HOPE Conference Audio


HOPE = Horny Old Pedophiles Everywhere = HOPE

"So it was a bunch of smelly communists that took a break from playing with linux and looking at kiddy porn to gather together and (shock) relay their displeasure with the current politcal administration.  Yeah that sounds like fun.  Looks like that one Aaron guy didnt follow his own advice to 'shut the hell up, you don't know anything'.  Sounds like a really nice guy though."

--- Anonymous Coward comment on Slashdot regarding H2K2.

"'You should try one of my body tune-ups,' says [John] Draper.  'It's a great energy boost.'  Indeed, he spends a good deal of time at the conference enticing young attendees back to his hotel room, where he offers full-contact 'stretching' sessions."

"... he won't give his handle - spent over $3,000 on a loft in Chelsea, insurance and other expenses, with plans to stage a $25-a-head orgy.  Instead, he says, 'the FBI investigated us; we were going to let some 17-year-olds come, so we were crossing a state line with the intent of having sex with a minor.'"

--- Very interesting quotes in Hello, My Name Isn't ... while at H2K.

"... twenty-some years later he showed up in the San Francisco rave scene, a wild-looking man with gray hair and majorly fucked-up teeth as a result of his prison experience.  He would stay up for days dancing and partying -- 'high on the energy', he said -- and trying to seduce young rave boys."

--- Old quote about regular HOPE attendee "Captain Crunch" on 666.com.

"Suddenly pedophilia's relevant.  I'll give this some context.  All day friday and possibly all day saturday, (I can only vouch for friday) there seemed to be a team of legit journalists interviewing each panelist right after they got off the stage.  Except they were using a huge VHS camera.  And they weren't claiming to be a college class.  yadda yadda.  So anyhow it seems that each interview started out seeming quite legit but all of a sudden one of the lines of questioning became, 'do you have any evidence that Capn Crunch is a child molestor?  How about Emmanuel, I hear he hangs out with young boys.'  Then all of a sudden there are people all over here, all over the 2600.com irc chat, all over the slashdot threads spreading innuendo about Cap'n Crunch and Emmanuel."

--- Some comments about $2600 Magazine, HOPE, "Captain Crunch," Steve Rombom, etc. which are posted at http://jewishdefense.org/rombom/.

"Actually, he has been seen doing the same things in public.  People notice it at meetings, and warn other teenagers.  A certain person named Hitman from NYC 2600 mention to someone to watch out for Emmanuel.  The kid went back to Emmanuel and had Hitman banned from HOPE 6.  I have always wonder where to of the teenagers that alway hung out with Emmanuel went.  RedHackt and Mr.Ohm disappeared from the scene after being close friends with Emmanuel."

"Maybe he was taken into custody because he was molested by Emmanuel Goldstein who is a suspected Pedophile."

"What is wrong with you people?  It's perfectly normal for a young boy to sleep in the same bed with a grown man."

"Probably just a ploy so that the Hope conference won't look so lame (as always) when compared to next week's Defcon conference"

--- Some very interesting comments on the "Steve Rambam" arrest at HOPE Number Six which were posted in the Washington Post blog.

"Before joining Gist, David Ruderman designed software for web sites including Time, Money, Fortune, Entertainment Weekly.  At Time Warner's Pathfinder site, he developed web applications for community building, text retrieval, and content management.  He has developed electronic books for Times Mirror, and at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Dave even worked on one of the first human-genome databases.  In 1984, Dave co-founded the hacker zine 2600.  He earned his Master Degree in Computer Science from the State University of New York at Stony Brook and holds a Bachelor Degree in Biology."

"Gist Communications is backed by Neptuno G.m.b.H., a subsidiary of Sal. Oppenheim Jr. & Compagnie, a private bank based in Cologne, Germany.  Neptuno's initial investment was several million dollars."

--- September 16, 1996 quote in the New York Times about GIST Communications.  David Ruderman, one of the co-founders of $2600 Magazine, is GIST Communications' Vice President of Technology - and fucking rich!

"Today he earns in the low six figures by advising executives on how to protect their companies from the current generation of ingenious but reckless geeks."

--- Quote about HOPE keynote speaker Kevin Mitnick from Jonathan Littman in his Playboy article The Invisible Digital Man.  Nothing like using manufactured fear, history revisionism, and blatant lies to help you pull in six-figures a year.

"If [Steve] Rombom were tried and convicted as an adult, he would be subject technically, but not realistically, to a maximum term of imprisonment well over a hundred years."

--- Quote from the United States District Court, S. D. New York, 1976 discussing Steve Rombom's Jewish supremacist domestic terrorist activities in the 1970s.  Steve Rombom is often a keynote speaker at HOPE.  (Original)

"[Jello] Biafra has spent large amounts of time and money on attorney fees and court costs.  He continues to spend money on his appeal.  Although he lives in a 1.1-million-dollar house in the hills of San Francisco, he is asking others for donations to pay for his appeal.  The appeal will nevertheless reaffirm the court Judgment against him.  These resources could be used to maintain his record label, Alternative Tentacles.  But by continuing with his expensive, failing and misguided legal maneuvers, Alternative Tentacles may very well go under."

--- Quote about commissar Eric Reed Boucher (Jello Biafra) from his fellow bandmates.  You just paid $100 to watch a bunch of gay millionaires tell you how to think!

  1. HOPE: Hackers On Planet Earth  (1994)
  2. Beyond HOPE  (1997)
  3. H2K  (2000)
  4. H2K2  (2002)
  5. The Fifth HOPE  (2004)
  6. HOPE Number Six  (2006)
  7. The Last HOPE  (2008)
  8. The Next HOPE  (2010)
  9. HOPE Number 9  (2012)

HOPE: Hackers On Planet Earth

  1. Robert Steele Keynote and Conference Introduction - Robert Steele  (YouTube)
  2. TDD Fundamentals - Bernie S. (Ed Cummings)  (YouTube)
  3. Fun With Pagers - Thomas Icom  (YouTube)
  4. Control the World From Your PC - Paul Bergsman  (YouTube)
  5. Cellular Phone Panel - Bernie S., Jason Hillyard (Mr. Upsetter), Mark Lottor, and Andy Mueller-Maguhn  (YouTube)
  6. The New York City Metrocard - Red Balaclava (Jeopardy Jim [Jim Vichench]), BillSF (Bill Squire)  (YouTube)
  7. European Hackers - Rop Gonggrijp, Steffen Wernery, Hans, Andy Mueller-Maguhn  (YouTube)
  8. Social Engineering Panel - Cheshire Catalyst (Robert Osband), Supernigger (Zohar Shif), and Emmanuel Golddigger (Eric Corley)  (YouTube)
  9. Lock Picking - Paul Bergsman  (YouTube)
  10. The National Identification Card - Judi Clark, Bob Stratton, and Dave Banisar  (YouTube)
  11. Linux - Michael Johnston  (YouTube)
  12. Leeches, Lamers, and Losers -
  13. The Art of Boxing - BillSF, Kevin Crow, and Mark Abene (Phiber Optik)  (YouTube)
  14. Hacker Authors Panel -   (YouTube)
  15. The History of TAP Magazine - Cheshire Catalyst  (YouTube)
  16. The Future of $2600 Magazine - Manny Golddigger, David Ruderman, Scott Skinner, Joe630, (Ben Sherman)  (YouTube)
  17. Legal Issues and the Clipper Chip - Dave Banisar  (YouTube)
  18. What is this Cryptography Stuff and Why Should I Care? - Bob Stratton, Eric Hughes, Matt Blaze, and Bernie S.  (YouTube)
  19. Closing Ceremonies - Various HOPE staffers  (YouTube)

