a hotel room, apparently unbothered by having it all captured on camera."

"On another front, some resourceful person had discovered that dialing extension 5199 connected you to the maintenance dialup port for the hotel's PBX system.  The operator had to keep a watchful eye on her terminal all night to prevent anyone from logging in.  Apparently she later gave some of the guys home-baked cookies to spread the word that she didn't care what anyone did as long as they stayed out of the innards of her telephone system.

--- Two quotes about HoHoCon '93.  The top quote is from Manny Golddigger in a review of Annaliza Savage's Unauthorized Access.  Bottom quote is from the Nuts and Volts article Rising From The Underground by Damien Thorn.  This is a perfect example of manufactured fear that Manny Golddigger likes to use to scare his little kiddie following.

"Is it me or does anyone else notice that the magazine 2600 seem to have all kinds of highschool/jr high kids writting in too them going on with things that just seem juvenile.  There is sometimes usefull information to be gained from reading the magazine.  It just seems like some of the articles are written by those who know what they are talking about.  I just cant shake this juvenile feel that I get from a lot of it though.  Anyone else feel the same?"

--- USENET post from the user "Zaxil" on May 23, 2003.  Yes, there is a very good reason why $2600 Magazine targets teenaged boys.  Who do you think Boyfucker likes to fuck?

"So many articles were clearly written by people who did not know much, and who punt when they get to difficult work.  'The encryption is done by a custom chip and, uh, you might want to decompile the EEPROM and see what's in there.'  Or they contain only trivial information, made to fill many pages through the inclusion of anecdotes about how the writer came to know the trivial information.  (Four pages on how you discovered that ATMs run OS/2?  The entire article could have been reduced to four words: 'Many ATMs run OS/2.')  And then there are the political articles, most of which are screeds about how the government and/or big companies are coming to take your freedom away, and their desire to be paid for your pirated movies proves it."

--- Amazon quote from "Neurasthenic" in his review of The Best of $2600: A Hacker Odyssey

"On a slightly different tangent, does this not make you weep for the readers of 2600 a bit?  It's like one moron making up stories and spreading them to a bunch of morons.  There must've been at least a few people who read that article and went, 'huh?'  I don't know, man.  The whole revisionism angle bothers me as much if not more than the shitty journalism.  I guess people are used to just walking on to forums or into chatrooms and spewing bullshit and hoping that enough people will just believe them.  It also makes me really, really sad about the state of 2600.  Are there really no hackers left?"

--- Comment from Rob O'hara about the "Where Have The Philez Gone?" article.

"But apparently doing more than writing a couple column inches that say nothing, and say it inaccurately, counts as useful information in 2600 these days."

--- Quote from Jason Scott's blog entry on May 7, 2007.

"I finished recently the latest issue of 2600.  2600 these days seems to be a mix of exegeses and lo-tech things that I could do given time and the particular piece of software in question.  I want to read articles about hex editry and soldering and doing cool stuff with electronics, and not a bunch of 'And if you wanted, you could do this at an airport, and the only person who would see would be the security camera.'"

--- Blog quote from "aethercowboy" on July 25, 2007.

"For well over a decade 2600 had almost zero content produced inhouse aside from editorials.  Techncial content was all reader submitted.  When readers would write in and ask why an article on XYZ wasn't to be found anywhere, the response was always 'well, why don't you research, learn it, and then write one for us?'.  I remember one issue had a semi-detailed article on how to use nmap, I think it was like 1.51.  Of course, 2 months before the quarterly came out nmap had rev'd to 2.0 and the 1.x tree looked amateur in comparison.  A quarterly print mag with nothing of value created in house... christ, it's like web 2.0 but 15 years sooner."

--- Comment about $2600 Magazine from "ajr" on Jason Scott's blog.

"Nowadays, I subscribe to 2600 just to read all the hilarious letters to the editor and all the bizarre personal ads.  Yes yes yes, I still read the articles to better understand the hacker mindset ... but the letters section makes me wonder why the FBI fears hackers at all.  Take out the national power grid?  Bah.  Many of 2600's readers can't even take out the garbage."

--- February 8, 2001 quote from Rob Rosenberger in Captive Experts and Gullible Hackers.

"Well, I don't know if you have seen the latest issue, and not to dis the zine, but it was really sparse.  Pages were filled with how to pretend hack your high school, and the listings of AT&T offices, just to piss off AT&T.  The Quarter schematic was poorly documented and the digram is an insult to anyone who can understand electronics rather than looking on the back of cerial boxes for cool new tricks."

--- December 10, 1993 USENET post from Levi Brown on the poor quality of $2600 Magazine articles.

