GBPPR Projects
    Shut Up & Solder!    

"There ain't no rules around here.  We're trying to accomplish something." -- Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931)

  1. Data Slicer
  2. Computer Interface for an AOR AR8000
  3. Various Repeater Controllers
  4. Low-Cost POCSAG Paging Network How-To
  5. Low-Power FM Transmitter Circuits
  6. RF Design Perl Scripts / CGIs
  7. Veronica Transmitter Control
  8. Simple TV Transmitter
  9. Brown County, Wisconsin Frequency Search
  10. Fed Monit, Scanner Audio Recorder
  11. Click My Light
  12. 46/49 MHz Cordless Phone Talker Over'er
  13. Descrambling Cordless Phones
  14. Web Controlled Amateur Radio Beacon
  15. Radio Scanner Modifications & Notes
  16. Surveillance Bugs That Work
  17. Cable TV & Video Projects
  18. Remote Control PPP
  19. Low-Cost Wireless Network How-To
  20. Web Controlled Railroad Crossing Gate
  21. Linux Packet Radio Setup For Green Bay, Wisconsin
  22. Fractal Antennas
  23. :Cue:C.A.T. Login Card Reader
  24. Homebrew RF Test Equipment / Software
  25. Weather Radio Alert Beacon
  26. Resistor Select Box
  27. The Black Book / Cyber 'Zine / GBPPR 'Zine
  28. Homebrew Military & Espionage Electronics
  29. War Dialing DO-NOT-CALL Lists
  30. Old Skool Hackerz
  31. $2600 Magazine Information
  32. TAP/YIPL/TEL Magazine Back Issues
  33. L0pht Heavy Industries Shrine
  34. Defcon MP3 Audio Archive
  35. Group 42 Archive CD-ROM
  36. Audio & Video Crap
  37. Hacking the N.F.L.
  38. Global Warming is a Hoax!
  39. My Space Ship
  40. Forbidden Science & Suppressed Information
  41. Obama FAIL!
  42. Miscellaneous Random Chaos
  43. Other People's Projects

Data Slicer

Used to convert 2- or 4-level FSK information into 1's and 0's

Computer Interface for an AOR AR8000

Used to program the AOR AR8000 scanning receiver.

Various Repeater Controllers

Why do all ham radio repeaters have to suck?

Low-Cost POCSAG Paging Network How-To

Build your own radio paging network.

Low-Power FM Transmitter Circuits

Ideas for creating your own low-power FM radio station.

RF Design Perl Scripts

Perl scripts to help the RF engineer.

Veronica Transmitter Control

Information on the Veronica Kits 1 Watt PLL FM transmitter.

Simple TV Transmitter

Easily built TV transmitters with baseband video input.

Brown County, Wisconsin Frequency Search

Brown County, Wisconsin only...

Fed Monit, Scanner Audio Recorder

Record audio from your scanner using your computer.

Click My Light

Do it, but not when I'm sleeping.

46/49 MHz Cordless Phone Talker Over'er

Talk over people's cordless phones.  One of the coolest and funniest projects to date.

Descrambling Cordless Phones

How to descramble speech inversion cordless phones (those Donald Duck sounding ones)

Web Controlled Amateur Radio Beacon

The beacon was taken down because ham radio is dead.  Will remain here for informational purposes.

Radio Scanner Modifications & Notes

Minor scanner tweaks and add-ons.

Surveillance Bugs That Work

Surveillance bugs with power and no drift.

Cable TV & Video Projects

Playing around with that messed up video signal.

Remote Control PPP

Turn on your PPP dialup using a 2-way radio.

Low-Cost Wireless Network How-To

Tips for a homebrew long-distance wireless network.

Web Controlled Railroad Crossing Gate

This lets people control those railroad crossing gates.

Linux Packet Radio Setup for Green Bay, Wisconsin

Old scripts for setting up a network.

Fractal Antennas

Non-Euclidean antenna designs.

:Cue:C.A.T. Login Card Reader

Build a card swipe reader for logging into your computer.

Homebrew RF Test Equipment / Software

Easily built test equipment straight from the labs of GBPPR.

Weather Radio Alert Beacon

Use the National Weather Service's alert tone to send a packet radio message.

Resistor Select Box

Allows you to easily select the value of a needed resistor.

The Black Book / Cyber 'Zine / GBPPR 'Zine

I used to have my own little hack/phreak 'zine.

Homebrew Military & Espionage Electronics

Homebrew your own cool military gear or spy equipment!!

War Dialing DO-NOT-CALL Lists

ASCII delimited residental/business (old) phone books.

Old Skool Hackerz

Overview of some common hacker/phreak tools and sites.

$2600 Magazine Information

Help fight the real Big Brother.

TAP/YIPL/TEL Magazine Back Issues

Original hacker magazines.

L0pht Heavy Industries Shrine

These guys rule - Making the theoretical practical since 1992.


Defcon MP3 Audio Archive

Coverting Defcon audio files from crappy RealAudio to MP3s.

Group 42 Archive CD-ROM

Group 42 sells out.  Quite an amazing little archive of hacking information.

GBPPR Audio & Video Collection

Miscellaneous interesting video and audio bits from the global interweb.

Hacking the N.F.L.

Helmet radio frequency information and other little tips and tricks.

Global Warming is a Hoax!

Complete archive of the "ClimateGate" scandal.

Space Ship

I'm going to be the first normal person in space.

Forbidden Science & Suppressed Information

Public Schools = Reeducation Camps

Obama FAIL!

Large collection of information to counter Obama's propaganda.

Miscellaneous Random Chaos

Other People's Projects