Beyond HOPE


  1. HIP Opening and the Beyond HOPE Press Conference - Rop Gonggrijp, Emmanuel Goldstein (Eric Corley), Cheshire Catalyst (Robert Osband), Deth Vegtable (Luke Barrymore), Phiber Optik (Mark Abene), CyberJunkie, Zap (YouTube)
  2. The $2600 Panel - Manny Golddigger, Pamela Finkel, David Ruderman, Bernie S. (Ed Cummings), Ben Sherman (Joe630), Dave Buchwald (Bill from RNOC), Kiratoy (Shawn West), Scott Skinner, and Phiber Optik  (YouTube)
  3. Opening Address - Hacking for the Next Century - Brock Meeks  (YouTube)
  4. Tiger Teaming Panel - Dave Buchwald, Chris Nichols, Laura Brown, Ira Winkler, and Steve Lutz  (YouTube)
  5. Information for the Masses - Steven Rambam (Steven Rombom)  (YouTube)
  6. The L0pht - Brian Oblivion (Brian Hassick), Weld Pond (Chris Wysopal), Kingpin (Joe Grand), Mudge (Peiter Zatko), Space Rogue (Christopher Thompson), Tan (John Tan), and Stefan (Stefan von Neumann).  (YouTube)
  7. Cryptography: Opportunities, Threats, and Implementations - Bruce Schneier  (YouTube)
  8. Off The Hook Live Broadcast - Emmanuel Golddigger, Phiber Optik, and more!  (YouTube)
  9. Pirate Radio - "Steal This Radio" Staff, Lazlow Jones of the Techno-File Radio Network  (No Audio Available)
  10. Corporate Espionage, or Where Hackers and Criminals Collide - Ira Winkler  (YouTube)
  11. GSM Phones and the Future - Phiber Optik, and t0m from England  (YouTube)
  12. Metrocard - Red Balaclava (Jeopardy Jim [Jim Vichench])  (YouTube)
  13. Low-Bandwidth Access - Cheshire Catalyst  (YouTube)
  14. Dangerous Legislation - Shabbir Safdar  (YouTube)
  15. Cult of the Dead Cow and World Domination - Deth Veggie, Mudge (Peiter Zatko), Nightstalker (Chris Tucker), Tweety Fish, Oxblood Ruffin (Laird Brown), Lady Carolin (Carrie Carolin), Sunspot, Count Zero (John Lester), and Theo de Raadt  (YouTube)
  16. Social Engineering Panel - Zap, Manos Megagiannis, Manny Golddigger, Netweasel (Ryan M. Basile), Thee Joker (Jason), CyberJunkie, Bernz (David Bernick), and Asymmetry  (YouTube)
  17. The Kevin Mitnick Story - Attorney Donald Randolph  (YouTube)
  18. Prisoners - Phiber Optik, Bernie S., and Manny Golddigger  (YouTube)
  19. The r00t Panel and Closing Ceremonies - Hosaka, Entropy, rs, loki, and various HOPE staffers  (YouTube)


  1. Jello Biafra Keynote - Jello Biafra (Eric Reed Boucher)  (YouTube)
  2. The Hacker's Code - Greg Newby  (YouTube)
  3. DeCSS and the DMCA - Hackers vs. Corporate America - Emmanuel Golddigger, Jon Johansen, and Macki  (YouTube)
  4. Hackers of Planet Earth - CyberJunkie, Rop Gonggrijp, and Andy Mueller-Maguhn  (YouTube)
  5. Hacktivism - Terrorism or A New Hope? - Reid Fleming, Oxblood Ruffin (Laird Brown), and ShapeShifter (Terrence McGuckin)  (YouTube)
  6. Hardware and Electronics Q&A - Javaman (Adam O'Donnell), Kingpin (Joe Grand), and Brian Oblivion (Brian Hassick)  (YouTube)
  7. High School Horror Tales - Greg Newby and Various Teenaged Boys  (YouTube)
  8. Information on the Masses - Steve Rambam  (YouTube)
  9. The Jon Johansen Story - Jon Johansen and Per Johansen  (YouTube)
  10. Has Anyone Learned ANYTHING? - Rick Forno  (YouTube)
  11. The Legal Panel - Martin Garbus, Emmanuel Golddigger, and Robin Gross  (YouTube)
  12. Lock Picking - Barry Wels and Hans "Unicorn" van de Looy  (YouTube)
  13. Low-Bandwidth Access to the Internet - Cheshire Catalyst, and The Voxy Lady  (YouTube)
  14. Low-Power FM - Bernie S., Pete Tridish, and Andrew Yoder  (YouTube)
  15. Hackers and the Media - Robert Lemos, Doug Mohney, Viktorie Navratilova, and Deborah Radcliff  (YouTube)
  16. Ethics in Military and Civilian Software Development - Sam Nitzberg, Winn Schwartau, and Robert Steele  (YouTube)
  17. MTV - How Did It Happen? - Izaac Falken, Tommee Pickles, and Weld Pond (Chris Wysopal)  (YouTube)
  18. Cracking the Hacker Myth: A Study by the Laurentian University Hacker Research Team - John Dodge, Bernie S., and Bernadette Schell  (YouTube)
  19. Napster: A New Beginning or Beginning of the End? - Jello Biafra, Glen Otis Brown, James Hanna, Keith Hopkin, Lazlow Jones, and Siva Vaidhyanathan  (YouTube)
  20. The Old Timer Panel - Cheshire Catalyst and Captain Crunch  (YouTube)
  21. The King's Mob Open-Source Mediamaking Panel - Matt Pizzolo  (YouTube)
  22. Pirate Radio 101 - DJ Anne Animus, Mr. E, DJ Ken-Zo, and Professor Klystron  (YouTube)
  23. Internet Radio - FearFree, Juintz (Mike McTeague), and Porkchop (Michael Kaegler)  (YouTube)
  24. Retrocomputing - Graphix, Mr. Ohm, Nightstalker (Chris Tucker), and Sam Nitzberg  (YouTube)
  25. The Robotic Graffiti Writer - The Institute for Applied Autonomy  (YouTube)
  26. Selling Out: The Pros and Cons of Working for The Man - Scott Blake  (YouTube)
  27. Social Engineering Panel - Cheshire Catalyst, Emmanuel Golddigger, Robert J. Lupo (v1ru5), and Kevin Mitnick calling in from prison  (YouTube)
  28. Spy Stuff: Everything You Never Believed But Wanted to Ask About - Robert Steele  (YouTube)
  29. The Mock Trial - The MPAA vs. 2600 - Adam Cohen, Emmanuel Golddigger, Jon Johansen, Glenn Kurtzrock, Bernie S., Shana Skaletsky, Scott Skinner, and Alexander Urbelis  (YouTube)
  30. Introduction to Computer Viruses - Robert J. Lupo  (YouTube)
  31. Closing Ceremonies - Cheshire Catalyst, Emmanuel Golddigger, Porkchop, Bernie S., and Ben Sherman (Joe630)  (YouTube)