"Speaking of 2600, they are the epitimy of everything wrong with the hacker scene.  I will use the new spring 96 issue as an example.  The cover shows some hakur stealing a payphone with the heading 'Our Nations Youth Run Amok, Corporations living in terror'.  I am sure the corporations are so scared of Emmanuel Goldstein and his legions of 14 year old fags.  2600 is a Corporation, so all you dumbasses that read that shit are getting played.  Emmanuel is getting rich off of the dumbass wannabe kiddies.  He was also one of the technical consultants for that embarrasment 'hackers: the movie'.  All that movie is doing is getting more crusty types to pretend to be hackers and buy his magazine.  As usual, the editorial is a bitch about how Hackers who get caught shouldn't be punished.  Hacking is a crime, i am sure emmanuel would be pissed off if someone took over 2600.com and trashed it.  The guy fucked up and got caught, quit fucking whining about it.  There is no fucking 'Bureaucratic Corporate Regime' out there that is out to get all hackers."

--- Excellent rant discussing $2600 Magazine Vol. 13, No. 1 from "The Psycho Pyro" in Vaginal and Anal Secretions Newsletter, Issue #117.

"But seriously, emmanuel has been around forever(1984?), yet he still has never hacked ANYTHING.  And for all those who didn't know, he was the genious technical advisor behind the greatest movie of all time: Hackers."

<mka> emmnauel bite me 
<emmanuel> mka- in your dreams

--- Excerpt from a #2600 IRC log in Vaginal and Anal Secretions Newsletter, Issue #128.

"If i use a red box will the FBI, NSA and SS be after me?  Will the people i call get in trouble?  Will I get in trouble?  --- TeenBoy"

"No, at the moment they can't if you have a special emmanual adapter.  Just come over to my hottub at the mansion and i'll give you one.  Bring a friend."

--- Funny spoof $2600 Magazine letter in Vaginal and Anal Secretions Newsletter, Issue #104.  Heh.

"I've been waiting for almost 3 months now to get my 2600 black tshirt, and it still hasn't arrived.  I've tried to contact Emmanuel through emmanuel@well, 2600@well, MANY times.  I've also tried leaving endless messages on the answering machine, as well as talking to Emmanuel on IRC (who said he would get through to me by email).  Is this normal?  How can I get a VOICE line to 2600?  (No stupid answering machines) And Emmanuel, if you're reading this I want you to contact me."

--- June 16, 1994 USENET post from Adam Frampton (LordOptic).  The $2600 Magazine assholes often complain when other companies have voice mail systems, but they never answer their own damn phones!

"That may be because the elite assassin commandos at 2600 International Megacorp Ltd. have sought out and 'eliminated' everyone who has dared repost this 31337 article from a 1985 issue of 2600.  But not me - I have eluded the 2600 intelligence forces for 13 years now and am still 12 steps ahead of them... "

--- August 14, 1998 USENET post from "The Fixer" (Gerald Albion) on why articles from $2600 Magazine are always hard to find on the Internet.

"It's not like they just threw his ass into solitary without reason.  They were told by his significant other he could cause mass destruction just by whistling a key audio cue into a phone.  Keep in mind that during the 1980's people viewed young men knowledgeable about computers the same way peasants might view a wizard of the Middle Ages, with appropriate fear and reverence.

Maybe if Suzy Thunder hadn't done such a wonderful job of stoking a fire he wouldn't have been in that state.  And fleeing a trial is never justified, never.  Not even by your soggiest wet cyberpunk 'sticking it to THE MAN' dreams."

--- Comment about Kevin Mitnick which was posted on Jason Scott's blog entry on June 12, 2006.  It's widely known that Kevin's "little jail problem" came about when several amateur radio operators were fed up with Kevin messing with their repeater systems.  Rule #1:  Don't mess with people smarter than you.

"If he claims associations with any techie group, it's only because he wants that association to further his manipulative psychopathic abilities and desires.  The amazing thing is, he can talk to a reporter about how he has used his powers of psychotic manipulation in the past, and he comes out sounding like an interesting guy.  That in itself should tell you how manipulative he can be.  He's not doing any good anywhere, he's simply gaming the system, whether it be the ham community, the phone company, a private company he dupes into giving its secret away, a reporter, or a bunch of rubes who visit a ham website."

--- June 27, 2009 quote about Kevin Mitnick on eHam.net from N3QE.

"The SE (social engineering) panel was pathetic, and I don't know why.  Apparently 2600 would like its syncophants to worship Mitnick as a S.engineer now too.  I wonder if he realised the true injustice in his case is being masked to make him 2600's media whore."

--- Comment from Shaughn Shea about the social engineering panel at H2K.