  1. Abuse of Authority - Bernie S. (Ed Cummings) and ShapeShifter (Terrence McGuckin)  (YouTube)
  2. Access Control Devices - Mike Glasser  (YouTube)
  3. The Argument Against Security Through Obscurity for the Non-Digital World - Greg Newby  (YouTube)
  4. Black Hat Bloc or How I Stopped Worrying About Corporations and Learned to Love the Hacker Class War - Gweeds (Guido Sanchez)  (YouTube)
  5. Bullies on the Net - The Ford and Nissan Cases - Emmanuel Golddigger, Eric Grimm, and Uzi Nissan  (YouTube)
  6. Caller ID Spoofing - Lucky225 (Jered Morgan) and Tray Smee  (YouTube)
  7. "The Conscience of a Hacker" - The Mentor (Loyd Blankenship)  (YouTube)
  8. Conspiracies - Gonzo DeMann (Michael J. Ferris), Leo, and Rev. Sergey  (YouTube)
  9. Crypto for the Masses - Matt Blaze, Greg Newby, and Anatole Shaw  (YouTube)
  10. Cult of the Dead Cow Extravaganza - (No Audio Available)
  11. Databases and Privacy - Steve Rambam (Steve Rombom)  (YouTube)
  12. A Day in the Life of a Directory Assistance Operator - Cheshire Catalyst  (YouTube)
  13. The DeCSS Story - Emmanuel Golddigger, Robin Gross, and Ed Hernstadt  (YouTube)
  14. Digital Demonstrations: Criminal DDoS Attack or Cyber Sit-in? - Maximillian Dornseif  (YouTube)
  15. DMCA Legal Update - Mike Godwin, Eric Grimm, and Robin Gross  (YouTube)
  16. Domain Stalking - RenderMan (Brad Haines)  (YouTube)
  17. Educating Lawmakers - Is It Possible? - Declan McCullagh and Matt Blaze  (YouTube)
  18. Face Scanning Systems at Airports: Ready for Prime Time? - Richard M. Smith  (YouTube)
  19. Freedom: File Not Found - Bryan Maloney  (YouTube)
  20. Fucking Up the Internet at ICANN: Global Control Through the Domain Name System and How to Escape - Andy Mueller-Maguhn  (YouTube)
  21. Fun With 802.11b - dragorn (Michael Kershaw), Porkchop (Michael Kaegler), and StAtIc FuSiOn  (YouTube)
  22. Fun With Pirate Radio and Shortwave - Craig Harkins and Allan Weiner  (YouTube)
  23. GNU Radio: Free Software Radio Collides with Hollywood's Lawyers - Eric Blossom and Matt Ettus  (YouTube)
  24. Closing Ceremonies  (YouTube)
  25. Hacking for Community Radio - Pete Tridish, Josh Marcus, Dave Arney, Roland Aguilar, and K. Clair  (YouTube)
  26. Hacking Nanotech - Jim "Cipz"  (YouTube)
  27. Hacking National Intelligence: Possibilities for a Public Intelligence Revolution - Robert Steele  (YouTube)
  28. Hacking the Invisible World - Craig Harkins, Bernie S., and Barry Wels  (YouTube)
  29. Hardware Q&A - Javaman and Binary (Nick Amento)  (YouTube)
  30. How to Start an IMC in Your Town - Jello Biafra (Eric Reed Boucher)  (YouTube)
  31. Human Autonomous Zones: The Real Role of Hackers - Doug Rushkoff  (YouTube)
  32. "I Am Against Intellectual Property" - Nelson Denoon  (YouTube)
  33. The Ins and Outs of Webcasting - Lee Azzarello, Lynea Diaz-Hagan, Tarikh Korula, Lazlow Jones, and Kevin Prichard  (YouTube)
  34. Introduction to Computer Viruses - Robert Lupo  (YouTube)
  35. Jello Biafra's State of the World Address - Jello Biafra  (YouTube)
  36. Aaron McGruder Keynote - Aaron McGruder  (YouTube)
  37. Life in a Distributed Age - Siva Vaidhyanathan  (YouTube)
  38. Lock Picking - Barry Wels  (YouTube)
  39. Low-Power FM Basics - Pete Tridish and John Ramsey  (YouTube)
  40. Magical Gadgets: The Profound Impact of Yesterday's Not-So-Trivial Electronics on Our Digital World - Jay Hanson and Paul Zurek  (YouTube)
  41. Magic Lantern and Other Evil Things - Rudy Rucker Jr.  (YouTube)
  42. Making Money on the Internet While Still Saying "Fuck" - Philip Kaplan (Pud)  (YouTube)
  43. Negativland: Past, Present, Future - Mark Hosler  (YouTube)
  44. The New FBI and How It Can Hurt You - Mike Levine, Declan McCullagh, and Robert Steele  (YouTube)
  45. Open-Source Security Testing Methodology Manual - Tyler Shields  (YouTube)
  46. The Password Probability Matrix - Jon Erickson (Smibbs)  (YouTube)
  47. The PATRIOT Act - New York City People's Law Collective  (YouTube)
  48. Protection for the Masses - Rop Gonggrijp  (YouTube)
  49. Proximity Cards: How Secure Are They? - Delchi  (YouTube)
  50. Report From Ruckus - The Ruckus Society  (YouTube)
  51. Retrocomputing - Mr. Ohm, Sam Nitzberg, Nightstalker (Chris Tucker), and Bernie S.  (YouTube)
  52. Secure Telephony: Where ARE the Secure Phones? - Eric Blossom and Rop Gonggrijp  (YouTube)
  53. The Shape of the Internet: Influence and Consequence - Javaman  (YouTube)
  54. Social Engineering Panel - Bernie S., Emmanuel Golddigger, Cheshire Catalyst, and Alexander J. Urbelis  (YouTube)
  55. Standing Up To Authority - John Young and Deborah Natsios  (YouTube)
  56. Steganography: Wild Rumors and Practical Applications - Peter Wayner  (YouTube)
  57. Strategic Thought in Virtual Deterrence and Real Offense: The Computer's Role - Wanja Eric Nae, and Sam Nitzberg  (YouTube)
  58. Teaching Hacker Ethics with a Common Curriculum - Greg Newby  (YouTube)
  59. Technomanifestos: Visions of the Information Revolutionaries - Adam Brate  (YouTube)
  60. Tracking Criminals on the Internet - Richard M. Smith  (YouTube)
  61. The Ultimate Co-location Site - Avi Freedman and Ryan Lackey  (YouTube)
  62. The Vanished Art of Human Intelligence - Mike Levine  (YouTube)

The Fifth HOPE

  1. AS/400: Lifting the Veil of Obscurity - StankDawg (David Blake)
  2. Automotive Networks - Nothingface
  3. Bloggers at the DNC - Brad Johnson
  4. Building Hacker Spaces - Binary (Nick Amento), Count Zero (John Lester), Freqout, Gweeds (Guido Sanchez), Javaman (Adam J. O'Donnell), Mangala, Shardy, Rev. Al, and Dr. Nick
  5. Building the Anti-Big Brother - Peter Wayner
  6. Bypassing Corporate Restrictions from the Inside - barbwire
  7. Cheshire's Rant Session - Cheshire Catalyst
  8. The CryptoPhone - Rop Gonggrijp and Barry Wels
  9. Cult of the Dead Cow Hactivism Panel - Eric Grimm, Sharon Hom, Dr. James Mulvenon, Oxblood Ruffin (Laird Brown), and Nart Villeneuve  (YouTube)
  10. Digital Rights Management - Michael Sims
  11. Distributed Password Cracking API - David "Bernz" Bernick
  12. Encryption Key Signing - Seth Hardy
  13. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Spying, 9-11, and Why We Continue to Screw Up - Robert Steele  (YouTube)
  14. Closing Ceremonies
  15. Kevin Mitnick Keynote - Kevin Mitnick  (YouTube)
  16. Frustrating OS Fingerprinting with Morph - Kathy Wang
  17. Hack Nano - Jim "Cipz"
  18. Hacker Radio - Sl1pm0de (Matt Smith)
  19. Hackers and the Law - Dr. D. Kall Loper, Annalee Newitz, and Wendy Seltzer
  20. Hackers in Modern Imperialist America vs. Barbarians in the Holy Roman Empire - Christopher Davis
  21. Hacking CDMA PRLs - The Prophet  (Babu Mengelepouti)
  22. Hacking More of the Invisible World - Bernie S. (Ed Cummings) and Barry Wels
  23. Hacking National Intelligence: Power to the People - Robert Steele
  24. Hacking the Grid - Greg Newby and Porkchop (Michael Kaegler)
  25. Hardware Bus Security in Embedded Systems - Dan Matthews
  26. Homeland Security And You: Harry Potter Meets Reality - Marc Tobias
  27. How the Great Firewall Works - Bill Xia
  28. How The Net Worked
  29. How To Break Anonymity Networks - Nick Mathewson
  30. How To Send Encrypted Email - Joshua Teitelbaum
  31. How to Talk to the Press - Stephen Cass
  32. Incentive Structures: Mechanisms of Control - Jason Kroll
  33. Indymedia 2004
  34. An Introduction to Dissembler - Jon Erickson (Smibbs)
  35. The Kismet Story - Dragorn (Michael Kershaw)
  36. Lock Picking - Matt Blaze, Marc Tobias, and Barry Wels  (YouTube)
  37. Making Use of the Subliminal Channel in DSA - Seth Hardy
  38. Media Intervention via Social and Technical Hacking - Nathan Martin and Tyler Nordgren
  39. Mischief and Mayhem at the RNC - ShapeShifter (Terrence McGuckin)
  40. Non-Lethal Technology - Gonzo DeMann (Michael J. Ferris)
  41. Off The Hook Special Broadcast - Part 1
  42. Packet Purgatory - Twist Your Packets Before You Set Them Free - Todd MacDermid
  43. Phreaking in the Early Days - Captain Crunch and The Cheshire Catalyst
  44. Phone Losers of America - Murd0c, Rob T. Firefly (Rob Vincent), I-baLL (Leo), Judas Iscariot, and Big-E
  45. Pirate Radio: Running a Station and Staying on the Air - b9punk (Jennifer Gergen) and Monk
  46. Preserving Digital History - A Quick and Dirty Guide - Jason Scott (Jason Sadofsky)
  47. Privacy - Not What it Used to Be - Steve Rambam
  48. Prometheus Radio Project - Dharma Dailey, Josh Marcus, Hannah Sassaman, and Pete Tridish
  49. Propaganda in Art and Media - b9punk (Jennifer Gergen), Mike Castleman, Frederic Guimont, and Lazlow Jones
  50. Retaliation With Honeypots - Laurent Oudot
  51. Retrocomputing - Richard Cheshire, Sam Nitzberg, and Steve Wozniak
  52. Steve Wozniak Keynote - Steve Wozniak  (YouTube)
  53. Secure Instant Messaging - Phar (Mike Davis)
  54. Security, Liberties, and Trade-Offs in the War on Terrorism - Bruce Schneier
  55. Security Through Automated Binary Analysis - Dildog (Christien Rioux) and Weld Pond (Chris Wysopal)
  56. Security Through Diversity - Javaman (Adam J. O'Donnell)
  57. Slaying the Corporate Litigation Dragon: Emerging the Victor in an Intellectual Property Cybersuit - Atom Smasher
  58. Social Engineering Panel - Emmanuel Golddigger and Kevin Mitnick
  59. Jello Biafra Keynote - Jello Biafra (Eric Reed Boucher)  (YouTube)
  60. Tactical Media and the New Paranoia - Mike Bananno and John Henry
  61. Technology in Romania - Catalin Acio
  62. Ten Years of Practical Anonymity - Len Sassaman
  63. Terrorism and Hackers - Greg Newby
  64. Today's Modern Network Killing Robot - Viki Navratilova
  65. Urban Exploring: Hacking the Physical World - John and Laura Leita
  66. When Corporations Attack - Acidus (Billy Hoffman), Virgil Griffith, Dan Morgan, and Wendy Seltzer
  67. Where'd All That Spam Come From? - John Draper
  68. Wireless and WiFi: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - Dragorn, IrishMASMS, Mike Lynn, and Porkchop (Michael Kaegler)

HOPE Number Six

  1. $2600 Meetings: A Valuable Resource or a Waste of Time? - Rop Gonggrijp, Emmanuel Golddigger, LexIcon, and others  (YouTube)
  2. Aether Madness with the Prometheus Radio Project - Dharma Dailey, Andy Gunn, Hannah Sassaman, Pete Tridish, and Anthony Mazza  (YouTube)
  3. Alienation and Engagement - Jason Kroll  (YouTube)
  4. The Art of Electronic Deduction - StankDawg (David Blake)  (YouTube)
  5. Basics of Forensic Recovery - Kall Loper  (YouTube)
  6. Binary Revolution Radio - Stankdawg and Guests  (YouTube)
  7. bin Laden, National Intelligence, and How NOT to Spend the Taxpayer's Treasure - Robert Steele  (YouTube)
  8. Breaking Down the Web of Trust - Seth Hardy  (YouTube)
  9. Building a Hacker Space - Porkchop (Michael Kaegler), Harry Hoffman, Dragorn (Michael Kershaw), and Nick Binary (Nick Amento)  (YouTube)
  10. Building the Anti-Big Brother Databases - Peter Wayner  (YouTube)
  11. Can Security Detectors be Hacked? - Paul Renda  (YouTube)
  12. Citizen Engineer - Consumer Electronics Hacking and Open-Source Hardware - Phillip Torrone and Ladyada (Limor Fried)  (YouTube)
  13. Comparison of WAN Routing Protocols - Miles Nordin  (YouTube)
  14. Constructing Cryptographic Protocols - Joe Salvatore Testa II  (YouTube)
  15. Coupon Hacking - Sam Pocker  (YouTube)
  16. The CryptoPhone Project - Frank Rieger and Barry Wels  (YouTube)
  17. E-gold - As Misunderstood as Hackers - Richard Cheshire, and Oddsman (James M. Ray)  (YouTube)
  18. Exploring Your World with Open-Source GIS, GPS, and Google Maps - Mike Dvorak and Paul Suda  (YouTube)
  19. Europe Has Hackers Too - mc.fly (Elmar Lecher), Frank Rieger, and Rop Gonggrijp  (YouTube)
  20. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Spying and Intelligence - Robert Steele  (YouTube)
  21. Flash Sucks for Advertisers - The Digital Divide - Richard Cheshire, and Gerald Greene  (YouTube)
  22. The Future of Wireless Pen Testing - Dragorn, Frank "Thorn" Thornton, and RenderMan (Brad Haines)  (YouTube)
  23. The Geek Comedy Tour 3000 - Chris Barylick, Frank Hong, Jimmy Meritt, Justin Schlegel, Evan Valentine, Danny Rouhier, Joe Deeley, Paul Schorsch, James Jones, Erin Conroy, and Ryan Conner  (YouTube)
  24. The Geeky, Personal, and Social Impact Sides of Creating Defensive Technology - Mitch Altman and Ladyada (Limor Fried)  (YouTube)
  25. Ghosts (and Zombies) in the Machine - Brad Johnson  (YouTube)
  26. Hack the Palate!  How to Set Up a Kitchen Hack Lab - Gweeds (Guido Sanchez)  (YouTube)
  27. Hackers and Academia - Adam J. O'Donnell (Javaman), Matt Blaze, and Gillian Andrews  (YouTube)
  28. Hackers in Prison - Mark Abene (Phiber Optik), Bernie S., and Kevin Mitnick  (YouTube)
  29. Hacking Copyright and Culture - Fred Benenson  (YouTube)
  30. Hacking the Mind: Hypnosis, NLP, and Shellcode - Mike Murray  (YouTube)
  31. The HOPE Net: What Worked and What Didn't  (YouTube)
  32. Closing Ceremonies  (YouTube)
  33. How to Steal Someone's Implanted RFID - And Why You'd Want To - Annalee Newitz and Jonathan Westhues  (YouTube)
  34. How to Talk to the Mainstream Media - Stephen Cass  (YouTube)
  35. IBOC vs. DAB-T: In-Band vs. Multiplexed Digital Radio - Russell Trafford-Jones  (YouTube)
  36. Richard Stallman Keynote - Richard Stallman  (YouTube)
  37. Michael Hart Keynote - Michael Hart  (YouTube)
  38. Jello Biafra Keynote - Jello Biafra (Eric Reed Boucher)  (YouTube)
  39. Law Enforcement Wiretaps: Background and Vulnerabilities - Micah Sherr, Eric Cronin, Sandy Clark (Mouse), and Matt Blaze  (YouTube)
  40. The Life and Times of Alan Turing, Father of the Computer - Karamoon  (YouTube)
  41. Lock Picking: Exploits for Mechanical Locks - Barry Wels and Marc Weber Tobias  (YouTube)
  42. Low-Level Firmware Analysis and Hacking - John Maushammer  (YouTube)
  43. Magnetic Stripe Technology and the New York City MetroCard - Joseph Battaglia  (YouTube)
  44. Making Reliable Links Using WiFi - Catonic Cinotac  (YouTube)
  45. Managing Your Company's Intellectual Property: An Introduction to IT Security - Daniel Estrada  (YouTube)
  46. The Monochrom Collective - Johannes Grenzfurthner, and Roland Gratzer  (YouTube)
  47. Network Monitoring and the Law - Alexander Muentz  (YouTube)
  48. The New Engineers of Graffiti - James Powderly, Evan Roth, Theodore Watson, and Evan Harper  (YouTube)
  49. Off The Hook - The Indecent Version - Featuring the Off The Hook Cast  (YouTube)
  50. Password Cracking and Time-Memory Tradeoff - Jason Davis  (YouTube)
  51. Phone Phreaking 101 - Black Ratchet (Ben Jackson)  (YouTube)
  52. Privacy is Dead - Get Over It - Steven Rambam, Gerard P. "Jerry" Keenan, Reginald "Reggie" Montgomery, Kevin Noppinger, and Kelly Riddle  (YouTube)
  53. Privacy Through Technology: A Hands-On - Aldert Hazenberg and Paul Wouters  (YouTube)
  54. Proactively Secure Programming Techniques - Joe Salvatore Testa II  (YouTube)
  55. Project MF - Mark Abene (Phiber Optik)  (YouTube)
  56. Pseudonymous Software Development and Strong Distribution - V. Alex Brennen  (YouTube)
  57. Radio Communications for Hackers, Amateurs, and Activists - LinH, Bernie S., Joseph Battaglia, and Skip Arey  (YouTube)
  58. Retrocomputing - Sam Nitzberg, Cheshire Catalyst, Sellam Ismail, and Jason Scott (Jason Sadofsky)  (YouTube)
  59. RFID Privacy - Old Threats and New Attacks - Karsten Nohl  (YouTube)
  60. Selfness-Copyfight: From Censorship to New Business Models - Jorge Cortell, and Alvaro Gonzalez  (YouTube)
  61. Social Engineering Panel - Emmanuel Golddigger and Others  (YouTube)
  62. TrackSploits - Lance James and Joshua Brashars  (YouTube)
  63. Under The Desk at MIT - V. Alex Brennen  (YouTube)
  64. Underground Documentaries: The Art of the Interview and the Access - Julien McArdle (Seal) and Jason Scott (Jason Sadofsky)  (YouTube)
  65. Urban Exploring: Hacking the Physical World - John and Laura Leita  (YouTube)
  66. Virtual Private Servers and the (Free) Open-Source PBX - Mark Silverberg (Skram)  (YouTube)
  67. VoIP Unlocking - The Prophet  (Babu Mengelepouti)  (YouTube)
  68. Vulnerabilities in a Connected Future - Sysmin (Nathan Hamiel), and QuiGon (Gene Cronk)  (YouTube)
  69. Weird Technology - Gonzo DeMann (Michael J. Ferris), and Leo  (YouTube)
  70. Wireless Security Flaws - Raven Alder, 3ric Johanson, and Brandon Uttech  (YouTube)