"The Sherman Antitrust Act applies to Microsoft customers just as much as it does (perhaps moreso, under the Bu$h anminstration) to Microsoft itself.  And the Sherman Act prohibits unlawful exercise of Monopsony power (collusive exercise of market power among purchasers) just as much as it prohibits unlawful conduct by Monoploies and Oligopolies (individual sellers or collusive cartels)."

--- Comment from Eric Grimm (CyberBrief, PLC) the rich, clueless lawyer for $2600 Magazine and the EFF.  He's one of the nutcases that actually thinks a software company can be a "monopoly."  Hint:  If you don't like the software, write your own.  Don't cry about it on Slashdot, and sure as Hell don't pass any more laws just because you didn't pay attention in school.  You can also legally sue Eric Grimm under the Hacktivisomo License, as he current enables "human rights abuses" by aiding and abetting one of his clients, Emmanuel Goldstein, who is a known child molester.

One diddles little boys, the other covers it up.

"Tom Lee has been very active for many years in the Federalist Society -- an organization that is dedicated to packing the Federal bench with ideological 'conservatives.'  Spencer Abraham (former Senator from Michigan) -- the sponsor of the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act -- was one of the founding members of the Federalist Society, and made sure that Greg Phillips, Tom Lee's law partner, was invited to testify in favor of the ACPA.  Ted Olsen (the guy who argued the Bush v. Gore case for Bush) is also a big Federalist Society member and booster. "

--- Comment from Eric Grimm (CyberBrief, PLC) the rich, clueless lawyer for $2600 Magazine and the EFF.  Note how following the Constitution of the United States now makes you an "evil conservative."  Very scary stuff.  Do you think he'll have time to read the U.S. Constitution while in prison for helping Manny Golddigger molest children?

"'I was brought up to ask questions,' he told me in an interview before the conference.  'This is all that hackers do.  They just ask questions till they get an answer that's different.  And I merely encourage that.'"

--- Excerpt from Hackers: Threat or Menace?  Why is a 50+ year old man sleeping with teenaged boys?  Why won't his lawyers tell the police?

"After all, why would anyone want to pay close to $20 for a CD of their favorite band when they can get it for free over the net and when the actual artists only receive a small fraction of that amount anyway?"

--- Reply to a letter in $2600 Magazine Vol. 21, No. 1.  Why would anyone want to pay $6 for a shitty "hacker" magazine when they can get it for free over the net and the actual writers don't get paid at all?

"I think this has also brought out another very important issue which can now be pointed to with some authority, namely the suppression of news by the corporate media.  We should not let this go."

--- Excerpt from a Manny Golddigger IMC-NYC posting.  Isn't your little corporation also suppressing a few "news" stories, Boyfucker?

"i picked up a bunch of fairly powerful two-way radios at a hamfest.  they're around five watts and their coverage area is at least a mile and they have no trouble penetrating buildings.  i believe we have around 15 of them including chargers.  we need to test them so we can see how many actually work and what their capacities are.  there is a pile in the room with all the stuff in it (next to the bathroom).  if anyone has time to go through this, please let me know.  thanks"

--- Excerpt from a Manny Golddigger IMC-NYC posting.  Do you have a FCC license to operate on those frequencies, Boyfucker?  If operating in the MURS band, you can only have two watts RF power output.  Remember, the airwaves belong to the public, not your little corporation.

"2600 was, in my opinion, irresponsible in printing something with a persons name on it, without making any attempt to contact me (I'm in many online directories, including nic & Compuserve).  If they couldn't contact the author, the ethical thing to do is not publish.  2600 apparently couldn't resists such a 'juicy' tidbit though, whatever the cost to somebody else.  As this was a titled document -- and obviously part of a series -- 2600 reasonably could deduce that somebody owned the thing and that permission should be obtained.  At that time, presumption of copyright wasn't a legal doctrine (although now, thankfully, it is), however, 2600 should know that lack of a copyright notice doesn't mean that the notice wasn't illegally removed.  Their claim to be able to publish the contents as a news item anyway is academic, as they published a photographic facimile of my work."

--- Excerpt from a July 23, 1992 post by Mel Beckman on the RISKS Digest Volume 13, Issue #68.  This is a good example of $2600 Magazine taking someone else's property, and then printing and profiting from it.  They could care less about the people, or their jobs, that it may effect.  What a bunch of assholes.

"As I am sure most of you are aware, I am the author of the Motorola Bible - a technical manual dedicated to Motorola Cellular Phones.  It is not authorized by Motorola and it is not welcomed in the industry due to cloning issues.

ANYWAY...  2600 magazine published it in the Spring 96 issue without my permission or even telling me they were publishing it.  Like I said, they never told me of the printing.  They won't return any of my letters in regards to the publishing.  I have lost a VERY good paying job with one of the top communication companies in the world due to them printing my real name and Email address.