The Last HOPE

They don't even try to hide it anymore!

  1. Advanced Memory Forensics: Releasing the Cold Boot Utilities - Jacob Appelbaum  (YouTube)
  2. The Art of Do-Foo - Matt Joyce  (YouTube)
  3. The Attendee Meta-Data Project - LexIcon, Daravinne, Neo Amsterdam, Aestetix, Echo, Dementia, Matt Joyce, and Christopher Petro  (YouTube)
  4. Autonomously Bypassing VoIP Filters with Asterisk: Let Freedom Ring - Blake Cornell and Jeremy McNamara  (YouTube)
  5. Bagcam - How Did TSA and/or the Airlines Manage to Do That to Your Luggage? - algormor  (YouTube)
  6. Biohacking: An Overview - Chris Seidel  (YouTube)
  7. Botnet Research, Mitigation and the Law - Alex Muentz  (YouTube)
  8. Building a Better Ballot Box - Smoke  (YouTube)
  9. Building Hacker Spaces Everywhere: Your Excuses are Invalid - Nick Farr and Friends  (YouTube)
  10. Citizen Engineer: Consumer Electronics Hacking and Open-Source Hardware - Phillip Torrone and Limor Fried  (YouTube)
  11. A Collaborative Approach to Hardware Hacking: NYCResistor - Bre Pettis and Friends  (YouTube)
  12. Community Fabrication - Far McKon (Jon McKamey)  (YouTube)
  13. A Convergence of Communities - John Strauchs  (YouTube)
  14. Crippling Crypto: The Debian OpenSSL Debacle - Jacob Appelbaum, Dino Dai Zovi, and Karsten Nohl  (YouTube)
  15. Death Star Threat Modeling - Kevin Williams
  16. A Decade Under the DMCA - Marcia Wilbur  (YouTube)
  17. Dirty New Media: Art, Activism, and Computer Counter-Cultures - Jake Elliott  (YouTube)
  18. Earth Intelligence Network: World Brain as EarthGame - Robert Steele
  19. E-Mail: Descendant of the Telegram - The Cheshire Catalyst
  20. The Emperor is Naked - Virtualization Technolgies Examined - Michael Kemp  (YouTube)
  21. Escaping High Security Handcuffs - Ray  (YouTube)
  22. Evil Interfaces: Violating the User - Gregory Conti  (YouTube)
  23. Exploration of Possibilities: Brain Hacking - Dot.Ret  (YouTube)
  24. Jello Biafra Keynote - Jello Biafra (Eric Reed Boucher)
  25. Kevin Mitnick Keynote - Kevin Mitnick  (YouTube)
  26. Steven Rambam Keynote - Part 1 - Steven Rambam (Steven Rombom)  (YouTube)
  27. Adam Savage Keynote - Adam Savage  (YouTube)
  28. From a Black Hat to a Black Suit - How to Climb the Corporate Security Ladder Without Losing Your Soul - Myrcurial (Dave Lewis)  (YouTube)
  29. Ghetto IDS and Honeypots for the Home User - Black Ratchet (Ben Jackson)  (YouTube)
  30. Graffiti Research Lab Extravaganza - Graffiti Research Lab  (YouTube)
  31. Grand Theft Lazlow - Hacking the Media by Laughing at Them - Lazlow Jones  (YouTube)
  32. Hackateer Premiere - John Threat (John Lee) and Mark Abene (Phiber Optik)  (YouTube)
  33. A Hacker's View of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) - Phil Lapsley  (YouTube)
  34. Hacker Space Design Patterns - Jens Ohlig
  35. Hackers and Planet Earth - Peter Jackson
  36. Hacking Cool Things with Microcontrollers - Mitch Altman  (YouTube)
  37. Hacking Democracy: An In Depth Analysis of the ES&S Voting Systems - Matt Blaze, Sandy Clark (Mouse), Eric Cronin, Gaurav Shah, Micah Sherr, Adam Aviv, and Pavol Cerny  (YouTube)
  38. Hacking International Networks and System(s) using VoIP - Da Beave (Champ Clark) and Jfalcon  (YouTube)
  39. Hacking the Mind, Hacking the Body: Pleasure - C4bl3FL4m3  (YouTube)
  40. Hacking the Price of Food: An Urban Farming Renaissance - Bicycle Mark (Mark Fonseca Rendeiro)  (YouTube)
  41. Hacking the Young Lady's Illustrated Primer: Dispatches from the Field of Educational Technology - Gillian "Gus" Andrews, and Ivan Krstic  (YouTube)
  42. The History of Phone Phreaking, 1960-1980 - Phil Lapsley  (YouTube)
  43. Home Is Where The Heart Is?  The Question of Jurisdiction - Douglas Spink  (YouTube)
  44. How Do I Pwn Thee?  Let Me Count The Ways - RenderMan (Brad Haines)  (YouTube)
  45. How Piracy Feeds a Starving Audience - Michael Perkins
  46. How to Talk to the Mainstream Media - Stephen Cass  (YouTube)
  47. Identification Card Security: Past, Present, Future - Doug Farre  (YouTube)
  48. The (Im)possibility of Hardware Obfuscation - Karsten Nohl  (YouTube)
  49. The Innermost Unifier: Today It's the Corporate Anthem - Johannes Grenzfurthner
  50. Installation Art in HOPE Space - Daravinne (Christina Olson), Albert Hwang (Phedhex), Randy Polumbo, Erik Sanner, and Sean Mongomery
  51. The Intersection of Culture Jamming, Hacking, and Hacktivism - Part 1 - Pan Goat (Jaime Magiera), Phineas Narco, Tim Maloney, %20, Fred Church, Steev Hise, Ricardo Dominguez, Bernardo Attias, and Mark Hosler
  52. Introduction to MCU Firmware Analysis and Modification with MSP430static - Travis Goodspeed
  53. Introduction to the Open Web Application Security Project - Tom Brennan (jinxpuppy)
  54. IPv6, the Next Generation Network Playground - How to Connect and Explore - Joe Klein
  55. Steven Levy Keynote - Steven Levy  (YouTube)
  56. Kitchen Hack Lab: Interactive Food Disassembly - Gweeds (Guido Sanchez)  (YouTube)
  57. Closing Ceremonies  (YouTube)
  58. Macro Social Engineering - LexIcon
  59. Maintaining a Locksporting Organization and Breakthroughs in the Community - Doug Farre and Jon King  (YouTube)
  60. Methods of Copying High Security Keys - Barry Wels and Han Fey  (YouTube)
  61. Monumental Women Who Influenced Today's Technology - L33tphreak
  62. The New York City Taxi System: Privacy vs. Utility - Nick Leghorn  (YouTube)
  63. No-Tech Hacking - Johnny Long  (YouTube)
  64. "Off the Grid" Voice & Data Communications - Skip Arey, Bernie S., Redbird (Joseph Battaglia), and LinH  (YouTube)
  65. One Last Time: The Hack/Phreak History Primer - Jason Scott (Jason Sadofsky)  (YouTube)
  66. Packing and the Friendly Skies - Why Transporting Firearms May Be the Best Way to Safeguard Your Tech When You Fly - Deviant Ollam
  67. Pen Testing the Web with Firefox - John "DaKahuna" Fulmer and Michael "theprez98" Schearer  (YouTube)
  68. PenTest Labs Using LiveCDs - Thomas Wilhelm  (YouTube)
  69. PGP versus PKI - Laura Raderman  (YouTube)
  70. Phone Losers of America - Murd0c, Rob T. Firefly (Rob Vincent), I-baLL (Leo), and Sidepocket (Jordan White)  (YouTube)
  71. Phreaking 110: The State of Modern Phreaking - I-baLL
  72. Phreaks, Confs, and Jail - TProphet and Barcode  (YouTube)
  73. Policy Hacking: Taking Back Public Sector IT - Arjen Kamphuis
  74. Port Knocking and Single Packet Authorization: Practical Deployments - Michael Rash  (YouTube)
  75. Postal Hacking - CypherGhost  (YouTube)
  76. Programming Your Mobile Phone for International Calling - The Cheshire Catalyst
  77. Project Telephreak - Da Beave (Champ Clark), Slestak, Notkevin (Kevin Reilly), Gid, R0d3nt, and Jfalcon  (YouTube)
  78. Pseudonymization Methodologies: Personal Liberty vs. the Greater Good - Jon-Michael C. Brook  (YouTube)
  79. REAL ID Act and RFID: Privacy and Legal Implications - Tiffany Strauchs Rad  (YouTube)
  80. Reprimand Panel - Gonzo DeMann (Michael J. Ferris) and I-baLL
  81. RIAA Litigations: How the Tech Community Can Help - Ray Beckerman and Zi Mei  (YouTube)
  82. Safe-Cracking - Eric Schmiedl  (YouTube)
  83. Sharing Your Love of Technology with Normal People - Prometheus Radio Project Tips - pete tridish and Steph99
  84. Simulating the Universe on Supercomputers - Mark Vogelsberger  (YouTube)
  85. The Singularity: Focus on Robotics and Hackers - Ben Sgro (mr-sk)
  86. Social Engineering Panel - Emmanuel Golddigger and Friends  (YouTube)
  87. Spy Improv: Everything You Ever Wanted to Ask and Did Not Know Who to Ask - Robert Steele  (YouTube)
  88. Starting Your Own Con for Fun and No Profit: A How-to - Paul Schneider (Froggy) and Jodie Schneider (Tyger)
  89. Strengths and Weaknesses of (Physical) Access Control Systems - Eric Schmiedl and Mike Spindel  (YouTube)
  90. Technical Surveillance Countermeasures - A Brief Primer on the Arcane Art and Science of Electronics Surveillance and "Bug" Detection - Marty Kaiser  (YouTube)
  91. Undoing Complexity - From Paper Clips to Ball Point Pens - Matt Fiddler and Marc Tobias  (YouTube)
  92. VLANs Layer 2 Attacks: Their Relevance and Their Kryptonite - Kevin Figueroa, Marco Figueroa, and Anthony L. Williams  (YouTube)
  93. VoIP (In)security: Italians Do It Better - Alessio L.R. Pennasilico  (YouTube)
  94. Warrantless Laptop Searches at U.S. Borders - Decius (Tom Cross)  (YouTube)
  95. What and Who is "Anonymous?" - Alex Vanino (DeMiNe0), Dusk, Little Sister, Mike Vitale (Sethdood), PokeAnon, Atkins, and Ryan Hannigan (Dr3k)  (YouTube)
  96. Wikipedia: You Will Never Find a More Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy - Virgil Griffith  (YouTube)
  97. YouTomb - A Free Culture Hack - Oliver Day, Dean Jansen, Quentin Smith, and Christina Xu
  98. The Zen of the Hacker - Joshua Ginsberg