By comparing older issues with more current issues you will see the trend in lame articles on the rise because most self-respecting hacker would not publish the info in 2600 anymore.  I mean cummon, the 'confessions of a beige boxer' was *REALLY* intriguing and has helped me a lot. (cough cough)"

--- Excerpt from a USENET posting by Mike Larsen on May 19, 1996.  More proof that the child molesters at $2600 Magazine routinely publish, and profit from, other people's work.

"I can't believe how many inaccuracies there were in this article.  As a former cast member at WDW [Walt Disney World] I can tell you that the majority of 'facts' listed in the article were gross errors.  You really should check your articles before they are printed.  Not doing so hurts the reputation of your publication."

--- Letter from Michele Warner in $2600 Magazine Vol. 13, No. 1 discussing the large number of errors in one of their stupid "Hacking Disney" articles.

"While on vacation last week, I picked up the Summer 2003 issue of 2600 magazine from Barnes and Noble.  In the issue is an article titled 'Optimum Online and You'.  The article is peppered with inaccuracies, and is mostly a big complaint piece about OOL policies, from bitching about the 'You may be running a server from your computer and not even know it' email that OOL sent, complaints about port blocking, and the ever popular 'You pay for your allotted bandwidth and, as long as you don't uncap your modem, you should be allowed to do whatever you wish' argument.  The OOL whiners will love the piece; for the rest of us, don't waste the $5.50."

--- August 25, 2003 post on the DSLReports Forums by the user 'Bichon.'

"9:00: typing class is over, and elite hax0r travels to his history class.  No 'puters here, so, he strategically places his copy of 2600 inside his history book and memorizes the 'how to steal stuff' article."

--- Excerpt from a funny article on "A Day in the Life of a Leet Hax0r."

"'It was foolish of them to pick [2600],' Corley says.  'We've always stood up against this kind of thing.  We don't know how to back down.'"

"He 'couldn't hack his way into a paper bag,' says one ex-hacker who, naturally, chooses to remain anonymous."

--- Excerpts from the Village Voice article Down By Law.  We've also stood up to that kind of thing, asshole.

"But 2600 has never been a typical business. And one thing we don't want to do is screw over other people just because we got screwed over."

--- Quote from $2600 Magazine complaining that someone ripped them off from printing their little "hacker" magazine, which is filled with old BBS files they stole from other people.  Think about that one!

"... I was able to track these numbers through my knowledge of the phone company, and then change the line class code to allow termination, which means those phones could then receive calls."

--- Misleading statement by Kevin Mitnick on Off The Hook June 6, 2007.  Line class codes are related to billing/AMA information and have nothing to do with the denied termination line option/feature.  (ESS Information & DMS Information)  This episode also has a number of other technical errors and alot more misleading comments (note how they try to use a private conversation to debate public FCC rules).  It's also funny how they say software theft is "worthless," yet they'll turn around and try to sue you for tens of thousands of dollars for "copying" their little magazine - which has a $6 price tag on it!  Ever heard Craig Neidorf's E911 document story, Boyfucker?

"personally i think the quality has dropped because they give a lifetime subscription for submitting an article, so any idiot with a computer who gets called a hacker because they know how to use their computer without a mouse sends in an article.

but 2600 wants it that way.  they have to.  otherwise they'd simply drop the stupid articles, the 'i did this, isnt it cool, gimme free stuff' garbage and only print the technical/informative articles."

--- 2600 LiveJournal posting by "amokk" discussing the low quality of articles in $2600 Magazine.

"Don't blindly follow your leaders.  There's lots more to the 'war' against Afghanistan (formerly known as the war against terrorism) than you hear about from politicians.  Wealthy white Christian men who own or are indentured to the military industry and big oil are making potentially disasterous decisions.  Advocate peace and healing for the people of Afghanistan, understanding for peoples of all religions and ethinicities, and an end to hostilities in the middle east."

--- Excerpt from Greg Newby's website.  And don't blindly follow clueless $2600/HOPE assholes, like yourself.  Funny you don't mention is was the Muslim Arabs (after your hero's did - Communist Russians) who invaded Afghanistan, killing over one million Afghanis.  Did you fucking child molesters ever protest that?  Maybe if they weren't inbreed they'd all hold hands and sing songs?  (BTW, the Taliban kills faggots.)  Also, don't blindly follow wealthy, leftist child molesters who want to destroy western civilization just so they can sell a few issues of their little "hacker" magazine (and molest underage boys).  For your next computer science project, calculate the number of years Greg Newby will be in prison for helping Corley sleep with teenaged boys at HOPE.  Do you think this pedophile-aiding piece of shit will ever condemn the Soviet "military industry" and Chinese or Soviet "big oil?"  BTW, where does the plastic for those Freedom Downtime ($30) DVDs come from, you stupid fucking pedophile?  Also, alot of the people in the "military industry and big oil" are Jewish, not "white Christians."  And this clueless pedophile fuck is a professor!