The Next HOPE

  1. 2600 Meetings: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow - Rob T. Firefly (Rob Vincent), Grey Frequency, Gonzo (Michael J. Ferris)
  2. American Bombe: How the U.S. Shattered the Enigma Code - Shalom Silbermintz  (YouTube)
  3. Arse Elektronika: Sex, Tech, and the Future of Screw-It-Yourself - Johannes Grenzfurthner
  4. Bakeca.it DDoS - How Evil Forces Have Been Defeated - Alessio L.R. Pennasilico (mayhem)
  5. Behind the Padlock: HTTPS Ubiquitous and Fragile - Seth Schoen
  6. The Black Suit Plan Isn't Working - Now What? - James Arlen  (YouTube)
  7. Botnet Resistant Coding: Protecting Your Users from Script Kiddies - Peter Greko, Fabian Rothschild
  8. "Brilliants Exploits" - A Look at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics - Colin Keigher  (YouTube)
  9. Build Robots and See the World - Jonathan Foote
  10. Building and Breaking The Next HOPE Badge - Travis Goodspeed  (YouTube)
  11. Burning and Building Bridges: A Primer to Hacking the Education System - Christina "fabulous" Pei
  12. Buying Privacy in Digitized Cities - Eleanor Saitta  (YouTube)
  13. Cats and Mice: The Phone Company, the FBI, and the Phone Phreaks - Phil Lapsley
  14. Circuitbending - Jimmie Rodgers
  15. Content of the Future - Michael S. Hart, Greg Newby
  16. Cooking for Geeks - Jeff Potter  (YouTube)
  17. CV Dazzle: Face Deception - Adam Harvey
  18. Design of a Wireless EMG - Konstantin Avdashchenko
  19. Detecting and Defending Your Network from Malware Using Nepenthes - Marco Figueroa  (YouTube)
  20. Digital: A Love Story - Christine Love, Jason Scott (Jason Sadofsky)  (YouTube)
  21. The DMCA and ACTA vs. Academic and Professional Research: How Misuse of This Intellectual Property Legislation Chills Research, Disclosure, and Innovation - Tiffany Rad, Chris Mooney
  22. Easy Hacks on Telephone Entry Systems - Davi Ottenheimer  (YouTube)
  23. Electronic Take Back - John McNabb
  24. Electronic Waste: What's Here and What's Next - Stephanie Alarcon
  25. Examining Costs, Benefits, and Economics in Malware and Carding Markets - Dr. Thomas J. Holt
  26. False Domain Name Billing and Other Scams - Cheshire Catalyst (Robert Osband)
  27. For Its Own Sake and to Build Something Better: A Primer on Neuroscience, Bat Echolocation, and Hacker Bio-inspiration - Scott Livingston  (YouTube)
  28. Free Software: Why We Need a Big Tent - Deb Nicholson
  29. The Freedom Box: How to Reclaim Privacy on the Web - James Vasile
  30. From Indymedia to Demand Media: Participation, Surveillance, and the Transformation of Journalism - Chris Anderson
  31. Geo-Tagging: Opting-In to Total Surveillance - Paul V  (YouTube)
  32. Get Lamp Screening and Discussion - Jason Scott
  33. GPS - It's Not the Satellites That Know Where You Are - Cheshire Catalyst
  34. Grand Theft Lazlow - How Hacking is Both the Death and Future of Traditional and Interactive Publishing, Journalism, and the Media - Lazlow Jones  (YouTube)
  35. Hackers for Human Rights - Adrian Hong
  36. Hackers Without Borders: Disaster Relief and Technology - Smokey, Elena, Dennison Williams  (YouTube)
  37. Hackerspaces Forever: A Panel Presented by Hackerspaces.org - Nick Farr, Mitch Altman, Sean Bonner, Johannes Grenzfurthner, Markuss "fin" Hametner, Alexander Heid, Nathan "JimShoe" Warner, Matt Joyce, Carlyn Maw, Far McKon, Psytek
  38. Hacking for an Audience: Technology Backstage at Live Shows - John Huntington (N3DZJ
  39. Hacking Our Biochemistry: Pharmacy and the Hacker Perspective - Jennifer Ortiz
  40. Hacking Out a Graphic Novel - Ed Piskor
  41. Hacking Terrorist Networks Logically and Emotionally - Hat Trick, Mudsplatter  (YouTube)
  42. Hacking the Food Genome - Gweeds (Guido Sanchez)
  43. Hacking Your GPS - Cass Lewart
  44. Hey, Don't Call That Guy a Noob: Toward a More Welcoming Hacker Community - Nicolle "Rogueclown" Neulist  (YouTube)
  45. The HOPE Network -
  46. How to Bring Your Project from Idea to Reality: Make a Living Doing What You Love - Mitch Altman
    • Mitch has brought his personal pet projects (including TV-B-Gone universal remote controls) from idea to reality, and is fortunate to make a living doing what he loves.  Mitch will outline the practical steps he took to bring his projects from a mere idea, through the steps of research, development, manufacture, sales and distribution, leading, finally, to collecting checks while in the comfort of his home (and while traveling the world).  This talk will also show some of the pitfalls of running one's own business.