Keep Blaming Whitey!

"We recently attended a 2600 meeting in Dallas.  We were suprised to see only small children who knew nothing of importance and had little discretion as to the purpose of the meeting.  We propose a new meeting location in Lewisville, TX.  This we hope will increase the local following and adult attendance, or at least those of us who are out of the seventh grade.  We will anticipate a direction from you oh lords and masters."

--- Funny letter from "The Phrkman" and "Cybrthuug" in $2600 Magazine Vol. 14, No. 4.  The main purpose of $2600 meetings is so their "staff" has a legitimate excuse to hang around young boys.

"And Mitnick kept calling, even sending electronic messages, telling his story, complaining about Markoff's portrayal of him in Cyberpunk and defending his hacking as the search for knowledge, not for material gain."

"Today he earns in the low six figures by advising executives on how to protect their companies from the current generation of ingenious but reckless geeks."

--- Top quote is from Kevin Mitnick complaining to Jonathan Littman that John Markoff's books and articles are not "accurate."  Katie Hafner actually wrote the "Dark-Side Hacker" chapter in Cyberpunk, don't let the facts get in the way of your little charade...  Bottom quote is from the Playboy article The Invisible Digital Man.  Nothing like using manufactured fear, history revisionism, and blatant lies to help you pull in six figures a year.

"For what it's worth, [John] Markoff had no input on the book.  The most he did was read the galley proofs.  [Katie] Hafner is absolutely outraged by what is happening to Kevin.  The Esquire article gives a good sense of that.  And she does have a Free Kevin sticker on her car and might be a very useful ally in getting the word out."

--- November 10, 1998 posting by Douglas Thomas on the "Free Kevin" mailing list.  Further information comfirming that John Markoff had little to do with the Kevin Mitnick information in Cyberpunk, contrary to what $2600 Magazine and Kevin Mitnick may say.  (Katie Hafner's Esquire Article)

"Ironically, Hyperion's books are distributed by Little, Brown.  However, says Hyperion publisher Bob Miller, the sales reps are 'playing it as a positive.'  Indeed, the house accelerated publication of Takedown so as not to be overtaken by its rival."

--- Jonathan Littman's The Fugitive Game and Tsutomu Shimomura/John Markoff's Takedown are both distributed by the same company - Little, Brown and Company.  Also, Kevin's new book deal telling his "official" story will be put out by, you guessed it, Little, Brown and Company.  No profiteering going on here...

"He's a nice guy actually.  However, on a professional level, I found his presentation rambling, far too anecdotal, and without much real substance on what should be done to prevent the sort of SE attacks he excelled at.  Interestingly, while he has often been held up as a 'computer hacker' he is really nothing of the sort.  His level of technical knowledge seems extremely limited, but he was a 'big name' draw to the conferences.  :-)"

--- February 17, 2005 post by "AJ" at The Art of Noh describing a conference speech by $2600 Magazine's main cash cow, Kevin Mitnick.

"Does anyone have 800MHz modification data for the Radio Shack PRO-2032 desktop scanner?  Please email me if you do.  Thanks."

--- USENET post from Ed Cummings (Bernie S.) on July 1, 1997.  The defenders of other people's "privacy" are modifying their Radio Shack scanners so they can listen to analog cellular phone conversations.  Just a little bit hypocritical, aren't we?

"I'm sure that most list members would appreciate your keeping your religious bigotry off the list, and your postings on-topic.  Thank you."

--- August 9, 2010 posting from Ed Cummings (Bernie S.) on James Atkinson's TSCM-L mailing list.  This coming from a man who supports the ACLU, one of the most bigoted, anti-Christian, anti-Gentile organizations in the U.S., and a person who helped ban people from HOPE for exposing Eric Corley's little "secret."  Note how Eddie acts like he is the list's moderator and enjoys telling other people how to think - a common trait with this type of asshole.

"Well...Kevin has been sitting in jail without a trial for 5 years.  He was arrested for things he didn't do, and the man who caught him, Tsutomo Shimomora (forgive the spelling) deserved to be in jail just as much as him.  I have been involved the the computer underground for some time and I am intelligent enough to realize that Kevin got screwed.  He got a really bum deal.  He was locked in solitary confinement for the stupidist reasons.  They but him in solitary because they said he was going to make a bug out of a walkman, and bug the jail to listen in what the officers were saying.  Well most intelligent people know that if you have a bug, you need a reciever!  And also, how the hell would Kevin get a bug into the offices when he was behind bars?  Think about this people, the feds screwed him."