  47. How to Run an Open-Source Hardware Company - Limor "Ladyada" Fried, Phillip Torrone  (YouTube)
  48. Informants: Villains or Heroes? - Adrian Lamo  (YouTube)
  49. Injecting Electromagnetic Pulses into Digital Devices - Paul F. Renda
  50. Interaction with Sensors, Receivers, Haptics, and Augmented Reality - Pan, Ryan O'Horo, Micha Cardenas, Azdel Slade, Elle Mehrmand, TradeMark G. (Mark Gunderson)
  51. Into the Black: DPRK Exploration - Michael Kemp
  52. Introduction to the Chip Scene: Low Bit Music and Visuals - Don Miller, Peter Swimm, Joey Mariano  (YouTube)
  53. IPv6 Playground: New Hope Update - Joe Klein
  54. Keeping Your Job While Being a Hacker - Alex Muentz
  55. Dan Kaminsky Keynote - Dan Kaminsky  (YouTube)
    • Friday keynote address.
    • MP3

  56. Wikileaks Keynote - Jacob Appelbaum  (YouTube)
  57. 'Knock Knock Knock... Housekeeping' - The Ins and Outs of Hotel Locks - Deviant Ollam, Babak Javadi
  58. Light, Color, and Perception - Jonathan Foote
  59. Lisp, The Oldest Language of the Future - Adam Tannir
  60. Locational Privacy and Wholesale Surveillance via Photo Services - Ben Jackson
  61. Lock Bypass Without Lockpicks - Dan Crowley
  62. Memory Fun 101 - Memory Training for Everyone - Chester Santos  (YouTube)
  63. Modern CrimeWare Tools and Techniques: An Analysis of Underground Resources - Alexander Heid  (YouTube)
  64. Monkeysphere: Fixing Authentication on the Net - Daniel Kahn Gillmor, Jameson Rollins
  65. Much Ado About Randomness - Dr. Aleksandr Yampolskiy
  66. The Need for a Computer Crime Innocence Project - Joe Cicero, Alex Muentz, Seth Schoen
  67. Net Wars Over Free Speech, Freedom, and Secrecy or How to Understand the Hacker and Lulz Battle Against the Church of Scientology - Gabriella Coleman, Finn Brunton
  68. No Free Lunch: Privacy Risks and Issues in Online Gaming - Don Tobin, Lyndsey Brown
  69. The OpenAMD Project - Aestetix, Travis Goodspeed, Echo, Mitch Altman, Far McKon, cpfr  (YouTube)
  70. Own Your Phone - TProphet (Babu Mengelepouti)
  71. Privacy is Dead - Get Over It - Steven Rambam (Steven Rombom)  (YouTube)
  72. PSTN-Based Cartography - Da Beave (Champ Clark), Jfalcon
  73. Radio Reconnaissance in Penetration Testing - All Your RF Are Belong to Us - Matt Neely
  74. Reach Out and Touch Face: A Rant About Failing - Johannes Grenzfurthner  (YouTube)
  75. A Red Team Exercise - Tom Brennan
  76. Risk Analysis for Dummies - Nick Leghorn
  77. Rummaging in the Government's Attic: Lessons Learned from More Than 1,000 Freedom of Information Act Requests - Phil Lapsley, Michael Ravnitzky
  78. Saturday Night Hacker Cinema
  79. SHODAN for Penetration Testers - Michael "theprez98" Schearer
  80. Simpsons Already Did It - Where Do You Think the Name "Trojan" Came From Anyway? - Sandy Clark (Mouse), Matt Blaze, Bill Cheswick
  81. Sita Sings the Blues: A Free Culture Success Story - Nina Paley
  82. Smartphone Ownage: The State of Mobile Botnets and Rootkits - Jimmy Shah
  83. Snatch Those Waves: Prometheus Radio and the Fight for Popular Communications - Pete Tridish, Maggie Avener
  84. Social Engineering Panel - Emmanuel Goldstein and Friends  (YouTube)
  85. Spy Improv on Steroids - Steele Uncensored - Anything Goes - Robert Steele  (YouTube)
  86. The State of Global Intelligence - Robert Steele
  87. Surf's Up!  Exploring Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) through Social Network Exploitation - Daniel McCarney  (YouTube)
  88. T+40: The Three Greatest Hacks of Apollo - Stephen Cass
  89. The Telephone Pioneers of America - Kyle Drosdick  (YouTube)
  90. Tor and Internet Censorship - Jacob Appelbaum, Seth Schoen  (YouTube)
  91. Towards Open Libraries and Schools - Gillian "Gus" Andrews, Jessamyn West, Ellen Meier  (YouTube)
  92. TrackMeNot: Injecting Reasonable Doubt in Everyone's Queries - Vincent Toubiana
  93. Video Surveillance, Society, and Your Face - Joshua Marpet
  94. Vintage Computing - Evan Koblentz, Bill Degnan  (YouTube)
  95. Why You Should Be an Amateur - Ben Jackson
  96. Wireless Security: Killing Livers, Making Enemies - Dragorn (Michael Kershaw), RenderMan (Brad Haines)
  97. Closing Ceremonies