--- Typical rant from a brain-dead "Free Kevin" $2600-reading nutjob.

"We beg to differ that information is similar to a gun.  One is a specific weapon, the other is a virtually unlimited form of expression.  One has finite possibilities and the other is infinite in scope.  People who want to control information pose a far greater risk to a free society than those who want weapons to be handled responsibly.  And most free societies passionately agree."

--- Excerpt from a letter in $2600 Magazine Vol. 18, No. 2.  Hmm...  According to this, $2600 Enterprises, Inc. is one of the biggest threats to a free society!  LOL!

"nah someone :-) needs to get to nytimes.com and create a story about japboy that he is a convicted child molester and get it printed with markoff's by line."

--- February 10, 1995 talk session between Kevin Mitnick and the user "jsz" (Jonathan Zanderson).  Hehe...  No...  I think a good story would be Kevin Mitnick's support for a certain other child molester!

"Hrm.  Now that that mentally challenged sack of dribble AKA the great condor is back in the straight world I was wondering.  What ever happened to Jonathan [Zanderson]?  Seeing as he was the only publicly involved person with any actual skill, and it's 8 years after the fact..  I think it'd be nice for him to step forward and tell the real story of how Mitnick's fame is based on nothing more than hot air, and how pathetic it is that he's trying to milk said fame in today's infosec 'industry'.  Are you still out there jsz?"

--- September 29, 2003 Full-Disclosure post by Mitch Hurrison about "jsz" and Kevin Mitnick.

"Markoff's most enduring Mitnick anecdote is the story that the hacker cracked NORAD in the early 1980s, a claim that was recycled as recently as last May by another New York Times reporter.  'I never even attempted to access their computer, let alone break into it,' Mitnick said.  'Nor did I do a host of allegations that he says I'm guilty of.'"

--- Quote from Kevin Mitnick in I Was Never a Malicious Person on July 30, 1999.  The child molesters at $2600 Magazine reported that "Mitnick hacked NORAD" five years before it appeared in the New York Times.

"Steven Rhoades said he and Mitnick broke into a North American Air Defense Command computer in Colorado Springs, CO in 1979.  The 1983 movie 'Wargames' is based upon a similar incident, in which a young hacker nearly starts World War III when he sends a message to a defense computer that is mistaken for a Soviet missile attack.  But Rhoades said they did not interfere with any defense operations.  'We just got in, looked around and got out,' he said."

--- January 8, 1989 quote from John Johnson in his Los Angeles Times article.  Since Steven Rhoades may have been a minor at the time, it looks like the article was edited when distributed.  An "unedited" version is available in PLA #18.  As you can see, John Markoff had nothing to do with creating this myth.

"Markoff falsely claimed that I had wiretapped the FBI (I hadn't); that I had broken into the computers at NORAD (which aren't even connected to any network on the outside);"

"I was able to do alot of [telephone] traffic analysis and actually identify the telephone numbers that belonged to the federal agents, and where they were at particular times.  I was able to monitor their whereabouts when they were getting close to me."

--- Top quote from Kevin Mitnick in Art of Deception - the "forbidden" chapter.  You and your little butt-buddies did use telco metallic test systems to intercept FBI communications, you also listened into private FBI cellular phone conversations.  And here we go again...  The child molesters at $2600 Magazine reported that "Mitnick hacked NORAD" five years before it appeared in the New York Times.  The bottom quote is from Kevin Mitnick on the June 6, 2007 episode of Off The Hook discussing his illegal monitoring of private cellular phone conversations (and uplink and call control data) belonging to active FBI agents.  First he says he didn't monitor the FBI, now he admits it!  No profiteering going on here...

"Kevin Mitnick (Technical Editor) is the most famous computer hacker in the world.  Since his first arrest in 1981, at age 17, he has spent nearly half his adult life either in prison or as a fugitive.  He has been the subject of three books and his alleged 1982 hack into NORAD inspired the movie War Games.  Since his plea-bargain release in 2000, he says he has reformed and is devoting his talents to helping computer security."

--- Quote from "About the Author" on the book No Tech Hacking discussing Kevin Mitnick.  Wait a second...  Now Mitnick is using this "alleged NORAD hack" to help boost his book sales?  LOL!  No profiteering going on here!  BTW, Tom Stockman's Air Force SAC story was the basis for the movie War Games.  (Amazon Screenshot)

"A few months later, Markoff and his cohort Tsutomu Shimomura would both participate as de facto government agents in my arrest, in violation of both federal law and journalistic ethics."

--- Quote from Kevin Mitnick in Art of Deception - the "forbidden" chapter.  Is this fat, clueless asshole really that stupid?  The feds asked for public assistance to help capture this pedophile-aiding piece of shit.  They were required by law to help any law enforcement.

"'The truth of the matter is that I was never a malicious person.  I admit I was mischievous, but not malicious in any sense.'"

--- Quote from Kevin Mitnick in I Was Never a Malicious Person on July 30, 1999.  Uhh...  Mitnick buddy...  You hang around with a bunch of gay "hacker" child molesters and known pedophiles, without turning them into the police!  I'm pretty sure that is seen as "malicious behaviour."

"'What ended up happening is the movie came out in 1998 and I was able to get an attorney.  I settled out of court for a large sum of money.  Markoff is lucky, and Shimomura is lucky that there's a one year statute of limitations [on libel cases],' he explained.  'They exploited me to make millions of dollars.'"

--- Quote from Hackers: Under the Hood.  No, you fat, stupid, clueless dumbfuck.  You and your little child molester friends are the ones out there scamming people to make yourselves "millions of dollars."  You couldn't sue Markoff or Shimomura because those statements could then be used against you in your criminal trial (no 5th Amendment protection).

"As you probably already know, when I settled my case with the government back in 1999, I had to agree that I wouldn't profit from telling my story for seven yaers, and that was part of the deal with the federal government..."

--- Quote fron Kevin Mitnick on the July 27, 2011 episode of Off The Hook.  This is a bit of a lie...  The deal was any profit Kevin Mitnick made from telling his story would go to payback his victims.  By waiting this long to tell his story, Kevin purposely avoided having to pay anyone back for the chaos and anger he caused.

"Both [Robert] Lemos and Mr. Markoff fail to note that Mr. Markoff provided no support whatsoever for his claim that I was anyone's 'most wanted.'  Indeed, Mr. Markoff's empty and unsupported claim has been manipulated by media around the world into the specious claim that I was on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted List -- a claim that has been refuted by the FBI itself, according to Michael White of the Associated Press."

"... [Kevin Mitnick] was arguably the most wanted computer hacker in the world, he allegedly had access to corporate trade secrets worth millions of dollars.  He was a very big threat"

--- Top quote is from a Kevin Mitnick press release asking John Markoff to provide his sources.  The bottom quote is from Federal prosecutor Kent Walker in this John Markoff article.

"I could go on and on, even simple verifiable information.  For example, on page 84, Katie describes a scenario where I asked Bonnie [Vitello] out on a date.  To paint an unsavory picture, she stated that I was always eating in the computer room when talking with Bonnie."

"... He denies this and says that I was trying to 'paint an unsavory picture'.  It was Bonnie who told us that he was always eating while he was talking -- we didn't make it up -- and without the ability to speak to him, we had to choose to go on."

--- Top quote is from a Kevin Mitnick article discussing Cyberpunk in $2600 Magazine Vol. 8, No. 2.  The bottom quote is from Katie Hafner in this October 1, 1991 Newsbytes article.  Who's lying?

"Again, when describing my arrest at USC in 1982, Katie wrote on page 71 that I taunted Mark Brown (USC System Manager) in his investigative techniques.  This is truly amazing, since I never spoke with Mark Brown."

"The second example is his statement that we said that he taunted USC's Mark Brown when, in fact, he 'never spoke with Mark Brown'.  Brown says that he has definitely spoken to Mitnick and that he remembers the calls well and can call to mind details from them.  If we had spoken to Mitnick, he would have had a chance to dispute such statements."

--- Top quote is from a Kevin Mitnick article discussing Cyberpunk in $2600 Magazine Vol. 8, No. 2.  The bottom quote is from Katie Hafner in this October 1, 1991 Newsbytes article.  Who's lying?

"[ Inverstigators staked out a copy shop, but Mitnick got away... ]"

"Didn't the feds ever read Cyberpunk?  They should have been waiting at FatBurger..."

--- July 20, 1994 USENET posting by Robert Zawarski.

"Cyberpunk was published in 1991 by Katie Hafner and then husband John Markoff, and it relied almost entirely on the words of people who Kevin had a falling out with.  As well as those who didn't know him at all."

--- Manny Golddigger in Freedom Downtime ($30) discussing Cyberpunk.  The main sources for this book where "Susan Thunder," (Susan Headley), "Roscoe," (Lewis De Payne), Lenny DiCicco, and Steven Rhoades.  All these people knew Kevin Mitnick.  Boyfucker also shows a picture of Justin Petersen (Agent Steal) during this segment.  Justin Petersen had nothing to do with making Cyberpunk.  See below:

"Two of the main sources for Hafner and Markoff's account were 'Susan' and 'Roscoe,' two of Mitnick's fellow hackers who, as Hafner and Markoff write, 'cooperated with us in the understanding that their true names would not be revealed.'  In a final touch of irony, they end the book with the line, 'We respect their right to privacy.'  One of the two, Roscoe, would later claim that much of the information he provided to Hafner and Markoff was intended to deceive them."