HOPE Number 9

  1. 3D Printing: Making Friends in DC Before People Start Freaking Out - Michael Weinberg
  2. Activist DDoS Attacks: When Analogies and Metaphors Fail - Molly Sauter
  3. Advanced Handcuff Hacking - Ray
  4. Advancements in Botnet Attacks and Malware Distribution - Aditya K. Sood, Rohit Bansal
  5. An Aesthetic Critique of Fictional Media - Sean Mills, Syl Turner
  6. Anti-Censorship and Anti-Surveillance Tools - Improving the Landscape - James Vasile
  7. Anti-Censorship Best Practices: How to Make Keeping It Up Easy and Taking It Down Hard - maymay
  8. The ARRIStocrats: Cable Modem Lulz - Chris Naegelin, Charlie Vedaa
  9. The Autism Spectrum and You - Mary Robison, Alex Plank, Jack Robison, Kirsten Lindsmith
  10. Brain Chemistry: How Psychoactive Chemicals Hack the Central Nervous System - Jennifer Ortiz
  11. Building Radios to Talk to the Dead - Wil Lindsay
  12. Cell Site Location Data and Nontrespassory Surveillance after U.S. v. Jones - Hanni Fakhoury
  13. Closing Ceremonies
  14. Combat Robots Then and Now - David Calkins, Simone Davalos
  15. Community Fabrication: Four Years Later - Far McKon
  16. Computer Forensics: Possibility, Probability, Opinion, and Fact - Joe Cicero
  17. Countermeasures: Proactive Self-Defense Against Ubiquitous Surveillance - Lisa Shay, Greg Conti
  18. Crimeware Tools and Techniques of 2012: Past, Present, and Future - Alexander Heid
  19. Cryptome Tracks the NYPD Ring of Steel - Deborah Natsios, John Young
  20. DARPA Funding for Hackers, Hackerspaces, and Education: A Good Thing? - Mitch Altman, Psytek, Willow Brugh, Fiacre O'Duinn, Matt Joyce
  21. Dead in a Pool of Blood and Millions of Dollars of Net Art - Jeremiah Johnson (Nullsleep), Don Miller (NO CARRIER)
  22. Declassifying Government and Undermining a Culture of Insecurity - Ivan Greenberg
  23. Designing Free Hardware: Scratching Your Own Itch with a Soldering Iron - Matthew O'Gorman, Tim Heath (crashcart)
  24. Destroying Evidence Before It's Evidence - Hanni Fakhoury
  25. Digital Security in Health Care Institutions - Jorge Cortell, Alvaro Gonzalez
  26. DKIM: You're Doing It Wrong - Quincy Robertson
  27. DUI/DWI Testing - A Hacker's View of the Technology and Process Behind the BAC and Standard Field Sobriety Test - WJ, Alex Muentz
  28. Electric Bodies and Possible Worlds - Jaime Magiera, Micha Cardenas, Cayden Mak
  29. The Emergence of Hacker as Artist and Artist as Hacker - Andrew Cameron Zahn, Katherine Bennett, William Cromar, Chris Thompson
  30. Exploiting ZigBee and the Internet of Things - Travis Goodspeed
  31. Explosive Steganography - Eric Davisson (XlogicX)  (YouTube)
  32. Geeks and Depression - Robin DeBates, Mitch Altman, Meredith L. Patterson, Jimmie Rodgers, Daravinne
  33. Hackers and Media Hype or Big Hacks That Never Really Happened - Space Rogue  (YouTube)
  34. Hacking Mindsets: Conceptual Approaches to Transmission Art, Improvisation, Circuitbending, and Gaming Technology - Tamara Yadao, Nicole Carroll, Joshua Kopstein
  35. Hacking the Cosmos via Crowdsourced Particle Astronomy - Ray H. O'Neal, Jr.
  36. Hacking the Spaces - Johannes Grenzfurthner, Sean Bonner
  37. Hack the Law - Brendan O'Connor
  38. Hacktivism, Tools, and the Arab Spring - Peter Fein, Meredith L. Patterson, The Doctor
  39. HIDIOUS Methods of Keystroke Injection - JP Dunning
  40. Historic Hacks in Portable Computing - Bill Degnan, Evan Koblentz
  41. Hosting irc.2600.net - My Life with the Thrill Kill Cult - Andrew Strutt (r0d3nt)
  42. How to Communicate with Your Car's Network - Robert Leale
  43. How to Retrofit the First Law of Robotics - Eben Moglen
  44. ICANN's New gTLD Program: Implications on Security, Stability, and Governance - Alexander Urbelis
  45. I'm Not a Real Friend, But I Play One on the Internet - Tim Hwang
  46. Information Distribution in the Arab Spring - No Hacks Required - Griffin Boyce
  47. Infrastructure Mediated Sensing of Whole-Home Human Activity - John McNabb
  48. The Internet is for Porn!  How High Heels and Fishnet Have Driven Internet Innovation and Information Security - Chris Kubecka
  49. IPv6 Now!  What Does This Mean? - Joe Klein
  50. Jason Scott's Strange and Wonderful Digital History Argosy - Jason Scott (Jason Sadofsky)
    • With a few small seeds of facts, digital and computer historian Jason Scott will draw together a multi-medium presentation of events, terms, facts, and references to set you off on a journey of learning for the rest of the year.  Combining material from his three in-production documentaries and years of research, attendees will be given the threads that pull massive airships of knowledge out of the sky and into your minds.  Formal attire welcome but not mandatory - participation encouraged - paradigms blown - mysteries solved.

  51. William Binney Keynote - William Binney
  52. The Yes Men Keynote - The Yes Men (Mike Bonanno and Andy Bichlbaum)
  53. "Kill The Internet" - MemeFactory (Mike Rugnetta, Stephen Bruckert, Patrick Davison)
    • As grassroots Internet culture grows and flourishes, pushing out into international mainstream recognition, top-down cultural models are threatened and fight back, while governments attempt to quash and chill dissent empowered and organized by the Internet.  How are people from the Internet fighting back?  What does that even mean?  And will it be enough?
    • MemeFactory is three guys that give tightly rehearsed performative lectures about Internet culture.  Their talks document, explore, and critique the emerging culture of the Internet in a visually-focused, fast-paced style that mimics the experience of having ten browser windows open while talking on the phone and watching a YouTube video.

  54. Legal Processes as Infrastructure Attacks - Alex Muentz
  55. Lightning Talks - Various Speakers
  56. Make Your Laws: Practical Liquid Democracy - Sai
  57. Manufacturing Modern Computer Chips - QueueTard
  58. Mastering Master-Keyed Systems - Deviant Ollam, Babak Javadi
  59. Messing with Nmap Through Smoke and Mirrors - Dan Petro (AltF4)
  60. "No Natural Resources Were Hurt Assembling This Sofa" - Per Sjoborg
  61. Nymwars: Fighting for Anonymity and Pseudonymity on the Internet - Eva Galperin
  62. Occupy the Airwaves: Tools to Empower Community Radio Stations - Maggie Avener, Ana Martina
  63. Old-School Phreaking - Cheshire Catalyst, John Draper, Tom Santa Monica
  64. The Open Secure Telephony Network - Lee Azzarello, Mark Belinsky
  65. The Original WWII Hackers - George Keller
  66. Patents: How to Get Them and How to Beat Them - Ed Ryan
  67. Phone Phreak Confidential: The Backstory of the History of Phone Phreaking - Phil Lapsley
  68. Practical Insecurity in Encrypted Radio - Sandy Clark, Matt Blaze, Perry Metzger
  69. Printable Electronics and the Future of Open-Hardware - John Sarik
  70. Privacy - A Postmortem (or Cell Phones, GPS, Drones, Persistent Dataveillance, Big Data, Smart Cameras and Facial Recognition, The Internet of Things, and Government Data Centers Vacuuming Google and Facebook, Oh My!) - Steven Rambam (Steve Rombom)
  71. Privacy by Design - a Dream for a Telecommunications Provider That Uses Strong Cryptography to Ensure Your Privacy - Nick Merrill
  72. Privacy Tricks for Activist Web Developers - Micah Lee
  73. Project Byzantium: An Ad-Hoc Wireless Mesh Network for the Zombie Apocalypse - The Doctor, Haxwithaxe, Sitwon
  74. Protecting Your Data from the Cops - Marcia Hofmann
  75. Pwn the Drones: A Survey of UAV Hacks and Exploits - Trevor Timm, Parker Higgins
  76. Real Advances in Android Malware - Jimmy Shah
  77. Recent Advances in Single Packet Authorization - Michael Rash
  78. Re-wired: Hacking the Auditory Experience - Amelia Marzec
  79. SCADA/PLC Exploitation and Disclosure - Tiffany Rad, Teague Newman, Mike Murray
  80. Sierra Zulu. Or How to Create a Feature Film About the Digital Age - and Why That's Pretty Hard - Johannes Grenzfurthner
  81. The Smartphone Penetration Testing Framework - Georgia Weidman
  82. Social Engineering - Emmanuel Golddigger and friends
  83. Solving More Than #firstworldproblems - Johnny Diggz, Willow Brugh
  84. Spy Improv: Reality Unfiltered - Robert Steele
  85. The State of HTTPS - Adam Langley
  86. The State of Open Source Hardware - Dustyn Roberts, Catarina Mota
  87. Taking a Bite Out of Logs with Sagan - Da Beave (Champ Clark III)
  88. Technology to Change Society: What Not to Do - Chris Anderson, Gus Andrews, Matt Curinga, Christina Dunbar-Hester
  89. Testing the Two Party Tyranny and Open Source Everything: The Battle for the Soul of the Republic - Robert Steele
  90. Twitter Revolution Meets Surveillance State: Now What? - The Prophet
  91. Using a Space Camp Model for Next Generation Security Training - Marc Weber Tobias, Tommie R. Blackwell, Matt Fiddler
  92. Using Browser-based Tools to Open Up the Web - Ben Combee
  93. The Weather is Not Boring!  Forecasting, Following, and Photographing Storms - John Huntington
  94. We Will Be Legion: Decentralizing the Web - Deb Nicholson
  95. When the Founder is Gone: Longevity for Open Projects - Greg Newby
  96. Why Browser Cryptography is Bad and How We Can Make It Great - Nadim Kobeissi
  97. Why Names Matter: How Online Identity is Defining the Future of the Internet - Aestetix
  98. Why You Shouldn't Write Off Higher Education, Young Grasshopper - John Linwood Griffin
  99. WikiLeaks, Whistleblowers, and the War on the First Amendment - Ben Wizner, Catherine Crump, John Reinstein
  100. Your Cell Phone is Covered in Spiders! (An Overview of Mobile Device Security) - Cooper Quintin

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