--- Quote from The Making of a 'Darkside Hacker' by Douglas Thomas.  LOL!  All those "errors" in Cyberpunk were originally from Mitnick's little hacker buddies, Lewis De Payne (Roscoe) and Susan Headley!

"... there are other ISPs with a privacy problem.  colorado supernet sniffed sessions (sniffed by mitnick) contain a number of customer social security numbers."

--- February 18, 1995 USENET posting by Vin McLellan with a reply from Mark Seiden on the "credit card" episode.  Mark Seiden was on the team as a network/firewall expert while tracking Kevin Mitnick.  If you think your Social Security Number may have been intercepted by Kevin Mitnick - call your lawyer now!!!  Kevin Mitnick is worth millions.  Sue the bastard!!!

"My conclusion is, until somebody shows me a single solitary shred of evidence, that this part of the affidavit is completely fabricated and bogus."

"you can try to pick this apart, bit by bit, but you'll find it futile.  nobody's fabricating anything.  really, evidence is not much of a problem in this case."

--- Top quote is from one of Manny Golddigger's February 19, 1995 alt.2600 USENET propaganda posts.  The bottom quote is from Mark Seiden, calling out Manny Golddigger's blatant, history-revisionist lies.

"`Yes, your honor,' he replied when asked to confirm that he wanted to waive bond consideration and a probable cause hearing.  No plea was entered."

"Mitnick, 31, also said he didn't want bond set.  For now, he will be housed in a jail somewhere in Eastern North Carolina -- wherever space is available."

--- Top quote is from a February 17, 1995 Associated Press news article.  The bottom quote is from this article by Sarah Avery.  No idea what any of this means, but it might have been Mitnick's own fault he was held without bond.

"And furthermore, nobody is accusing Kevin of using even a single one of those credit card numbers."

--- Reply to a letter in $2600 Magazine Vol. 14, No. 2.  Bullshit!  Credit card numbers were used by Netcom (and other ISPs) for customer verification during password changes.  Mitnick was using several hacked Netcom accounts.  This is NOT a coincidence!  Kevin Mitnick finally admits to this on the February 8, 2000 episode of Off The Hook.

"OK, so I think Kevin Mitnick is a shmuck.  I think he should probebly get some jail time.  But he has RIGHTS!  They are being stepped on.  If they'll step on his rights, they'll step on yours next."

"I went to lunch with Emmanuel Goldstein of 2600 Magazine.  Manny used his time at the conference to talk about the Free Kevin movement.  Kevin Mitnick may be a schmuck, but what's happenning to him is criminal."

--- Comments from The Cheshire Catalyst (Robert Osband), former editor of the original TAP newsletter.  Funny, you didn't hear that mentioned in Freedom Downtime ($30)!  LOL!

"[Mitnick didn't] intentionally cause damage or harm to anything."

--- Reply to a letter in $2600 Magazine Vol. 21, No. 1.

"In one case, Mitnick allegedly gained access to a Bay Area man's records and used information in the file to try and change his health care provider so that he could benefit from the man's medical coverage.  He also used the information to take on the identity of the man's dead son in order to obtain a phony driver's license."

--- Quote from a July 10, 1994 Los Angeles Times article.

"Kevin Mitnick did have a streak of revenge and he was seldom one-upped.  And you're right, he would often pursue, at least electronically, people who occasionally one-upped him."

--- Quote from Jonathan Littman on the March 26, 1997 episode of NPR's Talk of the Nation.  Jonathan Littman is often paraded around for "telling the truth" about the Kevin Mitnick saga.

"So they have a thing called a Social Security Death Index.  But for infants, people that are one, two, three years of age when they die, there is no record ... that's created.  So the key is, if you can find an infant that died in a different state than they where born in, you can become them, and that's what I did."

--- Kevin Mitnick interview with Kevin Rose from thebroken, Video Release 03.  This sick asshole actually complains about being in prison.

"Oh yeah, yeah..  It was an invasion of privacy.  Going and getting access to other people's information is obviously a gross invasion of privacy and it is wrong."

--- Kevin Mitnick interview on CBS' 60 Minutes.  But... but... but... Manny Golddigger said Mitnick was innocent and that $2600 Magazine fights for other people's rights and privacy?

"We are Socialists, we are enemies of today's capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions."

    - German National Socialist Workers Party, 1920.  You can find this same dialog in just about every issue of $2600 Magazine.

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